Sorry Merri…Alexi is sooo cruel. BASTARD! This chapter is NSFW so only 18+ readers. Enjoy!

  Alexi cupped her small face in his hands. Looking at her moist and shiny eyes he smiled, “You little demoness, is your little pussy that eager for my c*ck.”

   Merri blushed and her soft voice sounded coquettish which made his manhood twitch in anticipation leaking drops of fluid, “Husband…don’t tease me…I need it… I’m so itchy down there.”

   His long thick c*ck was proudly standing up and Alexi curled his lips, “You put it in then.”

   She held his huge c*ck in her small hands and rubbed the mushroom shaped head on her wet pussy. She bit her lower lip as she was unable to insert the pulsating dragon into her tiny hole. He regretted saying those words and impatiently guided her hand so his throbbing member could enter the small slit.

    He moved his waist and slowly thrusted into her tunnel watching her face as she sighed in pleasure. Alexi took his time and found her sensitive spot then began hitting the moist wall continuously as she squirmed and moaned underneath his taut body. 

   He put her legs on his shoulders and kissed her small foot then sped up the pace of his movements. He never indulged a woman before Merri or even considered pleasing a woman in bed.

Alexi was an emotionless man who used women to vent, having sex was never more than satisfying his physiological needs. 

   Alexi thought Merri’s pussy was indescribably beautiful. His eyes glowed red as he watched his throbbing c*ck swell and her flower petals flutter as he pulled in and out of her slippery cave. Thirsty for the unique and strange feelings he was experiencing couldn’t get enough of her body. He increased his pace while staring lustfully at her perfect breasts rising and falling as she panted.

    He mercilessly  plunged deep inside, his c*ck reaching her cervix. When Merri felt the pressure she squealed and pressed her small hand on her lower abdomen. “Too big..too deep! Ahhh…Ummm…Get out..” She felt she was being torn apart, her narrow tunnel unable to handle his thick c*ck squeezing into her depths. The pressure caused her already tight walls to constrict  and strangle the monstrous intruder. His body spasmed from the intense pleasure.

  Merri’s begging only incited him to be more rampant and he groaned almost unable to control the urge to shoot his essence., “NNgh.. Unnn..Little slut you are going to strangle my c*ck! Let your Husband in!”

He changed position, with his firm buttocks clenched he grasped her tiny waist. Alexi buried his engorged c*ck deep inside of her slippery cave until there was no gap between their bodies. His large sacs slapped against her and the curly black hair surrounding his dragon was covered in her honey as she squirted. 

    Consumed by the fire burning in his body, Alexi was crazy with dark desire as he sucked on her tender breasts.

While she endured the relentless grinding inside of her tight tunnel Merri was dizzy, she clutched the silk sheets and her moans became louder.

Alexi’s messy black hair was stuck to his forehead, sweat dripping down his angular face to his chiseled jawline then onto Merri’s chest as he furiously thrusted his hardened c*ck while nipping at her red bud.

    Merri’s body moved in rhythm with his and she dug her fingernails into his back as she climaxed. “Hmmm…ahhhh…ohhh…stop…please stop… I am going to die!”

   He felt the kitten scratches on his back and increased his speed. He lifted his head and grinned, “Little slut, dare scratch me? I am going to fuck you harder!”

    Her eyes were covered in a hazy layer of moisture as he passionately kissed her lips. After he plundered her small mouth he brushed back her damp hair and licked her ear, “Baby…You know you want it…your little pussy is still greedily sucking in my c*ck and dripping.” He nibbled on her small white earlobe as he continued to plunder her body. “The sheets are drenched with your lewd water.”

   Her mind was blank from being fucked senseless. She shyly fluttered her eyelashes as he teased her unable to speak.

He tapped the end of her nose,“Nothing to say?”

    Looking at her shy appearance his heart was racing and he was out of control  as he pumped faster. When he couldn’t hold back any longer he filled her up with his scorching hot essence. This was the first time he shot inside of a woman and he sounded like a wolf as he leaned back growling in pleasure.

    He hugged Merri with one hand then with the other wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead with his finger. With their sweaty bodies pressed together he thought it might not be bad to keep her by his side.

    After Merri fell asleep he got up from the bed and went into the bathroom.He stepped into the shower and let the water spray on his face. He sobered up from his intoxicated state as he washed his lean body. Deep in thought he chastized himself for falling into Merri’s honey trap.

When he finished showering he quickly dried his body then got dressed in a navy blue suit and walked out into his office. He fixed his tie then poured a glass of vodka.

    His cold and indifferent expression no longer showed any tenderness, he had returned to his soulless self. Fuck it! I don’t have room in my life for any distractions. That was a momentary lapse in judgment. 

    He called Viktor, “Did you find a woman to send to Klaude?”

   Viktor gulped down his saliva, he had checked out every one of the hostesses and not one could fool Klaude. He rubbed his chin and sounded flustered, “Not yet. I’m going to check with Niko.”

“Have Marta bring a set of clothes for this woman and send her to Klaude.” I need to cut off any feelings I might have for the timid little mouse. The best way is to have her dirtied by that scumbag.


    “You heard me. Send Marta with the clothes. She can dress her and you can deliver her to Klaude’s penthouse.”

    Viktor wanted to protest but he answered, “Okay.”

   “I am going to the Casino.”

    Viktor didn’t understand why Alexi would send the young girl to a sadistic man like Klaude. Did she anger him in some way? He might regret his hasty decision; she is the first woman who he seemed to have an interest in. I need to say something. “Boss…are you sure…I mean Miss Winslow will be ruined by him.”

   “So. It is her fault for showing herself. If she had stayed in the room his interest wouldn’t have been peaked.”

   “If you give me a bit more time I can find a substitute.”

Speaking in Russian, Alexi’s deep voice was devoid of emotion. “Forget it. Do as I said.”

    He made a decision and was resolute, determined to maintain his control. He poured another glass of vodka and after he drank it he left.

    Viktor stared at the door of the side room and shook his head, It really was that girl’s misfortune to cross paths with the boss. He called Marta, “Bring a set of clothes for a new girl.”

     Marta spit out her chewing gum, “When did we get a new hostess? Why wasn’t I informed.”

    “Don’t ask any questions.”

    “What size.”

    “I don’t know… she is tiny..short…”

    “I will bring a few to choose from.”

   “Come to the office, she is here.”

    Marta picked out a few dresses and then carried them up the back stairs.

   Viktor was looking out the window at the snow falling thinking about his home in Russia and his little sister. The little girl should be getting up for school at this time. His thoughts were interrupted when Marta knocked on the door.”

   “Come in.”

    A pretty woman in her late twenties entered the spacious office. She swayed her hips as she glided across the room. Smiling at Viktor she walked over to the floor to ceiling window overlooking the harbor where he was standing.

Grabbing onto his tie she forced him to lower his head. “Honey, when are you going to take me up on my offer. I’ll do you for free…”

    The tips of Viktor’s ears turned red as he brushed off her hand. “Stop playing around. The woman is in the side room. You will need to bathe her and get her dressed. She is unconscious.”

   Marta’s face twisted into a sneer, “What the hell are you saying?”

  “I will pay you. Do it.”

  She provocatively licked her lips, “Tell me you will come to my apartment then I will.”

   “Stop fucking around, the Boss told me to call you.”

    Marta rolled her eyes and sauntered to the side room.

   Viktor took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket then crushed the empty pack. Dammit! Last one.

   Marta roughly threw the cover off Merri and sneered, “Wake up.”

   When Merri didn’t open her eyes Marta glanced at the closed door then shook Merri. Through gritted teeth she barked, “Bitch, wake up.”

   Merri  furrowed her brows and didn’t open her eyes which really pissed off Marta so she pinched her arm. Merri was exhausted from being tossed by Alexi and slightly whimpered but didn’t wake up.

     Marta was agitated because Merri was a delicate beauty and from the glaring red marks had been thoroughly eaten by Alexi. The Boss personally trained you! What kind of tricks did you use to seduce him!

 Jealous that Merri was favored by Alexi she slapped her cheek, “You fucking slut! 

  Viktor knew Marta was unwilling and had a volatile temper so when he heard her roar he burst into the room.

   He yanked Marta away from the bed, “What are you doing!”

   “I’m waking her up.”

   Viktor saw the red handprint on Merri’s face. “Are you crazy?”

  “I thought she was faking.”

  “…” Between the effects of the drug and being fucked silly by Alexi she must been in a deep sleep.

  “Leave the dresses. Get out of here.”

  Marta stomped her heels, “Viktor, you can’t give her a bath.” She had a crush on him. Viktor was ruggedly handsome with a muscular build.The dangerous aura that surrounded him was in sharp contrast to his gentle personality. He was shy and would always blush when she teased him.

  Viktor didn’t raise his voice but he looked angry. “I said leave.” He was worried Marta might hurt Merri so he decided he would do it himself.

   After Marta left he pulled up the cover to Merri’s chin, looking at her naked body that was ravaged by Alexi he was very uncomfortable. He clenched his fists angered by Alexi’s cruel treatment of Merri. The Boss could have any woman. Why would he pick this poor girl? Now he is practically sending her to her death.

Get Lost!

  Grabbing her scarf Merri ran out of the room wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Disgusting! Thinking about what happened in the private room she was shaking in anger.

Alexi kissed and sucked her lips as she fed him the wine. He even removed her silk scarf and kissed her slender neck while making obscene remarks about what a little slut she was. She choked back her words in fear he might ruin her hands out of spite.

As she stood up to leave he held onto her hand and made her watch as he groaned in pleasure and shot into Bella’s mouth. Merri saw his essence dripping out of Bella’s mouth and was horrified being subjected to this embarrassing scene. Bella was in a daze licking her lips and Emmi felt sick being forced to watch the lewd sight.

His evil laugh as she fled was echoing in her mind.

  Emmi held her stomach that was churning. She ran down the stairs to the employee bathroom and into a stall. She leaned over and retched until nothing was left in her stomach. She started coughing and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Bastard! Pervert! 

   She walked out of the stall over to the sink and washed out her mouth. She wrapped the scarf around her neck and leaned on the counter. 

    Furious because she was forced to endure such humiliation she got her purse and coat then went to Niko’s office.

   He was smoking a cigarette talking to his sister Nadia when Merri barged into the room without knocking.

   Nadia saw her angry expression and thought it was unlike Merri not to knock. “Merri, what’s wrong?”

  “What’s wrong? Where should I start!” She pointed her finger at Niko, “I have done a good job since I started working here and how was I rewarded..with humiliation! Total humiliation!”

  Nadia stood up and walked over to Merri. She had a concerned expression and patted her back then asked, “What happened?”

  Merri was holding back her tears but her voice was trembling, “I quit.”  She turned on her heels and quickly left the office.

   Nadia’s eyes were twitching as she stared at her brother, She picked up an ashtray and threw it across the room at him. “I knew it was a terrible idea when you said that damn lunatic kicked Hector Sanchez out and wanted Merri to play the piano! How am I going to replace her? HUH! She was fucking perfect! Do you know how many men come here just for her!”

   Niko rubbed his shoulder where he was hit by the crystal ashtray, “How could I refuse? Can anyone say no to Alexi and live comfortably?”

  “So you sent a poor little girl to that maniac knowing he absolutely despises anything pure and untainted?”

   He takes a cigarette out of a pack, Sis would really flip out if I told her I drugged the girl and sent her to Alexi’s bed. “After she calms down I will give her a big bonus to return. No one can turn down money.”

  She the yanked the cigarette out of his mouth and crushed it out on his desk. “I told you not to stink up the office.”

   Niko opened the drawer and took out a piece of nicotine gum. As he unwrapped it he continued, “Really I thought since he was with that haughty bitch Bella Fremont he wouldn’t do anything to the girl.”

  “My God Niko! Do you think the arrogant prick gives a rat’s ass about his image in front of that woman? I saw Alexi push Bella Fremont into the bushes as they left the premiere of her new movie. She crawled out of the bushes and her arms were covered in bloody scratches from the thorns. Her beautiful designer gown was torn and her hair looked like a bird’s nest. He didn’t care at all! He was halfway to the car. She ran on broken heels to catch up with him. The only reason the paparazzi ignored the situation was because they knew if they posted any photographs they would die without a corpse. Even her father, the Mayor, bows to him.”

  “Since you know this, why would you even ask why I cater to him. Besides you seem to forget  the fact Alexi saved me back then and I owe him. I am not willing to offend my good brother over one disposable little piano player.”

   Merri weaved through the crowded bar into the hallway by the restrooms. She texted Claire, [I’m off, can you pick me up?]

[Sure. I am with my brother. Is it okay if he comes out with us?]

[When did he get back from London?]

[I just picked him up at the airport.]

[I will meet you out front.]

Merri tightened the coat around her and looked at the snow beginning to fall. It seems like Ren has been gone for so long. It will be great to see him. Claire’s older brother was always gentle and fun to be around. It is good all men aren’t like that beast.

  She looked at her soft white hands and the red mark on her wrist and the bruise on her little finger. I think he would really have broken my fingers if I refused. How can there be such a cruel man? If I couldn’t play the piano I think I would lose my soul.

  Upstairs in the Club Alexi grabbed Bella by the hair and pulled her head back as she tried to kiss him, “I don’t like presumptuous women!”

  “But…you…you were kissing… “

   He slapped her face, “Viktor send her home.”

  Viktor was the only bodyguard in the room. He was Alexi’s most trusted and would blend into the surroundings as though he wasn’t there. He stepped forward and lifted Bella by the arm off the floor. She was whimpering and holding her swollen cheek. She tried to crawl into his lap when he snarled, “ Don’t contact me again.”

  She grasped his pants, “I will be good. Please Alexi…I love you!”

  He scoffed, “Get Lost! I’m sick of looking at your face.”

“Alexi…what do you want? I will tell my father to make sure you get the land you want.”

“Viktor, what are you waiting for? Get the ugly bitch away from me before I lose my patience.”

  Viktor grabbed her off of Alexi’s lap, “Miss, let’s go.”

   “NO! I don’t want to! I love you so much!”

   Alexi grabbed her by the throat and his eyes were like an enraged beast, “Do you love me enough to die for me?”

   Her eyes were full of water and bulging out of her head as she gasped for breath. Bella was terrified and he saw the intense fear in her eyes. He loosened his grip on her slender throat, “I didn’t think so.” 

  As she slumped down Viktor dragged her out of the room and down the stairs. She looked lifeless as they walked out the front door of the noisy Club.

  Merri ducked behind a group of men entering the Club and watched as Viktor roughly pushed Bella into the backseat of an expensive looking car. She hid behind a burly man thinking Alexi would be not far behind and she wanted to avoid him. To her surprise the car left with only Bella.

  Afraid of seeing Alexi she texted Claire  [I will be waiting in front of the coffee shop down the street from the Club.]

  As she looked up she saw a bright red sports car pull up to the curb. Ren got out of the passenger seat and hugged Merri, “Girl, you look like you are half frozen! Why didn’t you wait inside?”

  Claire leaned over, “Sorry you need to squeeze in, I didn’t have time to go get a different car.”

  Merri giggled as she looked at the gear shift, “Umm..I can get into the back.”

 “Not enough room, Ren’s golf clubs  and a suitcase are back there.”

“Why don’t you sit on my lap? We aren’t going far.”

 Merri bushed, “I guess that would be okay.”

 Alexi witnessed Merri getting into the Bugatti Veyron while giggling as she sat on a man’s lap and his face darkened. He stared at the license plate as the car left and took out his phone, “Check and see who owns a red Bugatti with the license plate #AW 7594.”

How Should I Punish You?

    Merri was on break and sitting in the staff room. She was exhausted and resting her head on the table when the manager came into the room.

  Nadia shook her shoulders, “”Merri…Merri.”

  Merri opened her eyes and lifted her head, “Is my break over already?”

  “Yes. I came to tell you Niko wants you to go to a private room upstairs.”


   “To play the piano of course.”

   “Alright. I will freshen up and go upstairs.”

   Merri took her purse and went into the employee bathroom and looked in the mirror. Merri, you look absolutely terrible. She took out a compact and dabbed concealer under her eyes. After applying a thin coat of pink lip gloss she took off a pink rhinestone hair clip then brushed her long black hair hair. Once she neatly pinned her hair into a fluffy bun, she fixed the pink and gray silk scarf around her neck covering the unsightly red marks.

   Merri gazed in the mirror and shook her head. How am I going to face Danny? Thank God he isn’t working tonight, I wouldn’t know what to say!

  Her phone rang and she took it out of her purse. When she answered she smiled, “Hey Claire, I was going to call you after work.”

   “I ran into your brother at the convenience store. Where the hell were you last night?”

   Claire got into her red sports car. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror and brushed her short curly burgundy colored hair behind her ear. “It is a good thing I am quick witted! The brat was going off on how I should have called him if you were staying over. He is like an old man the way he worries about you.”


  “Well, where were you?”

  Merri blushed, “Umm…long story, do you want to get a drink after I get off work?”

 “Sure. Call me when you get off and I will pick you up.”


  Merri put her purse back into her locker and exited the break room. I could use a drink. 

 Once she was upstairs she stopped a hostess leaving a room and asked, “ Lucy, which private room has a piano?”

  Lucy was one of the people kicked out of the room by Alexi and she said, “The last one on the left.” She knew Merri’s timid personality so in a barely audible voice she leaned down and warned. “Sweetie, be careful, that man is crazy.” 

   “What man?”

   Lucy saw Niko coming out of a private room not far away and quickly clicked her heels down the hallway without answering.

   Merri watched her hurry away and had second thoughts. Although she is intimidated by Niko she approached him, “Mr. Ninski, I have never played for a private party. I…I think you should have Katrina do it.”

   “Miss Winslow, Katrina had an emergency at home and left.” He noticed her squeamishness, “There is nothing to be worried about and the pay is much higher.” Alexi has Bella Fremont with him… the little girl should be safe. Looking at her innocent appearance he felt a little guilty about drugging her and sending her to Alexi. Niko probed her earlier and she seemed not to have any memory of last night.

  Merri had no choice but to agree and walked down to the last room. When she entered the room her eyes lit up because the piano was of extraordinary quality. She used to have a similar piano when she was a High School student in her practice room in the mansion.

The private room was luxuriously decorated and there were expensive looking paintings hanging on the walls. Filled with nostalgia she lifted the cover and happily ran her fingers across the keys. 

   Excited, she sat down on the piano bench and began to play. She was in her own world and didn’t notice Alexi and Bella come into the room. Her eyes were sparkling as her fingers glided over the keys reminiscing about the past. Infusing her soul into the melody she had a slight smile which was captivating. The music was a composition she wrote shortly after her father died. The melody evoked a sense of desolation and loneliness which was incongruent with her ethereal appearance and the smile on her beautiful face.

    Alexi stood frozen in place, bewitched by Merri’s beauty and the stirring song. His heart felt heavy and his heartbeat was erratic listening to the dark and oppressive music. It reminded him of the orphanage he grew up in and the death of his only brother. His eyes darkened and he clenched his fist in his pocket. He stormed over to the piano then bellowed, “How dare you!”

   He startled Merri and she trembled, “I..I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were here.”

  Bella was worried Alexi was attracted to Merri and was happy he was enraged. She had a malicious smile as she walked over and held Alexi’s arm. From the ugly expression on his handsome face he was furious “Such a depressing song. It is ruining my mood.”

 Alexi glared at Merri then wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist and walked over to the luxurious white leather couch.

  Merri desperately wanted to escape. She thought with Alexi’s volatile temper she could be in danger any moment. She stood up and walked towards the door without saying anything.

  Alexi barked, “Where the hell do you think you are going?”

  “Since I am spoiling the mood, I will ask Mr. Ninski to replace me.” 

  “I didn’t say you could leave.”

  Merri clutched the sides of her skirt and puffed out her cheeks. She was tired and in a bad mood because he was the customer and her Boss knew she was afraid of him. Merri’s voice was full of indignation, “Sir, I have met you twice and both times you have been rude. I don’t need this job that badly.”


   “Last night outside the Club and now.”

   “…”  I thought she was pretending not to know me because of Bella. The little woman doesn’t remember me fucking her little pussy all night? I guess I will need to remind her.

    Merri turned to leave and he grabbed her thin wrist, “Like I said, I didn’t say you could leave.”

    She tried to wriggle her small hand out of his grasp and he taunted her, ”If I exert a little more pressure you won’t play the piano again.”

    Terrified by his ruthlessness Merri was shaking.  “Let me go. FINE! I will play whatever you want.” He is insane! I have never met anyone who lacked any human decency. He is tormenting me for some twisted reason!

    Merri rubbed her wrist as he languidly leaned back on the couch and nonchalantly quipped, “Music to fuck to.”

    “…” Psycho! 

   A waiter came into the room with a tray of snacks and a bottle of red wine. After he poured the wine he asked, “Anything else?”

   Alexi motioned towards Merri, “Give the woman a glass of wine.”

    Bella wrinkled her thin eyebrows together wondering what was going on between Alexi and Merri. She lifted the glass of wine and took a sip, “This wine is delicious.”

   He ignored her and gulped down the glass of wine while watching Merri. She had her head lowered and her fanlike black eyelashes were fluttering. She was playing a romantic song and it was obvious she was uncomfortable because she made several mistakes. 

   After drinking the bottle of wine, he had a devilish gleam in his dark eyes. Suddenly he told Bella. “Suck my c*ck.”

   Bella was drunk and gazing at him with an infatuated look. She hesitated, she had been intimate with him before but there was another woman in the room. She rubbed hand on his chest and in a soft voice  complained, “But… what about her? Send her away.”


   She bit her lip then looked up at him with a pleading look in her eyes. “Alexi, I can’t…I really can’t.”

  He grabbed the back of her head and his mouth was close to her ear. His voice was cold and emotionless, “If you can’t satisfy me what use are you. Don’t appear in front of me again then.”

   Bella reluctantly knelt between his long legs and unbuckled his belt. She gulped looking at his huge erection. Pulling down his underwear she held his c*ck then began sucking the large mushroom head. She enjoyed giving him pleasure and expertly used her tongue to lick his thick shaft. He leaned back on the couch looking wild and unruly as he unbuttoned his shirt. His voice was hoarse as he said, “Little mouse, come here. Bring your glass of wine.”

   Merri’s face turned crimson red when she witnessed the lewd scene. She couldn’t believe that Bella Fremont was subjecting herself to such humiliation. Merri went to school with her and always thought she was a cold beauty who wouldn’t let anyone get into her eyes. She tightened her hands into fists on her lap but knew if she didn’t go over he might do something drastic.

   She picked up the glass of wine and reluctantly approached them. He patted the couch. “Sit.”

   Bella was still between his legs and half his c*ck was in her mouth. Merri was petrified, what is this pervert going to do!

  When she didn’t sit he pulled her down onto the couch.  He licked his lips as he pinched her chin, His voice was tinged with displeasure, “Little girl, I don’t like to repeat myself.” 

   Merri’s eyes widened in fear, “I am not a hostess. What do you want from me?”

   “Feed me the wine and you can go.”

    Merri was shocked, “ I won’t!”

    Alexi took her hand and played with her fingers. He lightly squeezed her little finger and Merri flinched. Pressing his lips on her ear he nibbled on her earlobe then bit her tender skin sending a strange sensation down her neck. He ran jis finger down her cheek. “Disobedient. How should I punish you?”

  Merri’s beautiful face contorted in fear and she lifted the wine glass to his lips.

He laughed as he held her hand on the glass, “Little fool, use your mouth.”

Back To The Black Swan Club

    Alexi pressed Merri’s delicate body underneath him and brushed the tangled wet hair off her face. Staring at her flawless face dyed red with lust he passionately kissed her half parted pink lips. Little Beauty don’t regret this.

  In the morning he lifted his arm from around Merri’s tiny waist and stared at the red marks he left on her body last night. He emotionlessly got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

   After he showered he put on a black silk shirt and a custom made designer gray suit. Once he tightened a Limited Edition Rolex on his wrist he walked into the bedroom. Merri was still sound asleep and he raised an eyebrow as he passed the bed then turned back. He pressed an acupoint on her shoulder so she would not wake up.

  Once he went down stairs he saw his assistant in the living room.“ The woman is unconscious. Have the maid dress her then tell Viktor to dump her outside The Black Swan.”

  “…” Maxim, his assistant, stood up, “What do you want to do with Raul?”

  “I need him for the moment so I will take care of him after the deal is done. I am curious why he would do such a foolish thing. I don’t think it was his idea, there is someone behind the scene who manipulated him. I have more important matters at the moment that need my attention. Is Vladi at the warehouse?”

  “Yeah. He got back from Shanghai last night.”

  “I am driving myself today.”


   Alexi looked at his watch then reminded his assistant, “I will need the information I requested by noon.”

   “Boss…” Maxim scratched the stubble on his chin, “We worked all night and still couldn’t break the code.”

   “No later than tonight or there will be a problem.” Alexi picked up a folder on the coffee table then left.

   Maxim called the head maid, “Dress the woman in the Boss’s bedroom, then call Viktor.”

  The maid put down the stack of laundry in her hand and slowly walked up the stairs. When she entered the Master bedroom she saw a wrinkled dress on the floor and the torn pair of panties. She looked around the bedroom for another dress then frowned. The Boss is too bad. He didn’t even order a set of clothes for the woman.

  As she pulled the bedspread off Merri the middle aged woman saw all the glaring red marks and bruises on her thin body. Shameless!  Tsk…This girl is too young. 

 She went into the bathroom and wet a cloth to wipe off Merri’s body. After she finished she  called one of the young maids to bring a pair of panties.

  When Merri was dressed the maid called Viktor.

  He quickly arrived at the room and picked up Merri to take her to the Club. He had worked for Alexi for ten years and this was the first time he had seen a woman on his bed. He thought Alexi had finally found a woman he liked until Maxim told him to take her to the Black Swan and leave her at the door.

  Viktor stared at Merri and recognized her as the woman outside the club last night. He didn’t go with the other bodyguards because he needed to meet the informant from  Colton Technology. The corner of his mouth twitched, How did she end up here? The little thing was obviously terrified of the Boss.

 He picked up Merri and carried her down the stairs. He paused in the living room and asked ,Maxim “Are you sure Mr. Baralov said to leave this girl at the entrance of the Club? No one will be there at this time of the morning.”

  Maxim looked up from a report he was reading then pushed up his gold rimmed glasses, “That is what he said.”

 “Max, don’t you think that is… well..cruel?” He looks at the petite girl asleep in his arms and is reluctant…very reluctant. He has a sister that is probably close in age to Merri. 

 “Yes, but what can you do?”

 “Where does she live? I will take her home.”

 “How the hell do I know. Don’t be stupid. You have your orders follow them. If it makes you feel better I have to call Niko. I will casually mention the situation.”


 When they arrived at the Black Swan Club Viktor called Maxim, “Did you speak to Mr. Ninski?”

 “I did… he said he would go to the Club.” He flips a page of the report, that guy is too soft hearted. I can’t believe he is a trained killer.

 Viktor breathed a sigh of relief, “Good. I will wait here for him.”

  When Niko arrived Viktor carried Merri into the Club. “Should I take her to one of the private rooms?”

  “No. Follow me. I will send her home.”

   Niko walked back to his office and sat at his desk. When Viktor laid Merri on the couch Niko lit a cigarette. “Was Alexi happy with the girl’s service?” He thought it was strange he would have Merri dropped off at the Club. Why didn’t he just send the girl home in a taxi.

  “I have no idea.”

  “Hmm.” He handed Viktor a manilla envelope, “Give this to Maxim when you return to the mansion.”

   Viktor took the envelope then said, “Isn’t that woman the piano player? Why did you send her to the Boss?”

   “All the other hostesses had clients at the time.” He chuckled, “It isn’t like you to ask so many questions.” 

    Viktor gazed at Merri then replied,“Well, to tell you the truth she didn’t seem like she would do that kind of work.”

   Niko played with the cigarette between his fingers. “The money is good, why wouldn’t she?” He doesn’t want Alexi to know he drugged Merri in order to send her to him. “Anything else?”


     Merri slept all afternoon then woke up with a throbbing headache. She slowly opened her eyes as she rubbed her temples. Did I drink too much last night? 

  When she got off the bed her knees buckled and she felt a tearing pain. She was shaking as she staggered to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and gulped when saw the marks on her neck. Her mind was blank and she had no recollection of last night after sitting at the bar talking to Danny. She blushed and turned on the faucet then splashed her face with cold water. Did Danny and I?

   Filled with anxiety that she might have been drunk and slept with her coworker, her hand was trembling as she turned on the shower. She slipped off the wrinkled dress and frowned when she saw the underwear she was wearing, what the heck!  Merri! what did you do last night!

Sent To The Wolf

This chapter is for readers 18+ enjoy!

The bodyguard who tossed Merri into the backseat sat next to her. He took off his tie and using it as a blindfold he wrapped it around her head. “Behave and nothing will happen to you.” He had his doubts about her surviving the night but didn’t want to deal with any unruliness before she was delivered.

  In a daze and beginning to feel the effects of the aphrodisiac Merri wasn’t as concerned about not being able to see as she was about the heat engulfing her body. She was sweating profusely and wanted to take off her coat. Her fingers trembled as she removed her scarf and unbuttoned her coat. Smacking her lips she weakly asked, “Could I please have water.”

 The bodyguard grabbed a bottle then handed it to her. She gulped the refreshing mineral water down her scorched throat to quench her thirst “Ahhh…” She finished the bottle and leaned back in the seat. Inhaling the distinctly masculine scent radiating from the man she was consumed by lust. She leaned into him and  purred, “Help me…I’m so itchy and hot.”

  Not wanting to be tempted by the little vixen he pushed her away, “Slut, the Boss will satisfy you soon enough.”

  “I..I can’t wait..I need..” She didn’t know what she needed exactly but she knew she wanted this man to touch her overheated body. Merri touched his cool chest, “Pleaseee…”

  He growled to the man driving, “Speed it up!” What the hell…if she continues I don’t know if I can control myself. She is beautiful and the way she is clinging onto me I’m getting hard.

  The driver chuckled as he stared at them in the backseat, “The whore must be desperate to want you..hahaha.”

   “Fuck you.”

  The driver pulled into the garage of a luxurious mansion and parked. The flustered bodyguard yanked Merri out of the car and took off the blindfold. He suddenly let go of Merri’s arm and she fell to the floor. He sneered, “Such a weak woman.” The little thing will be torn apart by the Boss.

  Alexi was laying on the bed wrapped in a towel. He took a cold shower but couldn’t remove the surging heat in his body. His erection was throbbing and he had already taken care of himself two times. Where the fuck are they with the woman!

  There was a knock on the door, “Boss, we got the woman.”


  Merri was in a daze as she was shoved into the dimly lit room.  Sprawled on the thick carpet her body was on fire and her mind was clouded with desire.

Alexi didn’t even glance at her and commanded in a hoarse voice, “Hurry up and take a shower.”


  He was enduring a great deal of pain, through gritted teeth he barked, “Shower.”

Merri helplessly rolled on the floor scratching her body, “ many fire ants…Help me.”

 Listening to her soft voice Alexi sat up and looked at the woman rocking back and forth clawing at the black dress riding up her slender thighs.  With his ink black eyes riveted on her face he  laughed, how could it be the little mouse. She is one of Niko’s whores? Impossible…

  He stood up and walked over to the girl who was restlessly touching her body. She blinked a few times at the man towering over her wearing only a towel around his waist. “Please…”

  In a low and magnetic voice tinged with a Russian accent he responded, “Of course I will help you.”

   She pouted, “So hot…I want to take off my dress but I can’t…”

   He lifted her delicate body up with one hand and unzipped her dress. When it fell to the floor she was standing there in a pair of black lace underwear and matching bra. He unhooked her bra exposing two perfectly shaped breasts and with one motion ripped her underwear. Alexi’s scorching gaze landed on the sparsely covered mound glistening with lewd water between her legs. His large palm squeezed her sensitive spot and she moaned. Dark desire was reflected in his eyes as they devoured her delicious looking body...the little slut is dripping so much her thighs are wet.

    Standing behind her he pressed his sturdy body onto her slender back. Alexi’s warm breath covered her neck as he leaned down whispering in her ear, “Little mouse, your little pussy is already drenched.” He reached his hand around her thin waist then slid his hot palm down to her sensitive spot. He rubbed her clit and she moaned in pleasure. He sneered, ” You crave a man that badly.” 

   Merri twisted her legs and mumbled, “I don’t know…so itchy and wet.”

  Alexi abruptly scooped her into his arms, he had a devilish grin on his ruggedly handsome face. she must be an expert at seducing men with that innocent act. I wonder how she will taste. I am curious to see what tricks she has to please me.

   He gazed with a hint of fascination at Merri’s face. Covered in a layer of lust Merri’s green eyes had a smoky color that was bewitching. She looked dazed as she wrapped her thin arms around his neck and pressed her face against his hot skin. Aroused, he stroked her soft black hair, I am going to enjoy fucking this little whore.

  He carried her naked body into the bathroom then dropped the towel from around his waist. Stepping into the large shower he placed her on a protruding seat and turned on the water.  

  Alexi unhooked the hand held shower head and approached Merri who was unabashedly staring at his huge c*ck. He extended his hand holding a soapy cloth.

Merri was in a muddled state while twisting her legs back and forth. Experiencing a strange sensation she was rubbing her breasts and didn’t take the cloth. Anxious to fuck her he humphed then washed her body. When he pried her legs apart he roughly washed her pussy. Keeping them spread he smiled watching her face contort in pleasure as he held the showerhead close to her pussy. The feeling of the hard stream of water hitting her nub and sensitive spot made her gasp and arch her back. Alexi smirked, “Little slut, do you like that?”

 She hummed in pleasure then he threw the showerhead away and put his thick swollen c*ck in front of her face. He put her small hand on the thick shaft. “Lick me.”


  “Do it.”

  Merri opened her mouth and stuck out her small pink tongue. She clumsily held his throbbing c*ck  and began to lick the tip. She accidentally scraped the sensitive head of his dragon with her teeth and he groaned, “Slut do that again and you will regret it.” He winced then had a thought, “Idiot! Have you never done this before?”

   Her fragile body trembled in fear when she heard his dissatisfied tone. His domineering aura was frightening. If I do this wrong will he not help me get rid of the itch? I feel like I am going to die from the crawling ants under my skin. Merri continued to suck being careful not to bite him.

   “Stupid! Put my c*ck in your mouth.”

   When she did he began to thrust. He had his large hands on the back of her head as he quickened the pace. His c*ck was too long and thick, Merri was unable to take his length and thickness in her small mouth and gagged.

Unhappy he pulled his throbbing c*ck out and grabbed her into his arms, “Useless! Didn’t Niko train you?”

   Merri’s eyes were watery and although she was in pain from the aphrodisiac and wanted to be close to him she was very afraid of Alexi. She didn’t answer and lowered her head. When she began to cry he pinched her chin to make her meet his cold gaze. He thought he would like seeing her face covered in tears but was annoyed at the sight. “What are you crying for? What? Do the other clients baby you because of your pitiful appearance?”

   At this point Merri was quivering and her mind was unstable from the drug. She unable to make sense out of anything he was saying. 

    He turned her around and fiercely pressed her against the shower wall. “I am not going to go easy on you because of your innocent act! Little mouse, you better serve me well.”

    He ordered, “Lift your ass.”

    She felt a hard object plunging entering her small hole. Merri bit her lip so she didn’t cry out and anger him.

The tunnel was too tight and Alexi grimaced as he tried to thrust his swollen c*ck further inside, “Bitch, you are strangling my fucking c*ck.”

   Merri whimpered, “I’m sorry..”

  He was breathing heavily as her walls tightened refusing to let him enter any further. Frustrated he mercilessly rammed into her tiny hole. Merri couldn’t hold back and screamed as she wriggled her bottom. “Ahh! Hurts! Too Big… Get out!”

Her complaint only further ignited his desire to fuck her harder. When his throbbing c*ck was able to move further into her tunnel he felt a layer of resistance, the slut is a goddamn virgin? He suddenly stopped. Niko, you fucking bastard! Sending me a fucking virgin…no wonder she doesn’t know shit. Although I would like to break her body, I need someone experienced to satisfy me. I don’t want to kill the timid little mouse.

   He grabbed Merri’s shoulder and turned her around to face him. “Boring.”

   Alexi stormed out then tossed her clothes into the bathroom. “Get dressed, my man will drive you back to the club.”

   Merri stood there with a complicated expression on her face. No. I need him although he is mean and hateful, I felt some relief when he was inside of me.

   She ran out of the bathroom dripping wet and hugged Alexi around his waist, “No. I can’t go. I need you.”

    His face darkened and his eyes narrowed as he looked down at her, “Little girl, don’t provoke me.”

    She fluttered her eyelashes and pleaded in a soft kittenish voice, “I will do whatever you want…I will die if I leave.”

     Alexi pulled her arms off of his waist and smirked. “Idiot. You won’t die, you will just be miserable for a few hours.” I can’t deny I am not tempted…she is like a ripe peach ready to be eaten but I don’t need a clingy virgin.

     Suddenly standing on her tiptoes she kissed him. Startled, he pushed her away, “Leave.”

    Unwilling to suffer the torment she was in, Merri rubbed her petite naked body against Alexi’s rock hard c*ck. When her small hand touched his lower abdomen and she pressed her soft lips on his he wavered. Fuck…she is begging for it I might as well give it to the little slut. He picked Merri up and threw her down on the bed.

No Escape

 Alexi’s heart started pounding and he leaned back on the seat. Dammit! The woman earlier must have been sent by Raul. Fuck! No wonder she was nervous pouring the second glass of wine. His skin felt like he was being bitten by fire ants. He picked up his phone and called one of the bodyguards in the SUV following them. “Go back to the Black Swan. Tell Niko to give you a woman. Bring her to the penthouse. Make it fast. I was drugged.”

  “Yeah Boss.”

  The bodyguard told the man driving to turn the car around and go back to the bar.


 “He wants a woman.”

  “Are you messing with me? I thought the Boss was gay.”

  The bodyguard stared at him, “If you want to keep your little life I wouldn’t repeat that.”

   He called Niko, “Have a woman ready. I will be there soon to pick her up.”

   Nico was looking over the day’s receipts and his brow wrinkled, “I don’t have any available women. Why didn’t he ask when he was here?”

  “The Boss was drugged at your club. Find one if you don’t want to bear the consequences.”

   After he hung up Niko slammed his hand on the desk. Where am I going to find a woman on such short notice. I can’t drag one out from the rooms that have been booked.  He stormed out into the bar and looked around for a possible candidate. His eyes lit up when he saw Merri sitting at the end of the bar talking to Danny the bartender. 

   When he reached the bar he called Danny over, “I need you to drug Merri Winslow. I have an impatient client and no other women available.”

   Danny gulped down his saliva, he had never liked this part of his job but he had a family to support in the countryside. This was the first time he truly felt repulsed at the idea. In a barely audible tone he resisted, “Boss…she isn’t one of them. Can’t you find someone? Why not one of the customers?”

  “Are you crazy? The women who come here are all rich and connected. I would be shooting myself in the foot if I used one of them. If you want to keep your job, do it. I will give you a big bonus in your next check…isn’t your little sister getting married next month?”

 Danny had a guilty expression looking at Merri sipping the glass of wine. He has always liked this cheerful and innocent girl, even considered asking her out on a date. When she said he could give her a ride he was have to destroy her beautiful innocence…no..I can’t do it.

He hesitated and Niko glared at him, through clenched teeth he growled, “Now! They will be here soon to pick her up.”

“What about Danielle, I’m sure if you offered her money she would do it.”

 Niko took a moment and located the leggy blonde in the crowded bar. She was serving a drink to a balding man, bending over exposing her ample breasts while coquettishly smiling at him. He shook his head, Although she is pretty  Alexi would not be happy with her. She wears heavy makeup and always has a strong fragrance on her body. He has an aversion to women to begin with and well… someone like Danielle he might just kill when he finished fucking her. At least Merri might survive the lunatic’s wrath because of her pure appearance and timid personality, Alexi might even enjoy her serving him in bed. 

 Danny was encouraged when Niko didn’t immediately reply, but his hopes were dashed by the next sentence.


  After Niko walked away Danny tightened the grip on the white bar towel he was holding. Merri, I’m sorry but I desperately need this job and with the extra money my sister can have a decent wedding. He opened the drawer under the cash register and took out a small packet containing white powder. Danny’s hand was trembling as he poured a glass of Chardonnay and observed the white powder dissolve in the wine.

  He saw Niko watching him and he knew if he didn’t drug the girl Niko would have someone else do it. She can’t escape tonight, I might as well make the money. He had sweat beads forming on his forehead as he approached Merri. Standing in front of her he adjusted his expression and smiled, “Merri, this glass of wine is on the house. Mr. Ninski said you worked hard tonight.”

  Merri looked up from the application she was filling out on her phone, “Really?” She smiled brightly, she wanted to order another glass but didn’t feel she could afford a second. “Tell him thank you!” Maybe Mr. Ninski feels bad his friend fired me.

  Overwhelmed by guilt Danny couldn’t watch as she drank the spiked glass of wine. The aphrodisiac from the last delivery was too inhumane. Not only did it make the person thirsty for sex but the drug had hallucigenic qualities. The customers liked it according to Niko because all inhibitions were eliminated and the person would be engulfed in their own fantasy world. Danny wanted to give her one of the older packets but there were none left.

  As he walked away Merri had a serious expression while typing on her phone. She scrunched up her nose and puffed out her cheeks. He felt his heart tighten and wanted to rush back to take away the glass but stopped. What is done is done…Merri …I hope you can forgive me…

Merri sighed, this job doesn’t pay as much but isn’t far from my apartment. She pressed Submit then picked up the glass of wine and gulped down the dry white wine…I just need to make it until the Competition, if I win I can use the money to go to Paris and study. 

Alexi’s bodyguard rushed into the club and headed straight back to Niko’s office. He frowned when he entered, “Where is the woman?”

 “ She is at the bar wearing a black and white dress. A white coat and scarf are draped over the back of the seat. ” He considered she might cause a scene then said, “Forget it. I will have the bartender bring her to your car. Are you parked in the back?”

 “Yes, the black SUV. Hurry.”

  NIko picks up the phone and calls the bar. Danny answers, “Yes.”

“Is she ready?” The drug enters the bloodstream rapidly so she should be.

Danny turned towards Merri and the wine glass was empty, “Should be.”

“I need you to bring her to the back parking lot and give her to the man in the black SUV.”

Danny had resigned himself to what he did but was hoping not to be further involved. Now he needed to directly hand her over and he had a knot in his stomach. She will know I did this despicable deed. “Okay.”

 He walked out from behind the bar, “Merri, I’m off we can go.”

  She felt a little dizzy and picked up her coat. Danny helped her put her arms through the sleeves then tied the red knitted scarf around her neck. As his fingers brushed across her soft black hair he had second thoughts. I could take Merri to my apartment and put her in a cold bath to relieve the symptoms. I can find another job and my sister…well..we already planned on a simple ceremony. He felt relieved after deciding to help Merri.

 Her legs felt weak and she couldn’t focus so she held onto the back of the bar stool. She touched her head, “Danny, maybe I shouldn’t have had that second glass. I feel dizzy.”

  He held her by the shoulders, “You will feel better once you are home.”

  She looked up at him and her smile was dazzling, “Danny, thank you.”

  Listening to her soft voice Danny had a determined look in his eyes, fuck Niko Kinski! I won’t deliver this sweet girl to the pervert!

  He changed direction and headed to the front exit, I will walk down the street then call a taxi. I can pick up my car tomorrow.

  The bodyguard sitting in the SUV parked at the edge of the back lot happened to look out the window. Narrowing his eyes when he noticed a woman wearing a white coat with a bright red scarf leaning on a thin man exiting the club. Isn’t that the chick? He furrowed his eyebrows, Where is that kid going with her.

  He quickly pulled to the front of the club and told the man sitting next to him that was the woman. He jumped out of the car and grabbed Merri then impatiently pushed Danny. Moron! you were supposed to go out the back!

 Stunned by the muscular man suddenly grabbing Merri he tried to pull her back, “This is my girlfriend! I don’t know what you are talking about!”

  The man hesitated for a moment then said, “Girlfriend or not who gives a shit! The slut is coming with us.”

  Danny wouldn’t let go of Merri and the man sneered, “Little man, unless you want that pretty face of yours turned into a raw piece of meat, let go.”

 Merri was like a rag doll being held by the two men. Her mind was muddled but she could sense the terrifying aura surrounding the muscular man on the left. Deep inside she knew she couldn’t escape her fate. They must be human traffickers ,through blurry eyes she gazed at Danny, “It’s okay. I will go.”

  “NO!” Danny attempted to drag Merri behind him and the bodyguard was out of patience. He punched Danny in the face and he fell down. Before he could stand up the man tossed Merri into the back of the SUV and screeched out into the empty street. Danny’s mouth was bleeding and his jaw felt broken as he staggered to his feet. His eyes were full of desolation and remorse as he watched the SUV speed away. I’m sorry Merri.

How Did I Provoke Him?

    Standing under the awning in front of the trendy wine bar where she played the piano Merri Winslow waited for the bus. She tightened the red scarf around her neck and put her hands in the pockets of her white cashmere coat. Brrr…it is freezing cold.  She glanced at the rain pouring down and the sky filled with dark clouds. Inwardly complaining as the chilly wind hit her face, she cursed her brother. The forecast never mentioned rain! I wouldn’t have let that stinky brat borrow my car! 

    Merri pushed up the wide coat sleeve and anxiously looked at her watch and frowned, shouldn’t the bus be here by now? I hope I didn’t miss the last one.

  Four intimidating looking men followed by a tall handsome man wearing a black trench coat  exited the bar. Merri recognized them from earlier and quickly stepped to the side to let them pass. According to the bartender the aloof looking man was a friend of the owner and had a rotten personality. One of the servers accidentally spilled wine on him, his bodyguard broke her hand and the owner fired her immediately. 

  Trying to minimize her presence she stood as far away as possible with her head lowered staring at her feet. The man noticed her cowering to the side and sneered, timid as a mouse. Alexi Baranov had the urge to bully her because he didn’t like the feelings that were stirred up listening to her play the piano. I bet the pitiful little woman looks beautiful when she cries.

     Impulsively he stood in front of Merri and she could see his long shadow looming over her. Frightened by his terrifying aura, she was quivering. What is he going to do? 

   Alexi didn’t say anything, he just stood there staring at Merri with a piercing gaze waiting for her to look up. 

   Nervously clutching the sides of her coat she finally succumbed to the suffocating atmosphere and raised her head. She met his unfathomable pitch black eyes and shivered. He looked like a beast ready to devour its prey. Unnerved by his strangely intense gaze she fluttered her eyelashes and in a small soft voice asked, “Is there something?”

  Alexi’s voice was hoarse and low from drinking, “You are the piano player right?”


    His thin lips curled up into a malicious smile, “You are fired.’

  Merri eyes widened in disbelief and in a pitiful voice stammered, “Wha..what? You can’t do that.”

    “Can.” He was enjoying watching her face pale and her eyes flickering, obviously unwilling to accept his words but too timid to raise her voice.

     She bit her lower lip knowing the man was the owner’s friend and cruel. He probably can randomly fire any employee. Tears started to form and her amber colored eyes were covered wit a layer of mist, I really need this job. The pay and tips are excellent and the Competition is next month. 

   He saw her long black eyelashes glimmering with crystal teardrops and her watery eyes and his eyes had a devilish gleam. I was right, the tiny woman looks like a fragile porcelain doll that could be broken by a mere touch. Wanting to see her beautiful face covered in tears he taunted Merri, “Nothing to say? Don’t you want to know why?”

   Merri saw the bus coming and suddenly sprinted into the downpour. I don’t want to engage with you any longer than I have to. You are a psycho! I think you want me to beg you or something from that disgusting smirk on your face.

   “…” Alexi motioned to his bodyguard and the man caught Merri by the arm before she could step onto the bus. “The Boss wasn’t done.”

   She opened her mouth to protest but was so stunned nothing came out. The bodyguard dragged her back to Alexi.

    He lit a cigarette and blew the smoke towards her face. “You didn’t answer me.”

    Merri coughed from the smoke and really wondered how she provoked this lunatic. It took all of her courage to face him but she didn’t want her pride stepped on any longer. She swept the wet hair off her face and straightened her back. Although she had a naturally soft voice she tried to sound fierce. “What does it matter…what is done is done. I don’t need to know why. You don’t appear to be a man who waffles in his decision making. Can I go now?” Oh my God! Now I need to get a cab and I am jobless!

   Alexi had a rare smile on his face as he strode towards the sidewalk. One of the bodyguards held an umbrella over his head as he lazily walked to a Black Maybach.  He inhaled the cigarette and blew out a thin stream of smoke. So easy to bully… like a small white rabbit

Merri watched him leave and shook her head. What a crazy man! She walked back into the wine bar to call a taxi and have a glass of wine. 

  The bartender saw Merri sit at the end of the bar and walked over to her. “I thought you left.”

 Putting her elbows on the bar she rested her chin on her palms. She wrinkled her delicate eyebrows, “Danny, you know the man earlier…the Boss’ friend…well, I must have offended him somehow…anyway he said.. No I am not going to drag Danny into this mess.  “ Forget it…it doesn’t matter. Could I have a glass of Chardonnay? I missed the bus and need to call a cab.”

  “I can give you a ride home. I get off in an hour if you don’t mind waiting.”

  “Really? That would be great!”

  Danny poured Merri a glass of white wine. He wanted to ask what happened but another customer called him over. After he walked away she took out her phone. I might as well not waste time and put in some applications while I am waiting.

  Alexi Baranov sat in the backseat of the Maybach and his body was heating up. He took off his suit coat and loosened his tie. He growled, “Turn off the heater, it is like a fucking oven in here.”

  The driver turned off the heater and looked in the rear view mirror. He didn’t feel hot at all, as a matter of fact he had been considering turning the heater up a notch. When he saw Alexi’s flushed face he said, “Boss, should you go to the hospital? You don’t look so good.”

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