Sword Play

  Rui takes the two swords down, as he hands it to LiMei she asks, “If I win?”

     “You spend the night with me.” He starts laughing.

     LiMei pushes his chest with her small hands, he is irresistible when he is happy, his eyes have a light in them that sucks her into them. “Rui if I win, I get to have Delun teach me to cook. I don’t want a stranger, his food is delicious and he is fun to be around. I want to learn to cook Western food for you, my skills are lacking.”

    She doesn’t know by saying that it is igniting a fire within him, he trusts her but knowing his brother would be hearing her laugh and be close to her he won’t allow it. It is bad enough she works for Chen Jianyu but luckily she doesn’t like him. She and his brother are close in age and the rapport he felt between them was bothersome. Rui gives her a devilish look,“I guess I need to win then.”

    “Since we both practice Tai Chi and martial arts can we use them during the sword fight? What will constitute a win?” LiMei is a little buzzed from the wine and thinks this will be fun, she hasn’t sparred since she left Black Sky.

     Delun finished a game and wondered where Rui and LiMei went, they should be back from a tour of the house. He walks to the back of the house and sees them in Rui’s practice room, when he hears LiMei he is surprised she is going to spar with Rui? 

     What girl would do that..it isn’t very feminine and she seems into his brother. Then he recalls her feisty appearance at the resort, this should be interesting, Rui will see a different side of her.

     “What are you two doing?” Delun casually leans up against the wall.

     “We are going to spar.” LiMei’s face is flushed from the wine, her beautiful green  eyes are shining brightly anticipating playing with Rui. She twirls around playfully swinging the sword.

     Delun thinks she looks adorable in her black tracksuit holding the sword in her tiny hand, but she could get hurt couldn’t she? He has sparred with Rui before and when you get hit with the wooden sword it definitely stings. She is petite and Rui towers over her,“Rui is this a good idea?”

    “Don’t worry I have skills!” LiMei  laughs  at the worried look on Delun’s face.“So Rui what is a win?”

    “The first one to touch the other’s heart with the sword.”

     He takes two strides over and is in Rui’s face, “That sounds dangerous.” Rui can see the worried look on his brother’s face. “Delun do you think I would hurt my girlfriend?”

    Delun thinks about it, no he wouldn’t, “Be careful LiMei.”

     Rui strolls over to LiMei takes her into his arms and kisses her hard, his lips showing his ownership, he wants Delun to see she is his woman. He pries her lips open fiercely entangling their tongues, she succumbs to his kiss letting out a little moan. 

    He lets her go whispering in her ear, “You could concede now and we could continue in my bedroom.” She doesn’t like his domineering kisses but she is weak to resist when her body reacts to him. LiMei can tell his brother’s concern irritated him. She pushes him away , “Shameless!”

     He has an alluring smile satisfied after teasing her, “Are you ready?”

     “I am.”

     Rui decides he will play with her for a few minutes then end it. LiMei suddenly considers she can’t seem too skilled or he will wonder about her background in martial arts. Why did she want to do this..ahh..She will just avoid his sword then let him win… But, that means spend the night with him? He seemed like he was joking.

     He motions for her to come at him, he has a sexy look on his handsome  face as he turns his palm up beckoning her to him. LiMei smiles then  gracefully moves towards him,  she takes the sword cross ways from the left a basic move,he easily blocks it with his sword pushing her back as his lips curve into a smile.

     Flying back LiMei crooks her finger seductively for him to come to her,  he quickly is in front of her slashing slant ways down to the right to knock her sword out of her hands. Surprisingly she is able to dodge the blow of his sword swinging hers from the other direction trying to disarm him. He blocks the impact and swings around but she is already gone like a flash he didn’t see her move.

     Delun is watching the two of them it looks more like a lover’s dance than a sword fight. It is obvious  they are in love from the way they look at each other. Leaning against the wall watching them he is jealous his brother captured such a beautiful and fun  girl.

      Her moves are light it is though she is a fairy flying in the wind as she retreats then advances. He can tell she is playing with his brother, it is obvious she has martial arts skills but she is hiding her true abilities. He doesn’t think Rui will notice but he saw her true colors at the resort when she was pretending to be Kang Mei. He shakes his head,that girl is not simple.

     LiMei continues to tease Rui with her fluid  movements, when he approaches she swiftly retreats giggling making him chase her. She is having fun watching him get a little frustrated, but it only appears she is just talented at martial arts. 

     LiMei decided this was the best course of action she could never strike him and if she won he might be embarrassed in front of his brother. She slows down and suddenly springs forward landing in front of him.

     She is subtly controlling the flow of the fight allowing him to think he is in control. He can’t help but think how sexy she looks as her lithe body glides past him avoiding his sword. He is caught off guard because he is staring at her beautiful face, she is baiting him he can tell. 

     When she is close to him he grabs her arm pulling her into his embrace, “Little fairy do you think you can escape from me tonight”, he kisses her, then lets her go. He is about to touch her heart with his sword when she leaps into the air striking him lightly on his shoulder, landing behind him. 

     He is surprised by her agile move whipping his body around she is halfway across the room, she is smiling mischievously at him her pink lips curled up into an impish grin, she bows towards him provocatively, “My Lord you need to touch my heart if you want me in your bed.”

     Rui wants to grab her right now and carry her to his bed to press her under him. He is grinning as he  stands there, thinking she is so cute dancing across the floor waving the sword. “Come closer little girl,  I will do my best.”

     LiMei sprints  across the floor her feet barely touching the ground, she swings her sword at him,  he blocks it pushing her backwards, their faces are close enough to feel each other’s breath, she is on her back foot, his strength is too much for her to hold her ground. LiMei sighs…  it is time for the game to come to an end.

     She smiles at him dramatically dropping her sword she puts her soft hands on his hand that is holding his sword then  pushes it touching her heart. “I am yours my Lord.” She pretends to faint. Rui starts laughing as he catches her, looking at her delicate face with her eyes closed, her kisses her, “You little nut.”

      LiMei opens her eyes then smiles up at him, “You know I was joking right, about the bed… right?”


    Delun starts clapping, “Let’s go have dessert.”

     LiMei’s green eyes sparkle as she looks at Rui excitedly, “Dessert!”

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