Dessert Part 1

 Looking at her excited appearance at the mention of desserts, Rui is reminded of them in the garden at the resort. She was sitting on his lap as they shared a chocolate cake, her little mouth covered in creamy chocolate icing as she savored the sweet taste. 

     He whispers in her ear teasingly, “How about going upstairs so I can have you for dessert?” LiMei turns crimson red, she pounds her tiny fist into his chest, “Rui your brother is standing right there”, she glances at Delun watching them.

      Rui taps her on her cute little nose, “Delun what dessert did you make?”

     “I didn’t make it, I stopped at Sheng Siyue’s new bakery Honey Cakes. You remember her don’t you?”

     “You mean that chubby little girl that used to follow you around?” Rui can picture the round faced little girl in her too tight school uniform when he used to pick Delun up from school.

     Delun starts laughing, you wouldn’t believe what she looks like now, she could be one of Chen Huan’s models.” He takes out his phone and shows Rui a picture of her in front of the bakery. “This is from her website.”

      LiMei squeezes in she wants to see too. “Oh Delun she is should chase her.”

    Delun’s face turns red, this girl is too bold. “Feng LiMei she is like my little sister “

    “Call me LiMei.. Well you want to open a restaurant and she has a bakery, you could collaborate and see if sparks fly.” She smiles up at him, “You are very handsome and she matches well with you.”

     “You think I am very handsome?”

     “Yes very handsome.”

     Rui pulls her close to him, “Are you done trying to be a matchmaker? Let’s go try her cake.”

     Delun mocks Rui, “Brother, don’t be jealous because your little girlfriend thinks I’m handsome.”

     LIMei quickly tries to save herself from Rui’s jealous reaction which usually ends with her lips being bullied by him. “ You are handsome true, but..” She adoringly looks up with sparking green eyes at Rui  whose face is darkening, “No one is as handsome and outstanding as my Rui.” 

     LiMei stands on her tiptoes to kiss Rui. Feeling her soft pink lips tenderly pressing against his he is satisfied, the little girl realizes her mistake…that’s good..very good.

     Delun chuckles as the three of them walk towards the kitchen, she really does care for his brother to be able to sense his mood and immediately calm him down. “Rui did grandfather talk to you about Wang Rebecca’s party this Saturday.”

    “Not yet but I won’t be in town this weekend .” Rui holds LiMei’s hand and smiles at her.

    “He seems adamant all of us need to go, I have to come down from the mountain resort to attend.”

    “I will speak to him tomorrow.”

    They arrive at the kitchen, there is a pink cake box on the counter. LiMei is wondering what kind of cake it is. “What kind of cake did you get?”     

   “Open it I will make some coffee to go with it. Rui do you have a bag of Blue Mountain Coffee from Lau An?”

     “Who is Lau An?” LiMei is curious is that the beautiful woman who owns the Morning Glory Cafe. She heard Chen Jianyu bitch about the fact he can only go to her cafe to get it when she was drinking the coffee at work.

     Rui gives Delun a harsh glaring look indicating he is not to mention anything about her to LiMei. “Her cafe sells it exclusively, she is a friend of Chen Jianyu’s.”

   “Oh so that’s her name.” LiMei thinks they all must be in the same elite circle.

     Both Rui and Delun stare at her when she says this. “What do you mean?” Rui wonders if she knows about his relationship with Lau An, but how would she know.

     “I see her sometimes when I stop at the Cafe before work for a coffee and pastry. She is very beautiful.” She doesn’t think she should gossip and say she thinks she likes Chen Jianyu. I think coffee would keep me awake it is late I need to work early, may I have a glass of wine?”

     “…” Rui pours her a glass and also has one. “Delun I will pass also on the coffee.”

     “Can I help you put the cake on plates?”

     “Sure.” Delun hands her the plates. “Do you stay here often Delun you seem to know where everything is kept?” LiMei starts laughing it is like it is his kitchen.

     “When I’m not at school or the resort Rui let’s me stay here. I’m much more relaxed here than at the  mansion.”

     LiMei opens the cake box her eyes light up, “Oh my.. the cake is awesome!” It has fresh fruit, bright red strawberries, kiwis, blackberries on top of a whipped cream frosting. “Rui can we eat the cake out on the patio?”

     “If you want to eat out there, you won’t be cold?” He comes over standing behind LiMei he puts his arms around her then kisses her on top of her head.

      “No, I like the crisp Autumn weather right now. It reminds me of..” She was about to say training in the mountains, she slices the cake and plates it. “Delun hand me a tray.”

     He reaches into the cupboard then takes a wooden tray out, walking over to the counter he sets it down. LiMei places the cakes and wine glasses on it, “Delun give me your coffee I will carry it out on the tray too.”

     Rui is watching the two of them it looks like it is their kitchen the way they are working together, too comfortable. But he realizes he needs to get used to their interaction she is his girlfriend and Delun is his little brother. He needs to control his possessive behavior, “Everything ready?”

     “En.” LiMei picks up the tray and follows Rui with Delun trailing behind. Rui flips on a light switch turning on the outdoor lights. “Ahh..Rui…so beautiful!” She sets the tray down and places the cakes on the table.  There are twinkling white lights strung through the trees and accent lighting on the colorful flowers in the garden behind the slate patio.

    Rui pulls her chair closer to his before she sits down.  Looking around at the garden LiMei comments, “The person that designed this must be a romantic person.”

     Delun has a faraway look in his eyes think about his mother. “My mother designed it, yes she was a romantic, very much so.”

     LiMei remembers him telling her about his mother when she was at the resort but can’t say anything Rui has no idea they met before. She decides to not pursue the conversation, “Very beautiful.”

     Delun doesn’t want to spoil the mood he quips, “After all the years Siyue spent testing cakes by eating them she came up with a delicious recipe here.” He starts laughing thinking about Siyue.

    Rui laughs, “She is quite talented, you should think about collaborating with her.” It would be good if his brother had a girlfriend.

     LIMei is happily eating her cake, she has white cream on her lips, Rui leans down and licks her tempting lips. “This icing is incredibly delicious and sweet.” LiMei begins to blush, “Rui!”

     Delun looks at his stiff brother being so lovey dovey and starts to tease him, “Brother I never saw you engage in any PDA with Lau…” He stops himself when he sees the black lines forming on Rui’s forehead.  He quickly says,“Nevermind!  LiMei do you want another piece of cake?”

    LiMei wasn’t paying attention, she was lost in thought looking at the garden,“Huh?”

   “More you want more cake?” Delun wants to disappear right now.

     She pats her stomach , “ No..I am so full! The cake was really delicious, please tell your friend how much I enjoyed it.”

     Rui is happy she didn’t hear Delun’s remark, he doesn’t want to explain his relationship with Lau An, that is the past. “I will have another piece.” He motions for Delun to leave, “Take your time.”


     “LiMei do you want to sit on the bench, or are you cold? Do you want to go inside?”

     “I love the evening air looking up at the sky, I would like to sit out here for awhile, then I should go home I do need to work early.”

     They move over to the bench, he puts his arm around her,“You should stay here tonight, I don’t have to go to the hospital so I can drive you to work in the morning.”


    “I have several extra bedrooms, or you could stay in mine if you want.” His lips curl up in a devilish grin. “My driver has gone home for the night and I have been drinking.” he picks up his glass of wine and downs it.

    She is getting sleepy, “But Chen Jianyu is expecting me to wear my new clothes in the morning and all I have is this track suit.” She can’t help but smile thinking about the look on his face if she wore a tracksuit to work.

     “I can have Bai Chiyu bring you a change of clothes in the morning.”

     LiMei yawns, “I don’t want to put your assistant out, I will just go home. Maybe Delun could drop me off, where is your family’s home?”

     “Delun is staying here until he returns to the resort.” He wasn’t planning on it but he will need to tell him when he comes back from the kitchen.  No way would he let them leave together!

     “You say you have extra rooms?” LiMei can barely keep her eyes open all of a sudden.

    “Yes, six bedrooms”

     “All right.” She has her wig, glasses and blue contacts in her bag.

     Delun walks outside, “Here Rui, Since when do you like cake?”

      He ignores the question, he doesn’t really like sweets but when LiMei feeds him cake it tastes good. “Tell Siyue her skills are excellent I will contact her to cater our next function.”

     LiMei has fallen asleep on the bench leaning on Rui, he lays her down so her head is on his lap. Trying not to wake her, in a low voice Rui tells Delun they are going to bed soon he should go back to the mansion.

      “But Rui I already told grandfather I am staying here tonight, I even brought food to make for breakfast.” Delun hates staying at the mansion he will run into their stepmother and Xiaotong, that is always unpleasant.

     It is late and the drive back to the mansion is long so Rui considers it. “Fine, but you need to stay in the empty maid’s room downstairs, not your room on the second floor. Go get what you need now from upstairs. Then don’t come upstairs for any reason.”

     Delun nods as he looks at LiMei with her head in Rui’s lap sound asleep. She looks like a contented little kitten, he envies his brother. Why couldn’t he have met her first, he shakes his head to get those thoughts out of his mind. They are obviously in love, but if Rui is sleeping with her he should marry her. That isn’t right, she is too young to know anything, he probably swept her off her feet.

     After Delun leaves Rui looks down at LiMei curled up into a ball, her delicate face with her long black eyelashes covering her eyes she looks very young and tender. He touches her face with his slender finger, running it down her cheek across her soft lips.

     Will she be able to handle it if she knows of his past and Lau An? He knows as soon as they are public with their relationship there will be problems. He wants to enjoy this time with her before everything escalates with the CEO selection.

     He carefully picks her up to carry her upstairs, hugging her to him he can feel her soft body through the tracksuit, her distinctive light scent is intoxicating. He doesn’t know how long he can hold back his desire but he needs to control himself.

     Rui passes his bedroom and enters the next bedroom, laying her on the bed he goes into his room to find her something to wear. He comes back with a black silk pajama top of his that should work. He gently wakes her up, “LiMei..”

     She can barely open her eyes, “Rui?”

     “I brought you pajamas to change into to sleep, if you need anything I am in the next room over. The bathroom is down the hall to the right.”

    She nods her head, “I will change in a minute.” She thinks she will just sleep in her tracksuit, she is too tired to move. “Thank you.” She turns hugging the pillow to her. Rui smiles listening to her lazy reply.

     He kisses her on the forehead, taking her hair out of her pony tail, the hairpin looks like it would hurt her head if she laid on it while she is sleeping. He is about to set the hairpin on the nightstand when he looks at it carefully he never really took notice of the jade before.

     As he holds it in his hand he examines it, the carving on the jade is really quite intricate, a dragon with a beautifully etched girl lying next to it holding a sword. An ancient style of carving…it must be a very old piece of jade,  why does he think he has seen it somewhere before. He sets it down, he has an image of a girl flash through his mind, her long blond hair, in a white fur coat covered in blood, she is leaning over a half dead man in the snow crying.

     He shakes his head, it must be the wine he is imagining things. Taking a quilt from the cupboard he covers LiMei, he could wake a maid to come help her but she doesn’t look too uncomfortable in the track suit. If he were to take her clothes off he knows he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

     Rui enters his bedroom it feels good knowing she is in the room next to him. As he changes for bed he wonders if she would consider moving in with him. Her apartment is tiny, she could enjoy the garden, his meditation room, he could enjoy her…haha.. He smiles thinking about the life they can have together,  no woman has ever stirred these feelings of protectiveness in him.

     He wants her to be by him every day. Rui walks out onto his balcony looking at the garden below, Lau An never once mentioned the beautiful gardens, she was only impressed by the exclusive location. He comes back into the room turning off the light he lies in bed with his arms behind his head wishing LiMei was lying beside him.

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