When Li Tian arrives at the Paris airport he hurriedly exits the plane reminding Noah to keep a low profile. “You will owe me for this one it won’t be easy to negotiate a deal to appease him, until I can sort out the mess you created well… I think you can guess the consequences.” Noah nods his stiff neck in agreement, “I am going to the countryside to take care of my injuries.Then I think I know one person who can dissuade that maniac from seeking revenge.”

   “Just keep in mind…don’t act without my permission or I can’t guarantee your safety. We need to neutralize the bastard before next week.” Li Tian narrows his eyes and they shine with a strong killing intent staring at Noah and François. “I am not going to lose 500 million letting him wreck havoc on my arms business. As soon as I conclude my dealings  in Paris I am going back to Catang City, I have to touch base with Zhou Jason about the Mega Mall Project.” He looks at Adrien then towards Noah, “Your man can come with me, I need someone who speaks fluent French and has knowledge of the Paris Underworld.”

    Noah motions to Adrien, “Go with him.”

    Adrien has a strange expression while looking at the two men, how is Li Tian’s girlfriend going to react when she sees me? Although he seems to have forgotten we kidnapped the little chick, I doubt she will. Fuck me ! I have no choice but to follow orders, hopefully she won’t make a scene. Li Tian’s phone rings, godammit I can’t keep avoiding Grandfather. He continues walking towards the Terminal as he answers in an irritated tone, “Yes?” 

     “Stinky brat! Now you decide to answer?” 

     “I have been busy and I know why you are calling, I don’t have time for your bitching right now.”

     “Have you so easily forgotten what I told you before you left ? If you want the Waterfront Project to continue you better adjust your priorities. Little An called me crying that you not only have been ignoring her but you embarrassed her at the Bellini reception. Who is the slut you are sleeping? Is she worth throwing away what you  have worked for at Li Group.”

   “Grandfather, anything An said was complete nonsense. Have you ever known me to be associated with a woman?”

    “Well that’s true, frankly I’m tired of the rumors you are gay, but I can’t have you upsetting the little girl.You are aware that her mother wields a bit of power with the Zoning Commission since her cousin took over when old man Wang died. Our company has the hold up with the Mega Mall Project and the partnership with Zhou Mo, we can’t have any additional problems. So you had better find a way to humor An unless you want to be replaced at the next CEO meeting.”

       “Yang James called me yesterday and informed me that he found the owner of the property we need for the Mega Mall. When I return to Cantang City  I will begin negotiations to acquire the property.Do you actually think I will allow anyone to interfere with the development project on the Waterfront?” He glares at Tang Qiang,” I want my engagement with Long An broken, we are not a suitable match.” Without proof I can accuse her of sleeping with another man… what should I tell the old fart? “She is far too immature to take on the responsibilities of being my wife.”

  “Who is this woman Song Sara?” He trims his bonsai tree… maybe if the brat likes her and she’s capable…

  “ An is trying to stir up trouble.Song Sara is simply an executive assistant I borrowed from Zhou Mo to bring to Milan because Yang James is tied up with company  business.” He tells his grandfather about Long An slapping Song Sara in front of the jewelry store causing a scene. “I don’t have any more time to explain myself. I just arrived in Paris and need to touch base with the jewelry designer for LTJ. If Navarre, my designer, is able to win the International Jewelry Competition I will be able to open LTJ jewelry stores across the United States. Our brand will be known worldwide and this expansion could make the Li Group millions.” He continues  walking while speaking to his grandfather while anxiously looking around for the Airport Security Office.  He spots the office, ” If there is nothing else I want to get to my hotel. “

   Disappointed he puts down the small clippers. I was hoping this woman, Song Sara if she caught Tian’s attention was a possible marriage candidate, unfortunately she is only a secretary.

After listening to his grandson he isn’t sure if this marriage arrangement will work. Long An obviously was acting jealous and displaying irrational behavior disrupting Tian’s work.  “We will discuss your marriage contract when you get back home. I expect you in the meantime to handle the situation delicately. Although the Long Family is not a threat, they do have the ability to interfere with the development project and I don’t want any unnecessary delays. Little An is young and I think you need to give her a chance, the marriage contract will not easily be broken unless she decides to break the engagement. Until you can find a solution you need to respect the decision of the elders.Don’t cause any unnecessay trouble!”

    After Li Tian hangs up with his grandfather he calls Sun Peizhi, “Can you save the pictures on Tang Qiang’s phone?”Once I have them available to blackmail Long An that will be one less thing I have to worry about, she will do what I want rather than be  exposed.

   “I am having someone I know extract the information on the phone.When he finishes I will forward them to you.” Sun Peizhi is in the middle of packing to return to Catang City. “Since my job has been completed as per Zheng Teilan’s request I am leaving Milan. “

 “What about the information I need on Sun Zhi?”

   Sun Peizhi closes his suitcase restraining himself from laughing, “Once I get back to the city I will see what information I can gather for you.” He has a faint smile on his handsome face, “ But that will be an extra fee.”  Why the hell does he want to know about me anyway?

   “I don’t give a fuck how much it costs, contact Yang James at my office in Catang.”  He hangs up as they arrive at the Security Office. Excited he will see Sara he quickens his pace as he enters the room, a short man in a gray uniform stops them at the door. Speaking French he says,  “How can I help you gentlemen?”

   When  Li Tian  doesn’t see Sara his expression changes and his face darkens. He answers in English, “Where are the man and woman you were supposed to be holding that got off the plane from Milan?”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about… please explain. “

    “Didn’t the Security Chief at the Milan Airport contact you?”

   The man slowly walks over to a desk where a woman is looking at a computer. “Did we receive a call from the Milan Airport Security? ”  

     She looks up from the report and nods her head replying, “Non.”

    He glances back over at Li Tian who is pacing around the room. “When were they supposed to arrive and what is the crime?”

    Li Tian looks at his watch, he sounds  impatient, ”The plane should have been here at least an hour ago. Call Milan Security now I want to know what the fuck is going on!”

   The guard rubs his head, “Calm down and have a seat. I will find out about the situation.”  He can tell by  Li Tian’s expensive-looking suit and the two muscular men dressed in black, this intimidating man is not someone he should  offend. “I need to know the passengers’ names and some details from you.”

    Li Tian gives him the information he needs and tries to restrain his temper while the guard makes the call. Goddamn it where the fuck did Navarre take Sara?

   Sweat forms on the guard’s forehead as he listens to the Security Chief from the Milan Airport. Li Tian’s aura is suffocating and he finds it difficult to breathe. He tightens his hand on the phone as he loosens his collar, obviously the problem occurred when the two arrived in Paris before I came on duty. He furtively glances over at Li Tian who is looking at his phone then hangs up to call the security checkpoint to find out exactly what happened. Apparently, when Navarre and Sarah arrived the guards were waiting but the two disappeared in the crowd. According to this man the two guards came back to the office and filled out a report and left it on the desk. I didn’t see  a report and why didn’t they chase after them? This can really be a problem especially since it involves a celebrity like Navarre.

   Across the city in Navarre’s luxurious apartment Sara is waking up from a nap in his guest room.She stretches her arms out then rubs her eyes  Oh my that felt so good…I was exhausted.  Sara  gazes around the room then mutters, “Really beautiful.” I guess it makes sense because he is an artist, all the furnishings are delicate and exquisite. She stands up and walks over to get a closer look at a painting of a woman by a lake.While she is  admiring the painting there is a knock at the door. She hears a young woman’s voice speaking English with a heavy French accent, ‘Miss Song are you awake? “

   Sara walks over and opens the door, a pretty woman dressed in a black and white uniform stands in the hallway holding a bag and a dress, “May I come in? “

 “Of course. “

  “ Monsieur Navarre asked you to change into this dress and join him for dinner. “

   Sarah smiles as she takes the bag and dress from the woman, “ Merci, please tell him I would enjoy that.”

   “Do you need anything? Would you like me to run the bath for you?”

   “No. I can do that myself, but could trouble you for some water? I’m very thirsty.”

   The maid walks over to an ornately carved wooden cabinet and opens the door revealing a small fridge . “There are bottles of mineral water and juice in here. Should you care for a glass of wine it is in this cabinet and the glasses are here also.”

   Sara takes out a bottle of mineral water then tilts her head as she gulps it down, “Ahhh..” She notices the maid watching her drink the water with a strange look on her face. Sara doesn’t realize while she was sleeping the pin loosened on her sweater revealing her neck. At this angle the maid has a view of  the purplish red marks that form a stark contrast to her snow white skin. Sara finishes the water and notices the maid  is still staring at her. “Thank you for your help, I’m going to take a bath now.”

    Clara composes herself, “ If you need anything dial 5 on the phone over there by the bed.”


   Clara walks down the hallway to Navarre’s art studio where he is working fixing the necklace.  she knocks on the door, “C’est Clara,  Monsieur Navarre.”


   Navarre continues working on the Midnight Lover Necklace as Clara informs him Sara will join him for dinner. He doesn’t bother to look up and he dismisses her with a cold and indifferent tone he says, “You can leave.”

   Clara has an infatuated look on her round face as she watches him meticulously replace some gold pieces on the beautiful necklace. She is working for her cousin while she is on vacation and today is the first day she has seen Navarre. Frozen in place staring at the incredibly handsome man’s profile she doesn’t respond when he tells her to leave.

   Annoyed that she hasn’t left he looks up from the necklace, “ I don’t like to repeat myself. Go.”

  Clara’s face turns bright red and she feels her cheeks getting hot, “I..  I just wanted to know if you would like me to stay to take care of your guest?”

  “That won’t be necessary.”

  “All right, I’ll be leaving then.” After Clara leaves the room she leans up against the wall looking down the hallway towards the giest room. Who is that woman? Cousin said Navarre doesn’t allow any of his women to stay here. The  shameless woman’s neck is covered in love bites too! 

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      1. Haha weird is an understatement. Adrien did see Song Sara naked on top of kidnapping her. And we all know how possible Li Tian is 😂!!


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