Dinner Guests

  Leng Shuai decides against ordering another drink a storm is coming according to the weather report. “Jin, I have clothes you can wear do you want to come now to my house. There is a storm coming in tonight so I want to start back soon, from here it will only take forty minutes. “Miss Xia I can have a driver take you back to your hotel.”

    Kang Jin grew up in the mountains he enjoys being able to spend time outdoors,“Thank you Shuai!” Xia Lixue wraps her arm around Kang Jin, “You are supposed to spend time with me”, her voice is whiny and she is pouting.

    Shit his manager told him the Director is an asshole and Xia Lixue is his cousin’s daughter. If he doesn’t want the Director to give him a hard time on set he needs to put up with her for the weekend. 

     He likes to cooperate to ensure the filming goes smoothly the Director can put pressure on an actor he doesn’t like calling for multiple retakes. 

    It can be exhausting he learned his lesson filming his first idol drama when he inadvertently criticized the director not knowing he was around the corner listening.

    “Shuai I guess I will have to pass, I have an obligation to Xia Lixue.”

     Leng Shuai really hates women like her but he wants to spend time with Kang Jin they have quite a bit in common. He is the only friend he has who is experienced enough to hike the area around his home, it can be treacherous. “Jin, Miss Xia is welcome to come I have a woman spending the weekend with me. She can keep her company, I will stand firm on the no hiking.”

    Both Kang Jin and Xia Lixue are surprised who is this woman, why didn’t she accompany him for drinks.

    Xia Lixue accepts quickly, “I really want to see your home so thank you for the invitation!” She will find a way to lure him to her bed. As if she actually wanted to go hiking! This is perfect she can drug Leng Shuai’s  wine at dinner then find a way to put his woman with Kang Jin. She wonders what she is like, well she will figure it out to make her scheme work.

     “I have taken care of the bill I will meet you outside I need to make a phone call.”

    As he stands outside the restaurant he calls Jason, “I’m bringing two guests for dinner ready the guest rooms they will be staying over tonight. Did you get the information I requested? “

    “I will have them prepared and yes I gathered a substantial amount of information for you.”

    “Good. Is she behaving herself?”

    “Miss Feng finished the cleaning and now is in the garden playing with Silver.”

    Everyone is afraid of his dog Silver, he is huge beast, part wolf.“She is playing with him?”

    “Yes she went out to his area without me knowing, I was worried expecting her to scream when I discovered the gate open. She was running with him, when I last checked on her she was throwing a stick for him laughing.”

      Jason continues the story telling him he was stunned when he witnessed the scene she was running extremely fast her hair flying and Silver was chasing her panting. He has never seen a woman run the way she was, jumping over shrubs and running around the trees, to tease the dog she even climbed a tree. 

     Amused he stood to the side watching her, Silver finally laid down by the tree. When she climbed down she threw a stick for him and he brought it back to her.

     Leng Shuai starts laughing picturing her darting through Silver’s area, what a strange girl. He thinks about her at the waterfall cooking a snake she killed. He needs to know her background, Silver only lets him and Jason into his territory how did he suddenly become an affectionate house pet retrieving a stick? 

     “Tell her to prepare dinner for us, I want a soup, two main courses and six side dishes. I want her to wear the dress I had Yi bring back. We should arrive in approximately forty minutes.”

    “Yes Boss.” He isn’t looking forward to telling her the CEO’s orders, he got an earful every time he passed her while she was cleaning. 

     He finds her sitting at the kitchen table, “Miss Feng, Leng Shuai and his guests will be arriving soon, he wants you to prepare dinner.” He explains what she should prepare.

    LiMei actually enjoys cooking and decides she will eat right here to watch the storm outside after she serves them. She has had worst jobs..much worse when she was with the Organization.

     LiMei gets lost in her thoughts. Once she was posing as a maid in a Syndicate leader’s home and his unsightly wife was unbearable, ordering her around constantly with a shrill voice. Kuang Bo was playing the part of a butler to seduce the woman for information about her husband’s whereabouts he disappeared with a 100 million dollars siphoned from a slush fund belonging to a Czech billionaire.

     She was there to search the house while he kept the woman occupied in bed. Unfortunately for the man it didn’t take long for Kuang Bo to convince the woman with his undeniable charm and talent in bed. She willingly gave herself and the information to him. Once it was revealed where the Syndicate leader was hiding he left  under the pretense once her husband was eliminated he would take her away. 

     What an idiot the vain woman was to believe his sweet words. Two days later her husband was dead shot with one bullet to the head, the money back in the billionaire’s grasp,  the cheating woman was alone and poverty stricken. 

     She laughs to herself, I have to admit Kuang Bo’s method of seduction has a hundred per cent success rate..haha..Kuang Bo. 

   LiMei walks over to the refrigerator to see what meat and vegetables are inside,since he is having guests he won’t be bothering her, this isn’t too bad, two more days then back to Shingu City!”

    “What time should it be ready?”

     Jason is shocked she is not complaining, “Eight o’clock, it will be in the main dining room across through the smaller breakfast room. You will need to set the table, also pick appropriate flowers in the garden for a centerpiece.”

    “Are his guests special, his girlfriend perhaps? {LiMei wants to meet the woman who could put up with Leng Shuai.}

    Jason has an idea to ensure she makes a delicious meal he should tell her who is coming, most people are impressed by celebrities. “You might be familiar with them they are in the Entertainment Industry. Kang Jin and Xia Lixue.”

     “Kang Jin?” LiMei’s eyes light up how does the annoying man know them, maybe they think the home’s owner will be here.

     “Do they know the owner isn’t home this weekend? Why would they come to dinner with Leng Shuai?”

    Jason considers himself an expert when it comes to thinking on his feet and lying he was a member of a military undercover unit for two years, “Leng Shuai is to take them hiking tomorrow as their guide, they decided to spend the night here so they can get an early start.”

    “Kang Jin is spending the night here? Are he and Miss Xia a couple? Is Leng Shuai’s girlfriend coming, she must want to meet Kang Jin!” LiMei can hardly disguise her excitement. Kang Jin her idol! She is fixing him dinner! It must be perfect! Delicious!

    “Miss Feng I have work to do please ready the meal.” He has never met a person who asks so many nonsensical questions. How would he know if they are a couple. Why would he care? Why would she care!

     He leaves the kitchen dealing with the little girl’s questions gives him a splitting headache, why did the CEO bring her here.

    The Boss is supposed to be punishing her but why does he feel he is getting the worst of it! 

     Jason takes long strides down the hallway he is going to organize  the information he gathered for Leng Shuai.

    LiMei gazes inside the refrigerator what should she make? Hmm…maybe he would like a dish that reminds him of where he grew up in the mountains. She runs after Jason down the hall, “Hey Jason!”

     He turns around with a scowl on his face what does she want now? “Yes.”

    “Is there an vegetable garden here..herb garden?” Living this far from the city they must grow some of their own vegetables the ones in the refrigerator looked hand picked.

    “There is a vegetable garden past the flowers as you go out the South door. Also a small herb garden is located in the same area.”

     “Do you know where I could find a basket or cloth bag, a knife, a small shovel.” She taps her finger on her chin thinking what else she might need, “yes, and some gloves”

    “Miss Feng use what is in the refrigerator it is fully stocked you don’t need to go to that much trouble.” He has no idea where to find those articles,the Cook left in a huff after the Boss told her Feng LiMei would be cooking this weekend.

     “Never mind I will look around, you don’t look well, here take this tea I made and go lay down. You look overworked.” She hands him the cup of chamomile tea she brewed for herself. “Really you should take it easy while your boss is away, ignore Leng Shuai, 

    I mean does he have the power to fire you? This tea will help you relax, relieve your stress and anxiety.”

    “…” Babysitting you is the source of my stress and anxiety! He takes the tea, not only does he have the power to fire me he could also make me disappear without a trace! “Thank you, I will be in my room if you need me press the intercom #4”

     “Good.. lie down, put your feet up.” She shoos him off, now to concentrate on impressing Kang Jin with my cooking skills! LiMei figures the items she needs might be located by the door that leads to the garden, she hums the theme song from his last idol drama as she contemplates the menu.

      Leng Shuai is smiling this weekend should be fun. He can’t wait to see the look on Feng LiMei’s face when he tells her to entertain Xia Lixue their personalities should clash rather nicely. At first he was repulsed by the idea of bringing her along but now he is thinking it will be fun watching the girl wait on the pretentious starlet.

    The valet pulls up with his car, “Jin sit in the front, Miss Xia you will be more comfortable in the back seat, the road can be bumpy.” Dark clouds are overhead the storm could hit any minute. “Hurry get in.”

     She climbs into the back reluctantly, Leng Shuai starts the car, “Jin put on whatever music you would like to listen to on the way. He doesn’t want her to start chattering in the back seat. Kang Jin finds a station that plays ancient style music. “Jin I wouldn’t think this would be your type of music, Leng Shuai enjoys the qin and zither. 

     “When I was growing up my grandfather used to play it, I started to have an interest in it while spending time at his home. I play the qin not as well as he did but I do my best.” Kang Jin can picture his grandfather plucking the strings looking happy teaching him.

     From the back seat Xia Lixue tries to comment but realizes they can’t hear her over the music. She sits back, listening to this music is torture, she prefers kpop.

     “If you visit me in Hirachi City I would like to hear you play, I have a qin in my collection that is a rare antique.”

    Leng Shuai continue talking about several of their shared interests, Xia Lixue closes her eyes, men can be very boring if she didn’t need them to further her career she wouldn’t bother.

     Qiao Rui has returned to his room to wait for Han Weisheng’s call. He looks at his watch it has only been twenty minutes but he would have thought he would have heard back by now. He lays on the bed, he hasn’t slept in twenty four hours except for the rest earlier. Closing his eyes he has images of LiMei, her smile and sweet kisses. Her beautiful face as she says his name. His phone rings,“Weisheng“

    “I have the information for you but I don’t think the location will help you, Leng Shuai is driving through a thick forest and there is a storm coming. He isn’t somewhere you can just drive over to, there are no marked roads there and only someone who knows the route could get to his home on the mountain. He planned it that way so he would have complete privacy.

      I do know his assistant Zhou Jason he was in special forces under my command before I entered the Intelligence Division. I could contact him he will answer my call. Stay on the line, it will be a three way call, you can speak to Feng LiMei”

    Rui is depressed, how can he find her. Maybe this Zhou Jason is with them and he can at least talk to LiMei. Earlier he tried Leng Shuai’s phone a few more times and no answer. “Call him.”

    “I will, also I will email you the information on Leng Shuai.” Han Weisheng can hear the concern in Qiao Rui’s voice but he isn’t one to pry.

    “Thank you Weisheng I am in your debt.”

“No Rui I can never repay you for saving Tingfeng.”

    After Han Weisheng hangs up from Rui he calls Zhou Jason. He is half asleep on his bed after drinking the chamomile tea, picks up the phone, “Commander.” Why is Han Weisheng calling he hasn’t heard from him in over a year. It must be important. Sitting up in bed he rubs his eyes.

    “Jason is there a Feng LiMei with you?”

    Jason’s hair on the back of his neck is standing up, why is the Commander asking that question. He can’t lie he will just need to inform Leng Shuai when he returns. “Yes.”

    “I need you to give her your phone.” His old Commander’s voice is deep and serious. Jason knows not to ask questions. “Let me get her.”

  Jason hurries down to the kitchen, she is sitting at the kitchen table having tea, “Miss Feng?’

    “Did you need something?”

   “I need you to take this call.”

   “Is it the annoying man then no!” 

     She has a sip of tea looking out the window at the dark clouds over the mountain. The waterfall has a grey overtone  that gives it an eerie appearance. 

    “Miss Feng! This is not Leng Shuai it is an important call for you.”

    “For me? Is it CEO Chen?” Another man she doesn’t want to speak to today.

    “No just take the call NOW!” Jason has an exasperated look on his face, fucking take the phone!

    LiMei  hesitates then grabs the phone from him, “Hello?”

    A man’s gruff voice she doesn’t recognize says “ I am exiting the conversation.” Rui hurriedly says, ” LiMei don’t hang up!” She is stunned, Jason is standing there with a pale face staring at her he thinks she is talking to Han Weisheng.

    “Why are you calling me?” She is hurt but the sound of his voice she tightens her grip on the phone.

    “LiMei I need to explain in person you misunderstood what you overheard when I was talking to Delun. I am in Shingu City I need you to come back here. What are you doing with Leng Shuai!” She can tell by his voice he is very upset, how did he find out she is here.

    “Ah.. it’s a long story I just need to do some work for him this weekend I owe him then I will be back Monday.”

    “As soon as I can I am coming for you.”

    “No!” She doesn’t want Leng Shuai to get angry then call the police she stowed away on his plane.

    “Chen Jianyu told me he said he was your boyfriend, you can only be with me LiMei..only me! It was a misunderstanding!”

     “Don’t listen to Chen Jianyu, Leng Shuai was joking, he is gay. I have a debt I need to pay. If you come here it will complicate matters. I promise I will meet you when I get back but there is a storm coming don’t make me worry about you trying to come here. I promise there is nothing between Leng Shuai and me I like him less than Chen Jianyu.

    “LiMei I.. his phone is cutting out, he loses the connection. He wants to marry her this has shown him how much she means to him he has been going crazy since she left yesterday. He grips the phone, fucking storm must have cut the signal. He doesn’t know if he can wait until Monday someone must know how to get to Leng Shuai’s home.

    LiMei stares at the phone her eyes are misty, she hands the phone back to Jason.”I’m going to the gardens then I will start dinner.”

    Jason could only hear what LiMei was saying …did she just say Leng Shuai is gay to Han Weisheng? He wants to ask what the call was concerning but he hesitates she looks as though she is about to cry. He has no idea how to handle that situation. “As I told you before Miss Feng if you need me I will be in my room.”  He shakes his head glancing back at her sitting with her head in her hands, Leng Shuai gay? What a joke! 

    “En.” LiMei is conflicted, Rui sounded sincere but she knows what she overheard, she can’t compete with a beautiful rich woman like Wang Rebecca. Her heart was fluttering hearing his voice, well, first things first she will finish out this weekend here then talk to Rui on Monday. 

     She slaps her cheeks lightly then drinks some tea muttering, “Stop dreaming LiMei!”

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