On The Sailboat Part 2

LiMei puffs out her cheeks and pulls on Rui’s rolled up shirt sleeve as she complains in a coquettish voice, “Didn’t you tell me not long ago that I am perfect?” She has a playful expression as she runs her finger across his bare forearm, “I was only thinking of you. I know you would miss me if Jack snatched me away.”

   He takes her hand that is sending a rush of heat through his arm then bends down and kisses LiMei fiercely, “No man..” He teases, “Or bird can take you from me.”

   LiMei hugs him and looks up at him with a twinkle in her eyes, “I am only yours, Dr. Qiao.”

   Yang Chenxi scoffs, “Stop! Anymore I feel I will get diabetes watching you two.”

   Rui wraps his arm around LiMei’s waist and taunts,“You are jealous I have such a beautiful wife.” He sneers while giving Jack a warning look. “All you have is that ugly bird.”

   Both Yang Chenxi and Jack glare at him with the same thought- arrogant bastard.

  LiMei rubs her arms and Rui asks, “Cold?”

  “A little.”

   He turns, “Gu..get Feng LiMei a sweater.”

   LiMei reminds him, “You told Big Gu to take the fish to the galley.”

   “Right. I will go get one.” He sees LiMei leaning over the railing and pulls her back. “Be careful. I will be right back.”


   After Rui leaves LiMei walks over to Yang Chenxi, “Rui said you designed this sailboat. It is very beautiful.”

  “Thank you, Feng LiMei.”

  “Call me LiMei.”

  Yang Chenxi glances towards the stairs leading to the lower deck, “I don’t think your husband would like that.”

   LiMei has her arms tightly wrapped around her chest because of the cool ocean breeze. “He said you are like his brother, Delun calls me Limei.”

   He gazes at the innocent looking little girl in front of him. LiMei barely comes up to his chest and has a delicate and fragile appearance. From what I have seen she has a sweet and soft personality…always smiling and cheerful. It is hard to believe…no…impossible to believe this girl is…was…a member of The Black Sky and a fuckin Super Soldier…incredible!

  LIMei laughs when she sees his intense gaze and touches her cheek, “Is there something on my face?”

  Yang Chenxi snaps out of his thoughts, “I was just wondering…how did you meet Rui?”

  She steps closer watching him turn the wheel, “I was a patient at his hospital. Umm..could I touch the steering wheel?”

   He chuckles, “it is called the helm. Sure.”

   LiMei’s eyes sparkle and she puts her hands on the wooden wheel. “I feel like I am in a movie. Haha.”

    Yang Chenxi laughs, “I love the part in ‘Titanic’ when Jack and Rose are on the bow of the ship.”

    LiMei shakes her head in agreement, “I know right! So romantic!”

   Rui comes onto the deck and sees the harmonious sight. They are laughing, Yang Chenxi is helping LiMei steer the sailboat and has his arms encircling her tiny body. 

   LiMei breaks out in goosebumps and shivers, “Mr. Yang, does it get colder as we move out into the ocean? I just felt a gust of cold wind at my back.”

   Yang Chenxi turns his head to see Rui standing not far away, his dark eyes locked on them with a bone chilling cold gaze. No Little Mrs. It is the iceberg behind us…your husband.

 He quickly moves away and the helm quickly spins to the right, she exclaims, “Ahhhh! Why did you let go? I am going to tip over the boat!” Panicked, LiMei’s small hands are trembling on the wooden wheel when she suddenly smells a familiar woodsy and masculine scent enveloping her body. A large hand guides the direction of the sailboat straight again. LiMei looks up with wide eyes, “Rui?”

  The corner of his mouth twitches, “Who else?”

  When Rui raised his eyes, LiMei met his deep and penetrating pupils. She could feel his displeasure and quickly reacted. She pats her chest,  “Husband! You saved us!”

  Rui: “…”

  Yang Chenxi: “…”

   Jack: “…”

  Yang Chenxi waits until Rui motions for him to come take the helm. I meant no harm Brother stop looking at me with those crazy eyes!

  Rui gently puts the white cashmere sweater on LiMei then buttons it. When he gets to the top button he pulls her closer whispering in her ear in a low seductive voice, “If it is too cold we can go below.”

  LiMei quivers as his warm breath covers her ear, “Not cold now. I want to enjoy the scenery.” She takes his hand and walks to the railing. “So beautiful.”

   He stands behind LiMei with his hands on her slim hips, “No seasickness?”


   LiMei points to the cliff with an imposing statue towering into the sky, “Wow.” She giggles “Xunhian looks terrifying. I thought the statue would have a more…well…not such a scary appearance.”

  “The legend says that Xunhian frightens the mermaids that want to bewitch men, causing them to steer their ships right into the dangerous reefs.”

  “Well, if I was a mermaid I certainly would be scared to death of Xunhian!..haha.”

   Rui kisses the top of her head, “Silly.”

  LiMei turns around, standing on her tiptoes, wraps her arms around his neck, “Husband, thank you for bringing me with you.” When she suddenly kisses his lips, Rui’s heart jumps in excitement and surprise as he tightens his embrace. Stimulated by LiMei’s gentle and feathery kiss he deepens the kiss, twirling his tongue around hers savoring her sweet taste. He keeps his lips glued on LiMie’s for a long time greedily sucking and licking her soft pink lips.

Rui never wants to let go of this feeling, his woman quivering while wrapped in his arms. Inhaling the light scent of jasmine emitting from LiMei’s alluring body he feels intoxicated, he continues to plunder her mouth until they are breathing heavily. Rui’s voice is hoarse as he says, “Wife, you are more bewitching than a mermaid.” He puts his hand under the hem of her dress and slides his hot palm up her slender thigh. The corner of his mouth turn up when he feels her honey drenched thong, “My Baby is so sensitive.”

   LiMei softly moans as he inserts his finger into her tight flower hole. Realizing Yang Chenxi is not far away she suddenly pushes Rui. LiMei’s face is flushed from being aroused by him, “Ahhh… Rui…Mr. Yang can see us.”

   Rui lifts her up into his arms and carries her down the stairs.  After they enter their berth he puts her down and presses her against the wall. He holds her hands above her head with one hand while madly kissing LiMei. He rains kisses down her swan like neck sucking and licking while LiMei arches her back. Listening to her soft moans he unbuttons her sweater with his free hand. Anxious to taste her body he let’s go of her hands and slips the sweater off her thin shoulders. LiMei feels like her body is melting from his touch as he strips her dress from her body. 

    She is standing there in a white satin and lace bra and matching panties. Rui’s eyes fill with desire as LiMei’s fingers tremble on his buttons, her disoriented look excites him. After the last time they were in bed she feels her body constantly craves his touch. He did things to her body that made her feel as though she was floating in the heavens, the intense pleasure was indescribable. She fumbles with his belt then unzips his trousers. When his monstrous erection is set free and LiMei touches him with her soft hand he groans

   He rips off her tiny thong and lifts her up. LiMei’s heart is racing in anticipation as she wraps her legs around his strong waist. He plunges his throbbing c*ck into her eager tunnel. The abrupt action is slightly painful but mixed with intense pleasure and LiMei bites her lip. Rui sees her action and growls, “The rooms are soundproof… don’t hold back.” The sound of her kittenish moans drive him to the brink of madness wanting to pillage and ravage her delicate body. Bully her until she screams his name.

   LiMei is pushed into the wall by his powerful thrusts and grips onto his shoulders. When the pleasure is too intense she bites his shoulder then moans loudly, “Ahh..Husband too big..too deep..Ummm..Ummm..”

    The slight stinging sensation as her small teeth sinking into his skin is like a match igniting his lust. Naughty little wildcat… Rui is in a frenzied state because he can tell LiMei is becoming more unrestrained and adventurous. She instinctively moves her body in rhythm with his letting him indulge the beast raging inside of him. The beast that wants to devour her until he crushes her into his bones. Rui is satisfied that all the sexual techniques he has used have made her addicted to his body. She doesn’t shyly accept him, LiMei’s body greedily welcomes his huge c*ck as her walls tighten around him. The look of desire on her face as she undid his buckle and saw his dragon unleashed revealed her eagerness.

     Aroused by LiMei’s moans and they way she is sucking his neck with her little tongue, he fiercely continues his assault on her slippery tunnel. Continuously hitting her sensitive spot LiMei’s honey flows down his thick shaft enabling him to repeatedly pound into the deepest part of her core. Both of them are covered in sweat, wildly clinging to each other as they are entangled in the throes of passion. LiMei can’t control her body as she convulses in his arms.

LiMei’s damp waist length hair is tangled hanging down onto her chest, he brushes the messy hair behind her ear to watch her perfect snow white breasts bouncing with his movements. The sight makes him pant heavier and his eyes darken with deep desire. Rui puts her soft breast into his mouth and he twirls his tongue around her erect bud as his thrusting becomes more aggressive. LiMei digs her nails into his back, “Mmmm…ahhh..Husband..I’m going to die.. dieeee… Ummm.”

Rui momentarily loses his mind wondering what it would taste like if she had milk…I must get LiMei pregnant so I can see if her breastmilk is as good as I imagine… Lost in his fantasy picturing LiMei’s delicious breasts swollen with sweet milk and him lapping the sweet nectar with his tongue he inadvertently bites her red and swollen bud. She whimpers in pain, “Rui..urggg..hurts..too hard..”

While they are passionately enjoying each other’s bodies, on the upper deck Big Gu is smoking a cigarette talking to Yang Chenxi.

   Leaning on the railing he flicks the cigarette ash into the water, “I fileted the fish and put it in the refrigerator.” He looks up at Jack, “Does the Black Hawk bring you fish like that often?”

   “That was a first. Well.. Jack didn’t bring that fat fish to me, the fucking asshole brought it to impress Feng LiMei.

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      1. Lol I had no words for the depth and level of Rui’s jealousy when it involves LiMei…so I wasn’t surprised by his lil fantasy and lit a candle for their future children 😓


      2. Haha..yeah he will have some competition when a baby arrives…Well soon the Island drama will begin…spoiler It will be LiMei’s turn to be jealous.


      3. Yeah the Snake Woman is very beautiful and cunning. She makes LiMei doubt herself and well…it will be an exciting arc I think!


      4. Well that won’t help the psychological problems LiMei is already having 🤦🏽‍♀️


      5. Her real nightmare is about to begin…Serenity Island? Master Wong named it with a smirk on his face. The irony wasn’t lost on Rui. Protect your woman Rui or you might lose her!


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