No Answer

Amir Malouf enters the VIP Suite wiping the sweat from his tan forehead he knows he was inches away from death, he was about to drag the little bunny inside the door right before Henri arrived. He walks into the bedroom to see Huiqing on the bed she is using her fingers to quench her thirst below but she needs a man soon or she feels she will die.

He begins breathing heavily as he sees her voluptuous jade like body spread on the black sheets, her other hand is on her breast playing. Watching her face as she pleases herself his lower body reacts, he quickly sheds his clothes approaching the bed like a starving beast.

     Huiqing looks up as he presses down on top of her, “Ahhh..who are you?”

    “I’m your relief.” He smirks as he watches her pained expression worsen, she made a very big mistake trying to play the Frenchman. He can see she has taken a potent aphrodisiac, her body is burning up as he touches her face. Amir is excited to see what she has to offer him, her body is arching towards his broad taut chest, her brown eyes are glazed with lust. Huiqing can see he has flawless features with a tanned hard body, but his black eyes have a strange coldness she has never seen before, she is frightened but her body can’t wait to be cooled by his touch. “Hurry I’m burning up!”

     She reaches for him, his manly scent is assaulting her senses. Amir likes her eagerness, his eyes ablaze as he leans down on top of her smooth white skin, biting and kissing her large breasts, replacing her hand between her legs with his skilled fingers. She moves as he teases her,moaning, putting her slender arms around his neck she whispers in his ear. Her hot breath and nasty words she whispers make him grab her waist, roughly he turns her over, she is on her hands and knees waiting for him to soothe the fire within her. Huiqing has had many lovers but none as fierce as this man looks, if she wasn’t so consumed by the drug’s effect she would be afraid.

     His large rough hand slaps her firm round ass then he quickly begins to violently ravage her from behind, he doesn’t care if she is ready for his attack. Huiqing screams from the sudden pain, yet it is a welcome relief. Amir’s breathing becomes heavy and he is beginning to sweat as he grabs her long black ponytail, Amir can see she is an experienced woman as she moans then tightens around him. Huiqing fuels his desire further with the slutty words she is screaming as he assaults her. 

     He wonders if this little drugged up bitch will like what he plans on doing next to her,a little more pain to go with the pleasure. If she pleases him well this pretty thing might survive the night and earn some yuan.

     After LiMei and Henri leave the doorway she glares at him, “I don’t think you needed to kiss me!”

     “You did say you are my property.” His eyes show a devilish glint as he sees her little cheeks puff out in anger.


     “Do you want to get something to eat?” He can hear her stomach still growling.

     She is so hungry! maybe just the meal. “I will have dinner with you but I don’t need a ride.”

     He starts walking towards the restaurant in the Club. She stops abruptly “No! Not here.” What if Rui saw her she doesn’t want anymore trouble.

     “I’m staying at the Crescent Moon Hotel they have several restaurants, would you like to go there?”

     “No”, What if I saw that stupid Chen Jianyu.

     “Mon ange, where do you want to go?”


     “I saw a small restaurant down the street let’s walk there.” LiMei is looking forward to the grilled chicken they advertise on their window.

     “What is your name?” No one in Xiaobo’s private room knew who she is when he inquired.

     LiMei doesn’t know if she should tell him, she is not in the mood to complicate matters any further. “I rather not say.”

     He is surprised by her answer usually women want to exploit his fame if he shows any interest in them., “You can call me Henri. I will call you… Ange.” He begins to laugh at the look on her face, she appears very angry at his little joke. Her little nose is scrunched up and she is pursing her small lips, very cute.


     They walk down the street to the small restaurant the owner is getting ready to close but when she see Henri and LiMei the gray haired woman wipes her hands on her apron, “Come in..Come in.”

     LiMei glances around, the back tables have the chairs set on top of them already indicating they are closing. They are the only customers, two men are paying at the register. “Are you closing we can go somewhere else.” LiMei doesn’t want to inconvenience the cooks, after working in restaurants she knows it is irritating to want to go home and people walk in the door.

     “ are still open.” Business has been slow she needs any customers, LiMei can see an old man looking out through the kitchen doors holding a spatula. The woman waves at him to go back into the kitchen. The owner hands them two menus. “Would you like anything to drink while you look at the menu?”

     “I will have a cup of green tea.” LiMei hopes that will calm her nerves she is worrying about Rui, should she call him? NO! Her pride won’t let her.

    “Bring us a bottle of your best red wine.” He doesn’t have high hopes but he wants a glass of wine.

     “You are going to drink a whole bottle of wine?” Is he driving? She shakes her head they are grown men let them do what they want.

    “I thought you might like some.”

     “I want tea.”

     The woman comes back with a bottle of wine, the bottle is dusty she wipes it off with her apron and sets it down with two water glasses. No one ever orders wine and she doesn’t have any wine glasses .

     LiMei smiles looking for Henri’s reaction, surprisingly he pour himself a glass. She thought he would have a more snobbish reaction.

     He drinks some, “Not bad. Not good.. but not undrinkable.” he has an impish grin on his handsome face. LiMei looks at his smile he reminds her of Kuang Bo the way his eyes have a mischievous gleam in them.

    “She seems to have forgotten your tea would you like some wine?”

    LiMei thinks why not maybe she will sleep well tonight she has to get up early for work at the Hushang Group then work at the Crescent Moon Hotel at night.

    “Alright but we need to order I need to work in the morning.” LiMei’s eyes are getting very sleepy.

    “Where do you work?”

    “I rather not say.”


    LiMei gets the old lady’s attention to come take there order. Since it is late she doesn’t want to inconvenience them, “I would like an order of whatever you have prepared in the kitchen, I’m not picky, but if you have some grilled chicken I would like that. Either rice or noodles whatever is easier maybe soup if you have any left.”

     The Frenchman looks at her, is that any way to order? “I will have the same.”

     The woman studies them the man is handsome wearing an expensive looking suit, the girl is beautiful maybe his assistant. She is surprised they aren’t more demanding. “I will check with the cook.”

     “Thank you,” LiMei smiles at the woman then picks up her glass of wine. She doesn’t care what they bring out she just hopes it doesn’t take too long. She silently drinks her wine thinking about Rui, she  hopes he called a driver to drive his car back to his house. LiMei has a faraway look in her eyes as she stares off into space.

     Henri is mesmerized by her expressive face, she could be Qin Daiyu’s twin if she didn’t have blue eyes. Daiyu has sparkling green eyes and long blond hair. “What are you thinking about?”

     “Nothing. How do you know the Chen Brothers?” LiMei is curious although this man is a CEO of a fashion empire he has a dangerous aura, she saw the killing intent in his eyes when he warned the swarthy man at the door of the VIP Suite. He seemed overshadowed by the Frenchman and LiMei thought he was scary. This man seems to be able to turn on the charm disguising his true cold and intimidating personality.

    “I am an investor in Hushang Entertainment. Did you ever consider being a model?”

     “Me? no, never.” LiMei pours herself another glass of wine, it tastes like a grape soft drink. She looks at the kitchen, thank the gods  the food is coming.

    The woman places the different dishes on the table, good, they had the chicken, it looks grilled perfectly, “Is that crab soup?”

   “Yes it is my mother’s recipe I hope you enjoy it.”

     “Everything looks delicious.” LiMei quickly picks up her chopsticks taking a big piece of the sauce covered chicken from the plate, as she puts it in her mouth the spicy seasoning is making her eyes water, waving her hand by her mouth she quickly gulps down some wine, “Oh try the chicken it is sooo good!”

     Henri smiles watching her eat now she definitely reminds him of Daiyu, she loves spicy chicken. LiMei puts some chicken on his plate the wine is relaxing her, she was very tense after all that went on tonight. Henri’s bodyguard who has been stealthily watching from a distance is shocked, he has never seen Henri Armand have a genuine smile on his face since he has been working for him. His smile never reaches his eyes when he is talking to a woman.

    LiMei’s cell is ringing , she looks it’s ‘Handsome Doctor’ she ignores it. She notices she has three missed calls from him. She holds her wine glass up for the Frenchman to fill it.

    “Aren’t you going to answer the Doctor’s call? What happened between you two?” He is curious he was under the impression the doctor was a calm man until he saw the jealous reaction he had when this girl was next to him on the couch.

     “You ask too many questions, eat your chicken while it is hot.” She wants to hurry and eat then go home.

     Rui has tried calling LiMei several times, should he text her? He decides he will, ‘LiMei I want to know you got home safely, please text me.’ His right hand he punched Chen Jianyu with is painful as he texts, fucking shit! He pours himself a glass of whiskey, what a fucked up night! Why didn’t he ask her what was going on before he went crazy. He texts again: ‘I’m sorry I was wrong.’ He can’t lose her over this, he needs to find a way to make it up to her.

    Sitting on his couch in his dark living room he leans his head back drinking, he closes his eyes picturing he when they were in he garden at the resort, her smiling face when she saw the desserts, her sitting on his lap. Then the image of her frightened look as he pressed her down on the bed tonight invades his mind Rui throws the glass of whiskey across the room into the wall. He is going to find her tomorrow at Hushang Group and apologize, he needs to see LiMei to make things right between them again, she obviously isn’t going to respond to his calls and texts.

     LiMei looks at her cell, she isn’t as angry as she was earlier but…no she isn’t going to text back. She eats her noodles, this restaurant is excellent too bad it is far from where she lives. She leans back in her seat patting her stomach with a satisfied look on her delicate face. Henri doesn’t know what to think when he sees this action, how could two girls have so many mannerisms that are alike? No, it must be his imagination playing tricks on him.

     After the meal it is midnight, Henri thinks this simple meal is the best he has enjoyed in a very long time it is too bad he can’t spend more time in Pushong to get to know this interesting girl. After he meets with his financial advisor and acquires the rare herb he needs to return to the Black Sky Compound in the mountains. He has been away without contact longer than usual he doesn’t want Kuang Fu to become suspicious. Returning to the life of an assassin, being Kuang Bo, is becoming harder for him the more he legitimizes his presence in the business world. He awaits the day he can show his true face to take his place among the elite as a powerful CEO.

     “I insist on driving you back to your home”, he looks at his watch, “No cab will come this time of night.”

     LiMei is tired, the thought of trying to catch a cab at midnight would be a daunting task. “Thank you, I will take you up on your offer, I live in the suburbs though.”

    “Good we can get to know each other better on the drive.”

     “…” She decides if he tries anything she will knock him out, she has had enough of being manhandled for one night.

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