Black Blood

   Emmi replies, “No. I got an eyelash in my eye and I irritated it by rubbing too hard.” She holds her finger out to show Meilin.

  Bai Meilin looks at her finger, “I don’t see it.”

  “Oh. Well..did you bring the backpack?”

  Bai Meilin looks at both of their calm expressions then accepts what Emmi said to be the truth. “Yeah, she reaches onto the white carpet, “Here.”

  Bai Cai says, “MeiMei, I want tea. Go ask the cook to brew a pot of Da Hong Pao”

  When she leaves Bai Cai has a serious expression, “I am not saying I believe you but the symptoms you described are what I have been experiencing in the past year. A brain tumor has been ruled out and the doctors I have seen can’t find a cure. They only prescribe pain medication.”

  “Mr. Bai, I understand you being suspicious…but I am only telling the truth. I’m somewhat shocked myself at my diagnosis. It isn’t what I expected. Such a strange coincidence. I haven’t thought of my mother’s painful death in many years. She asked me to be happy and not think about the past. I think she knew who hated her enough to poison her but wouldn’t say. She didn’t want me to live a life filled with thoughts of revenge. Originally, I impulsively thought Meilin is my friend,…you are her most precious brother she loves…if I could relieve your pain she would be happy.”

  “Do you know how to cure it?”

  “No. I could look in my grandfather’s notes. He was working on the cure when my mother couldn’t hold on any longer.”

  The migraine worsens and since she is aware he doesn’t hold back and holds his head and squints his eyes. “I will give you whatever you want! Name your price” He fumbles for the bottle of pills in his pocket.

  Emmi shakes her head, “I don’t want anything from you. Meilin is sheltered and sweet. She would be devastated if anything happened to you. Even though she is a  timid person she stood up for me at a critical moment so I owe her and I really like being her friend. She is cute and funny and makes me laugh.”

  She takes the pill bottle from his hand, “Taking these is not good either. If you will let me, I can use acupuncture to relieve your pain and try to extract some of the poison. This is a temporary solution though…not a cure. My grandfather would help my mother this way but it wasn’t enough to save her life.”

  He looks at the young girl in front of him who is confidently instructing him. Not many men can look him in the eyes, yet she is boldly speaking to him without the slightest fluctuation in her expression. “Do it.”

  Meilin comes in  carrying a tray with the teapot and three cups, “Do what?”

  Emmi says, “Meilin, I can try to relieve his headache using my silver needles. But..” She doesn’t want Bai Meilin to see the process of blood letting. “I can only concentrate if we are you mind?”

  Bai Meilin clutches Emmi’s hands in hers, “Of course not!”

  She looks at her cold and aloof brother who doesn’t let anyone but her close, “Wait. Brother you agreed?”

  He nods, “Since she is your friend. No harm in letting her try.”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “Great!” 

  After they drink the tea Meilin happily goes to watch the gardener plant the Blue Ice Crystal Flowers. Emmi follows Bai Cai upstairs.. He turns to Emmi, “I can’t let any of the servants know so I hope you don’t mind.” He opens the door to his bedroom,  his lips curl up in a sarcastic smile, “No need to worry.I have no thoughts about you.”

   “…”  Emmy stares at his broad back.. Narcissistic idiot! It never entered my mind!

   He walks over to the bed and lays down. Emmi takes out her silver needles, “ Take off your sweater.”

   Bai Cai sits up and narrows his eyes, “WHAT!”

   Emmi’s lips curl up at his nervous expression, “I also have no thoughts I shouldn’t have about you. I need to insert the needles by your heart where the poison has blocked your qi.”

   He wrinkles his eyebrows together then lifts his sweater over his head, “Don’t touch me indiscriminately.”


   She rolls her eyes, he reminds her of Wang Hao, she shakes her head, Wang Hao.. haha.. why are handsome men always thinking you want to seduce them.. “First I am going to relieve your headache and help you relax. It will be painful when I twist the needles on your chest to expel the bad blood. The needles I put in now will be on your head and neck.”

  He pulls the cover over his chest, “Then why did I have to take my sweater off now?”

   Emmi starts laughing, “Mr. Bai, you are quite cute. Because you will have needles in your head, dummy. Do you want to get the sweater caught on them?”

    His face turns red and he sounds annoyed, “Hurry up.” If she wasn’t Meilin’s friend I would have to kill Chen Emmi for her insolence! Of course after she cures me.

   As soon as four silver needles are inserted into his head the headache begins to disappear. When she inserts three by his neck and clavicle his body relaxes. He sighs from relief, today was torturous being plagued by the migraine and muscle soreness. He had to dismiss the planning team before they finished their presentation. 

  Emmi asks, “How do you feel?”


   She warns as she pulls down the cover, “It will be painful as I try to expel some of the poisonous blood. I can’t numb the area because it will slow the blood flow.”

  “Got it.”  Fuck! Since when does a little pain bother me? Does she think I am some weak businessman? I am Bai Cai! Head of one of the most powerful Underworld Syndicates! 

  “Okay.” She quickly stabs the silver needles close to his heart. Bai Cai’s muscular body convulses as black blood sprays out. He bites his lip but unable to handle the excruciating pain he loudly groans and reflexifively tears roll down his cheek. She quickly stuffs a towel in his mouth.”I warned you! Don’t be a Crybaby! Shh..someone might think ..”

   He glares at Emmi with a murderous glint in his eyes, The girl dare stuff a towel in my mouth and make fun of me! She is dead..dead! 

   Emmi twists the silver needles and as she leans over him the black blood sprays onto her face. She doesn’t stop and continues until the amount of black blood diminishes. When she is finished she is exhausted, she put her internal energy into the needles as she twisted them. After she removes the needles she wipes the black blood mixed with sweat from her face. She frowns looking at her sweater. At least I can change into my dress, this sweater is ruined.

She chuckles, well…what is one sweater ?Saving a life is better than building a seven story pagoda..haha.

    She stares at Bai Cai passed out on the bed. Both his bare chest and the back and white striped comforter pushed to the side are covered in foul smelling black blood. She takes the towel out of his mouth and pats his cheeks, “Mr. Bai..Mr..Bai..wake up.” When he doesn’t stir he doesn’t know what to do. He made it clear he didn’t want anyone to know about his situation. 

   She sits on the edge of the bed, I can wipe him off and change the sheet when he wakes up he can clean himself. She gets off the bed and walks to the bathroom. She returns to the bed with a soapy cloth and a towel. Removing the dirty cover she is glad he pulled it up, the sheets are clean, the black blood is only on the thick comforter.  She tosses the comforter onto the floor and gently wipes his face and chest.  She mumbles,Meilin’s elder brother is very handsome but still a few points below Wang Hao. The tatoos are pretty cool though.” She touches a tatoo of a strange symbol on the left side of his chest. Strange where have I seen this symbol before?

    After she finishes she goes to the bathroom. First she washes her face and hands then cleans the silver needles covered in black blood. Once she puts them in her backpack she takes out a package of medicinal bath powder and puts it on the sink with a short note. She has a faint smile thinking about Wang Hao bugging her for more medicinal bath powder. Sorry Wang Hao he needs it more than you do. Out of energy she slowly walks to the closet to find a comforter. Once she covers him she leaves to find Bai Meilin. 

    Bai Chenxi is returning from the studio and rubs his eyes. Is that Chen Emmi coming down the hallway from Cai’s room?  He walks up the stairs, “Chen Emmi? What are you doing on my brother’s floor?”

   “Oh hi. I got lost. I was looking for your sister.’

    He worriedly grabs her arm and pulls her down a couple stairs, “That is my elder brother’s floor. No one is allowed here.”

   “I will keep that in mind.” She follows him down the stairs.

   When they reach the bottom he says, “Are you ready for the Variety Show next week. Did you study the email I sent you.”

  “I haven’t had time but I will on Sunday.”

  “I had my assistant include little facts about the other contestants that will be useful for you to know. Most of them know each other, you are the only non celebrity contestant.”

  Emmi and him walk through the living room. “Thank you. I appreciate you realizing I am not familiar with appearing on a show. I think knowing more about the other contestants I won’t feel as though I am going in blind. Bai Meilin mentioned she was going to the garden. How do I get there?”

  “I will take you. I want to see the Pavillion Cai had constructed for the dinner party.” He shakes his head, “My elder brother is a cold hearted bastard but will do anything to make Little Mei happy. Is he home? Did you meet him?”

  Emmi doesn’t answer as they enter the garden she points, “There she is. I will see you later.” She hurries over to where Bai Meilin and the gardener are talking.


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