Dinner at Rui’s

 Rui’s driver pulls up to the front of the hotel, as they get into the car Rui glances back at the hotel, fucking bitch threatening him. Does she think she has the power behind her to make him yield? His face darkens he is looking forward to the weekend at Shingu Island no way is he missing that to go to her party. 

     He pulls LiMei over to his side in the backseat, putting his arm around her kissing her passionately. Her breath is taken away by his hot kisses she molds herself into his body, there is a neediness in his kisses she hasn’t felt from him before, is something going on with him.

     After he calms down he releases her lips looking at her  with his dark obsidian eyes “LiMei whatever happens please believe in me.” he hugs her tightly to him. This fight for the CEO position is about to get uglier if his grandfather thinks he can control his personal life. He has met all his demands so far but he is not going to give up LiMei for a woman he chooses for him.

     LiMei doesn’t know what to say she feels his emotional state has something to do with the woman from in the lobby. She leans into his chest, as she clings onto him ,in a gentle voice she whispers, “Rui I will always believe in you.”

     Rui tenderly brushes her hair behind her ear, looking out the window he realizes he needs to think of a plan to ensure his own happiness. He spent five years doing other people’s bidding he won’t do it again but he can’t sacrifice his mother’s dream. 

     After she was betrayed by his father she was devastated seeing another woman with him, before she died she made Rui promise not to let the company fall into Xiaotong’s hands. He leans back, LiMei makes him happy how can he accomplish what he needs to do to become CEO of the Qiao Corporation without losing LiMei in the process.

     At the Cafe in the Crescent Moon Hotel Rebecca is gloating, it really was fortuitous running into Qiao Rui at the jewelry store. She could see her grandfather’s doting on her would come in handy when she told him she liked Qiao Rui. He immediately called the Chairman of the Qiao Corporation his old friend and invited his family to her graduation party. 

     He mentioned Qiao Rui was getting older and after meeting him again thought he and his granddaughter Rebecca would be a good match. The Chairman had a good impression of her and agreed it was worth considering. He said he would see to it Qiao Rui attended.

     Song Hua arches her eyebrows she knows of Qiao Rui not just from what Rebecca tells her but he is good friends with the Chen brothers, “Becca I wouldn’t be overly confident, I heard Qiao Rui changed when he returned to Pushong City.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Sun Langling told me she saw him lose his temper at his hospital when she was visiting a friend of hers in the VIP wing. He got into an altercation with Chen Huan over the surgery of one of his models, saying she didn’t need her jaw shaved she wasn’t healed from her last surgery completely.

 Qiao Rui isn’t the pushover he was when he was younger, no one knows anything about those five years when he disappeared.”

     “That shows his compassion for his patients. His disappearance only makes him seem more mysterious and exciting.” She has had her heart set on him since she was in Middle School, nothing is going to change her mind. 

     Her eyes are shining thinking about how handsome he looked tonight, a silver gray suit fitting his long and lean body perfectly, the crisp white shirt open exposing his broad chest.

     He is perfect in every way, his face is flawless with those deep dark eyes that make her heart melt. She has never met a man who can compare to him.

    “Snap out of it Becca, did you see the way he was looking at the little girl he was with in the lobby? It was like they were the only two people in the world as he passionately kissed her, ignoring the fact he was in a public place.”

    Rebecca’s eyes flash a look of contempt, “She is just a little slut..do you think I can’t get rid of her?”

     Song Hua shudders she knows that look, when Rebecca wants something she stops at nothing to get it. She is reminded of High School when she was Student Council president and Fang Xie was running against her she smeared her name until the poor girl couldn’t show her face. When it comes to bullying no woman is better at it than Wang Rebecca.

     She walked away from the incident looking as though she tried to save Yang Xie placing the blame on the Vice President who had a crush on her.

    “What do you plan to do?”

    “First I need to find out who the little slut is, then I will decide. She really doesn’t look like she will be a challenge for me..pity..I rather enjoy crushing people who get in my way.” Rebecca taps her long red fingernails on the table.

   “Hua I heard you pressured Chen Huan into accepting you for his Variety Show, so my advice worked?”

    Song Hua sets her fork down, “Perfectly!’

   “Are you going to be the highest paid performer?”

    “Yes, that was a brilliant tactic you had getting grandfather to pressure him. All I needed to do was throw a fit he immediately agreed.”

    “Then dinner is on you.” Rebecca laughs as she carves her blood red steak with her knife, getting rid of that little girl should be easy, but she could tell getting Qiao Rui to marry her won’t be easy. There is an evil smirk on her beautiful face, but I will do whatever it takes.

     Rui and LiMei arrive at his house, the driver enters through the iron gate, she exclaims, “Rui your landscaping is beautiful!” Rui grins, most women would comment on the size and location of the house, she only noticed the flowers.

    “I think you will enjoy the garden in the back it is a similar design to the one at the resort.”

     Mentioning the resort gave Rui a brilliant idea, he will get Chen Jianyu to partner with the Qiao Resort Division on his project in Shingu island. 

     The Hushang Group partnered with the Han Corporation in Bashu City so they aren’t adverse to sharing a project. He would call Chen Jianyu tonight but he is passed out in his Penthouse, fucking drunk!

     First thing in the morning he will contact him then the Resort Division, they will have to prepare a plan that will be accepted by. Chen Jianyu, even though they are friends he is an astute businessman he won’t enter a partnership if it doesn’t benefit Hushang.

     Rui’s mood lightens, his grandfather might want him to go to her party but he won’t pass up making billions on a new venture. If he can convince Chen Jianyu he has the perfect excuse to go to the island on Friday.

     They walk into the house a saucy aroma is wafting out of the kitchen, LiMei grins, “Rui it smells delicious!” Her eyes light up even though she ate in Xinghi’s room she can always find room for more tasty food. 

     Rui calls out, “Delun we are home.”

     They put on slippers Rui has at the door, he will need to get smaller ones for her next time. Delun comes out of the kitchen holding a spoon, “Good timing it should be ready in ten minutes.”

     “LiMei, I am going to change into casual clothes I will be down in a few minutes, make yourself at home.”

     “Alright.” She walks towards the kitchen Limei sweetly asks,“Can I help with anything?”

    “No, I got it.”

     LiMei walks back to the living room gazing around it reflects Rui’s personality, simple but elegant. On the wall are a few colorful abstract paintings but the furniture is black leather with a few gray pillows. Rui sees her looking around when he comes down the stairs, it is good he had the butler quickly clean the living room and get a new table after his drunken outburst the other night. “Do you want a glass of wine?”

     “Sure.” LiMei walks to the huge windows that look out onto a courtyard, it is lit up by hanging lights, she can see brilliant flowers and shrubbery, a large patio with a slate table. So beautiful.

    Rui walks up behind her putting his arms around her, “Do you want to see the rest of my house?”

    “I would love to see your garden.”

     He hands her a glass of wine, then takes her hand, “Let’s go.”

     Before they walk through the living room Delun comes out telling them dinner is ready. They walk into the dining room, he has placed several dishes on the table, his presentation makes LiMei’s jaw drop, “Qiao Delun I have never seen such a beautiful table of food.”

     Her sincerity is not lost on either brother, both are mesmerized by her dazzling smile. Delun quickly composes himself, “Please sit.”

     “Delun,  are these new dishes, I didn’t see them on the resort menu.” Rui is impressed his little brother is very talented.

     “These are my own creations, you know my dream is to open a Fusion Restaurant here when I graduate in the Spring. I have been experimenting trying to new healthy dishes, eat before it gets cold.”

     LiMei takes a bite of the colorful noodles, he must use spinach and wheat noodles, the red and green peppers make it very appetizing. “Qiao Delun I have never tasted noodles like this before are they spinach noodles? I saw a picture in a magazine but never tried them.”

     “Call me Delun. Yes, I like the different colors of that dish, I added garlic and olive oil with the peppers, .”

     “Did you add some chili to the sauce? I got a spicy bite a moment ago.”

     “Yes, do you like the spicy flavor?”

    “I do, and the chicken is so lightly coated and moist what is it called?’

     “It is my variation of Chicken Milanese.”


     Rui watches LiMei and his brother talk it is like they are old friends, he is about to get a little jealous when LiMei takes a forkful of the chicken placing it into his mouth, “Try this Rui it melts in your mouth.” She smiles at him, “I should learn to cook like this for you.” She is thinking of the grilled meat she made him how simple it was, this food is wonderful. “The meal I made you can’t compare to this.

     He smiles, she wants to learn to cook for him, leaning over he kisses her, “Babe I loved your cooking.” LiMei blushes remembering them on the patio. 

     Rui isn’t sure if it is because LiMei fed it to him but he likes the flavor, “Delun this chicken is very good.”

    “Thanks Rui because I am going to need your backing when I open my restaurant.”

     Rui starts laughing, “So that is why you are trying to impress me with your cooking skills.”

    The three of them are having a good time, Delun refills their wine glasses, “I can teach you to cook when I return from school if you want LiMei.”

    “Thank you Delun, I would love that!”

     “I can get her a cooking instructor you will be too busy with your new restaurant.” Rui knows it is innocent banter but he doesn’t like the idea of them spending time alone together, the rapport between them is too comfortable.

     Delun is surprised Rui would consider it without more information,“Does that mean you will back me?”

    “If you graduate without causing any scandals while you are in Paris.”

     “Brother that wasn’t my fault..” His face turns red looking at LiMei.

     LiMei has her head down eating pretending she didn’t hear those last comments. “Could you pass me the chicken?”

     They both look at her, she is very slender but has quite an appetite. Delun is picturing her eating the Belgium Waffles he made her at the resort, he will have to make them for her again. “Save room for dessert.”

    “I always have room for dessert!” LiMei pats her tummy.

     Rui and Delun laugh, she looks like a satisfied little kitten as she rubs her stomach. “I’m going to show LiMei the house you can play your games then we can have dessert in the courtyard.” Rui wants to be alone with Limei for awhile.

     “Did you get me that game I asked you to get me last time?”

     “It’s is on the shelf on the right side.”

     Listening to their conversation when they get back she should ask him if he plays The Demon’s Treasure, she needs to get into a Guild but no one will take her because she is only a fairy with no powers yet. But she can’t get powers if she keeps getting killed, every time she collects gems she has them stolen.

     Rui walks towards the back of the house, “This is the gym, beyond it is the room where I meditate and practice my Tai Chi when the weather is bad” When they enter the room LiMei can’t control her excitement on the wall is his collection of ancient Chinese swords. 

     She runs over to look at them, “Rui these swords are incredibly beautiful,”  she touches the jeweled inlaid hilt of one, another has a demon with ruby eyes. Uncle Xinghi also collects ancient swords but these two rival the best in his collection.

     He taught her how to sword fight for fun when she was there with Kuang Bo. Her martial arts skills enabled her to learn quickly, she and Kuang Bo would have fun for hours fighting with them.

     “Is this sword with the coiled dragon on it’s head from the Warring States Period?”

     Rui is surprised she knows that, “Yes, how do you know about swords?” That particular sword is one of his favorites, it is not as elaborate as a few of the others but legend has it this particular sword killed a demon who was rampaging through a mountain village.

     LiMei bites her lip her enthusiasm now needs to be explained. “I told you I grew up in a mountain village, when I was learning martial arts my Master had a very small sword collection and would talk to me about different periods of history.. the swords..etc. He did have an interesting bronze sword with etchings of gods on it but most couldn’t compare to your collection. 

     He even taught me how to wield a sword..haha..not a marketable skill haha.”

     Rui stares at LiMei her beautiful eyes are sparkling as she touches the hilt of the sword, what an unusual girl. “Do you want to play?”


    “We can use these wooden practice swords.” The last time he got them down was when Woo Xixin came over, it would be fun playing around with LiMei.

    “Sounds like fun.”

    Rui has a devilish grin, he can’t resist kissing her pink lips, then says “What should the prize be for the winner?”

     “What do you want to play for?” LiMei has a serious look on her face, she scrunches up her little nose placing her slender finger on her lower lip, while she considers what the bet should be.

     Rui thinks she looks adorable right now, teasing her he quips,“If I win you spend the night with me.”

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