Where is She

 Leng Shuai arrives to meet Kang Jin, a valet walks over to park his car, tossing him the keys he enters the most exclusive restaurant in the city, Seven. He is greeted by a woman wearing a red cheongsam, she knows him from photographs in magazines otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to enter in his casual attire. “CEO Leng follow me, Mr. Kang and his friend are waiting in a private room.”

    Leng Shuai wasn’t aware he was bringing a friend with him. He follows her into a lavish dining room, decorated in an elegant design, on the wall is a mural by a famous Chinese artist depicting an ancient Emperor surrounded by beautiful women. Kang Jin stands up when Leng Shhuai enters the room, “Shuai”, he introduces the woman with him, “This is Xia Lixue.”

     She immediately reaches out her dainty hand to him, “CEO Leng it is a pleasure to meet you!”

     “En.” She must be an actress, her makeup appears professionally done and her dress has young starlet written all over it. A low cut pink dress the skirt is layered chiffon with sparkling crystals.

     Xia Lixue is irritated he didn’t even smile and rejected her hand that she reached out to him. She had to beg Kang Jin to bring her along so she could meet the most eligible bachelor of Hirachi City. If she could seduce him she wouldn’t need to sleep with another paunchy middle aged investor or slimy Director.

     She smiles at him not showing her dissatisfaction, maybe he is one of those eccentric men who have mysophobia. She pours him some wine, “CEO Leng, my friend told me you designed your home here and it will be featured in next month’s Architecture Design Magazine.”

     “I turned them down.” He motions to the server for a menu, maybe if she starts eating she won’t pester him.

     Kang Jin knows Xia Lixue won’t be able to seduce Leng Shuai which obviously is her plan, but it certainly will be a good show to watch. She is to costar with him in the new Hushang production of The Prince of The Host Club.

     The director wants them to get to know each other so without consulting him first the director sent her to Shingu Island. His plan was to go hiking with Shuai but now that might not be possible thanks to this little glitch next to him.

    “Shuai I heard that rumor also but I didn’t think you would allow the media to intrude on your privacy. I’m very interested in seeing your mountain home, did you design it yourself?”

“Yes, it is a project I have wanted to complete since I bought the land several years ago. Why don’t we go hiking tomorrow. I was considering the idea after you called , you could drive back with me and spend the night, we could hike early in the morning.”

     “I enjoy hiking!” Xia Lixue interrupts, spending the night at Leng Shuai’s house she could drug him then he would have to take responsibility. What a perfect opportunity that would be! She needs to find away to go with them. She brought the aphrodisiac along wanting to use it on Kang Jin, but his wealth and influence pales in comparison to CEO Leng. His looks are outstanding also he has a much more manly look to him than Kang Jin that is very appealing. His sexy lips and phoenix eyes she can’t stop staring almost licking her lips at the thought of rolling in his bed. Those muscular arms holding her tightly..

     Leng Shuai can see the greedy glint in her eyes, how many women has he seen with the same look,.. too many.“Miss Xia, there are no trails by my home so it wouldn’t be prudent for you to accompany us on a hike. It would be too dangerous.” His tone is matter of fact dispelling any hope he will change his mind.

     Kang Jin ‘s lips curl up into a smile as he sees her trying to maintain her composure. “Shuai I will take you up on your offer”, he raises his glass of wine to him.

     Across the city at the Jasmine Cafe Chen Jianyu is waiting for Qiao Rui, he is curious what he is doing in Shingu City. He changed the meeting time so he could rest, he did sound exhausted. He orders a cup of tea and checks his cell phone, Gao KiKi hasn’t responded to the voicemail he left her after the meeting. He calls Han Nuying, “Nuying did you get the information I requested.”

     “I sent you an email before I left, we are leaving the hot spring now and are going to the Botanical Garden.”

     “I will check when I get back to the room I’m waiting for Qiao Rui to meet me now.”

     Han Nuying recalls seeing Qiao Rui at the hotel earlier should she mention he was looking for Feng LiMei? She sees Alix is waving to her the sightseeing bus is leaving, no… she is staying out of this she has a bad feeling. “CEO Chen my bus is leaving anything else?”

     “No.” He hangs up, for a moment he wonders what happened to Feng LiMei after she was dragged off then he recalls the disturbance Leng Shuai created disrupting the meeting. That unruly girl, one problem after another with her! Impatient waiting for Qiao Rui, he dials his number, “Rui what are you doing I have been waiting a half hour.”

     “Sorry Jianyu I fell asleep, I’m on my way.” 

     Chen Jianyu orders another cup of tea his is cold now. His phone rings it is Gao Kiki, “CEO Chen, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to have dinner with you some urgent business has come up I need to take care of immediately. If you want we could meet tomorrow for lunch but I won’t be able to discuss the land sale with you that would be inappropriate.”

     “We can meet at one o’clock tomorrow, where do you suggest?”

    “There is a new restaurant Seven I think you would enjoy.”

     “Send me the directions I will meet you there at one.”

     “CEO Chen I would appreciate you not recounting to anyone what happened in the meeting.”

     “I see no reason to mention it to anyone, I am solely in charge of this project.” He looks up to see Qiao Rui approaching the table, “Good bye then Miss Gao.”

     Rui sits at the table, he looks terrible, “Rui what the hell happened to you?” His face is pale and he has dark circles under his eyes.

     “Jianyu where is your assistant Feng LiMei?”


     “Your assistant where the hell is she!”

    Rui’s voice is agitated and he looks upset. “Rui what do you want with my assistant?”

    “I need to speak to her, where is she?”

    “How do you know Feng LiMei?”

    “Jianyu, I’m not going to explain anything to you right now I want to know where she is, what is her room number? They wouldn’t tell me at the front desk and I need to find her.” His eyes are dark and there is an ominous aura surrounding him. Chen Jianyu knows this look on his friend’s face he is trying very hard to control his volatile temper.

    “Rui I will tell you her room number but she isn’t there.”

    “Where is she?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “What the fuck do you mean you don’t know she works for you!”

    “Rui calm down here have some tea.”

    “I don’t want any fucking tea I want to know where Feng LiMei is right now!” His eyes narrow and look like a deep black abyss. He promised he wouldn’t reveal her relationship with him so he will keep the promise but he needs to find her.

    “…” What the fuck! How does he know the little plain girl. “How do you know Feng LiMei?”

     “She is a patient of mine I can’t divulge any more information.” He tries to act calm, he thought he would find out her room number and explain, he didn’t anticipate he would need to go through Chen Jianyu.

     “Is she sick?” Chen Jianyu is thinking she seems healthy what could be wrong with her. Why would Qiao Rui come to the island after her it doesn’t make sense.

    Qiao Rui glares at Chen Jianyu, “I just told you I can’t say.”

     “Rui since when did you become this dedicated to follow a patient hundreds of miles from Pushong City?” Chen Jianyu takes a sip of his tea, this doesn’t sound like something Qiao Rui would do. She isn’t attractive, he shudders thinking of those strange blue eyes behind her glasses, so obviously that is not why he followed her here.

    “She is the daughter of a friend of Dr. Woo’s. Enough..I tried her cell phone and she didn’t answer.”

    Chen Jianyu nods that makes sense Qiao Rui would do anything that crazy old doctor asked of him. “She left her phone here when she went with Leng Shuai.” He isn’t going into details Gao KiKi told him not to mention anything, if she should find out he might be at a disadvantage at the next meeting. Feng LiMei made it clear on the phone to him she was with Leng Shuai willingly.

   “She didn’t say anything, you are her boss you didn’t ask?”

    “…” [Leng Shaui forcibly abducted her… sorry we didn’t exchange pleasantries..I didn’t get his information where he was taking her.} “I spoke to her when she called on Leng Shuai’s phone she said she would be back Monday. “{Of course she doesn’t know I fired her!}

   “Monday?” No! He isn’t going to let her spend the weekend with another man!

    How the hell does she know that bastard Leng Shuai? He lives in New York . Really though what does he know about her… nothing…but he needs to have her no one else can. Maybe she knew Leng Shuai before she came to Pushong City. He did go to A University but that was several years before Feng LiMei He drinks some tea he needs to calm down, be rational to get her back.

    Rui comes to his senses he needs to think this through, find her, explain what he was saying to Delun. He drinks the tea, he hasn’t eaten either. “Let’s order.” He isn’t going to jump to conclusions, they were too happy together for it not to have been real. Also she obviously has no sexual experience so she hasn’t slept with Leng Shuai if they had been in a relationship. Really she is very inexperienced. He pictures the cute way she would kiss him. Wait, what if he forces himself on her? No he heard he was gay, that’s right he is gay! Gay! He breathes a sigh of relief.

     “She needs her medicine it can’t wait until Monday. So I need to find her.”

     Chen Jianyu is relieved Rui seems to be acting more normal.The server takes their order, Chen Jianyu’s phone begins to ring, it is Chen Huan, “What is wrong?” He told Huan only to call in an emergency he will be too busy. “Rui I need to take this call I will be right back.” He walks out to the patio he can’t have any other customers overhear the conversation concerning Hushang Entertainment people sell any scrap of information to the tabloids.

     “Jianyu you know the new talent I found Xia Lixue? She is on Shingu Island, the stupid director sent her there to get acquainted with Kang Jin. One of my assistants overheard her manager saying Xia Lixue is going to drug him because he is an heir of the Han Family.”

    “Kang Jin’s real name is Han?”


    No wonder he was so cocky on the airplane he has serious backing. “What am I supposed to do if tell him? He will have her fired then there goes the money you spent grooming her. How can I stop her these women today are so unscrupulous”

    “We can’t have a scandal pre- production the drama won’t get off the ground.”

     “Fucking shit what do you need me to do?”

    “You need to locate them and put pressure on her to forget her plan she has been exposed. Tell her we will sacrifice the time and money put into her to save Kang Jin’s reputation. She will be destroyed.”

    “Why can’t you call her, I’m busy.”

    “Her phone is turned off. I don’t want Kang Jin to know or he will refuse to work with her. I want this to be done as discreetly as possible.”

    “Huan did I not tell you to screen these sluts before you sink money into them to be part of Hushang Entertainment. Half of them have no morals in the least! You look at their innocent appearance and don’t delve into their true personalities, maybe you should think about adding psychological testing to the audition process.”

    “Just do it if you don’t want to lose the advertisers I have already set up.”

     “Dammit! Give me Kang Jin’s phone number I will see where they are.”

   Chen Huan gives him the number then adds, “ Remember don’t let him know.”

    After Chen Jianyu hangs up he is really pissed the last thing he wants to do is find that pretty boy and the slut. The server is bringing their food as he sits back down at the table. Fucking Huan!

    “Rui after lunch I need to find the guy who is starring in Hushang Entertainment’s latest drama series he is vacationing here. The only help I can give you is I have Leng Shuai’s cell number Feng LiMei called me on it. ” He begins eating his salmon, “He should be reasonable if you have her medicine, she is his girlfriend after all.”

    “What did you say? His girlfriend?” Rui slams down his chopsticks, his knuckles are white as he clenches his fist. Give me the number now!”

    Chen Jianyu didn’t expect this reaction from him…why would he care? He gets his cell out, “The number she called from is xxx xxx xxx.”

    Qiao Rui gets up from the table and walks out to the patio dialing the number, Leng Shuai is gay why would he say Feng LiMei is his girlfriend. No answer… shit! He tries again..Leng Shuai glances at his phone the number is unfamiliar he doesn’t answer and continues his conversation with Kang Jin.

    Rui sits at an outside table anxiously considering how he will find her. He calls Han Weisheng they became friends after Rui treated his brother, “Weisheng this is Rui, I have a favor to ask you.”

     “Anything my brother wouldn’t have come back after being in a coma and been rehabilitated if it weren’t for you. Just tell me what it is.”

    “Would it be possible for you to use your resources to find the location of the person with this phone number”, He gives him the number.

    “That is an easy task… where are you the connection isn’t very good..you are breaking up.”

    “I am on Shingu Island, also information on Leng Shuai he is the person I am trying to locate, particularly his sexual orientation.”

    “…” Han Weisheng doesn’t ask any questions he owes Qiao Rui for saving his brother, “I will get back to you soon.”

    “Thank you Weisheng.” Rui hangs up the phone. Weisheng will definitely be able to locate Leng Shuai saving him time and effort. He feels better after making the call. When he goes back to the table Chen Jianyu is finishing his meal.

    Chen Jianyu is curious if he spoke to Leng Shuai, “Rui did you talk to him?”

    “No he didn’t answer but I will try again”, his tone is relaxed, he doesn’t want to tell Chen Jianyu he asked Han Weisheng to locate him. Asking a high ranking intelligence officer to locate Leng Shuai would appear excessive and cause suspicion.

    Chen Jianyu stands up,“I need to leave, Kang Jin is having drinks across town and I need to speak with him for Huan. I must say Rui I admire your dedication coming all the way to this island for a patient. Does Woo Xixin have a rare herb you want to entice you to deliver the medicine..haha..”

    Rui watches him leave, it would have been much easier to tell him the truth but LiMei wants their relationship hidden. Why did she go with Leng Shuai? He has no appetite as he looks at his meal, he orders a double whiskey on the rocks from the server as she walks by his table. LiMei where are you?

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