Don’t Call Me Rui

As LiMei hangs up the phone she puffs out her cheeks, “That stupid idiot!” She looks up Rui is carrying a tray of porridge and juice on a tray, “Who has you upset already this morning didn’t you just wake up?”

     She smiles at him regaining her composure, “It is my boss I called in sick and he was his usual overbearing self.”

    Rui starts laughing at her angry expression it is very cute. “Where do you work?”

     “Porridge? Thank you! I am starving but you didn’t need to bring it up here.”

    “…” Is she avoiding the question? No matter I called Woo Xixin he should be here soon. “My brother is in the living room playing a game I thought it might be too noisy for you downstairs.”

     She starts eating the porridge. “Very delicious!” She gazes at him he really is a considerate man why does he have an odd look on his face as he stares at her does she have food on her face.

     Rui is staring at the red marks all over her neck and chest, he holds his head he has a sharp pain. His face pales LiMei jumps up off the bed “Rui are you alright? Sit down does your head hurt?”

    “Did you just call me Rui?” his head is throbbing. Did I do that to her last night? I remember having a strange erotic dream, could it have been real?

   Improvising she says, “I heard your brother call you that I’m sorry for speaking to you informally but I forgot your last name.”

   “It is fine but I would prefer if you called me Dr. Qiao.”

   “Of course I am sorry. Can I get you some medicine you look unwell.”

    He feels dizzy sitting down on the couch he points to the bathroom, “Yes it is in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom in the green packet.”

    LiMei runs to the bathroom and takes out the medicine packet then gets a bottle of water from the side table, “Here, maybe you should lie down.” She touches his forehead he is a little feverish. He takes her hand off , “I need to take the medicine  will be fine.” Up close he can clearly see the marks on her body, he pulls her top to the side, “Did I do that to you?” His voice is low and full of guilt. Of course it was me who the hell else would it be dammit I must have been a beast.

    Should she lie? That might make it worse. She smiles at him putting her arms around his neck, “I still had some of the aphrodisiac in my system and provoked you.”

     His head is pounding with images of last night mixed with images of a girl he can’t see her face clearly a garden of flowers. He takes her arms from around his neck, “I should have had more self control I apologize. Woo Xixin will be here soon to take you home. Eat your breakfast while it is hot.” He gets up from the couch and then leaves the room silently.

    After LiMei watches him leave she loses her appetite, they never should have erased his memories. It is obvious he is confused now that he sees her again is that confusion causing his headache. She sits on the bed how selfish can a person be to mess with someone’s mind! But seriously I did think it would help him to do what he needs to do without being hampered by his affection for me. I should have run the opposite direction when I saw him last night, he was trying to save me and I repaid him by stirring up his memories.

    Rui slowly walks into the living room then sits on the couch across from his brother staring blankly at the screen. Delun looks over at him, “Bro are you feeling okay you don’t look very good.”

    “Delun I want to ask you something don’t fuck around with me, I don’t even know how to say it. I mean if I was in love with someone wouldn’t I remember her face? Never mind I will discuss it with Xixin when he gets here.”

    “I think that is a good idea.” Holy crap did seeing Feng LiMei trigger something? If he finds out what Woo Xixin and LiMei did how pissed off will he be, he isn’t one to hold his temper.

     Even if it was out of concern for him I have to admit when they told me I was shocked. He keeps playing his game, where is Feng LiMei still up in the guest room?

    LiMei is beside herself wondering if Rui is okay but what can she do? She paces around the room she should go to the guest room in case Rui comes back. Snatching up her phone and purse she then hurries down to the guest room flopping onto the bed. What a mess it is all your fault stupid Leng Shuai! She gets out her phone and sends him a text message [ Send me my necklace by tomorrow or I will kill you!]

    Leng Shuai is on his way to the Hushang Group to surprise Feng LiMei when he sees he as a text message on his new phone, he opens it up smiling when he reads it his face blackens, she is threatening me now! Is she insane?

    [Say that again I fucking dare you]

    LiMei is burning up she is so angry [ Do you not understand human language? I said send me my necklace or die!]

    [You have some guts, should I send the video to the police of you stowing away on my plane?]

    [Go ahead I will counter with you gave me an aphrodisiac and took advantage me.] LiMei sends a picture of her neck and chest.

    [I’m gay aren’t I who would believe you.] He stares at the picture of her white neck and chest covered with love bites his eyes narrow and he has a murderous glint in them who the hell was she with last night?

    He might have to kill someone if she is no longer a virgin, he is the only one that gets the privilege of having her first time. All his research on the little bunny shows she has never had a boyfriend. Did she find someone last night while she was drugged? It couldn’t be that pretty boy Qiao Delun could it?

    LiMei taps her fingers thinking what to say. Dammit that is right Leng Shuai is gay.

    [Nothing to say?] He has a devilish grin on his handsome face.

   [I’m thinking.]

   Leng Shuai bursts out laughing his driver and bodyguard are stunned they have never heard him laugh as if he is actually happy.

  [Well I’m waiting]

   [Damn you Leng Shuai just give it to me so I can disappear do you want those men to find me and kill me?]

   [They are dead]

   [You are lying]

   [Actually two are dead the third one will be soon be joining them in hell]

   [Okay great…good job confessing.. now I have something on you I will screenshot these texts and send to police if you don’t hand over my necklace.]

   Leng Shuai chuckles  she is so naive it is almost too easy to play with her he makes a quick phone call and waits a moment before texting back. [What evidence]

   LiMei shakes her head is he crazy he just said basically he killed those men and was planning on killing the third man. [Duh! Let me send you the screenshot.]

  [I haven’t received it yet]

    What the hell the entire conversation is wiped out along with the screenshot. He is a very scary man. Forget it I don’t need the white jade necklace he is too dangerous.

    Leng Shuai looks at his phone waiting for a response.[Nothing to say little thing?]

   LiMei tosses the phone on the bed what is the use he will just piss her off more if she continues texting with him. She needs to find a way to get the white jade necklace.

     When she doesn’t respond he sends her one more text [ Crescent Moon Hotel Suite 6980 at eight o’clock I have a surprise for you]

   She hears another notification on her phone what does he want now. Yeah right like I will meet you in your hotel room. [Good joke, unless it is you returning my necklace no way am I going there]

    Leng Shuai tightens his hand on the phone, [ Do you think I won’t punish you if you don’t do as I say?]

   [Listen you big bully I am an orphan so I have no family you can threaten me with and I don’t care about anyone so I am not afraid of you]

    [Really you seemed rather fond of the pretty boy and the obnoxious high school kid]

    LiMei’s face turns bright red, why in god’s name did she meet this jerk! [ I hate you Leng Shuai!]

   [See you at eight. Feng LiMei-no wig]

    Furious LiMei wonders why he wants her to go his suite at the Crescent Moon Hotel.

    Rui didn’t return to the bedroom and when she was about to go downstairs there was a knock at the door. A young woman’s voice can be heard,“Miss Feng I have clothes for you.”

    LiMei opens the door to see a beautiful woman holding a set of clothes in her hand.

    “The Young Master asked me to bring these to you, Dr. Woo is waiting in the living room for you.”

    “Thank you.” LiMei takes the clothes from her placing them on the bed. I wonder how Rui is doing he had an strange tone when he said don’t call me “Rui.” Could saying his name have triggered his actions in the bed or did he simply not like me speaking to him informally?

     I will ask Dr. Woo about it. LiMei enters the bathroom to take a shower taking off the pajama top touching the bruises and red love bites left by Rui last night she smiles. Although he was in a dreamlike state having him close to her and experiencing the pleasure he gave her once again was amazing. She steps into the shower letting the water soothe her body considering what would it be like to completely give herself to him. Her cheeks blush at the thought of their bodies entwining together, LiMei pictures his handsome face and his body he is perfect. Being under him last night and his deep kisses, his long legs and broad chest, his sexy smile as he played with her hair. LiMei washes herself while in a daze, it’s true I love him, everything about him.

    After she finishes showering she steps out wrapping herself in a towel her long hair is still wet cascading down her back. Looking in the mirror she combs her hair then brushes her teeth thinking about how to help Rui if his headache is related to them taking his memory of her away.

    Walking out into the bedroom she sits on the bed to dry her hair. Rui enters the room he thought she was with Dr. Woo he knocked and there was no answer. He needs to collect his files before going to the hospital, his handsome face darkens and his eyes are full of guilt as he sees his handiwork from last night on her body. Her appearance ia alluring, all the markings he left on her body are clearly visible as the towel barely covers her chest, her wet hair is messy, having just taken a shower her cheeks are flushed he stands there unable to look away.

    LiMei glances up at him keeping her voice calm, “Dr. Qiao. I will be dressed soon and leave with Dr. Woo sorry to have troubled you.”

    “Sorry to intrude I knocked there was no answer I thought the room was empty. I need some files before I go to the hospital.” He walks over to his desk looking in the second drawer for the papers.

    LiMei observes him he isn’t showing any emotional response to her, his voice is cold and flat. What triggered him was it saying his name? She stares intensely at his back considering the possiblilites. Is it like being hypnotized and a certain word triggers the person?

    Rui can feel her eyes burning into his back he feels uncomfortable, he should gather the papers and leave without looking at her again. The image of her creamy white skin covered in his marks is stuck in his brain. He should give her the ointment to put on he can’t be tempted by touching this young girl again. I am a respectable doctor what the hell was i doing, sweat beads are forming on his forehead as he attempts to suppress his thoughts.

    Meanwhile LiMei wonders if she should see if calling him “Rui” in the light of day will cause him to react or is it only when he is sleeping. While she is thinking she is holding the blow dryer in her hand not turning it on, twisting a strand of wet hair in her hand. Rui turns around to see her staring at him with a quizzical look on her face playing with her hair.

     He has the files in his hand but stops by the bed, she really is a little beauty so fresh and clean. Her innocent appearance has a way of causing a person to lose their soul if they look to long he decides.  Turning away quickly, he reaches in his bag taking out the healing cream placing it on the nightstand, “Put this cream on your skin will benefit.” He can’t say it will get rid of the beastly reminders of our intimacy last night which is what he is thinking.“Dry your hair quickly before you catch a chill.”

    He starts towards the door LiMei impulsively decides to test her theory, she jumps up and runs over to him grabbing his arm with her small hand, he immediately stops looking at her with a complicated expression, “Miss Feng I need to go what are you doing?”

    “Ahh..she looks up into his eyes, “When I apply the cream the marks will go away? ”

   “…” Rui is extremely uncomfortable of course that is what he meant. He gazes down at her holding onto him barely covered in a towel, he tightens up, “Miss Feng no wonder you get yourself in trouble you have no sense. Let go of my arm this is inappropriate.”

    LiMei doesn’t let go she wants to say “Rui” but she doesn’t want to traumatize him. Should she? No better to discuss it with Dr. Woo before doing anything hastily He takes her hand off his sleeve and has his hand on the doorknob to leave.

    She puts her hand on top of his he can feel the warmth from her soft skin on his hand, is she trying to seduce me? How did I lose control last night did she provoke as she said fanning my desires. No, I can’t blame her for my own weakness. “Miss Feng I told you I am a married man, I can’t do this with you. I’m sorry I lost control last night but I’m not interested in you. If there is anything I can help you with in the future please feel free to ask but I’m not getting involved with you any further.”

     His voice is stern, “Woo Xixin is waiting for you downstairs and I explained the situation. I think you should return to your parent’s home immediately for your own safety.” Does she not know how tempting she looks right now wrapped in a towel? It is taking all he can to resist tearing it off her body and throwing her onto the bed.

    LiMei decides she can’t do it what if he freaks out and loses it. Her eyes get misty she takes her hand off of his to let him leave she is quivering he sounds very distant not like her sweet Rui at all. Her voice is a little shaky, “Do you love your wife?”

    Rui looks down at her she is trembling, did he shock her with his behavior last night? Did she develop a crush on him because he took her away from the Black Lotus Club when she was drugged? Its true he is undeniably attracted to this little beauty but it would be wrong to get involved with her at this time. He is shocked she would ask this question but maybe this is the best way to curb her actions, “Yes, very much.” Rui wants to vomit as he says these words he can’t stand the sight of that stinking bitch but his face has a sincere expression plastered on it as he lies.

    Hearing him say these words LiMei turns around and runs to the bathroom. No you don’t love her you love me! Only me! As she runs away from him her towel falls off of her exposing her slender back to Rui. He can feel his chest tighten at the sight of her naked back he bangs his hand on the door, if he wasn’t entangled with Wang Rebecca he would like nothing more than to pursue Feng LiMei no woman has ever made him feel this sort of desire. It is obvious by his inability to restrain himself last night leaving her body bruised and covered with his love bites.

    She is a naive girl it would be better for her to go back to her parents and leave Pushong City. He walks out of the room glancing back at the towel on the floor and the closed bathroom door. Woo Xixin is here he can comfort her and make her see reason, he can’t get any more involved.

    LiMei is crying uncontrollably in the bathroom, why did she run into him last night! She wipes her tears away with her fingers, the words echoing in her mind “Yes, very much..” Liar Rui! Liar! She sniffles well at least he appears normal I should be happy he isn’t stressed out over the situation. LiMei washes her tear stained face and walks out of the bathroom. Not wanting to dry her long hair it would take awhile she clips it up with her jade hairpin from her purse and puts the clothes on the maid brought.

    Down in the living room Delun looks up the stairs as he hears LiMei walking down. “Feng LiMei come here.”

    “Delun isn’t Dr. Woo here? Rui said he was here to take me home.”

    “He took a phone call and told me to tell you he will be back at two o’clock. “ he pats the couch “Didn’t you say you play Demon’s Treasure sit and play with me.” 

    “Is Rui still here?”

    “No he left to go take care of business at his hospital.”

    LiMei sighs and sinks down into the couch next to Delun resting her head on his shoulder, looking up at him with a pitiful gaze, “Delun did I do the right thing?”

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