Internet Cafe Part 2

   Shizi sighs heavily realizing his skills might not be enough to locate Song Sara. It is as though the wind is gone from his sails as he stops typing. He rubs his temples, he hasn’t felt this stymied since he first began hacking computers when he was in Middle School. He has been trying every trick he knows to bring up any relevant footage at the hospital during the time frame Li Tian gave him. trace at all… 

  He meticulously studies the information that Li Tian gave him. Song Sara came on a train from Catang City. I checked every camera at the Bashu Station on the date he gave me..not a glimpse of the woman…

  Looking at the clock he begins to sweat. I have been here almost an hour and a half and have come up with nada..zilch… not one clue to the little ghost’s whereabouts. I would almost think she didn’t really exist and Mr. Li is crazy if he didn’t have her picture as his goddamn wallpaper.

  Tomorrow maybe I could ditch school and go to the hospital and investigate. The little ghost is a real stunner…people would remember seeing her…maybe whoever she was with could be traced. Of course if I got caught that would destroy the glimmer of respect I saw in Dad’s eyes earlier. FUCK!

  He slams his hand down. I WILL FIND SONG SARA!

  Shizi has an idea. He texts Li Tian [Boss Li  does Miss Song have any friends she might have contacted?]

  Li Tian is on his way to Sun Zhi’s villa planning on going to dinner at his cousin Shaoting’s home. He sees the text and has a faint smile Boss Li..this kid  [Han Bi in Catang City my men have been monitoring. No results.]

   Shizi asks the question that has been bothering him since he was at the convenience store.[Did you clean up Oak St.?]

   [No.] But I did have Han Weisheng send some of his men. You don’t need to know that.

   [Curious.]  Shizi squints his eyes..if not you who would bother?

  [Get back to work. You have 16 hours.]

   Shizi types  [Yeah. One more thing. Is there a particular enemy of yours that..]  He shakes his head and erases the text. Mr. Li might get angry… but it would help to know who has the fucking ability to hide her existence…the security at a hospital is very sophisticated and I couldn’t detect any hint the footage had been tampered with. The hallways on the 7th floor merely looked deserted…the lobby appeared closed during the time. I tried using forensic analysis to detect any abnormalities.

  Shizi texts [Aware.]

   Li Tian unscrews the top of a bottle of mineral water, interesting kid…but can he actually find the disobedient kitten?

   Shizi stretches his arms and decides to hack into Han Bi’s phone. It doesn’t take long until he is able to locate her recent texts. He chuckles as he reads through them, what a little nut. Fashionista..gamer… she has a beef with a woman named Jiang Wenli… pissed at her brother Chao because he didn’t get her tickets for Lili’s World Tour… works for Fang Group pissed at her Boss for hiring his fiancee…He starts laughing..what a little firecracker..all those damn emojis!! He jots down the names of the people she has texted. 

   He screws up his handsome face in a frown. But no texts to or from Song Sara. Dammit! Another fucking dead end. He is ready to give up when he notices in between Han Bi’s rambling to her brother about her fangirling there are a few lines of text and his eyes light up. No name…he puts his hands in the air shouting,”EUREKA! FUCKING SHIT! THE LITTLE GHOST!”

   Everyone in the internet cafe stares at him and he laughs, “Haha..I just broke through to the fifth level.”

   Shizi’s friends nod and get back to playing games. 

  Mimi brings him a bottle of  juice, “What game?” She just wants a reason to talk to him. He immediately reaches behind and stretches his finger to close the window. “Legends of The Jianghu Two.”

    She scrunches up her cute nose, “When did that come out I thought it wouldn’t be released until next month.”

   He blurted that out because he was playing it at home on his phone before he came. Shizi forgot it hasn’t been released. Last week he hacked into FCG and downloaded the prototype.

   “I was too excited just now..anyway thanks for the juice.”

   “We got a case of this brand by mistake so Uncle Pei is going to take it home. He won’t miss one bottle.”

    She hands him a packaged rice ball. “It is only expired for a day. I had one for a snack when I came still tastes good.”

   “…” He takes the squished package and Mimi blushes when she sees the flattened ball, she was so nervous she was squeezing it in her hands. “Wait!” She grabs the rice ball back, “There are two more… I… I will get you another one.”

  He is in a great mood from having a lead, albeit small. Shizi smiles dazzling Mimi, “That one is okay.”

  “If you like it I can bring you another.”

   “I had a big dinner. One is good.”

   Mimi sees her Uncle staring at her from across the room and scurries back to the counter. Shizi waits for her to leave and gets back to Bi’s texts. He writes the phone number on the pad. He reads the tests from the unknown number because he was too excited to digest the contents at first. PREGNANT!  Han Bi is very angry..pfft..she really loves Caps…Mr. Li didn’t mention that important fact.. He breaks out into a cold sweat and his mind is in chaos… He mutters, ” Not Li Tian’s…Not Li Tian’s…NOT LI TIAN”S!?!?! FUCK ME! Who is fucking Mr. Cadieux? The baby’s father?”

   Suddenly the computer shuts down and Shizi runs up to the counter. He fumbles in his pocket for his wallet. “Mimiii! Quick I need another half hour.”

    Mimi’s eyes dart nervously around the room, Uncle Pei is eating an ice cream and might not notice but..I have to pay off my iPhone. I can’t get in trouble. “Ahh…we can’t do half…I’m sorry.”

    He looks in his wallet, he doesn’t have enough money for an hour. Shizi has a sheepish grin, “Nevermind…that’s cool.”

    Mimi’s resolve melts… what kind of adorable expression is that?!? She doesn’t want this eye candy to leave and her uncle is engrossed in slurping the ice cream so she says, “Go, I will give you courtesy time and say the computer glitched. It’s new Uncle Pei won’t know.”

   “Mimi, I can pay the next time I come in. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

   She pushes him, “Fiddle with the cords like you lost connection.”

   ??? He looks at his watch and if he can finish in twenty minutes he will be home on time. “Thanks Mimi. I owe you one.”

   Mimi thinks this is her golden opportunity. “Well Shizi…maybe you could help me with my math homework when you are done.”

   He readily agrees, “Sure. But I can’t tonight. Give me your WeChat and I will contact you when I can.”

    Mimi can hardly contain her excitement and picks up her iPhone. Once he puts it in his phone he rushes back to the computer.

    He scans the texts again and quickly scribbles a few notes. Deciding he might need help he messages his friend, an expert hacker, on the computer.

  DarkZero: I need your help.

CallMeDaddy: The great DarkOne.. no sorry… asking for help? It will cost you.

DarkZero: I have Legends of Jianghu Two.

CallMeDaddy: No fuckin way. The security walls are fuckin airtight at FCG.

 DarkZero: Trade for info.

 CallMeDaddy; What do you need?

 DarkZero: Leo Cadieux..who is he? Is he in Bashu City with a woman named Song Sara?

 CallMeDaddy: Sorry Bro… I’m not touchin this one.

 DarkZero: With your skills no one will know.

 CallMeDaddy: Legit on surface: Billionaire heir to Cadieux France, Art Dealer, CEO of a Production Company, Real Estate Developer. Underneath: Pyschopath. Sociopath. Lunatic. Arms Dealer. Assassin. 

 Shizi ‘s fingers are trembling as he types, Dark Zero: What the fuck!

  CallMeDaddy: Advice: Get out now. You are over your head.

  DarkZero: Can’t. Too much at stake. I want to find the woman. 

  CallMeDaddy: Don’t be stupid.

   DarkZero: I will get back to you.

    CallMeDaddy: Bro… listen to your Daddy…Little boy you think you know your shit but men like Leo Cadieux aren’t to be fucked with if you want to keep your little life.

    Shizi puts his head in his hands and wants to cry…Li Tian desperately wants to find the beautiful fairy-like woman… willing to buy a fucking apartment building… a beautiful woman who might possibly be carrying a psychopath’s baby. Revenge? The man has Song Sara’s smiling face as his goddamn wallpaper.

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