Race To The Mountain

   Su Wanqing has a slight smile satsified she will finally be rid of the irksome bird. She watches Jack plummeting through the trees down to the ground then hugs Liu Mo. “You are so strong! Now that nasty black hawk won’t feed on my precious snakes anymore!” He won’t fly back to alert Master that the little nuisance and the slut are stuck in the mountains. There is no way they can return during this thunderstorm. I can only hope they meet a calamity or freeze to death. The temperature drops drastically at night. I saw the little brat earlier and he was wearing shorts and a cotton short sleeved shirt. I doubt the stupid girl was prepared either. 

   Liu Mo only came to train on the island recently while Jack was with Yang Chenxi on a mission. He has no idea the black hawk he hit with the stones has been meticulously cultivated and raised by Wong Hu.

Looking down at the rain soaked woman he gently pats her back. “We need to find shelter.” While tightening his coat around Su Wanqing he inadvertently touches her large firm breasts with the palm of his hand and his Adam’s apple rolls. 

   Su Wanqing snuggles into his embrace and rubs her body on his lower abdomen. He can feel  Little Mo stiffen from her seductive body pressing onto him. She pouts her full red lips and her eyes are watery stirring his protective instinct. “I’m cold Brother Mo.”

   He hugs her tighter, “Sister QingQing I can make a fire when we find a dry place. We should hurry.” He suddenly picks her up into his embrace and runs up the mountain. She buries her head in his coat with her cheek resting on his chest. She can hear his erratic heartbeat and thinks she will have fun later giving this handsome boy his first taste of a woman.

Su Wanqing puts her hand on his sturdy chest and his body trembles from her soft touch. Liu Mo is very strong…this terrain is treacherous and he is flying up the mountain with ease. The puppy is so sensitive…just touching him like this I can feel his huge erection poking my butt. She squirms a little in his arms rubbing him with her round bottom.

Liu Mo’s voice sounds raspy, “QingQing, be good. Don’t move around.” I don’t know if I can restrain myself if she keeps rubbing my c*ck with her ass. He continues his ascent up the mountain as Su QingQing nestles in his arms.

    Halfway up the mountain Baobei is having trouble navigating the narrow path. The rain makes it difficult to see two steps ahead and he is nervous leading the way along the steep cliff. The thunderstorm is getting worse and the sky is darkening from the large clusters of storm clouds. The path is muddy and very slippery. He trips on a rock and loses his balance then quickly bounces up, steadying himself. He pats his chest with his small hand, Oh wow! That was a close call!

  Baobei adjusts his breathing and points up ahead not realizing his finger is shaking. I wish I had checked the weather this morning and not brought Sister LiMei to the Mountain. He tries to sound calm, “As soon as we turn there the land is flat. My cave is not far from there.”

  “Okay.”  She knows the little fat man is afraid but is doing his best to act like an adult, so she doesn’t tease him.

  Baobei’s chubby cheeks are red from the chilly wind so he thinks LiMei doesn’t notice him blushing in embarrassment. He is relieved, maybe Sister LiMei didn’t see me…I really almost fell! I have never been here in the dark and it’s storming so bad. I can’t act afraid though. It will be fine when we reach my cave.

    LiMei is worried about Jack; he is still unconscious and from what she could see his wing is very badly broken.

    They continue around the narrow path and Baobei perks up when they reach the plateau. “Not much farther.”

    When they reach the cave he excitedly opens his backpack. He takes out a Night Pearl  illuminating the interior of the cave. LiMei’s eyes widen in shock, “Baobei…how did you?”

     “I bring stuff every time I come and Old Hermit that stays here sometimes made the table. He and I made the sleeping area using some logs.”

   “A hermit?”

   “Well.. Old Hermit is a retired assassin. He used to work for the government. I haven’t seen him in a couple months. I hope Grandfather didn’t find him and have him killed. He doesn’t like strange people on the Island. “


   Baobei takes out several Night Pearls from under the makeshift bed. He puts them around the cave.” I hide these so if Miss Su ever finds the cave she doesn’t steal them. Old Hermit said they are very valuable artifacts. I took them from Grandfather’s storage room.”

  LiMei is awestruck by the simple but comfortable cave. “Baobei, do you have a change of clothes here? You should get out of your wet clothes.” 

  “I do.” He scrunches up his cute face and wrinkles his eyebrows together looking a LiMei, she is drenched. “But what about you?”

  “I see you have firewood. I will make a fire and dry off.”

  Baobei frowns, “Ahh..I have firewood but no matches. Old Hermit would start the fire. Oh! Maybe he left some clothes.”

   He rummages in a wooden box and pulls out a pair of worn out men’s jeans and a black sweater. He smells the clothes, “They are clean. Old Hermit had me bring laundry soap and would wash his clothes in the stream. I really miss him, he told good stories and well…I had fun hanging out with him.” I really hope Grandfather didn’t have the old guy eliminated.

  LiMei carefully puts the basket down. “Baobei, is there an extra blanket we can put down for Jack?  The basket is too wet.”

  “Well, there are only two blankets, can we use this other sweater?”

  “Sure. It should work.”

  LiMei carefully lifts Jack from the basket and lays him on the large woolen dark blue sweater. “I think I can make a splint for Jack’s wing with a couple pieces of kindling. Is there a t- shirt or something I can rip up to use to wrap his wing? I can catch rain water to clean his injuries.”

   Baobei looks on a shelf, “I have some herbs for cuts. I will crush them and make a paste.”

   LiMei’s eyes sparkle, “You said your cave is amazing and it really is!”

   “I wanted to run away and live here with Old Hermit but I knew Grandfather would miss me and send people to find me. I didn’t want him to discover my secret spot or Old Hermit.”

   LiMei laughs, “Why do you always call him Old Hermit, what is his name?”

   “Huh? He said my name is Old Hermit.”


   “I am going to catch rainwater. You change your clothes.”LiMei picks up a bowl from the table and stretches her hand outside the cave.

   Baobei blinks his eyes, staring at LiMei’s back. What if she turns around? He lays on the bed under the blanket and changes his clothes.

   LiMei catches the water then walks over to Jack. She sneezes, I will change after I take care of Jack.

   Baobei takes the herbs off the shelf and crushes them in a bowl with a pestle. He adds some water to make a paste. He waits while LiMei cleans the dried blood off Jack. “Why hasn’t Jack opened his eyes yet?”

  “Well Jack suffered trauma and is in a coma. He is breathing so don’t worry he will wake up. Is that the medicine?”

   Baobei nods his head and LiMei praises him, “I smell Xianghu . How did you know that would disinfect and help heal cuts?”

   “I drew a picture when I found the plant and Grandfather told me.  I get scrapes when I come up the mountain so I picked some. First time I tried putting the leaves on the cut but they would fall off so I made the paste. Sister LiMei, how did you know the plant’s name? Do you study Chinese medicine?”

  LiMei has a slight headache, she doesn’t know why that plant’s name came to mind. I must have heard Rui mention it? “You know Qiao Rui is a doctor. He is familiar with many types of plants and makes medicines and creams. She rubs her legs together, I wish I had some of his healing cream now I am so sore from his plundering last night. Rui..no I can’t think about him or what he might be doing with that woman.

   Rui is deep in thought, as to who will win the game of Go at the moment he isn’t sure. Both of them are clever strategists and have been unable to outwit the other. He desperately wants to win so Wong Hu will cure LiMei, then he can impregnate her and start a family.

  Yang Chenxi hesitates then knocks on the door of the study.

  Wong Hu flicks his sleeves irritated by the distraction. He commands in a low and threatening tone, “Leave!” He stares at the Go board in disbelief, the brat might win. My next move is crucial.

  Yang Chenxi has a bad feeling. Jack knows they were to set sail and he hasn’t returned from looking for Baobei. He can’t find the little boy and Feng LiMei isn’t in the Plum Blossom Courtyard. It is very possible they went to the mountain…but Jack definitely would fly back and report. The weather on the Island can be unpredictable. Earlier they might have decided to go hiking because it was sunny, not expecting the clouds to move in from the ocean. Now it is lightly raining here but there is a thunderstorm in the distance. I have to inform Master and Qiao Rui.

   He knocks again and Wong Hu says, “Knock again and suffer the consequences!”

   Yang Chenxi swallows his saliva and says, “Master, ahh..its about Baobei and Feng LiMei.”

   Rui hears LiMei’s name and in a flash rushes to the door. When he opens the heavy wooden door he growls, “What about my wife?”

   Yang Chenxi  has no choice but to say, “I think she went to the mountain with Baobei. I sent Jack to look for them earlier but he hasn’t returned.”

  Rui could hear the thunderstorm while they were playing Go but his only concern was that Su Wanqing would come back without the Pycarius Berries. He narrows his eyes and his face darkens, “What did you say?”

  “Well… I knocked on the door of The Plum Blossom House and no one answered. I can’t say for sure but I looked everywhere in the Compound and neither one can be found.”

   “Why do you think they went to the Mountain? Did you check by the Lake?”

   “Well Auntie said Baobei ran into the kitchen in the morning and grabbed some scallion pancakes. The chicken she made was gone from the refrigerator.”

   Rui knocks past him and runs to the Plum Blossom Courtyard. He rushes into the house hoping LiMei is sleeping and didn’t hear the door. When he sees she isn’t in bed his heart is twisted in a knot. He looks for a note she might have left for him but nothing. 

   He quickly changes into a pair of jeans and puts on a baseball cap. Grabbing a razor sharp dagger from the drawer, Rui is extremely upset.  Dammit! What was she thinking following a little kid to the Mountain? Even if it was a clear day the mountain can be dangerous..in the midst of a thunderstorm it can be deadly! Why didn’t she come tell me? I definitely would have forbidden the little girl to go!

Rui picks up the backpack and places the dagger and his medicine bag inside. Taking long strides to the kitchen he grabs a few waters from the refrigerator. He is worried sick about LiMei as he heads towards the door. He fumbles as he ties the laces of the hiking boots because his hands are trembling. Rui stuffs a black windbreaker and LiMei’s pink jacket into the backpack. The little fool didn’t wear hiking boots or take a jacket!

    Yang Chenxi is standing by the gate and when Rui flies out of the Courtyard he says, “I will come too.”

   Grabbing Yang Chenxi by the collar, Rui’s face contorts in anger as he spits out,“Who the hell was supposed to be watching the kid anyway? No one fucking noticed the little fat man disappeared until now?”

  Rui unhands him. He mutters, “Useless.” then runs through the courtyard to the stable. I can ride Diablo to the base of the Mountain. 

   Yang Chenxi saddles Blaze, a red chestnut Arabian horse, as Rui puts a saddle on Diablo. 

    Rui puts on the black windbreaker then flings the backpack over his shoulder. He jumps up onto Diablo then races out of the stable towards the forest through the drizzling rain.

    Yang Chenxi kicks the horse he is riding to catch up with Rui, who is leaning forward in the saddle as Diablo gallops at an unreal pace. I can only hope for everyone on the island’s sake that nothing happened to the crazy bastard’s little wife.

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