What is Wrong with Rui

LiMei quickly closes the bathroom door and sits on the edge of the bathtub looking at her phone she has several missed calls from ‘arrogant idiot’ good Leng Shuai… good to know you were worried about me! She dials his number, his voice sounds groggy, “Hello?”

    “Okay after last night you bastard we are even I don’t owe you anything I saved your life and drank the aphrodisiac that was meant for you.”

    “Feng LiMei?”

     “Who else would it be? Did anyone else do these things for you?’

    “Where are you?” He wonders how she relieved the effects from the aphrodisiac.

    “Don’t worry about where I am I want my white jade necklace back from you and the pictures from the plane!”

    “Tell me where you are I will come get you. I will protect you.” Leng Shuai knows Scorpion will look for her for interfering with his plans. Most likely he didn’t tell Kuang Bo what really happened and killed the two men with him to cover up his incompetence allowing Kuang Bo to think Leng Shuai’s men overpowered him. He would be humiliated if the organization found out a young girl rendered him helpless.

    “What a joke! You are the one who needs protection how did you fall into those men’s trap so easily? Who needs you…I can protect myself send the necklace to my apartment and I don’t want to see your arrogant face again!” LiMei has been wanting to tell him off but was afraid before but now she saved his life. It feels good to let out her anger towards him finally, she didn’t like being under his thumb.

    Leng Shuai sits up in his bed turning on the light next to him. He has black lines forming on his forehead no one dares to talk to him like this. “Listen little girl you ruined my plan so now I have to add that to the list of what you owe me, drinking the aphrodisiac was your problem who told you to grab my glass of wine and drink it?”

   “You bastard! I want my necklace back! I want to leave this stinking city.” LiMei is so mad she doesn’t realize she is yelling in the phone. Rui can her her raising her voice but can’t make out what she is saying he gets off the couch walking to the bathroom door. Who would she call at three o’clock in the morning it must be the man she was with tonight.

    “What plan? You looked shocked as shit when they barged into the room. No way would you have a star like Kang Jin meet you if you knew those people were coming and also how do you explain they had your little lover Jason captured. Was that in your damn plan you  idiot!”

    Rui knocks on the door, “Feng LiMei!”

    “Who is that man?” Leng Shuai is curious as to his identity.

    “None of your business. He is handsome but you aren’t his type.”

    Oh shit! Rui might be able to hear me. She lowers her voice whispering, “I need to go I will call you tomorrow. Oh, give pretty boy Jason a kiss for me too glad he is safe. I like him”

     LiMei hangs up as Rui knocks again on the door, “Feng LiMei I’m not telling you again if you don’t go to sleep the drug won’t be out of your system. Get off the phone and go to bed.” He is frustrated feeling it is like coaxing a small child to get this girl to listen to reason.

    Leng Shuai stares at the phone in his hand, the little thing hung up on me after spouting that nonsense! Furious he throws it against the wall and it breaks apart. His bodyguard hears the noise and rushes into the room, “Boss what happened?”

    “Get the fuck out of here! No wait! Find Feng LiMei and bring her here now or don’t come back!”

     Leng Shuai gets out of bed pacing around then he walks over to the wall and punches it, “Do you think you are going to get away from me that easily little bunny? You aren’t going anywhere!”

     Words can’t describe how pissed off he is right now he was actually worried about the little bunny after she left then drove to her apartment to find it empty. He sat in his car for two hours waiting to see if she returned, barely falling asleep when she called. Who the hell does she think she is and who was the man whose voice I heard? Did she actually find a man to relieve the effects of the drug? Did she just insinuate I’m fucking gay!

    He wants to call Jason then sees his phone smashed on he ground walking out into the living room he tells Shen Boyin to give him his phone. He is half asleep on the couch,”What?” Leng Shuai kicks him, “Your phone!”

   “Shit! Sorry boss!” Handing him his phone he curses whoever woke the boss up and pissed him off.

    Leng Shuai walks out to the balcony lighting a cigarette, blowing smoke rings as he tries to calm down. He opens the sliding door, “Get me a glass of whiskey.” His hands are forming into a fist, he mutters “Kuang Bo you are going to regret screwing with me.” Making him look weak in front of Feng LiMei he was playing with them who knew she would act outrageously suddenly taking the gangster’s gun.

    Also whoever put the drug in his wine needs to pay!  Leng Shuai’s aura is very oppressive when Shen Boyin brings him the whiskey he feels as though he can’t breathe.

    “Here Boss.”

    “Any information on who would dare drug me?”

    “Not yet but we are talking to the woman who served your food now.”

    In a warehouse a woman is slumping down in a chair her face is unrecognizable from being hit multiple times. Blood is dripping off her face onto her uniform from the Black Lotus Club staining it red. Her arms are limp at her side with a barely audible voice she says, “I told you I don’t know who it is, they called me at work earlier in the day. They wired me the money and a delivery man brought me the packet of aphrodisiac. If I knew I would have told you after the first slap.”

    “Cut off her fingers.”

    Whimpering she begs him, it is hard to understand her because she has lost several teeth and her mouth is swollen “Please no, I can only tell you what the delivery man looked like would that help? I needed money my husband is a gambler.”

   “Not my problem, shouldn’t have been yours.”

   “What company was it?”

    She passes out before she can say.

    “Toss water on her.”

    A muscular man in a black suit approaches tossing  cold water on her face the blood washing down her neck, she wakes up coughing, the pain is excruciating, “Kill me.”

    “Not until you tell us what we need to find the person.”

    “His uniform was gray and the logo was from Wang Electronics, that is all I know.”

    Shen Li walks away calling Leng Shuai, “Boss, she doesn’t know who paid her but the man who delivered the drug to her was wearing a uniform from Wang Electronics.”

    “ Get a description of the man then take her to Su Wan’s they can use her until she dies.”

    He walks back over to the woman, “What did he look like?”

    “Mister I don’t know he had his hat pulled down.”

    “Anything else you can remember if you can’t I’m afraid I will have to chop off your hand at this point. I don’t have all night. I’m a busy man.”

    She is sobbing trying to think of something anything she was busy she wasn’t paying attention.”I know when he handed the drug to me he had a tattoo on his forearm a red wolf.”

    Shen Li stares at Su Ryan then says, ” Repeat that…a red wolf? You are sure?”

    “ A red wolf I’m sure. Will you let me go now?”

    “We will.”

    The disheveled woman is crying why did she accept the money it sounded so simple people use aphrodisiacs all the time in the club why did it have to be that man.

   “Take her to Su Wan’s drop her in the alley.”

    She can barely lift her head, Su Wan’s? She might as well die now.”

    “Mister don’t take me there kill me I rather die.”

   “I’m not a murderer, Take her away.” Su Ryan lights a cigarette, a red wolf huh? looks like someone wants to die without leaving a corpse

    He leaves and walks outside throwing away his cigarette then dials Leng Shuai, “Boss you aren’t going to like what she said.”

    “Speak.” He has drank half a glass of whiskey and has calmed down he is swirling the rest around in the glass.

    “She couldn’t give a description of the man but get this he had a tattoo of a red wolf on his forearm.”

    Leng Shuai takes the rest of the whiskey down in one gulp and starts laughing, looking out into the night “So you want to fuck with me old man? Bring it on let’s see who stands at the pinnacle when we are finished.”

    Pouring himself another glass talking to himself, “Wang Kai you disgusting piece of shit I bet you don’t even realize you are just a pawn in the old man’s game with me. I wonder what he offered you to try to disgrace me.”

   He picks up his phone calling Fan Yi ,  “Did the men find her yet?”


    “Remember what I said bring her to me or don’t come back.”

    Fan Yi  has no idea where to look for the little slut, why does the Boss want her anyway? Where does she work maybe in the morning he could grab her from her workplace. He wants to pat himself on the back what a good idea!

   He calls Leng Shuai back reluctantly but he has no information to work with and Jason isn’t answering his phone. “Boss.”

  “What the fuck do you want now.” If it wasn’t his Fan Huan’s nephew he would have kicked him out a long time ago.

    “Where does she work I could snatch her from there when she goes to work tomorrow.”

    Leng Shuai eyes light up why didn’t he think of that, this will be much more fun to tease the little disobedient bunny. “Forget it I changed my mind. Go home and get some sleep. No need to find her anymore.”


    He decides he will go to the Hushang Group tomorrow to play with LiMei, let’s see how excited she will be when she sees him there. Leaning his head back with a sinister laugh echoing into the night, such an interesting girl. He strides back into the suite with a strange smile on his face his men know whoever made him smile like that is in for some serious  trouble. Leng Shuai walks into his room returning to his bed to sleep, he will be busy tomorrow.

  LiMei sneezes who is talking about her, she comes out of the bathroom holding the phone behind her back, “Did I disturb you? I’m sorry I needed to call my roommate to let her know I was alright.” She walks towards the bed, ” I will turn off the light right now.”

    What a smooth liar she is! I could hear the sound of a man’s voice on the phone, he must have been angry although I couldn’t tell what was being said I could hear his angry tone. Should I confront Feng LiMei and find out who the man is or ignore it then inform Woo Xixin.

    Before LiMei climbs into bed Rui walks over to her, “Is someone bullying you?”

    LiMei looks up at him wide eyed he didn’t hear her cursing Leng Shuai did he? “No..no..I should go to sleep.” LiMei loses the color in her face thinking Rui overheard her being so rough.

    Rui can tell she is obviously upset her face is pale and she is trembling. He sits down with her on the bed, “Feng LiMei what kind of trouble are you in, maybe I can help?”

 “Me? No trouble, to be honest with you the drug wasn’t meant for me I drank someone’s glass of wine by mistake.”

   “…” What about being covered in blood?

   “We should go to sleep. I feel bad you are so tall why don’t I sleep on the couch and you take the bed. Or I can go back to the guest room.” She yawns, “I promise I will go right to sleep.”

   He looks at her affectionately she is so cute even though she is lying to his face. “I’m fine on the couch.”

   LiMei looks up at him with her most shy and innocent expression hoping he will see her sincerity. she tugs on his sweater, “We can both sleep in the bed I won’t bother you and to be honest I am scared.”

    LiMei decides she wants him to sleep with her too badly she will take her acting up a notch to achieve her goal. “I am in trouble but I can’t discuss it and when I went to sleep earlier I had a terrible nightmare. The reason I have been avoiding going to sleep is because I will have another terrifying dream. So could you please share the bed with me? For some reason when you are next to me I don’t feel afraid it is comforting to me.”

    Her words soften his heart, if she is really too scared to go to sleep it wouldn’t be a problem for both of them to sleep in the bed, it is big. Right now she looks like a vulnerable little girl as she clings onto his sweater. But can he control himself lying in the bed next to her he isn’t sure of it.

    “Alright but you need to try to go right to sleep I have told you several times you need to rest for the antidote to work faster.”

    LiMei wants to jump around for joy, her eyes are sparkling when he agrees. “I will.” He lays on the other side of the bed, “Get the light.” It is on her side of the bed.

    LiMei turns off the light and the room is filled with darkness, only a small amount of light filtering through the window. She lays back on the pillow hugging herself. Although tonight really sucked she is now laying next to Rui,  never thinking she would be this close to him ever again. She recalls some of what happened after she was drugged, kissing him and him holding her in his arms. If this could last longer than this night nothing would make her happier.

    Rui is laying on his back thinking what a strange night it has been he doesn’t want to even glance her direction her fragrance is drifting into his nose. It is a light scent that is stirring his emotions, she needs to sleep and she has been agitated he can tell from the dream she had earlier.

    He closes his eyes what a long fucking day. He has several matters he needs to take care of at the hospital the construction is starting on the new wing and he needs to prepare for Friday. Fuck he needs to deal with Wang Rebecca also he almost forgot about that scheming bitch. As long as he doesn’t look at Feng LiMei or think about her being right next to him he should be fine.

    LiMei closes her eyes she really is tired her body is weak from the drug still, it doesn’t take long for her to fall asleep, but Rui is having trouble. He can’t help wondering how a beautiful young girl got herself involved with someone who is dangerous. Even if the drug wasn’t meant for her she ended up drinking the wine and god only knows why she was covered in blood.

   He can hear her softly breathing that is good she fell asleep now he can relax. Rui can’t resist turning to look at her sleeping face, what a beautiful girl. Her long black eyelashes her pink lips and tiny cute nose flawless skin she could be a celebrity she is much prettier than all the models he has seen although her body is a bit thin he likes her slender shape. 

    Rui pulls the quilt up to cover her tucking in her hands then leans on his elbow watching her sleep for a few minutes thinking he could stare at her face all night. Gradually he closes his eyes leaning back on his pillow.

    He sleeps comfortably not realizing LiMei has moved over into him putting her arm around his waist and throwing her leg over his… she murmurs “Rui..” He hears the familiar soft voice whispering his name as he gets deeper into his dream he holds onto her hand that is across his waist. “LiMei…”

    They are extremely close as they sleep. Rui without waking kisses her tasting her sweet lips then whispers in her ear “LiMei don’t leave me…please.” He kisses her again  then puts his hand under her pajama top rubbing her breast with his  hand teasing her, his kisses roam down her neck as he licks and bites her dreaming of when they were together. LiMei is lost in her own dream world responding to his familiar touch moaning as waves of pleasure engulf her body.

    “ Ahhh..Rui…” she puts her arms around his neck then their tongues tangle fueling the fire burning within them. Rui’s breathing is becoming ragged and his body is reacting he wants to take her pajama top off, he lifts her up and slides it off her body leaving her slender naked body beside him. He feverishly kisses her creamy white collarbone and his lips continue down toward her breast leaving a trail of love bites. 

    At this point LiMei wakes up from his stimulation her body on fire. Staring up at Rui he seems in a daze his eyes are hazy and he doesn’t look like he is aware of his actions. He is taking his sweater off pulling it up over his head revealing his strong chest, is this some strange effect from taking away his memories, he is dreaming of them together because she is here with him like this…as though they are together like they were in the past?  Oh my god what should I do? This can’t be good.

    His bare chest is pressing on her, kissing her again running his hands through her hair, he then whispers in a hoarse voice filled with passion,“You are so beautiful you can’t leave me. Let me have you now.” He continues hugging her in a tight embrace as his hands roam over her soft skin, LiMei is beginning to panic will he remember everything why was she so selfish to want to be with him again. Dammit!

    What should I do, maybe slip away from under him let him think he was dreaming? I can not knock him out I have no idea what is going on in his mind right now. Go back to the guest room? Yes that is what I should do. She pushes him up slightly trying to get out from being pinned under him,”Rui I need to go to the bathroom.”

    Gazing down at her his eyes are glazed, he rolls off her allowing her to get up gently touching her cheek as he brushes her hair out of her face then kisses her lightly. “Hurry then baby I can’t wait much longer.” His voice steeped with lust.

     LiMei grabs the pajama top then quickly moves toward the door if she leaves possibly he will  return to a normal sleep. As she is walking towards the door Rui quickly gets up off the bed and grabs her his voice has a possessive edge, “Where are you going? Who are you running to? You can’t leave me. I won’t let you.” His handsome face displaying anxiety that she will disappear again from his life.

    LiMei looks at his eyes he doesn’t look awake but how can he be acting this way while he is asleep. “Rui I’m going to the bathroom.”

    “That isn’t the door baby it is over here.” He smiles as he  leans over kissing her forehead then gently takes her by the hand leading to the bathroom. LiMei feels a very  self conscious because she is naked what the hell is going on with him he is acting a little crazy is it because Dr. Woo and I  screwed around with his memories?

    Once she is in the bathroom she puts on the pajama top then sits on the edge of the bathtub biting her finger. Maybe if she stays in here for a few minutes he will go back to sleep and forget about what just happened. What the hell she shouldn’t have been so greedy..

    LiMei is worried anytime she has taken away someone’s memories it is someone she doesn’t care about and won’t see again. Did it really mess with his mind? Did her reappearing in an intimate way make him like this. It is as though he is fighting forgetting about her and his mind is a little twisted right now. She sighs it is all my fault for being selfish but I had no idea this might happen. Then again I could be overreacting  when I walk out he might be sound asleep again.

  After a few minutes  Rui knocks on the door, “Miss Feng are you alright?”

   “…” is he back to normal? “Yes I just had a little stomach cramp but I’m fine I will be right out.”

    LiMei is nervous as she peeks her head out the door, the light is on and Rui is sitting on the couch. This is really too strange. She walks out, he hands her a bottle of water, “Here drink this and take this it is for stomach cramps.”

   “Thank you.” LiMei doesn’t need the medicine but it probably won’t hurt to take it.

    “You should go back to sleep then.”

    LiMei gets into the bed watching him for any abnormal behavior she should not provoke him for his own sake.

    Rui lays on the bed on the far side ignoring her, she turns out the light afraid to go to sleep. Is it because he was intimate with her could he have a mental break? But in the car when she was all over him he was fine rejecting her advances, is it something to do with sleeping, dreaming? 

In the morning she needs to call Dr. Woo first thing to tell him what happened. She pulls the quilt up holding it tightly around her listening for Rui to fall asleep.

    LiMei doesn’t know when she fell asleep but when she wakes up Rui isn’t in the bed. She stretches and takes the bottle of water on the nightstand taking a drink. Well apparently the rest of the night went well without any incident. She shakes her head if taking his memory screwed up his mind she can’t forgive herself she picks up her phone and looks at the time. Holy Shit it is eleven o’clock! She was supposed to go to work two hours ago.

   Scrambling out of bed she  picks up her phone there are five missed calls from ‘stupid tyrant’. Why did he personally call her instead of having Han Nuying make the call. Will she even still have a job? She drinks some water deciding to say she is sick with the flu and can’t come in today. People get sick days right? But technically she should have called earlier than nine even if she is sick. Shit..shit..shit!

    LiMei clears her throat maybe she can give Han Nuying the message to pass to Chen Jianyu. No he will want to yell at her personally since he called earlier knowing his personality. She dials his number, when he answers she tenses up, “CEO Chen this is Feng LiMei.”

    “I know who it is where the hell are you? You are two hours late! {He isn’t going to let her know one of the conditions to buying the Shingu Island land that was set down by that bastard Leng Shuai was he can’t fire Feng LiMei until the project is completed.} 

    She coughs into the phone, “I’m sick with the flu the doctor said I can’t work today I am contagious.” Cough..cough..

    “I don’t want you bringing your stinky germs make sure you have a doctor’s release before you come back. I can’t have you infecting the entire building. When you come back be sure and wear a mask. You actually might look better wearing a mask. He starts laughing picturing her with her big black glasses and a mask on her tiny face.

    “…” Infecting the entire building? Stinky germs? A mask?What a ridiculous man! “You know CEO Chen a statement like ‘you would look better wearing a mask” is harassment I could sue you.”

     “Didn’t I warn you before that isn’t an option for you. Yes you reminded me I will be docking your pay for any time missed.”

     LiMei clenches her jaw no one can infuriate her more than this idiot well maybe Leng Shuai. “I will keep that in mind CEO Chen. I’m going to rest now.”

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