Li Tian Calls Sara

After he leaves the villa, Li Tian is overwhelmed with an inexplicable feeling. His heart races as he thinks about touching Sara’s stomach. I can’t let this go on any longer, I need the disobedient little woman to realize I am the father.I know it will be a shock to find out I am the man at the Club that night, but that is the only way. I will let her know that  I want to marry her… be a good husband and father. I will go crazy if this situation continues.

He takes the phone out of his coat pocket as he impatiently strides down the driveway. I don’t want to frighten her so she tries to escape again. I will take it slowly and let her see that I have changed. I came to Bashu City and I’ve been working on the Affordable Housing Project, that should show the little woman I have compassion. I’m not the ruthless man she thinks I am.

Li Tian’s grip tightens on his phone as he dials Sara’s number. 

Sara hears the phone ringing in her purse. ” Starfire, can you give me my phone?”

She hands her the phone, Sara stares at the phone and doesn’t recognize the number. She hesitates then thinks it might be Leo so she answers in a sweet voice. “Brother Leo?”

Li Tian clenches his jaw and suppresses his anger, “ Song Sara, it’s me Li Tian, don’t hang up.”

  Holding the phone, Sara’s face pales and her hand trembles. How did he find me? She doesn’t hang up but doesn’t respond either.

He breathes a sigh of relief that she didn’t immediately end the call and says, “I know you have been in a coma and just woke up, I don’t want to frighten you… or disrupt your life. I just want to talk to you. I’m sorry you misunderstood me before you left Catang City. Could we meet? I have some things that need to be said.”

 In shock that he apologized, Sara is rendered speechless, he doesn’t have a domineering tone and sounds like he is trying to coax me.

She bites her lower lip, should I believe him? What could he possibly have to say to me? I don’t have the energy to run away and obviously the arrogant tyrant would be able to find me again. 

 Her eyes dart between Starfire and Li Shaoting, maybe I can meet him here, I would feel safe especially if Lu Zhen is by my side.

  When she doesn’t answer he begins to panic.  ” Believe me, I won’t harm you or the babies. I was wrong and frightened you, I’m sorry. Please let me make it up to you.”

 Sara’s voice is soft as she answers, ” Give me a little bit of time to think about it. I was only discharged today from the hospital and need to rest.” 

Although he desperately wants to see her he knows if he presses Sara, she will feel uneasy. ” I understand. I am in Bashu City working on a housing project so when you feel ready call me. This is my private number.”

Sara can’t believe her ears, he sounds reasonable and his voice is gentle, a far cry from the intimidating man she knows. “Okay.” She hangs up and has a stunned expression.

 Starfire notices the strange look on her face, “Is there a problem?”

 She rests her hand on her stomach, “” 

 “I am going to my room then.”  

 After Starfire and the maid leave the living room Li Shaoting says, “We should eat lunch while it’s hot.”

  He holds Sara’s hand as she gets up from the couch, “Who was that on the phone? You look upset.”

 Sara doesn’t want to hide anything from him. “It was the man I told you about. The man I was running away from when I met you.”

  Li Shaoting gulps down his saliva, “What did he want? You aren’t going to leave are you?”

 “No. I don’t want to leave Bashu City.” Her eyelashes tremble, “ He..well..he wants to talk to me.”

  He raises an eyebrow,  “Are you willing?”

  “I don’t know. He sounded calm…I can’t hide from him. Since he found me in this populated city, he could find me wherever I go.”

   They walk into the dining room and Sara says, “If you don’t mind, could I meet him here? I would feel more at ease.”

   “Of course.” Beads of sweat form on his forehead, what is that crazy bastard thinking? Is he going to expose me too? She will be so angry that I lied to her!

  Sara sat down and stared at the delicious food on the table. “Everything looks so delicious!”

  Li Shaoting lost his appetite when he heard his cousin wanted to meet with Sara. 

 Lost in thought he taps his chopsticks on the table then says, “You just got out of the hospital do you think you should meet him? You might get upset and that wouldn’t be good for the babies.”

  Sara smiles hearing the concern in his deep voice. “It is inevitable now that he found me. Since I have Starfire and Lu Zhen I am not afraid. To be honest his voice sounded…” She hesitates then says, “As though he doesn’t mean me or the children any harm.” It was strange, Li Tian almost sounded gentle.

I need to clear up any misunderstandings between us. He mistakenly believes he is the father and well…he is not.” She reaches her chopsticks to clamp a piece of sweet and sour chicken.

 Li Shaoting has an incredulous expression, “Not the father?” This can’t be rightTian definitely wouldn’t be concerned about her pregnancy if he was a matter of fact he most likely would kill Song Sara and the man. 

 She has come to terms with the fact the pregnancy was the result of being raped by an unknown man. Now she only wants to concentrate on the babies, they are innocent.

  After she swallows the savory piece of chicken she continues, “Tang Wu, I  appreciate you taking me in and all you have done for me… but…this matter is something I don’t want to discuss.”

 “I understand.”

 She puts a piece of sliced steak on top of the bowl of rice in front of him, “Thank you.”

 His phone vibrates in his pocket and he takes it out then frowns, “I need to take this call.” He stands up and walks into the living room.  When he answers he clenches his jaw and in a low voice spits out, “Are you crazy?”

 Li Tian is at Sun Zhi’s mountainside villa, “Did Song Sara say anything to you?”

  Li Shaoting takes long strides through the living room to the French doors and steps outside. “Yeah. She said you wanted to meet. Tian, for fuck’s sake! The girl just got out of the hospital! Don’t you think it is too soon?”

  “NO! Do you know how pissed off I was watching my woman let you and Leo Cadieux’s spy touch her fucking belly! She even let ‘Lu Zhen’!”

 “ What the hell! You are Lu Zhen!”

  “That is not the point. I can’t wait any longer. Those are my fucking babies…she is my fucking woman! Why do I have to stand on the sidelines? Ridiculous!”

  Li Shaoting pulls up his collar to block the wind, he doesn’t want to expose the fact he knows the babies aren’t his. “Tian! Don’t be impulsive and give her a fright!”

 Li Tian stands on the balcony looking down at his cousin’s villa, “I’m not going to frighten the little woman, but I have reached the limit of my patience. After I clear up the problems between us, I am going to break the engagement with Long Jinxi and marry Song Sara!”



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