Chen Jianyu returns from the Seven Restaurant he is very angry, apparently Kang Jin and Xia Lixue left the restaurant with fucking Leng Shuai he missed them by minutes. What the hell Leng Shuai is a thorn in his side that won’t go away! He strides angrily into the hotel after exiting the car, never will he order car service from that company again the man drove too slow!

    He called Chen Huan from the restaurant after discovering they had left, he was no help. He has enough problems without having to locate those two idiots. If Feng LiMei had her phone with her he could call her, should he call Leng Shuai and ask to speak with her? No way. Fucking shit! 

     Well he can only hope Kang Jin doesn’t fall into that bitch Xia Lixue’s trap, if he does they will need to recast the roles. 

     Hushang Entertainment’s production can’t get derailed because of scandals. He is going to find Qiao Rui and go have some drinks in the hotel bar. How did a well planned out weekend start out with such chaos.

     LiMei slowly composes herself, she learned an invaluable lesson when she was with Black Sky- deal with the problem at hand. Right now she needs to make a fabulous dinner for her male idol, she can sort out her feelings for Rui later. He might want to be with her for now and she might have misunderstood his words but hearing what he said was a wake up call.

     Wang Rebecca and his family are not obstacles that can be easily overcome. She drinks the last sip of the tea then goes to the flower garden picking a variety of flowers for the centerpiece, she wants a whimsical flower arrangement reflecting a natural vibe. She sets the table for four, even the plates and chopsticks are beautiful. When she finishes she admires the table then walks to the south entrance to find what she needs to pick the vegetables and herbs.

     She is right there is a small room with gardening equipment directly outside the door. As she looks at the gardens in front of her she marvels at how perfect this home is, absolutely amazing. The architecture, the gardens, the views, she would like to meet the designer he must be an awesome man! {If she knows the designer is Leng Shuai she would choke on those words.}

    Walking through the garden some drops of rain are beginning to fall and she can hear thunder in the distance. The rain feels good on her skin, the chill in the air is invigorating, if she wasn’t here under unpleasant circumstances she would feel as though she was at an expensive mountain resort.

     Picking the vegetables she places them in a basket she brought, eggplant, tomatoes, she didn’t see any in the kitchen, are those chilis? Moving through the pathways she exclaims, “Oh my, they look good. green and red chilis.” She hears the dog whining as she arrives at the back of the garden, they don’t keep him outside when it storms do they? LiMei wonders how old he is he has a beautiful black and silver coat but it looks like he has a gray beard and his eyebrows are gray.

     LiMei picks some savory herbs placing them with the vegetables, the dog is by the back gate in his area watching her, “Poor baby”, she pets him over the fence, “Here come with me then we will go inside.” Opening the gate Silver rushes in and jumps up on her with muddy paws knocking her over he starts licking her face as she is laying on the ground. “Dummy get off me! Haha…Haha..You are crushing me!”

     The rain is starting to come down heavily the thunder is getting louder, she tries to push him off her when she hears an angry voice, “SILVER!” The dog immediately jumps off her and runs to Leng Shuai who is standing on the patio. Silver obediently sits next to him. Leng Shuai watches her as she stands up laughing. Is she completely stupid Silver could have seriously hurt her.

     LiMei stands up looking disheveled, she is still laughing as she picks up the basket of vegetables. Walking towards him, “You’re back, dinner will be a little while”, she is wiping the wet hair out of her face, her cheeks are flushed and the track suit is clinging to her body.

     He grabs her arm yanking her under the patio roof, “Who said you could let the dog out!”

     “What’s wrong with you Leng Shuai!” She pulls her arm away the zipper for her top had slipped down when Silver pounced on her, now her snow white neck and the exposed skin by her delicate collarbone have red scratch marks. “Who leaves a dog out in this weather! I don’t think your Boss would like to come home to a sick dog!” She leans down petting Silver, “It’s okay you can sleep in my room.”

     “…” Leng Shuai is livid, Silver has a fucking heated dog house the size of a small apartment in his territory. Does she think he would abuse his dog! She has no respect for him whatsoever it really pisses him off. Looking at her skin he is more angry how can she be laughing she could be scarred. No common sense at all, drunk at the waterfall by dangerous cliffs, playing around with a barely domesticated wolf dog, with her petite body Silver could have broken her in two. Little idiot!

    He came into the house with Kang Jin and Xia Lixue asking them to wait in the living room he then went to the kitchen to see what Feng LiMei was cooking. When he didn’t see her he buzzed Jason who told him she was probably in the garden picking vegetables.

     His voice is low and has a dangerous tone,“Miss Feng you should be more worried about where you will sleep than the dog. You were supposed to be fixing dinner for my guests. Go clean yourself up and start dinner.”

    Standing on the dark patio towering over her his handsome face full of anger lit up by lightening striking the ground accompanied by the sound of thunder LiMei thinks Leng Shuai looks like the god Asura next to Silver. LiMei shivers, picking up the basket of vegetables and herbs she walks into the house. Such a handsome man but his volatile temper is too much!

     She takes her muddy shoes off leaving them by the back door then walks into the kitchen, sets the basket on the counter, jeez what a scary man! Glaring towards the back door she mutters, “Worse than the arrogant tyrant..worse..the worst..” Suddenly she feels someone tapping on her shoulder she jumps, “What the hell!”

     Kang Jin starts laughing holding his side, “Feng LiMei is that you?” He picks up the towel that is sitting there and gently wipes the mud on her face and her hair. His slender fingers brushing her wet hair behind her ear, LiMei’s skin is tingling as he touches her. is like a very good dream! 

     He didn’t want to sit in the living room listening to Xia Lixue drone on about the awards ceremony coming up so he came into the kitchen to see the view from the window.

     “Han Chao.” LiMei’s face is bright red as she looks into his deep set eyes. Oh my god he is too handsome, not as handsome as Rui but he radiates charisma.

     “Shh.. call me Kang Jin… You are Leng Shuai’s house guest? This is great, I was going to call you at your hotel but Xia Lixue arrived.”

     “You were?” LiMei’s voice is gentle and soft, her beautiful green eyes are sparkling. Thinking about her current situation, she pulls him down by this collar whispering, “Don’t mention you know me okay?” She doesn’t know why but she feels that would be for the best.

     Kang Jin nods thinking that is weird. He grins, she looks very cute soaked from the rain her cheeks flushed. She still has the pure and innocent look as when she was a freshman in high school. What is she doing with Leng Shuai it must be complicated for her to request that from him. Doesn’t she work for Chen Jianyu?

    Leng Shuai is standing in the doorway watching this scene he can’t hear what they are saying is Kang Jin flirting with the little idiot. She looks mesmerized staring into Kang Jin’s eyes, he can almost see the hearts popping around her. He walks into the kitchen, “LiMei you should change.”

     LiMei? When did we become that close? She smiles politely she can’t anger him any further she might have to sleep outside. “Yes, I should. Mr. Kang I will be preparing dinner for you and Miss Xia, I apologize for the delay.”

     “Miss Feng, I ate not long ago so please take your time. I will look forward to the meal you make.” His smile is blinding! LiMei floats out of the room ignoring Leng Shuai.

     “Jin while we are waiting for dinner I will have my assistant bring some wine and fruit. Do you play chess?”

     “I do.”

    Xia Lixue is rolling her eyes watching them could they be any more boring? Who was the girl in the dirty  track suit  scurrying down the hallway? She turns on the television flipping the channels, landing on a reality show her ex boyfriend is appearing in this week. 

     What a bastard he turned out to be he is more shameless than she is, he got on this show by blackmailing the producer, and he was the person that was supplying the underage girls to him. Scum! Who is the girl he is partnering with for the quiz section, she looks like a newcomer.

    LiMei walks down the hallway cursing Leng Shuai swinging her arms and stomping her feet, why? why in god’s name didn’t she pay him the 8000 yuan with Chen Jianyu’s card. It would have saved her a great deal of trouble. Jason comes out of his room as she is passing, “Miss Feng, what happened to you?”

     She sighs, “Don’t ask Jason you don’t want to know.” As she continues down the hall he tells her Leng Shuai wants her to wear the dress Yi brought for her.

     Huh? Now he is telling her what to wear? Aish! Entering the room she sees the clothes on the bed where she left them earlier. There is only one dark green dress, she does want to look pretty maybe she can take a selfie with Kang Jin. Oh shit no phone,damn. Taking off the muddy clothes she goes into the bathroom turning on the shower.

     Stepping into it she is thinking about Rui as the water runs down her body, she touches the Black Sky tattoo on her hip. Maybe she should leave Pushong City and try another place, already there are too many complications there. If she lets Rui back into her life where can their relationship go anyway, she can’t be subjected to intense scrutiny from his family or Wang Rebecca.

     Who knew he is heir to the Qiao Corporation, she thought he was merely a handsome doctor when she met him. She washes her hair watching the muddy water circle the drain then going down, telling herself Daiyu you should really consider disappearing like this muddy water.

     LiMei takes the blow dryer and sits on the bed, she needs to hurry and start dinner. When her hair is dry she puts on the lace underwear and the dress, he thought of everything. Without her purse she has no lotion or lip gloss, luckily there is a packaged toothbrush and a brush to use. 

     She looks in the mirror, the scratches from the dog are still very red,quite a few bruises also. She looks in the medicine cabinet maybe there is an ointment. Nope. Leaving the room she walks down to the kitchen without stopping by the living room. She can hear Leng Shuai and Kang Jin they are playing chess. What is Xia Lixue doing?

    Earlier she marinated the pork, prepared the meat for the stew and readied some vegetables, now she is going to chop the herbs and eggplant.. She is making a  few specialties from the mountains that aren’t time consuming, Fat King Fish in Milk Soup, Li Hongzhang Stew, Farmhouse Egg Dumplings, using her mother’s recipes. Kang Jin should like those dishes, they are popular in their mountain village.

     Also, Eggplant with Garlic Sauce, Sesame Chicken with Stir Fried Vegetables those are lighter dishes for Xia Lixue, some rice,that should be enough food. While the soup is simmering she starts the other dishes, admiring how well stocked the kitchen is, she found every spice she needed and there was an assortment of meat in the refrigerator.

     LiMei pours herself a glass of wine, Leng Shuai shouldn’t mind if he does… too bad. Sipping the wine she is in her own world in the kitchen while she is cooking. The aroma of the soup reminds her of her grandmother’s kitchen, sitting around the wooden table laughing with her mother and grandmother on a cold Autumn evening with a thunderstorm over the mountains. 

After dinner her grandmother reminding her to do her homework while her mother sat embroidering.

     Although they are gone now when she thinks of the happy times she isn’t sad she feels their warmth still with her. After several glasses of wine the food is ready, LiMei is relaxed looking forward to sharing a meal with Kang Jin. maybe Leng Shuai can occupy himself talking to Xia Lixue

     In the living room Leng Shuai has beaten Kang Jin twice while playing chess and he looks at his watch dinner should be ready soon. Right as he is about to go scold LiMei for taking too long she is standing in the doorway of the main dining room, “Dinner is ready.”

     Both Leng Shuai and Kang Jin look up at the same time with stunned looks on their faces, she looks like a wood nymph in the dark green velvet dress short dress, the color enhances the green of her eyes and the gold specks make her eyes sparkle{actually it was the wine} Her face is without makeup and her skin is glowing. 

     Xia Lixue turns from the television,staring at LiMei as she walks down the hall is that Leng Shuai’s girlfriend she looks very young.

     The three of them walk into the dining room, Leng Shuai is impressed the table is set beautifully the flowers have a unique arrangement and the food smells delicious.

     When Kang Jin sees the mountain specialties his eyes light up, did she make them especially for him? “Miss Feng the dishes look excellent, I haven’t had Fat King Fish Soup since I last visited my grandfather’s home in the mountains. Is that Li Hongzhang Stew?’” He is smacking his lips he can’t wait to taste them.

    “LiMei smiles sweetly, “Mr. Kang I read somewhere you spent time in the mountains and with this beautiful mountain setting I thought you might enjoy Anhui cuisine tonight.”

     “Please Miss Feng don’t be so formal call me Jin.” He thinks she is cute the way she is pretending not to know him, Anhui cuisine haha..these dishes are mainstays in their mountain village.

      She places some egg dumplings on his plate, he is enjoying her pampering him. He takes his chopsticks tasting the stew, it is mouth watering delicious. “This is even better than my grandfather’s cooks!”

     “Thank you, and please call me LiMei. You think that probably because you haven’t had it since you were with your grandfather and comfort food is connected to memories so it makes it taste even better.” She puts some stew on his plate, her smile is blinding as she stares at her idol.

      Leng Shuai doesn’t like this one bit, they are flirting right in front of him.

    Xia Lixue takes this opportunity to put some food on Leng Shuai’s plate, shouldn’t his girlfriend have served him first, “Mr. Leng.” She is hoping he will say call me Shuai.

    Leng Shuai glares at LiMei she made the food to impress Kang Jin! What the fuck when did she become eloquent ‘comfort food is connected to memories’. 

     He gulps down his wine staring at the two of them laughing together, he should have told her to eat in the kitchen. If he asks her and the bimbo next to him to change seats he will appear jealous and petty. He isn’t either one he just doesn’t want her to enjoy herself.

     His eyes are as black and stormy as the weather outside, especially as he notices the red scratches above her bodice make her skin look even more snow white and delicate. 

     Why did Yi get a soft looking low cut dress in such an alluring color that matches her eyes. She can’t disguise the fact she is Kang Jin’s fangirl, her eyes have hearts in them as she gazes lovingly at him

     Xia Lixue can see his eyes are darkening watching his girlfriend and Kang Jin talking, perfect if they get into a fight she can easily drug Leng Shuai then seduce him. She will need to increase the tension between them.

    Kang Jin pours LiMei a glass of wine, Leng Shuai immediately says, “LiMei can’t drink.”

    LiMei shoots him daggers with her eyes, “Babe it is fine I’m not driving.” She holds the glass up smiling at Kang Jin.

     Leng Shuai clenches his fist on the table. Xia Lixue sees his anger is rising to the surface so she decides to stoke the fire, “Miss Feng are you a fan of Kang Jin’s?”

     LiMei puts down her chopsticks mid bite, excitedly she replies, “I have seen every one of his television series and his three movies. I have a fan site dedicated to him! I’m looking forward to the upcoming production of The Prince and The Host Club.”

    Xia Lixue looks at her quizzically the news isn’t released yet and they are still casting several supporting actors.

    Kang Jin chuckles , “You have a fan site for me?”

    “Yes, I doubt you heard of it, compared to the other ones it is quite small.” LiMei blushes as she is drinks her wine, it is under an assumed name should she tell him. Maybe she can whisper it later she doesn’t want Leng Shuai or Xia Lixue to know what it is called. They are both are giving her dirty looks.

    “Tell me the name and I will post something on it for you.”

    “Oh My God! You would do that? Every one would be beside themselves if you did!” She looks at Leng Shuai he looks as though he is going to snap his chopstick he is holding. Why is he so angry, because she is drinking the wine? She ignores his oppressive aura, he is just naturally bad tempered.

     Kang Jin is filling his plate with more food, “Of course I would. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this meal it is the least I can do for your considerate effort tonight. ”

     “I like to cook so it wasn’t a bother at all, making these special dishes I also was reminded of my family and flooded with pleasant memories of my hometown.”

     Xia Lixue has a smirk on her face, this girl is doing her work for her…flirting with Kang Jin right in front of Leng Shuai.

     Leng Shuai is about to explode watching LiMei flirt with Kang Jin.  “LiMei would you go get another bottle of wine?”

    “Sure.” Good she would like more herself. She hops up from her seat to go to the wine rack in the kitchen.

     “Excuse me, I forgot to tell her which bottle to bring.” He pushes his chair out and calmly gets up.

     When he enters the kitchen LiMei is humming looking at the bottles of wine, he takes three long strides over to where she is and turns her around by her shoulder.

     “Oww… Leng Shuai what do you want? That hurt!” He touched her where Silver had pawed her it is bruised. She looks at him with an annoyed look pursing her lips and puffing out her flushed cheeks.

    He pulls her dress to the side of her shoulder exposing several black and blue bruises, “This is what Silver did to you?” His eyes are narrowed and there are black lines on his forehead. He has some healing medicine he should give her to put on the scratches and bruises. 

     Dammit why is he letting her bother him like this! He has the urge to kiss those pink pouty lips right now that were tempting him at the table as she smiled at Kang Jin. Her seductive looks as she put food on his plate as though he Leng Shuai was nothing but air!

    She yanks her dress up, “Leng Shuai are you drunk? What are you doing?”

     “You are supposed to be playing the part of my girlfriend. It is unbecoming the way you are flirting with my guest!”

     “What? You never told me that, you said to cook dinner and clean. I can’t play the part of your girlfriend!”

    “Kang Jin told me Chen Jianyu contacted him here on the island about the production he is going to appear in for Hushang Entertainment. Did I not tell Chen Jianyu you, Feng LiMei, are my girlfriend?”

     “You are a pilot with a shitty plane who cares who you are dating!! Isn’t the woman painted on the side of the plane your girlfriend? Why isn’t she here tonight? This is a chance of a lifetime for me to spend time with my male idol! Please let me pay you the 8000 yuan I owe you and call it even. I beg of you Kang Jin is my idol!

    Leng Shuai’s aura is suffocating at this point he is holding back from grabbing her around her neck. ‘Pilot with a shitty plane!’ “What about compensation for injuring me, did you forget I was knocked out by you?”

     “I never admitted to that! How could I, with these weak arms…” She waves her slender creamy white arms in the air, “Knock out a big strong man like you?”

     He hasn’t figured that out yet but he knows it was too coincidental for her not to have had a part in it. “Feng LiMei, I will figure that out, but I’m telling you right now I will turn you into the police for stowing away on my plane if you don’t do what I say!” He is extremely angry at her impudent behavior no one else has the nerve to defy him…this little girl is infuriating!

   Dammit!  “You are a very…very petty man Leng Shuai!” She takes the bottle of wine swinging it she strolls towards the dining room. He is standing there still fuming, she turns to him with a dazzling smile and winks at him, “Well come on honey your guests are waiting.”


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