Going to The Club

LiMei rushes to the bus stop panting she barely makes the bus. She is hot in the sweater from running and it is itchy. This outfit seemed to draw more unwanted looks than she had anticipated, tomorrow she needs to choose a different style maybe a sack dress.

     When the bus arrives at the stop before the Cafe she hurries to the wig shop. When she enters the woman doesn’t recognize her from the other day. She walks over to the blonde wigs and picks out one, she wants to try it on first to see if it will be suitable, it is a bit longer than she wanted or should she go with a short one. While she is deciding the owner walks over, this girl wants to wear a blonde wig with the glasses she will look a little silly.

     But, a sale is a sale. “Miss may I help you find a wig, I think maybe a brown one might be nice for you.” LiMei can see she is trying to dissuade her from the blonde wig. “Auntie, I want to look sexy.” The woman stands back, this girl needs more than a wig to look sexy. The store owner is flustered she doesn’t know what to say. 

     LiMei can see she has a pitying look on her face how many times has she seen that same look today, so she decides to have some fun.

     She takes off the short wig and lets her hair down then removes her glasses she whips around and says “My disguises are very good aren’t they!” LiMei starts laughing the store owner is holding her chest, Oh my it is the beautiful girl from the other day! “Miss I never would have recognized you!”

     LiMei starts laughing, “Your wigs are of the highest quality that is why I am back, even you couldn’t tell I was wearing a wig!”

     The store owner starts to laugh, “You are right, maybe I should charge more!”

     They both are laughing, LiMei shakes her finger at her, “After I leave you can raise your prices, I’m on a budget!”

     She puts on the long blonde wig, it is a little too much, she sets it down and tries on the short blonde wig. Yes this one will work. “Auntie can I use a curling iron on this to just get a little curl in front?”

     “Yes these are of the finest quality, just don’t turn it too high.”

     The store owner wonders what kind of job this girl has to wear disguises.

     “I will take it then.” She takes out her card to pay and puts the other wig she had been wearing in the bag with the glasses.

     The store owner watches her leave, what a strange girl.

     It is 6:15 she walks down to the dress shop, she is starving afterwards she needs some noodles. When she enters the dress shop the salesgirl sees her outfit, for a beautiful girl she has terrible taste. “May I help you find something?”

    “I would like a dress suitable to go to a Club where would they be located?” She wants to hurry and go eat.

     “I have some over here.” They walk over to a rack of dresses. LiMei picks out a white knit dress and a black one. The black one is sleeveless with a low cut front with a diagonal red stripe going down the dress. Definitely sexy. The other one is white and sleeveless with the back cut out. Both are made to cling to your body. “I will try these two.”

    LiMei wants the salesgirl opinion she can’t decide, they both have the look she wants, eye catching so the people at the door would let her in but she doesn’t want to look cheap.

    “Miss may I have your opinion?”

    “Of course.”

    LiMei comes out of the dressing room wearing the black dress the salesgirl gasps, under that bulky sweater and skirt this girl’s body is perfect. Her chest could be bigger but her creamy white skin and slender shape is enviable. Why does she hide it under  those shapeless clothes.

    “Wait and let me try on the white one then tell me which you like better.”

    LiMei puts on the white dress, the salesgirl can’t decide they both look good on her but the black one is more alluring with her creamy white skin. Her skin is perfect but the salesgirl notices some bruising around her wrist, what could that be from, her boyfriend?

    She changes back into her sweater and skirt, ‘Well which should I choose”, LiMei likes the white one better. She could purchase a choker necklace she saw on her way in to cover her neck.

     “I like the black dress on you.”

    Hmmm..now she can’t decide. “Well I like the choker in your display case it would go with the white dress.”

    “We also have a black leather one that would go with the black dress.”

     The salesgirl seems to know what she is talking about. “I will look at the necklace.”

     LiMei asks her, “I want to go to the Black Lotus Club tonight would this be suitable for that Club?”

    The sales girl looks at LiMei she has heard of the Black Lotus Club it has a notorious reputation, she doesn’t want to lose a sale but this girl seems naive.

    “Miss it isn’t for me to say but that is a dangerous Club why don’t you go to the Starlight Club if you want to go clubbing? Many foreigners go to the Black Lotus Club looking for women.”

    “I will be fine I am meeting a friend there.” What does she mean there is prostitution going on there. ? Now she is very worried about Rui.

    “Thank you for your concern but I will be fine, I will take the black dress.”

    “Actually Miss I like the white one better.” Although she looked good in both of them the black made her body look too sexy, and she is a girl looking at it.

    Now LiMei is confused, why did she change her mind, Well she did like the white one first. “I will take the white knit dress then, and the necklace. I will also take those black boots.”

    The salesgirl rings her up and looking at her delicate face she looks too young to deal with wolves doesn’t even wear makeup ! 

      She goes against her principle of not voicing what she thinks at work, “Miss be careful going to that Club.”

    LiMei nods and leaves the store. It is almost seven no delicious noodles for her she will fix some quick instant noodles while she gets ready.

    Qiao Rui doesn’t want to go the party Chen Huan has arranged, his four o’clock surgery took the last bit of energy he had. Even napping on his couch most of the day after he arrived at the hospital didn’t help.

    He is at home looking in his closet, what should he wear, he will be going to LiMei’s from the party. He picks out a grey suit and a white shirt. Stepping into the shower the hot water runs down his taut muscles relaxing his body, he washes his hair thinking about LiMei he wants to skip the party and take her to dinner. If he did he would never hear the end of it from Chen Huan. Dammit!

    When he gets out of the shower he makes himself a cup of coffee still wrapped with a towel around his waist. He hears a knock at the door, who could it that  be, he looks to see who is at the door, Lau An? What is she doing here.

    He opens the door, “An what are you doing here?”

    She looks at him half naked in the towel, his body is really good, she looks away. “Could you put some clothes on.”

   “You have seen me with less than this on.” He smirks seeing the look on her face. Finally seeing her doesn’t make him want her, she is his past, LiMei is his future.

  “Give me a minute.”

   She walks into his living room and sits down. Maybe Rui knows why Chen Jianyu didn’t come to his parent’s mansion for dinner, how many of her plans are going to fall through! Her parents and Jianyu’s parents are in agreement, tonight they were going to tell Jianyu.

   Rui comes out of the bedroom wearing the grey suit, the first two buttons on his crisp white shirt are unbuttoned, he looks very handsome. “Do you know where Jianyu is he isn’t answering.”

   “You came all the way over to ask me that, why didn’t you just call.”

   “I know you are meeting him I heard Chen Huan earlier at his parents but he wouldn’t tell me.”

    “If he wouldn’t why would I?”

    “Rui you know how much this means to me.”

    She has a lot of nerve to ask him this after the way she treated him. But she has always been self centered, why did it take him so long to see through her. He wants to laugh at himself for being in love with her for so long without even seeing the selfish person she really is.

   “I can tell you but you won’t be able to get in to see him, I am meeting him at the Black Lotus Club.”

   “Take me with you.”

     “An this desperate act of yours will turn Jianyu off, why don’t you calm down you have waited this long what is the urgency now.”

     She doesn’t want to tell him but her family is having financial problems right now  receiving pressure from an unknown source. The person apparently has a vendetta against her father. She needs to be Mrs. Chen Jianyu so she will have his protection.

     Lau An knows he is right but this engagement needs to be settled soon.”Do you know a woman who stole Chen Jianyu’s car then parked it in my Cafe’s parking lot?”

    “Jianyu told you this?’

    “No , one of his bodyguards, she dropped the key in my mailbox with only his name on it. Was she at his Villa?”

    “Lau An doesn’t that give you some inclination he isn’t interested in you. If he didn’t like the woman would he let her  into his Villa?”

    “Is it the woman he has been looking for?”

    “You need to ask him these questions yourself I don’t have any answers for you.” He looks at his watch “I need to go.”

    She holds onto his coat sleeve, her eyes are misty before he would have done anything not to see her cry. “Rui help me I need to marry Jianyu.”

    He takes her hand off his sleeve. “I gave you my advice before make him fall in love with you he will never be forced into a marriage.”

     He walks to the door motioning her to leave.

     Reluctantly she storms out the door. Looking back she sees a cold look on his face she has never seen before. She can see he won’t be manipulated by her anymore. Lau An gets into her red Lamborghini and speeds off. She will go to the Black Lotus Club herself to see him.

     After she leaves Rui turns off the lights and goes to the garage getting in his Porsche he wonders what he ever saw in that shallow woman. He leaves heading for the Club, he wants to meet this person Chen Huan is bringing then leave as soon as possible.

    Xiaobo and Chen Huan and another man are drinking in the private room when Chen Jianyu arrives. “Rui isn’t here yet?”

    “No, but I told him 7:30 he had a surgery at four.” Chen Huan picks up his gin and tonic looking over at his brother.

    “Jianyu I want you to meet someone, this is the investor I told you about his name is Henri Armand of Henri Couture.”

    Chen Jianyu has heard of his fashion house they stole Chloe away from Diorn.

     “Congratulations on luring Chloe to your company.” He reaches to shake his hand.

    “Xiaobo do you have any new wines from your California vineyard the last bottle of red I had here was excellent.” He needs to remember to order some from him now that he doesn’t trust the hotel.

     The door opens and Qiao Rui enters, he is tired and not in the mood for conversation particularly after Lau An’s visit.

     “Rui this is Henri Armand from Henri Couture I was telling you about earlier.”

     Rui reaches out to take his business card, “You are quite famous, why are you interested in me?”

     With a heavy French accent he answers, “I am interested in your collection of rare herbs, I study the ancient arts and the healing power of medicinal herbs.”

    Qiao Rui sits down, “Xiaobo I haven’t eaten and I have an appointment later, can we order?”

    Chen Huan gives Qiao Rui a look of disdain, “I thought we would have a few drinks before we eat, Xiaobo have the girls bring in some snacks. Rui what are you drinking?”

     LiMei opens some instant noodles after throwing the bags onto her bed. So hungry! As soon as they are ready she picks up her chopsticks, hot..hot.. she hurriedly eats. Sitting back in her chair she is satisfied, the knowing hunger is gone. Later she decides she will stop and have some chicken on er way home from the Club.

     She takes off her scarf the healing lotion worked well. She is happy she bought the choker necklace to be sure no one notices though, as for her wrist she can wear a silver cuff bracelet she owns.

    LiMei showers, Rui please don’t let any of those girls touch you before I get there, she isn’t sure when he was going to the Club.

    When she finishes drying herself off after her shower she applies her jasmine lotion. She bought some makeup at the drugstore after she left the dress shop, it has been a long time since she put on makeup. She uses the black mascara then brushes her cheeks lightly with some powder, then uses the hot pink lipstick she bought, red seemed too much.

    Satisfied she puts on the white knit dress and black boots. Finally she puts on the blonde short wig and curls a little of the hair putting in her favorite jade hairpin. The purse she usually uses is too big she decides just to carry the pouch the makeup came in she can put it in the black leather short jacket she wore when she escaped from Bashu City.

    Ready, she googles what bus will drop her off down the street from the Club, dammit it will take too long the Club is across town. She dials the cab company, “Fifteen minutes? I will be in front of the house.”

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