Loose Ends

   Nikolai leaves the Bellini mansion frustrated because now he needs to tie up some loose ends before he meets with Sun Zhi in China. He had planned on driving to the Blessed Spirit Hospital to check on Li Mei’s condition then catching a flight to Catang City. As he walks to his car he takes out a cigarette wondering what course of action he should take with Viktor. Deep in thought he lights the cigarette then takes out his phone. “Diego, did you get my present? “

  Diego  looks down at Martina shaking while sprawled on the floor at his feet. He was still seething over the disruption at the beginning of the auction when his men tossed her into the room. “Yes, I was quite surprised when they said you gifted the woman to me.” Diego leans back on the couch as he swirls the whiskey in his class,   “ But knowing you Nikolai the gift has strings attached. What do you want from me? ” He tells his men to  take Martina into the bedroom then walks out to the balcony to continue the conversation

  Nikolai wants to at least disrupt the Chronus Consortium until he can figure out what to do.  Since he doesn’t want to dirty his hands he decides to use Madam Olga.“Very simple, I know your guest list for the final auction is  strictly confidential  and the participant’s identity is kept hidden. But I need to know if any  high level members of the Chronus Consortium were in attendance? “

   Diego raises an eyebrow as he scratches his chin, “Although I appreciate your lovely gift I can’t randomly disclose that information.” 

    “If you listen to what I have to say you won’t take any losses, you might even gain something.”

   “Tell me why you need the information and I might consider telling you…if it won’t cause me any repercussions. Gunnar Hedwig isn’t a man I would want for an enemy.”

   “I think you are aware of my present situation so I won’t go into details.Let’s just say I need to divert that bastard Hedwig’s attention away from me for the time being.” And if I can kill with a borrowed knife I can buy some time.“I can assure you you won’t be implicated.”

   “Very well.. I can trust you won’t let it leak out where you got the information?” I don’t like the fucking asshole anyway so what the hell. As long as I am not implicated it would be fun to watch Nikolai fuck with Hedwig.

   “You have my word. “

    “Claude Duchamp”

    Nikolai bursts out laughing, “Hedwig sent that little p***y? ” This should be interesting…”Is he still at the mansion? “

    “Should be.I had a drink at the bar with him not long ago.”

” Enjoy the little bitch. “

 “You really are cold motherf****r.”

    Nikolai throws down his cigarette then lights another while walking away from the mansion. He calls Anton. ” I  need you to go find that little bitch Claude Duchamp, he should be downstairs in the bar.Get him up to the room and knock him out, take off his clothes then put him in bed with Karin. I am going to call Madam Olga now so she can discover them. After you are sure the crazy old bitch’s men find them meet me at the Blessed  Spirit Hospital.”

    “…” What the hell! Disgusted that he had to touch Karen’s fat naked body Anton just finished washing his hands. He was rushing towards the door, anxious to leave the room when Nikolai called. Dammit! He nervously asks, “Nikolai.. how..how am I supposed to get him up here?” I’m an assassin not a fucking actor in a drama!

    “How the hell do I know. Just do it.” Nikolai’s driver gets out and opens the back door for him as he approaches the car.  Once he’s in the back seat Nikolai finishes his cigarette then throws it out the window. “Drive to the Blessed Spirit Hospital. “

    Satisfied his plan might work as they get on the ramp to enter the  highway he leans back wondering how he should deal with Viktor. He receives a text message from  Anton [ Done]

 Nikolai has a devilish grin picturing the pale skinny man when he awakens to find himself naked and in a world of shit. He orders Anton [Go to the hospital]

He then dials Madam Olga’s private phone number, “If you are looking for your daughter she is in a bedroom on the second floor at the end of the hallway in the Bellini mansion. You might want to send a doctor because she has been drugged.” 

   Madam Olga when she receives the call is in Paris pacing around her hotel suite worried about her daughter.Karin was supposed to check in with her two hours ago. After receiving the information her daughter’s plan to retaliate against Li Tian failed she has been frantic. She is well aware her daughter is no match for a man of his calibir and knows she was trying to gain favor by acting on her own.

While waiting to hear from Karin she has been drinking heavily regretting she allowed Karin to attend the reception in her place but she had urgent business in Paris.

She immediately recognizes Nikolai’s voice, “Bastard! What have you done to my darling Karin?Are you working with that pr**k Li Tian?”  When Karin’s bodyguards couldn’t locate her they  finally had to call Madam Olga to inform her that Karin disappeared.She has been waiting for news anticipating the worst.

   Nikolai laughs wanting to ask Madam Olga if she is stupid, Idiot! why would I call if I had anything to do with the drugging. “I just happened to come across this information and I thought because of our past cooperation I would call. If I were at the mansion I would rescue your beautiful daughter but I am..  unfortunately… across town.”

   Madame Olga’s watery blue eyes bulge out of her head,”Who is he? One of Li Tian’s men? Who is the dog that would have the balls to do such a despicable thing to my precious innocent daughter?”

  Innocent? Haha..Ivan looked spent… The old woman certainly is delusional when it comes to those three brats she birthed. “I..well.. since I didn’t see the man myself  I can’t say for sure.” Claude…Claude…you can only blame your cousin Gunnar for your predicament you are about to find yourself in..I’m sure the first thing the crazy woman will do is cut off your balls and personally shove them into your mouth..haha..

    Furious she hangs up the phone then in a fit of rage Madam Olga throws the half empty glass of vodka in her hand at her bodyguard. The glass flies past his head as she screams in Russian,  “Call those incompetent morons now and tell them my darling Karin is in the bedroom on the second floor down the hallway to the right. Have them take her to the clinic on 68th Street.The man she is with.. I want him alive… Tell Max to give him to Dr. Lumbert, that maniac can always use another test subject.Inform Dr. Lumbert I will be in Milan in four hours.” 

   Nikolai looks out the window,  “How much longer until we get to the hospital? “

   “Should only be about 15 minutes until we arrive. “

  I will go check on LiMei’s condition then go take care of that snake I call father. I think I will have him put in the same Bosnian prison they sent me to after the warehouse incident. Let him and his crony, old man Rushnikov get a taste of living in a rat infested cesspool. I can accomplish that rather easily I believe without jeopardizing my cooperation with Sun Zhi. Why would Gunnar Hedwig collude with my father and old man Rusnikov? What would be in it for him? He isn’t an arms dealer and I don’t recall stepping on his toes at any point. But..Ivan had no reason to lie to me. I will have Mikhail dig a little into the Chronus Consortium to see what his agenda might be. Since his favorite cousin will be in Madame Olga’s hands he will be occupied trying to retrieve him. It was fortuitous the man at the auction happened to be Claude Duchamp.

    “Mr. Naralov, we should be at the hospital in two minutes. “

    Nikolai’s car turns into the parking lot of the Blessed Spirit Hospital as an ambulance speeds past by followed by a black Rolls Royce Phantom.

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      1. Little spoiler- Madame Olga realizes she can’t leave Paris..guess who she sends to Milan? Amir haha… Hamid is still recuperating.


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