Wang Kai Is a Pervert

Delun pats her on her head, “You did what you thought was right. I don’t know if it was the right thing to do. We will have to wait and see.Why is your hair wet? You will get sick.”

    “You sound like your brother I don’t care I don’t have the energy to dry it. I’m worried he is experiencing severe headaches from erasing his memories of me now that he is in contact with me.”

     “Come with me I will dry your hair for you.” He pulls LiMei up off the couch heading to the spare room. “Follow me.”

    LiMei gets off the couch and trails behind him slowly. When they walk into the room he says, “Sit in this chair.” He walks into his bathroom and comes back with a blow dryer, after he takes out the jade hairpin he sets in on the table and begins to dry her hair. 

     “LiMei I don’t know if you know but my brother is in a struggle with our stepbrother Xiaotong to take control of Qiao Corporation. It is very important to him since he returned to Pushong City. He is under a great deal of pressure right now so he might be having a headache from the stress of becoming CEO on Friday. I think he has it on lock but Wang Rebecca is a necessary chess piece  to obtain three important votes.”

    She interrupts, “Return? Where was he?”

    “I can’t say it is a bit of a mystery he won’t talk about it.” He  brushes the tangles out of her hair then continues to dry it. LiMei feels relaxed with him taking care of her like a brother would. 

     The only two people that have made her feel like she belongs in Pushong City are Du Chang and Qiao Delun they are like family to her. The thought of Leng Shuai threatening her with them really angers her. “Delun something happened last night between Rui and I… I’m worried about him.”

    Delun turns off the blow dryer, “What happened?” His voice is full of concern thinking about what his brother asked him earlier.

    LiMei is about to go into details when Rui bursts in the door, “What are you two doing in Delun’s bedroom?” He sees Delun is holding the blow dryer with his hands untangling her hair.

    They are both startled, “Bro I thought you left.” Delun can sense Rui’s jealousy thinking didn’t Rui forgot her after they took away his memories. He has a possessive tone in his voice,  he isn’t going to interfere knowing Rui’s temper.

    “I forgot my laptop and came back.” The aura around him is freezing cold and his eyes are dark with rage. LiMei looks at him what is going on with him not a half hour ago he was cold and detached.

    Rui glares at LiMei sitting in the chair her hair is halfway dry and her hairpin is on the table. He barely left and she is allowing his brother to dry her hair! Fast work little girl! Rui is angry he was unnerved she was upset and he actually had his driver come back so he could check on her situation.

    He found out Xixin was called away because he texted him so he was looking for Feng LiMei. He went upstairs first checking his room and the guest room when he didn’t see her he came to ask Delun if he had seen Feng LiMei. Seeing he wasn’t in the living room and the video game was still on the television he went to the back bedroom to find him.

    LiMei can see Rui’s complexion isn’t good and wants to explain but before she can open her mouth he grabs her wrist pulling her along out into the hallway. As he drags her she is saying, “Dr. Qiao..Dr Qiao what is wrong?”

    He doesn’t know himself why he was so furious at the scene he just witnessed but he pushes her up against the wall his body pressed into hers, “ I have been gone a half hour and already you are seducing my brother.” His eyes are full of anger LiMei can’t think. 

     He looks at her neck still full of reminders of last night’s intimacy, “You didn’t apply the medicine I left for you? Did you want a reminder of me?” He runs his finger down her tender neck with his face is inches from hers she can feel his hot breath on her face. 

     Her face turns red from his closeness and erratic behavior she blinks a few times fluttering her long black eyelashes “I..I forgot.”

    He picks her up and carries her up the stairs to his room then puts her on the bed. LiMei is shocked by his mood swings wasn’t he calm as could be before he left the bedroom earlier.

    Rui picks up the medicine from the night stand and unbuttons her blouse pulling her shirt off. Without saying anything he applies the medicine to the love bites his slender fingers gently rubbing it into her skin. LiMei lies there in her bra allowing him to apply it without saying a word only staring into his eyes for some sort of clue as to what he is thinking.

   Tossing the blouse to her he says , “Put it on you can accompany me to the hospital Xixin can pick you up there when he is finished his meeting.”

    “Dr. Qiao I don’t think that is a good idea.” LiMei studies him he is holding his head with his hand as though he is a great deal of pain.

    In a domineering voice he tells her,“I’m not asking your opinion, let’s go. I have work to do.”

    “I need to go to the bathroom before we leave.” LiMei hurries into the bathroom, shit she doesn’t have her phone she needs to call Dr. Woo asap! She walks back out and takes her purse from the nightstand, “I need my lotion.”

    Rui watches her as she goes back into the bathroom. LiMei moves to the furthest corner her hands are shaky and dials Dr. Woo’s number when he answers she whispers, “Dr. Woo it is Feng LiMei are you busy.”

    “Miss Feng I can hardly hear you I’m in a meeting but if it is urgent.. what is wrong?”

    “Dr. Woo it’s Rui he doesn’t seem well.” She is keeping her voice down watching the door.

    “What do you mean he was fine when I came by his house.”

     “He is having a headache I can tell and acting irrationally towards me. I know it is my fault.”

    Woo Xixin looks at his watch he needs to secure these rare herbs, the man has another prospective buyer. “Miss Feng we can discuss this when I am finished I will come to his house.”  LiMei feels anxious about going with him for a few reasons. “He wants me to go the hospital with him until you can pick me up.”

    “Is that a problem?”

    “Yes and big problem! He is acting how can I say this… jealous and angry.”

    “Hmm you mean he remembers your past relationship?”

    LiMei hears a pounding at the door, shit that is loud,  Rui sounds overbearing, “Feng LiMei you can’t hide in there I’m not leaving without you.” Rui is fuming pacing around outside the door. Does she want to stay with Delun? Absolutely not I won’t allow it.

   “Dr. Woo did you hear that?”


   “What should I do?”

    Dr. Woo knows very well Rui’s lack of anger control but he is sure he won’t hurt Feng LiMei. His mind must be confused now that she is close to him in an intimate situation from what he gathered from talking to him earlier. Memories must be trying to surface.

  “Dr. Woo are you still there?”

    She calls out. “I’m coming I’m just a little constipated.” LiMei cringes as she says these words how embarrassing!

    “You will be fine just keep your distance don’t touch him or be at all intimate. Keep calm and act normal. As soon as I finish with this meeting I will cancel my next one and meet you at Rui’s hospital.”

    LiMei thinks act normal? There is nothing normal about this situation! What the heck what kind of advice is that old man! “Okay. But I have met his secretary before..”

    “Just ignore Bai Chiyu.”


    LiMei opens the door, “I’m ready, but won’t I be in the way at the hospital?”

    Rui grabs her hand in a tight grip without answering, until Woo Xixin takes her back to her parents she is staying with him he has decided. 

     He takes her down the stairs not letting go of her hand and leaves. Delun is in the living room and watches as LiMei turns back towards him giving him a look of helplessness.

    When they are in the backseat Rui looks over some documents and ignores her presence, LiMei takes out her phone to play a game. She is not going to do anything that might stimulate him, after about forty five minutes they arrive at the hospital. 

    After she gets out of the car Rui takes her hand but LiMei wrestles it out of his hand, “I will stay by you but what if your wife sees you holding my hand. 

     I know you don’t like me you were clear about that, only feeling responsible for me until you hand me over to my cousin. But it might be misunderstood.”

    He lets go of her hand, “Don’t wander off follow me.”

   LiMei shyly responds, “I will.”

    Rui walks through the lobby with LiMei following behind him not making eye contact with the nurses that are staring at them. LiMei shudders it is very uncomfortable under their scrutiny,  thinking Rui should be more worried about his reputation these people are looking at me like a third party.

     They take the elevator up to his office, in the elevator LiMei wants to confront him, “Dr. Qiao..” before she finishes the door opens and two doctors enter greeting Rui without acknowledging her next to him. LiMei keeps her head lowered trying to diminish her presence, they exit then she and Rui continue up to his floor.

    Rui hasn’t paid any attention to her then as they walk down the hallway to his office then he suddenly asks her, “What did you want to say in the elevator to me?”

     “Oh nothing… never mind..” he glances down at her shy expression maybe he scared her but for some reason seeing her with Delun pissed him off. He knows Woo Xixin’s meeting with the men from Nepal is important and not something he could take her along with him. He considered taking her to her apartment why didn’t he?

     He looks at his watch, “I need to meet the construction foreman in the new wing do you want to come with me or wait in my office with my assistant? LiMei recalls his assistant being frosty to her when she was in the hospital after her bike accident, better to go with him. “I will go with you.”

    Nurse Fu is coming out of the elevator going to the HR department which is also located on this floor. Wang Rebecca told her to tell him when Rui returned to the hospital so she planned on stopping to see Bai Chiyu.

      Her plan was to concoct a story revolving around a patient who is a friend of Dr. Qiao’s, now she won’t have to Dr. Qiao is right in front of her. Isn’t that the same young girl he brought to the hospital who had been poisoned.

    She shivers recalling her participation in drugging that man in the elevator thank god no one discovered her part in the matter. 

     Frowning she pictures the haughty expression on Wang Rebecca’s face when she meets her, working for that bitch is profitable but definitely nerve wracking. “Dr. Qiao you might not remember me..” he interrupts “I don’t and I am busy right now get back to work.” His voice could freeze a person, LiMei remembers him in the hospital room acting this cold to her after Dr. Woo erased his memories. 

    Nurse Fu’s face turns beet red from his harsh response, “Sorry. “ She hurries off down the hallway to the elevator when she is inside she dials Wang Rebecca’s number.

    Wang Rebecca is lounging on her bed it was a long night with Wang Kai her body is sore from his violent sexual fetishes. No one can compare to his ability to drain her of all her energy, still naked she rolls over on the messy bed picking up the phone off the nightstand. “Yes.”

   “It is Nurse Fu at Dr. Qiao’s hospital.”

    “Wait before we talk.” She looks around the room to see if Wang Kai is still in the room, she calls out “Gege… Kai?” No answer he must have left for the office. “Alright what?”

    “Dr. Qiao returned this morning and he has the young girl with him.”

   “Feng LiMei?”


   “What is she doing there?” Didn’t he say he won’t have any more contact with her when they married? What is going on for him to blatantly flaunt the little slut at the hospital.

   “I don’t know I ran into him outside his office.”

   “I’m coming over right now. Call me if they leave.”

    Nurse Fu stares at the phone I can’t monitor him how will I know if they leave! Whatever if they leave they leave the fucking bitch can figure it out. She puts her cell phone back in her pocket her break is over she needs to get back to work.

    Wang Rebecca is steaming she is not going to let him humiliate her a day after they got the marriage license. She tries to stand up her legs are weak, walking towards the bathroom she hears Wang Kai’s voice coming from inside, “Kill them both.” He can’t leave any loose ends apparently Leng Shuai didn’t drink the drugged wine and there are no blackmail photos. 

     Wang Rebecca jumps back from the door then hurriedly gets back into bed sweat beads forming on her forehead the words “Kill them both” resounding in her ears. If he knows she heard him what would he do to her? He loves her he wouldn’t harm her would he for overhearing that…

   She lays there waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. After a few moments he comes out wearing a towel around his waist, “You are awake?”

    “Yes I called out to you but thought you left already.” She smiles at him seductively looking to see any suspicion in his cold dark eyes then holds her arms out to him, “Come back to bed.” He pins her under him, touching her face tenderly, “You didn’t get enough last night?” He then fiercely kisses her shoving his tongue into her mouth sucking her saliva, after the kiss she arches her back softly moaning, “Gege I can never get enough of you.”

    Hearing her call him gege always excites him coupled with the feel of her big breasts pressing against his bare chest  he is getting hard under the towel. Dammit if those idiots hadn’t screwed up he could fuck her again., “Little sister I would love to do you again but I need to get to the office I have an urgent matter to take care of immediately.”

     She pouts, “Gege you said you would stay with me this morning.” He had intended on playing with her supple body all morning then having Little Ning for lunch. Now having to go to the Headquarters he wants to kill not only the stupid delivery driver and that woman from the Black Lotus Club but his incompetent men also.

     He is about to explode, he takes off his towel laying on his back, “I can be a little late. Use your mouth.” He needs her to relieve him the drug they have been taking to enhance their sexual activity she got from Shingu Island is making him unable to control himself. Last night he ravaged her until dawn and still wanted more.

    Next time he might need to include another woman in the bed with them. He has an evil smile as he thinks about bringing his secretary over to join them. Since he has been taking this drug he needs his secretary to service him at lunch in his resting room at the office. Little Ning is nothing like Wang Rebecca he has to force her as she whimpers begging him to stop.

    Something about her timid appearance turns him on when he sees her fighting him her big eyes misty and her little fists pounding his chest. If it hadn’t been for this drug he never would have acted on his lust for his little secretary but the first day he went to work after screwing Rebecca all night he still needed a release.  

     His body was aching to have this little fairy of a girl when he saw her at her desk. He immediately got hard gazing at her innocent face as she glanced up at him when he walked into the room then quickly went back to work a little flustered her cheeks blushing.

   Little Ning was typing a report leaning over her computer when he noticed how her pink blouse was unbuttoned slightly showing a glimpse of her bra. When he approached her the clean fragrance coming from her body was irresistible. He recalls her cute little ear was begging to be nibbled on he couldn’t stop himself from touching her soft hair then ran his fingers down her neck into the her cleavage.

    He had to have her he thought she would be willing she was always watching him with a look of infatuation. It was a surprise when she struggled in his arms as he lifted her up into his arms carrying her to the bed. Now he is caught up in fantasizing what would happen if he brought his little Ning along for a session with Rebecca.

    She sees the lascivious look on Wang Kai’s face he must be thinking of their lovemaking, she smiles to herself it was worth the exorbitant amount of money she spent. It is obvious from his rigorous sex play Kai is getting more addicted every day to her body becoming a slave to their deviant sex.

    No way could that Zhou woman satisfy his needs. {Little does she know what he has been having sex  with both his secretary and Zhou Dandan thoroughly enjoying himself.} “Gege.” She leans over his muscular body to satisfy him as he roughly fondles her huge breasts. 

     When he can no longer hold back from her stimulation any more he lets out a beastly  groan then throws her off of him, “I will be back tonight at midnight. Do you have any more of that drug you got on the island?” 

     This unusual pill is not an aphrodisiac it seems more like a drug that allows your inhibitions to leave you bringing out your innermost desires. He and Rebecca have always played sex games but they have never been this intense, he likes its effects and has never been one to indulge in drugs. The sex is unbelievable, if he has one weakness it is his sex addiction.


    “Very good. Let me see how much you have left.” He should give one to Little Ning so she can fully enjoy their session at lunch today.

    She reaches into the drawer showing him the packet with several purple pills inside wondering why he is asking.

    “Give me two I need to coax Dandan tonight I need some information from her.”

   “There are only a few and they are for us.”

    “ Don’t be stingy just get more. You know uptight Dandan is I was thinking I could get the information I need from her while she is drugged.” Also I could get her to actually participate when I fuck her for a change.

    Wang Rebecca knows he sleeps with Zhou Dandan and complains about her being boring but giving her one of their special way!  

     Before she can answer he grabs the pills out of her hand taking three. “Get more.” He smiles thinking of Little Ning losing control he might not be able to wait until lunch. He will stop and buy her some sexy lingerie to make it even more special. What the hell he will take her to the hotel and spoil her after he finishes his business at his Red Wolf Syndicate.

      He is almost salivating thinking of her tender young body under his this time high as fuck begging him for it. Begging him…moaning as he satisfies her desires the drug will bring to the surface.

     He is going to wrap up the last of the preparations at the Red Wolf Headquarters then have a little kinky celebration with Ning’er. Lately he isn’t even sure if he wants Wang Rebecca any more if it wasn’t for the sex..she is a haughty bitch. Little Ning if he could tame her and teach her a few things… he needs to get the hell out of here. 

    Wang Rebecca watches him walk away from the bed she is almost out of the drug how will she be able to get more? “Midnight? Is he going to be with that woman tonight doing that!”

     He feels satisfied he enjoys torturing her with Zhou Dandan can see by her face she is jealous but until he can finish his plans he needs the Zhao Family and her fucking old man Wang Che. He wipes  the juice dripping from her red and  swollen lips with his finger then licks it, “Honey I need to have dinner at the Zhao family’s new mansion you know how old man Zhao likes to show off.”

    He bends over and lifts her chin, teasing her, “ So I have Dandan don’t you have a husband? I don’t mind sharing your body with him why don’t you give him one of your little sex pills?” 

     Disgusting! He doesn’t mind sharing her body! She pushes him away, “If you didn’t force me to marry him I wouldn’t.” When she is with Wang Kai no other man can enter her mind it has been this way since high school. Although she has had a crush on Qiao Rui it doesn’t compare to her intense feelings for her brother.

    He slaps her face, his voice is dangerously deep,“I forced you? Wasn’t your father the one to force you into this marriage? I only said when I found out about your father’s scheme it could work to our advantage.” He pushes her down biting her lip as blood flows out he has his hand around her throat his eyes are filled with rage. She puts her hand on his hand that is encircling her neck, “I only want you gege I could have changed father’s mind. “

     Wang Kai lets her go, “If it were that easy! No way will he let us be together because I am his adopted son if he had any idea of our relationship he would have me killed. The only way is to take Wang Electronics away from him then use his company for him to accept our relationship.” He is getting further and further away from wanting to marry her but she has her uses.

    When he sees her being the pampered princess of the Wang family he has the urge to throw her down and dirty her because he has always been humiliated by her father and grandfather. He really has no idea why the old man adopted him in the first place.  Staring at her naked body covered in whip marks he laughs she can’t get enough of his humiliating her in the bed.

    Rebecca looks at him not knowing what to say he looks very dangerous right now, her father wouldn’t kill anyone, he might try to have him leave Pushong but kill no. Then she thinks about the conversation she overheard of Wang Kai’s and is more frightened, “Gege” She touches his face looking into his eyes trying to calm him down ,“ I know you will do what is best so we can be together after these three months. There is no other man I want to be with but you.”

    “ is good Little sister you know your Gege will handle matters.” He gently brushes her hair back, “I need to go.Make sure you have your personal assistant apply the medicine to your back I don’t have time.


     After he leaves Rebecca is holding the pill bottle in her hand these aren’t something she can simply order online where does he think she got them? It was from a black market dealer on Shingu Island she met by chance in the bar.

    What was his name anyway, Amir..Amir what? How would she even find him again? It suddenly occurs to her if she gave one to Qiao Rui what kind of night would they have together?

       Hmm..she looks at her watch, she should go see what is going on with her husband and the little slut. Unfortunately she will need to wait until her body heals from last night to go to bed with Rui. In the meantime she will make him pay for having  her lose face not once but twice.

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