CEO Li… Delivery Man

 Li Tian watches Lu Ying Yue’s slender figure walk towards the counter then return with a piece of chocolate cake for Shizi.

  The teenager’s eyes light up, “Thanks Lu Ying Yue!”

 “Well you worked hard.”

  Li Tian asks “You work here?.”

  “No. I was early so I helped her put away a delivery order. Miss Lu and her son used to live in the same apartment building. My brother Little Yi is friends with her son Lu Jun Jie.”

  Li Tian has a pensive look wondering why Lu Si never mentioned he had a son. Maybe the kid isn’t his? No such a delicate and timid woman doesn’t seem the type to have wild man outside.

  He drinks the coffee, “I don’t have much time, what did you find?”

  Shizi adjusts his breath, why is this man’s aura so damn suffocating! “First I need to ask you a couple personal questions.”

  “No. We have a deal it doesn’t involve exchanging personal information. If you want me to uphold my end of the bargain tell me where I can find Song Sara.”

  Shizi angrily slams down his fork and suddenly blurts out, “Well CEO LI… you left out some important details! I need to know why you want to find the woman! As much as I want the apartment not to be torn down and free rent I can’t..” He clenches his hand and bangs it on the table. “Be a party a revenge killing!”

  Li Tian narrows his eyes dangerously and Shizi can’t breathe. “What the hell are you talking about! Did someone else approach you and fill your head with nonsense?” Could that bastard Cadieux have contacted this kid? Told him a load of bullshit?

   Shizi’s body is covered with cold sweat from Li Tian’s murderous aura. Strands of his ink black hair hanging down are stuck to his forehead. He tenses his muscles and has a determined look in his eyes. I made his decision to protect the woman if Li Tian has bad intentions…I can’t let his terrifying aura frighten me. We are in a crowded cafe what can he do to me? Unfortunately his trembling voice reveals his fear as he stammers, “No…no…I came across some disturbing information. Unless…unless you can give me a good reason why you want to find the woman…well…the deal is off!”

  Li Tian looks like a crazed madman as he reaches across the table grabbing Shizi’s neck with his large hand. 

  Lu Ying Yue comes running over from another table still holding a plate of food, “CEO LI! Let go of the boy! What are you doing?”

  Li Tian suddenly lets go of Shizi then bellows, “EVERYONE GET OUT NOW!” 

  The people that are gawking at Li Tian and Shizi can feel an intense pressure coming from the demonic man. They quickly get up from their seats and bump into each other while dashing to the exit.

  Lu Ying Yue is in a panic because it took a long time to establish a regular lunch crowd. She sets the plate on a nearby table and quickly bows towards the people dashing out the door. “I’m so sorry…please come back another day…I will treat you to a meal!”

   An older woman wearing a stylish designer pants suit stops. She owns the clothing store down the block and comes often for lunch takes a moment to whisper, “Lu Ying Yue, do you want me to call the police? A man shouldn’t treat his son like that!”

  “…” Lu Ying Yue quickly shakes her head, “ I know them…I will if it escalates.”

  The woman glares at Li Tian and looks at Shizi with sympathy as she leaves the cafe. Tsk! Obviously wealthy yet no manners whatsoever! Disciplining a youngster in public! Shameless!

  Lu Ying Yue nervously puts up a closed sign on the door then walks back to the table. The icy atmosphere makes her shiver as the two are in a deadlock, silently staring at each other. She anxiously twists her pink apron as she softly says, “CEO LI, please control yourself. Fan Ji is just a boy…”

 “Go busy yourself in the back. We have something to discuss.”

  Shizi nods at Lu Ying Yue to follow Li Tian’s instructions.

 Once she leaves Li Tian casually leans back in his chair, “You know you aren’t leaving here until I get answers.”

  “What can you do to me? You are just trying to scare won’t work..I didn’t get my nickname Shizi for nothing.”

  “Kid, I don’t know whether to laugh at your naivete or applaud your guts.”

  “I’m not going to lie… I’m fucking aware I am not your opponent but I won’t say a word until you make it clear why you want to find the woman..I know she is pregnant and the baby isn’t yours.”

   The temperature in the cafe has dropped to below zero. Li Tian’s eyes reflect his ruthless nature and obsessive madness. He barely can control the impulse to strangle Shizi. He leans across the table locking his red eyes on Shizi’s eyes that are flickering with fear. “Repeat that last part! I fucking dare you!”

  “Those aren’t my words but Song Sara’s texts to her friend Han Bi. I was able to get into her phone and discovered that fact.” He holds up his phone with a screen shot of the conversation.

   Li Tian stares at the phone then comes back to his senses. The little girl is almost three months pregnant so she got pregnant at the Club the night she was drugged. She thinks the baby is from a  wild man’s seed and doesn’t know that it was me that night. FUCK! That is another obstacle…she will hate me more for that.

  Shizi notices the change in Li Tian’s expression and wonders what he is thinking. He no longer is exuding killing intent..but seems worried? What the hell is going on? He just read she clearly said the baby isn’t his but he isn’t lashing out anymore.

  “Don’t forget you signed a confidentiality agreement and the penalty is enormous. Erase that screenshot. I will tell you the baby is mine..definitely mine.” I can’t reveal the specifics so this should suffice. “Someone tampered with the results leading Song Sara to believe I am not the father.”

   Shizi can tell he isn’t lying, but..”Okay so the baby is yours..I will accept that you probably have enemies that might do that. Even if that is the case,the tone of the texts showed she doesn’t want you to find her.”

   “We had misunderstandings before she left Catang City. I want to clear them up. You seem worried I will harm Song Sara. I only want to see she and the baby are safe. I won’t disrupt her life. A pregnant woman shouldn’t be placed in a stressful situation. I hope you can see from my viewpoint, I am the baby’s father I care about both the mother and child.”

  The knot in Shizi’s stomach is loosened and he takes a bite of  chocolate cake while thinking. “Fine. I believe you. I can only hope you are being sincere. My information is reliable but I don’t have the specifics of her location. I think though with what I tell you that you have the ability to locate Song Sara. I could but it would take me another day.”

  Li Tian’s heart starts racing, “What do you have?”

  He shows him the picture of Tang Wu and the posts. Before he can say another word Li Tian tosses out a Platinum card, “Compensate Miss Lu for loss of business. The rest is yours.”

  Li Tian rushes out of the cafe and James quickly crushes a cigarette out on the ground. He opens the back door and when Li Tian gets into the car, “Drive to Shaoting’s villa.”

  He takes out a bottle of mineral water and unscrews the top FUCK ME! The little disobedient kitten has been right under my nose! TANG WU! SONG SARA IS THAT BRAT SHAOTING’s COOK! I knew I recognized the cakes in the photo!”

  While they drive along the highway he recalls the fortune teller saying she was with a man seven points similar to himself. I didn’t believe the old woman..does that mean the rest of what she told me will come true..Song Sara will be in an accident? I need to bring the little girl to my side so I can protect her and the baby.

   He calls Han Weisheng, “Fan Ji…the kid…he actually found Song Sara.”

   Han Weishing sets down the documents in his hand, “You saw the little girl?”

   “… but I am on my way now. You aren’t going to fucking believe this fucked up shit..she is my cousin Shaoting’s goddamn cook.”

  “Didn’t you go to dinner there last night?”

  “I did but the cook wasn’t her.”

   “Does Shaoting know you are looking for Song Sara and is hiding her from you.”

   “I don’t think he knows, he said I should stay there last night because of the snowstorm. That would be stupid even for him if he knew my relationship with Song Sara.”

  Han Weisheng pushes up his rimless glasses, “Tian. I know you want to rush over and grab the girl away but you need to stop and think. It isn’t like you to be so rash. She is hiding from you. If you suddenly pop up she will be frightened then run away again. Now that you know where she is and is safe you should..wel..think of a plan.”

  Li Tian drinks the water, “ have a point. But I need to confirm Song Sara is working for Shoating.”

   He has an idea.“I need you to call Shaoting. Say the hotel’s kitchen received the Kobe beef and lobsters I wanted, you will send to his villa this afternoon.”

  “Tian, that shipment was very difficult to secure. How about an order of vegetables and chicken?’

  “That too. I will pay triple the cost. Have the truck ready and a delivery uniform in my size. I will be there in an hour.”

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  1. It should be fun in the next couple chapters haha…he is too funny sometimes. 😳

    Li Tian:Yeah..Kobe beef, lobsters vegetables and chicken. Good idea. It will take longer to put away

    Han Wesheng: I have a banquet scheduled tomorrow night!

    Li Shaoting: Song Sara, can you sign for a food delivery this afternoon?

    Song Sara: Sure! Kobe beef? Lobsters? What’s the occasion?


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