Internet Cafe Part 1

   After an uneventful dinner Shizi is relieved as he walks towards his bedroom. He knits his eyebrows together, I need to think of an excuse so I can go to the internet cafe.  He has his chance when his father calls him to come to the living room.  

    Shizi’s father, Fan Zhang is a building supply salesman and travels frequently on business trips. He is strict with Shizi because he wants him to have a better life. Go to a good University and find a reliable job. If  Fan Zhang doesn’t make his monthly quota of sales the company cuts his salary and threatens on a regular basis to have him replaced. He worries about providing for his family and has anger issues because of the stress he is under at work. 

   “Ji, I got a call from the school.”

   Shizi’s first reaction is to panic; he did have a confrontation with his math teacher on Monday. He nervously runs his fingers through his ink black hair, “Dad..I can…”

   “Son, it is impolite to interrupt how many times have I told you.” Shizi’s father is holding in his anger because of the phone call from the school.

   “Sorry Dad.”

   “As I was saying I got a call from the school on my way back from the airport.The principal, Mr. Hong told me you have been selected as the representative to the Math Competition in Catang City.. He also complimented you on your dedication to community service and as a class leader. “

   Shizi forgot the Principal called him into his stuffy office to discuss some Math Competition. Dad looks excited I hope the Mr. Hong didn’t tell him I refused to go and recommended Ming Wei.

   He detects a slight smile on his father’s usually frozen in anger face and decides to reconsider and represent the school. Although it sounds terminally boring...I could. Maybe there is a cash prize. Tomorrow I will tell the old fart Mr. Hong that I will go to Catang City. I have never been there.

    “Why didn’t you tell me that you are ranked first in your class?”

   “They posted on Monday and you were in Shanghai.”

   “Keep up the good work.” 

     “Dad, I have a report due tomorrow. Can I go to the library?”

   “Be home at 9:30, not a minute later. Take the trash out when you leave.”

   “Yes Dad.”

    Shizi runs into his bedroom and grabs his backpack then goes to the kitchen to get the trash. He impulsively hugs his petite mother who is doing the dishes. She laughs, “Ji! What are you doing?”

   “I’m just happy.”

    He takes the garbage  and as he walks through the living room he smiles at his father, “Thanks Dad.”

   Fan Zhang looks up from the newspaper in his hands and nods. He stares at his handsome son’s dazzling smile. I can’t remember the last time the kid had a genuine smile when he looked at me. He has grown into a very handsome and smart young man. He chuckles thinking, Ji looks  just like his stunning mother… the school goddess back in the day. Ji has her beautiful Peach Blossom eyes, fair skin and red lips. The only thing the boy inherited from me is my height.  

   Shizi jumps down the stairs three at a time and is humming a song as he leaves the apartment building. He is itching to get on the computer at the internet cafe and start the search for Song Sara. 

He walks through the parking lot and tosses the garbage into the dumpster. Once he is on the sidewalk he jogs down the street. He stops at the convenience store on the corner for a soda and notices there are no thugs hanging around.

   Shizi enters the store and gets a bottle of Coke then walks to the counter. The teenager behind the counter is jumping up and down in excitement. Dong Heng has been waiting to tell one of his buddies what happened an hour ago. He was getting thoroughly depressed because no one he knew came into the store.

Dong Heng spits saliva as he exclaims, “Ji aren’t going to believe what happened…Ugly Fu’s gang got run out of here by some badass looking men. . Bro! You should have seen these guys.. two black Limited Edition Mercedes SUVs pulled up in front and the men that got out looked like…fuck…like they were out of a goddamn movie. Seriously fuckin scary looking fuckers…not one shorter than 190cm and each one built like Mt. Tai.”

      Shizi opens the Coke while he is listening and the awestruck teenager continues the story.

“ I was watching at the window, Ugly Fu and the whole gang were bowing and I swear their fucking legs were shaking. Bro! Next thing you know Ugly Fu and his gang pick up all the beer bottles and shit on the sidewalk. When they finished they scurried away like a bunch of cockroaches when the lights came on..So unbelievably cool!”

   Shizi grabs a bag of spicy pork rinds and puts 15 yuan on the counter.He rips opens the bag and puts one in his mouth. After he swallows he says, “Did you hear who sent them?”

  “No. I didn’t want to be too conspicuous so I stayed inside. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but Big Fu and the rest of those morons looked scared as shit.”

  “These pork rinds are stale. I’m heading to the internet cafe… I gotta go.”


  Shizi thinks it can’t be a coincidence…Mr. Li sent them to get rid of the scum…he is serious about buying the apartment building. But shouldn’t he wait until he makes the purchase? I need to find Song Sara.

   He tosses the empty snack bag and bottle into the trash then stretches his long legs and runs to the internet cafe.

   Once he is inside the cafe he walks to the counter. A pretty girl with short purple hair is chewing gum. She  quickly spits the gum out into the trash when she sees him approaching. Gazing at him her eyes are sparkling,“Shizi, I’ve missed you.” She pouts, “ Did you find another cafe?”

   “I have been busy.” He looks around, “Is Skinny Pei here?”

  “No. He went to the barbeque stall down the street to eat. Should be back soon.”

He looks at her with puppy dog eyes, “Ahh…he usually gives me a discount. I guess I’ll come back.”

   She doesn’t hesitate, “I can do it! I’m the Assistant Manager now. Is 30% discount good?”

   He smiles, “Wow! Congratulations.” Shizi reluctanly admits, “Skinny Pei only gives me 15% discount.”

Mimi wrinkles her nose, hope he doesn’t yell at me..Uncle Pei is so cheap only 15%? “It’s fine. I already rang it in and don’t know how to void a transaction.”

    Shizi hands her the money, “Thanks then. Two hours.” 

    When he touches her hand Assistant Manager Mimi’s heart flutters, OMG… Shizi is so damn handsome. “Go to Number 15 it is brand new.”

    Shizi finds the computer and sits down. He cracks his knuckles and begins typing. First…umm… I should hack into the cameras in the hospital. Mr. Li said she was there for a check up around eleven.

    After ten minutes he accesses the hospital’s security cameras and smiles. Okay, seventh floor. He said she was on the seventh floor. 

    A friend spots him and sneaks up then taps him on the shoulder. Fan Ji is startled and turns around, “What the hell! Asshole!”

    Shorty leans over and stares at the computer, “What are you doing?”

   “Fuck off. Don’t disturb me, I’m working.”

  “Whatever man. I thought you could join us for a game.”

  “Not tonight. This is important.”

    After Shorty leaves he brings up the footage but the screen is black. Huh? He types in a series of numbers and stares at the still black screen with a perplexed expression. Nothing. He tries another method and has the same result. Someone erased the footage? He decides to check another floor and there are people walking out of the elevator… down the hallway… checking in at the front desk. He taps a pen on a pad he has next to the computer .This is what the seventh floor should look like…some activity anyway.

   He mutters to himself, ”Okay…shit of course…the lobby.”

   His fingers fly across the keyboard and  he kicks back in the chair, “Another fucking black screen!” Who is this woman anyway!” Mr. Li is obviously a very powerful man and unable to find this chick. Considering his resources it should have been a slam dunk. Someone equally or more powerful is preventing him. 

   After an hour of searching for a way to locate Song Sara, he is beginning to see why no one can find the woman. She is like a goddamn ghost!

  Mimi has been watching him while leaning on the counter. I think Shizi’s ‘I’m so serious face’ is even cuter than when he smiles and his Peach Blossom eyes bend into a crescent shape. Mimi secretly takes a picture of him on her brand new iPhone. When she looks at the quality of the picture she worth eating instant noodles every day to pay for it. She hugs her phone to her chest. 

  Skinny Pei walks in and sees Shizi on his brand new computer. He is a fat..very fat man, his plaid shirt barely covers his belly and the buttons look like they will burst open at any given moment. He is wheezing as he stomps over to the counter. He growls, “Mimi! Stinky brat! I told you Computer 15 is for my personal use. If Auntie didn’t insist you work here I would fire you!”

   “Little Uncle, I’m sorry but the other computers that were available were crappy. You don’t want one of our best customers to go somewhere else do you? He is so handsome and popular, he looks like an Immortal that has come down to the mortal world! Shizi attracts a lot of business.” She points to a group of  teenage girls that keep staring at him. “His friends come here too to play games. Look on the right side. If he went somewhere else we would lose business.”

   “Yeah I guess you are right.” He burps and Mimi covers her nose, “Gross!” Skinny Pei burps again and looks at Shizi. “The kid is really something. He could be a fucking Idol if he wanted. That’s why I give him a discount. But, little girl, don’t you dare let any other one of these brats use number 15 after he leaves. He burps again, “You got it?”

   Mimi is holding her nose as she responds, “Yes, Uncle Pei.”

He lights a cigar and the smoke chokes Mimi, “Keke…Keke..”.Honestly! She waves her hand in front of her pretty face as she steps back, “Little Uncle, you really should stop smoking and eat better you are only thirty! How are you ever going to find a girlfriend!” The prime of your life and you look and smell like a crusty old man!

He blows out a smoke ring and laughs, “With my money of course!”

Mimi shakes her head as she wipes off the barbeque sauce on his shirt with a wet cloth that she was using to clean the counter. Muttering in a very low voice as she walks to greet a customer, “Uncle Pei I love you… but you are sadly delusional… you own one shitty internet cafe that Grandpa gave you the money to open.”

Skinny Pei burps again, “What was that?”

Mimi hurries towards the customer, “Nothing…nothing.”


The Dress Is Delivered

      After Bai Cai’s unexpected intervention at the University, Chen Chloe is very frightened about the possible consequences after she drugs Emmi at the Winter Ball. The sportscar she is driving weaves in and out of traffic speeding down the highway. She keeps glancing in the rear view mirror, paranoid she is being followed by those terrifying gangsters. The confidence she had when drugging Emmi was her idea and she thought she was in control has disappeared completely.

    Being under that crazy bitch Peng Hua’s thumb is disturbing enough but now with the addition of Emmi’s boyfriend being an Underworld Boss I am over my head. Mumbling to herself she can no longer pretend to be strong. “I need to talk to FeiFei. Maybe she has an idea.” She calls Jiang FeiFei to come to her house because she can’t handle the pressure of drugging Emmi. “I don’t care what you are doing! Get over to my house NOW!”

   Jiang FeiFei is sitting on the couch with her mother in her grandparent’s living room. She covers her mouth and whispers,  “But… I am at my grandparents we are about to eat. I can’t right now, I will come as soon as we finish.”


    Afraid Chen Chloe will spout more nonsense Jiang FeiFei anxiously puts her hand over the phone to muffle Chloe’s voice. Jiang FeiFei sighs, why does that girl bring so much drama everytime she calls! Resigned to the fact she needs to find out what is going on with her friend in a low voice tells her mother, “Mom, I need to take this call.”

    Looking at her daughter’s distraught appearance she wrinkles her thin eyebrows together after hearing Chen Chloe’s shrill voice on the phone. Chen Chloe is not a good thing. I need to talk to FeiFei..she needs to find a new best friend. “FeiFei..”

   “Mom, I will be right back.” She hurriedly walks to the bathroom. Once inside she says, “Chloe, why were you yelling! My mom could hear you.”

   “FeiFei! I am in big trouble. I need you!”

   “What is going on? Why do you sound so hysterical?”

   “I can’t tell you on the phone. I need you to come to my house. It’s that slutty bitch Chen Emmi! It is all her fault I am going to be killed!”

   “HUH? KILLED? Chloe don’t be so melodramatic.”

  Chen Chloe paces back and forth in the living room then kicks the couch, “Do you think I would be in a panic if it wasn’t serious? Let me tell you FeiFei, that little whore hooked up with an Underworld Boss.”

    Jaing FeiFei’s mother knocks on the bathroom door, “FeiFei, lunch is being served. Don’t make your grandparents wait for you.”

   “Okay. Sorry, Mom… I will be right there.”

 Jiang FeiFei turns on the faucet so the water drowns out her voice. “No way. Your cousin is too much! Seducing my brother Weiming isn’t enough? Now, she is putting a green hat on him with a gangster. UNBELIEVABLE!”

   “You need to help me…I will tell you the whole story when you get here.”

   “Okay. I will get out of lunch and be there as fast as I can.”

   “Good. Hurry.”

   Jiang FeiFei has been Chen Chloe’s best friend since elementary school and she has never heard her friend in such a state of panic. It has become routine for Chloe to scheme and plot against her Cousin Emmi. She has never been caught..what in the world happened this time? Did she go too far?

   When Jiang FeiFei walks to the living room she holds her stomach, “Mom…I don’t feel well.”


    Chen Chloe nervously sits in the living room waiting for her friend when the doorbell rings Chloe hurries to the door thinking it is Jiang FeiFei. Chloe stares at the beautiful blonde woman wearing a long black leather coat and stylish black boots with 10cm heels. The woman is holding a long wide box in her hands.

     Upset because the person isn’t Jiang FeiFei she sneers, “Who are you?”

     Maisie has a sarcastic tone, “Is it a maid’s place to ask?”

     “A maid! I am Chen Chloe!”

     “Are you short of servants?”

     Chen Chloe’s hair stands up on the back of her neck, “Is this for my mother?” She impatiently holds out her hands. “You can give me the package.” I don’t have time to deal with you! 

   Maisie’s eyes sweep over the area and when she doesn’t detect anyone around she hands her the box. In one fluid motion she steps into the foyer, smoothly grabbing Chen Chloe’s neck with one hand. Holding a dagger in the other she presses the dull side of the blade against the terrified girl’s throat, “I am here to remind you to treat Chen Emmi with respect or face the consequences.” Bai Meilin told Maisie to frighten Chen Chloe but not harm her so she didn’t draw blood.

    The woman lets go of her neck and Chen Chloe drops the dress box onto the floor. Stunned, she touches her throat and feels a drop of warm liquid. Ahhh…“WuuHuuuu.. What the hell!” Tears stream down her face..“I’m disfigured! Chen Emmi!”  Who are these people?

She runs into the bathroom and turns on the water then stares in the mirror with reddened eyes expecting to see blood. She frantically touches her neck but only tears are dripping down. Putting her hands on the sink she splashes her face with water. Chen Chloe’s heart is pounding from the murderous aura that surrounded the beautiful woman.“OH MY GOD! THE MAN SENT AN ASSASSIN SENT TO WARN ME! AHHHHHH!!”

    Jiang FeiFei walks into the house and hears Chen Chloe’s scream. The bathroom door is open and Chen Chloe is shaking like a leaf while holding a towel on her face.

“Chloe, what is wrong with you?”

   Chen Chloe turns and grabs Jiang FeiFei, “Chen Emmi…That man..he is going to kill me!”

    Jiang FeiFei has a confused look on her face, “What man?” She furrows her eyebrows, “Chloe, what did you do this time?”

   Chen Chloe grabs her friend’s hand, “Let’s go to my room. I need your help FeiFei or I will be in big..BIG TROUBLE!”

    Chloe’s  mother walks in the front door and picks up the dress box then opens it. She holds up the dress and has mixed feelings when she sees the intricate design and exquisite embroidery. On one hand the dress will highlight her daughter’s beauty, on the other hand Chen Emmi will be recognized for the superb workmanship. Well, we will need to keep the name of the designer a secret.

   She sees her daughter and Jiang FeiFei walking towards the living room, “Chloe honey, come here.”

   Chen Chloe straightens her back, “Mom your hair looks great.”

   “Thanks honey, I need to talk to you. Jiang FeiFei, go upstairs and wait in Chloe’s room.

   She notices Chloe’s pale complexion and touches her clammy forehead, “Baby, Are you feeling sick?”

  “No. I just got home. I’m still a little cold. What did you want to talk to me about?”

   Chen Xue shows her the dress, “Why did you leave the dress box on the floor?”

    “Ah. I didn’t see it. Maybe the maid left it there.”

   “Well I will punish the little bitch for being so careless.”

Knowing how fierce her mother can be Chloe calms down a little. I have Mom, she loves me and will protect me. Didn’t she intimidate Chen Emmi’s mother so she wouldn’t let Cousin Emmi compete with me. But.. I need a foolproof plan and a scapegoat.

   “Mom, maybe she was busy. Anyway let me see.” Chen Chloe’s eyes light up then she shrugs, “ is okay.”

   Chen Xue tosses the dress on the couch, deciding it would be best for Chloe not to wear the gorgeous dress. “I think it isn’t good either. I will have Chloe Designs send over a dress. There is time.”

   “But, that would be off the rack… ” She picks up the delicate gown. “I want to wear this dress.” 

   “Darling, then you can’t tell anyone Chen Emmi designed and made this dress.”

   Chloe has a malicious smile because she plans on using Jiang FeiFei to drug Emmi. “Mommy, you don’t need to tell me that…of course no one will know from me and she isn’t the type to brag.” She laughs as she swings the dress in the air. “I will stay out of the discussion while dropping hints to my friends that she stole the designs from me.”

   Chen Xue has an excited expression, “As expected of my daughter! But.. the little hoof has the original designs.”

   “Mom, I’m sure you can figure something out. I’m going to hang out with FeiFei until the stylist comes.”  I can’t have those horrible people think I am in any way doing anything to harm that little bitch.

   After Chloe goes upstairs, Chen Xue walks to the bar and pours a glass of wine. I will send someone the little bitch’s precious Art Studio to retrieve them, then put Chloe’s name on them. While I am at it I will have the men burn that eyesore to the ground.

Black Blood

   Emmi replies, “No. I got an eyelash in my eye and I irritated it by rubbing too hard.” She holds her finger out to show Meilin.

  Bai Meilin looks at her finger, “I don’t see it.”

  “Oh. Well..did you bring the backpack?”

  Bai Meilin looks at both of their calm expressions then accepts what Emmi said to be the truth. “Yeah, she reaches onto the white carpet, “Here.”

  Bai Cai says, “MeiMei, I want tea. Go ask the cook to brew a pot of Da Hong Pao”

  When she leaves Bai Cai has a serious expression, “I am not saying I believe you but the symptoms you described are what I have been experiencing in the past year. A brain tumor has been ruled out and the doctors I have seen can’t find a cure. They only prescribe pain medication.”

  “Mr. Bai, I understand you being suspicious…but I am only telling the truth. I’m somewhat shocked myself at my diagnosis. It isn’t what I expected. Such a strange coincidence. I haven’t thought of my mother’s painful death in many years. She asked me to be happy and not think about the past. I think she knew who hated her enough to poison her but wouldn’t say. She didn’t want me to live a life filled with thoughts of revenge. Originally, I impulsively thought Meilin is my friend,…you are her most precious brother she loves…if I could relieve your pain she would be happy.”

  “Do you know how to cure it?”

  “No. I could look in my grandfather’s notes. He was working on the cure when my mother couldn’t hold on any longer.”

  The migraine worsens and since she is aware he doesn’t hold back and holds his head and squints his eyes. “I will give you whatever you want! Name your price” He fumbles for the bottle of pills in his pocket.

  Emmi shakes her head, “I don’t want anything from you. Meilin is sheltered and sweet. She would be devastated if anything happened to you. Even though she is a  timid person she stood up for me at a critical moment so I owe her and I really like being her friend. She is cute and funny and makes me laugh.”

  She takes the pill bottle from his hand, “Taking these is not good either. If you will let me, I can use acupuncture to relieve your pain and try to extract some of the poison. This is a temporary solution though…not a cure. My grandfather would help my mother this way but it wasn’t enough to save her life.”

  He looks at the young girl in front of him who is confidently instructing him. Not many men can look him in the eyes, yet she is boldly speaking to him without the slightest fluctuation in her expression. “Do it.”

  Meilin comes in  carrying a tray with the teapot and three cups, “Do what?”

  Emmi says, “Meilin, I can try to relieve his headache using my silver needles. But..” She doesn’t want Bai Meilin to see the process of blood letting. “I can only concentrate if we are you mind?”

  Bai Meilin clutches Emmi’s hands in hers, “Of course not!”

  She looks at her cold and aloof brother who doesn’t let anyone but her close, “Wait. Brother you agreed?”

  He nods, “Since she is your friend. No harm in letting her try.”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “Great!” 

  After they drink the tea Meilin happily goes to watch the gardener plant the Blue Ice Crystal Flowers. Emmi follows Bai Cai upstairs.. He turns to Emmi, “I can’t let any of the servants know so I hope you don’t mind.” He opens the door to his bedroom,  his lips curl up in a sarcastic smile, “No need to worry.I have no thoughts about you.”

   “…”  Emmy stares at his broad back.. Narcissistic idiot! It never entered my mind!

   He walks over to the bed and lays down. Emmi takes out her silver needles, “ Take off your sweater.”

   Bai Cai sits up and narrows his eyes, “WHAT!”

   Emmi’s lips curl up at his nervous expression, “I also have no thoughts I shouldn’t have about you. I need to insert the needles by your heart where the poison has blocked your qi.”

   He wrinkles his eyebrows together then lifts his sweater over his head, “Don’t touch me indiscriminately.”


   She rolls her eyes, he reminds her of Wang Hao, she shakes her head, Wang Hao.. haha.. why are handsome men always thinking you want to seduce them.. “First I am going to relieve your headache and help you relax. It will be painful when I twist the needles on your chest to expel the bad blood. The needles I put in now will be on your head and neck.”

  He pulls the cover over his chest, “Then why did I have to take my sweater off now?”

   Emmi starts laughing, “Mr. Bai, you are quite cute. Because you will have needles in your head, dummy. Do you want to get the sweater caught on them?”

    His face turns red and he sounds annoyed, “Hurry up.” If she wasn’t Meilin’s friend I would have to kill Chen Emmi for her insolence! Of course after she cures me.

   As soon as four silver needles are inserted into his head the headache begins to disappear. When she inserts three by his neck and clavicle his body relaxes. He sighs from relief, today was torturous being plagued by the migraine and muscle soreness. He had to dismiss the planning team before they finished their presentation. 

  Emmi asks, “How do you feel?”


   She warns as she pulls down the cover, “It will be painful as I try to expel some of the poisonous blood. I can’t numb the area because it will slow the blood flow.”

  “Got it.”  Fuck! Since when does a little pain bother me? Does she think I am some weak businessman? I am Bai Cai! Head of one of the most powerful Underworld Syndicates! 

  “Okay.” She quickly stabs the silver needles close to his heart. Bai Cai’s muscular body convulses as black blood sprays out. He bites his lip but unable to handle the excruciating pain he loudly groans and reflexifively tears roll down his cheek. She quickly stuffs a towel in his mouth.”I warned you! Don’t be a Crybaby! Shh..someone might think ..”

   He glares at Emmi with a murderous glint in his eyes, The girl dare stuff a towel in my mouth and make fun of me! She is dead..dead! 

   Emmi twists the silver needles and as she leans over him the black blood sprays onto her face. She doesn’t stop and continues until the amount of black blood diminishes. When she is finished she is exhausted, she put her internal energy into the needles as she twisted them. After she removes the needles she wipes the black blood mixed with sweat from her face. She frowns looking at her sweater. At least I can change into my dress, this sweater is ruined.

She chuckles, well…what is one sweater ?Saving a life is better than building a seven story pagoda..haha.

    She stares at Bai Cai passed out on the bed. Both his bare chest and the back and white striped comforter pushed to the side are covered in foul smelling black blood. She takes the towel out of his mouth and pats his cheeks, “Mr. Bai..Mr..Bai..wake up.” When he doesn’t stir he doesn’t know what to do. He made it clear he didn’t want anyone to know about his situation. 

   She sits on the edge of the bed, I can wipe him off and change the sheet when he wakes up he can clean himself. She gets off the bed and walks to the bathroom. She returns to the bed with a soapy cloth and a towel. Removing the dirty cover she is glad he pulled it up, the sheets are clean, the black blood is only on the thick comforter.  She tosses the comforter onto the floor and gently wipes his face and chest.  She mumbles,Meilin’s elder brother is very handsome but still a few points below Wang Hao. The tatoos are pretty cool though.” She touches a tatoo of a strange symbol on the left side of his chest. Strange where have I seen this symbol before?

    After she finishes she goes to the bathroom. First she washes her face and hands then cleans the silver needles covered in black blood. Once she puts them in her backpack she takes out a package of medicinal bath powder and puts it on the sink with a short note. She has a faint smile thinking about Wang Hao bugging her for more medicinal bath powder. Sorry Wang Hao he needs it more than you do. Out of energy she slowly walks to the closet to find a comforter. Once she covers him she leaves to find Bai Meilin. 

    Bai Chenxi is returning from the studio and rubs his eyes. Is that Chen Emmi coming down the hallway from Cai’s room?  He walks up the stairs, “Chen Emmi? What are you doing on my brother’s floor?”

   “Oh hi. I got lost. I was looking for your sister.’

    He worriedly grabs her arm and pulls her down a couple stairs, “That is my elder brother’s floor. No one is allowed here.”

   “I will keep that in mind.” She follows him down the stairs.

   When they reach the bottom he says, “Are you ready for the Variety Show next week. Did you study the email I sent you.”

  “I haven’t had time but I will on Sunday.”

  “I had my assistant include little facts about the other contestants that will be useful for you to know. Most of them know each other, you are the only non celebrity contestant.”

  Emmi and him walk through the living room. “Thank you. I appreciate you realizing I am not familiar with appearing on a show. I think knowing more about the other contestants I won’t feel as though I am going in blind. Bai Meilin mentioned she was going to the garden. How do I get there?”

  “I will take you. I want to see the Pavillion Cai had constructed for the dinner party.” He shakes his head, “My elder brother is a cold hearted bastard but will do anything to make Little Mei happy. Is he home? Did you meet him?”

  Emmi doesn’t answer as they enter the garden she points, “There she is. I will see you later.” She hurries over to where Bai Meilin and the gardener are talking.


Bai Meilin Part 2

  Bai Meilin affectionately holds Emmi’s arm and chatters non stop as the luxurious car moves down the highway. The driver looks in the rear view mirror and smiles at the two girls talking and laughing, I haven’t seen the Young Miss this happy in a very long time. 

  Emmi listens attentively and laughs while holding her side, “Bai Meilin, I didn’t know you are so funny!” She wipes the tears from her eyes, “I don’t think I will be able to look at your brother Bai Chenxi without laughing. He really did that when he was in high school?”

  “I am not making it up! It’s all true!”

  Emmi whispers something in Bai Meilin’s ear and she giggles. 

   When they arrive at the mansion Emmi stares at the formidable men dressed in black suits guarding the door and her eyes widen. When Bai Meilin notices Emmi’s expression, Bai Meilin orders the driver, “Tell them to go away, they will scare my friend!”

   “Young Miss, I don’t have the authority to tell them to disperse.”

   Bai Meilin puffs out her cheeks as she angrily steps out of the car, “Then I will!”

   Emmi holds her hand, “I am not afraid. I think they looked incredibly handsome all standing in a row.”

   Bai Meilin gazes at Emmi with an incredulous expression, “Really? You aren’t scared?” She forgot to tell the guards to remain hidden from view. The last girl she brought here was frightened to death by their intimidating presence.

  “Of course not. They are here to protect you right?”

  “Well… yes.”

  “No worries then.”

  “Okay. Let’s go in, I can’t wait to take you to my sewing room!”

  As soon as they enter the mansion the housekeeper greets them, “Young Master said you are to eat. The food is prepared, please go to the dining room.”

   She breezes past the elderly man, “Just tell my elder brother I ate, I want to take my friend upstairs.”

  “I can’t lie to the Young Master. The cook made all your favorite dishes.”

  Emmi can see the concerned look in the housekeeper’s eyes. She did hear that Bai Meilin had missed last semester because she was ill and she does look too thin. “ I hope I am not being impolite but I didn’t have time for breakfast and I am starving.”

   The housekeeper gives Emmi a mental thumbs up and Bai Meilin hooks Emmi’s arm with hers, “Well, then let’s go to the dining room.”

   Bai Cai comes downstairs and witnesses Emmi putting food on his frail sister’s plate while exclaiming, “Oh…this is so delicious! I have never tasted such scrumptious dim sum.”

   Bai Meilin’s pretty brown eyes bend as she picks the perfectly formed steamed Shumai with the chopsticks, Cai poached the cook from his friend’s Michelin five star restaurant..haha…he was so angry but no one can refuse my elder brother. But I can’t say that. “It is good.”

  Bai Cai was worried his sister wouldn’t eat and came home. He has a faint smile watching the two girls  and decides not to disturb them. Well as long as Chen Emmi makes Little Mei happy unless she touches my bottom line I will let her be. He walks to the living room and the elderly housekeeper hurries down the hallway. “Young Master! The Little Miss didn’t want to eat but her friend said she was hungry. She winked at me…I think she is a good girl! Finally, the Little Miss might have a real friend!”

  “Keep an eye on the girl. I have to go back to the office. It is too early to make a judgment.”

  The old Housekeeper nods, “You are right to be cautious after the last incident caused the Young Miss to fall into deep depression. I think if the little girl was betrayed again the consequences..” His trembling voice trails off, “Do you want me to turn on the monitoring system in the sewing room?”

  “No. I told her I would give her privacy when she was there. Just keep an eye for any unusual behavior on Chen Emmi’s part. I will be home for the dinner party later. Are all the preparations made?”

  “Yes. The garden area has been readied and the heated structure for the guests has been constructed. May I ask why you are having the dinner party outdoors?”

  “Meilin was in the garden and remarked it would be fun to have the party there.”

  The Housekeeper looks out the window, “The Young Miss does love the garden.” The Young Master is a tyrannical lunatic but he certainly loves his little sister

  “En.” He glances at the dining room as he leaves, it would be nice if Meilin smiled more.

   Bai Meilin and Emmi finish eating and they take an elevator to the fourth floor. Emmi follows Bai Meilin down a hallway. When she opens the door Emmi looks around the spacious and well designed room, she turns to Bai Meilin, “WOW! This is awesome! It rivals the design room at Chloe Designs!”

  “It was designed by their team, a mini version.”

  Emmi laughs, “I am so jealous..haha..”

  “You can work here anytime you want.”

  “I’m just teasing you. I like my Art Studio. Although it isn’t as good as this I am very comfortable working there. When Ihave a mental roadblock I work in my medicinal plant garden or go out on the lake…or just sit on my patio and stare at the river haha.”

   “That sounds so cool.”

   “You should come over when the weather warms up. We could sew, then go out in the boat and catch fish to put on the grill.”

   Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “I would like that!”

    Emmi opens the bag with her cousin’s dress and Bai Meilin gasps when she sees it, “You designed this dress? It is gorgeous!”

   “Yes. My Uncle cut off my cousin’s allowance when she crashed her new Lamborghini. He refused to pay for a designer dress so she came crying to me.”

   Bai Meilin holds up the shimmering evening gown, “You are so talented! This dress is incredibly beautiful.”

  “Thank you.”

“Chen Emmi..” Emmi interrupts, “Call me Emmi.”

  Bai Meilin has a huge silly grin, “I can call you Emmi?”

  “Of course, we are friends aren’t we?”

  Yes! Yes! You call me Meilin then.”

  “Okay, what did you want to ask?”

  “Even if your cousin wanted a dress she is so mean to you. I understand you have a complicated relationship and felt you had to make her dress…but why would you …well.. design such an eye-catching and unique dress for her?”

  “Meilin, although I don’t like my cousin because of her arrogant  attitude and the way she likes to bully me… My mother taught me to always do my best in whatever I do. I can’t compromise my principles because of my feelings. I want to have pride in my work. I want people to be enchanted by the clothes I design.”

  ‘I see.” Bai Meilin has a wistful look in her eyes and Emmi holds her hand, “What’s wrong?”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes flicker and tears form at the corner of her eyes, “I wish my mom was still alive.”

  Emmi hugs Bai Meilin, “Don’t cry. My mom also left me. It is hard but you need to remember the happy memories and know she is always watching over you.”

  Bai Meilin wipes her teary eyes, “Your mom also died?”

  “Yes and my grandfather who I loved dearly passed away six months ago. You have your brothers who love you…I can see how much they care for you by looking at this exquisite sewing room. She smooths her hair, “And you have me.”

  The housekeeper is at the door that isn’t completely shut and hears Emmi. He wipes his eyes remembering Madam. He swallows a big sigh and knocks on the door, “Miss, do you and your friend want tea?”

  Bai Meilin sniffles, “Do you want tea?”

  “I’m good. Maybe a bottle of water.”

  “No, thank you Uncle Ming” She walks over to a small fridge and takes out two bottles of water. When she hands a bottle to Emmi she smiles and touches their bottles, “Friends.”

   They walk over to the work area and Emmi comments as she walks by the window, “What are they building in the garden?

   Bai Meilin replies, “It is for the dinner party later. Did you bring a dress? If not, I have one you can wear.”

  “I did. It is a dress I designed for the Paris Competition.”

   Emmi’s phone rings and when she doesn’t recognize the number she ignores the call.

   Jean Paul paces around his hotel room, why doesn’t Chen Emmi answer her phone? 

Bai Meilin Part 1

    After Zhen Sihao hangs up he returns to the Master bedroom and knocks on the door. Emmi zips her skirt, “ I’m getting dressed.”

  He teases, “Need help?”

“Go! I won’t be but a few minutes. I will meet you downstairs.” Emmi rolls her eyes, Pervert! 

   When Emmi enters the living room he lifts an eyebrow, “Why didn’t you wear the new clothes on the couch.”

   “Wang Hao, too expensive…send them back and get a refund. I will change when I go to my Art Studio.”

   “If you don’t want…I will have the maid throw them away.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous. They can be returned…just because you got a bonus at work you shouldn’t be so extravagant.”

  “Well you are an eyesore in those wrinkled and dirty clothes. Your slovenly appearance hurts my eyes. “ He points to her chest, “Little piggie, you even have a pink stain on the sweater from the ice cream bar.”

  She puts on her coat and wraps the scarf around her neck “Who is going to see me?  It isn’t like I am going to school.”

   He growls, “Let’s go.” He shakes his head, what woman doesn’t want a new set of designer clothes for fucks sake!

     She has to quicken her pace to keep up with his long strides. She can tell he is angry by the dark aura surrounding him.  Feeling guilty, she pulls on his sleeve and looks up at him with a sincere expression, “Wang Hao, thank you for making breakfast and…ahh…having the beautiful designer clothes sent for me. That was very thoughtful of you.” She scrunches her nose, ” I just think you should save your money…you know in case anything unexpected happens.” Like your women finding out about each other and having a mutiny leaving you without any backers.

    Listening to Emmi, Zhen Sihao’s mood lightens as they enter the garage. He opens the door of the silver Bugatti Veyron and his lips curl up,  SoThe little miser is worried about me.

   When they arrive at the construction office Zhen Sihao pulls into a parking space and Emmi’s eyes widen. “They built a pathway through the my Art Studio?” Last night it was dark and she didn’t notice as they came down the access road. She stares at the bluestone walkway, “Zhen Sihao…why would he..? Did you ask him?”

  “Well since he allowed you access to the road if you got hurt navigating through the forest he could be liable.”

   “Really? So he had this pathway built.”

   So as not to arouse suspicion he replies,“Yes. To protect his interests.”

   Emmi smiles brightly exposing her cute dimples, “This is great!” then she has a complicated look on her face, “I would like to thank him in person but…” She shudders, “No I can’t…I will write him a letter to thank him.”

    Zhen Hao feels relieved, “If you don’t want to meet with him, a letter is a good idea. You can show your sincerity.”

   “I should give him a gift too…hmm…but he has everything.”

   Zhen Sihao still remembers about the embroidered sachet she made for Old lady Ruan. “Why don’t you make him a gift?”

   She shakes her head, “Haha..No… someone as wealthy and arrogant as CEO Zhen would think a homemade gift is tacky.”

  “…” No I wouldn’t! I want you to make me something..anything!

   They get out of the sports car and as Emmi steps onto the pathway she turns to Zhen Sihao, “You deal with CEO Zhen quite a bit, what do you think I should get him? A gift that is expensive but won’t completely break me.. haha. I really owe him for saving my Art Studio..the road access and now this awesome stone path.”

    Zhen Sihao is in a daze, the sunlight filtering through the trees falling on Emmi’s snow white skin makes her look like she isn’t from the mortal world. The little girl looks like a beautiful fairy. Her cherry red lips are turned up in a sweet smile and her beautiful green eyes are sparkling  

  “Wang Hao? What do you think?”

  “Huh? About what?”

  “Nevermind..I will think of what I should do to thank CEO Zhen.”

  He has a mischievous gleam in his dark eyes, you should give yourself to me…wearing only a red bow.

   When they arrive at the Art Studio she opens the door and looks at her watch, “Bai Meilin’s driver should be here soon. I need to take a shower and change. So hurry and sit, I will get the medicine.”

  “Call and say that you have a ride. I don’t want you to rush while treating my injury. I have somewhere to be tonight.”

     “After I apply the medicine you should see improvement within a couple hours.” 

     Emmi’s phone rings, “You are almost here? Okay.” She hangs up. “Wang Hao, Bai Meilin is with her driver. It would be rude of me to have her turn around and go back home.” She gently dabs the medicine on his cheek. “Done. Go.”

   He stands up, “Chen Emmi I didn’t think you were the type to throw away an old friend when you meet a new one.”

   She starts laughing, “Wang Hao, don’t be silly. In the first place, Old friends? the second place, shouldn’t you get back to take care of the wiring problem at CEO Zhen’s?

  Emmi pushes him towards the door, “Call me if you think of a gift CEO Zhen would like.”

  After he leaves she runs into the bathroom to get ready.

  Zhen Sihao reluctantly walks down the path, he touches his face and smiles thinking about last night. 

   Bai Meilin is sitting in a parked black Bentley Mulsanne waiting for Emmi. She notices Zhen Sihao emerging from the forest, who is that handsome man? Did he come from Chen Emmi’s Art Studio? She is intently watching him walk towards the construction office when her phone rings. “Brother, I told you last night that I was picking up Chen Emmi this morning.”

 Worried about his little sister after his housekeeper called him at the office Bai Cai furrows his brow.  “Meilin, the cook said you left without eating breakfast. You know the doctor said you need to eat or you will get sick again.”

  “I know..I know…I was excited to pick up my friend. I will eat when I get home.”

   The fierce looking man has a pampering tone, “Well, I will have the cook prepare your favorite dishes. You have to take your health more seriously or you will be back in the hospital. You don’t want that do you?”

   Bai Meilin sees Emmi approaching, “I promise I will eat, my friend is here, I need to hang up.” She quickly hangs up the phone as her driver opens the back door for Emmi.

  Bai Cai stares at the phone in his hand, only his little sister has the nerve to hang up on him. He looks at the folder on the desk containing the information about Emmi, Chen Emmi, you better not have any ulterior motives in approaching Meilin. You can’t be a simple as this information suggests if you are entangled with that  bastard ,Zhen Sihao

Trouble At Qiao Corporation

     Rui and Dr. Woo are watching from a short distance away.  Rui clenches his fist at his side. LiMei recognizes Xinghi’s voice? She is Qin Daiyu! Dr. Woo feels the dangerous aura surrounding Rui. He holds onto Rui’s arm, in a low voice he says,”Don’t disturb them. He has barely begun.”

   LiMei stares past Xinghi, she wrinkles her nose while looking suspiciously at Rui and Dr. Woo. She crooks her finger for Xinghi to come closer. Speaking in a hushed voice she says,“Uncle Xinghi isn’t that man, the handsome doctor who saved Kuang Bo in the mountains. Why is he here?”

  Xinghi isn’t sure how to respond before he answers LiMei continues, “ I don’t recognize the man with him.”  Suddenly she feels her heart beating erratically. “Uncle Xinghi, make them leave.” LiMei feels the man’s gaze is too intense, she can see complicated emotions in his deep dark eyes. 

  Both Rui and Dr. Woo have martial arts skills and can hear LiMei. Rui’s face blackens, she is Qin Daiyu and is pushing me away. No!

  Xinghi motions to them then reassures LiMei, “If that is what you want.”

   When Rui appears as though he is going to rush  to LiMei’s bed Dr. Woo pulls him back holding his arm in a tight grip. He warns, “ Let’s go.” Rui doesn’t budge staring at LiMei and Xinghi.  “Dammit Rui, if you interrupt Xinghi who knows what will happen. Don’t interfere.”

   Rui reluctantly leaves with Dr. Woo but is not reconciled to the situation. He pounds his fist on the wall outside her hospital room “Xixin, I don’t like this!”

   “Calm down. Your interfering will not help Feng LiMei.”

   “Feng LiMei..or Qin Daiyu! I want LiMei..I need LiMei.”

   “If Xinghi is successful you will have your wish. Qin Daiyu is Feng LiMei. She needs to integrate all her memories so she can function normally. Qin Daiyu wants a stable normal life, which is why she created the identity of Feng LiMei and escaped from Kuang Fu. You need to stop being selfish and think about what is best for the little girl. If it is your fate to be with her then you will.”

  “Fate my ass! I don’t believe in that shit! I make my own destiny, and I won’t let Feng LiMei go. She will be mine in this life and the next. No one can take her away from me. NO ONE!

  “Rui, you are a goddamn doctor. You need to think about Feng LiMei for fuck’s sake!”

 He glares at Dr. Woo and is surrounded by a dangerous aura. Rui’s eyes are red and filled with a crazy gleam , “Xixin, I am a doctor as a profession, I enjoy the adrenaline rush when I successfully complete a difficult operation. I like the money this hospital puts into my pocket. I have never been a compassionate man, doing it for the greater good. She is all I want. If I can’t have Feng LiMei none of what I have means shit!”

  “ Rui, your problem is you don’t think you deserve a girl like Feng LiMei’s love. You finally let someone into your frozen heart and now you are afraid. Afraid you will lose the little girl who brings light into your dark life. I know you. I have watched you grow up. Instead of thinking she will reject you, why not have confidence in yourself. The same confidence you bring to the operating room…to the board room. I know you have never been in love before but all relationships have ups and downs.”

   Rui smirks, “Save your breath.I am going to repeat myself. I won’t let Feng LiMei leave me. I expect a call when Xinghi finishes.” He knows if he stays he will barge into the room and disrupt the therapy session. He storms down the hallway towards the main building of the hospital. If I have to chain her to my bed she won’t escape me.

  When he arrives at his office Bai Chiyu is working at her desk. She looks up when he walks into the room. “Dr. Qiao.” Rui is in a daze thinking about LiMei and doesn’t answer. Bai Chiyu repeats, “Dr. Qiao.”

   He sits down at his desk, “Yes.”

  “ Your father has been calling for the past few days. He said he has an urgent matter to discuss with you and has been unable to contact you.”

  Rui has been ignoring his calls but there is a Board meeting coming up. He sounds tired as he loosens his tie, “Chiyu, go make me a cup of tea.”

   When she walks out of the office she looks back at the door. Qiao Rui looks terrible, it is all because of that little slut Feng LiMei. Bai Chiyu knows he personally carried LiMei to a VIP room in the unopened Holistic Healing Wing. She should just go die! How did she seduce him? There is nothing special about the little witch! 

   Rui returns his father’s call, “What?”

  “You ungrateful bastard! I have been calling you for three days!”

 “I’m on the phone now, what do you want?”

 “You need to come home. I will discuss it with you then.”

 “I’m busy. Tell me or I will be hanging up.”

  “If you aren’t here within the hour I will have the caretaker remove your mother’s ashes and flush them down the fucking toilet.”

   Rui stands up and the veins bulge on his neck, “DO YOU WANT TO DIE OLD MAN!” 

  “If you had the ability I would already be in the ground. I know you hate me but Qiao Corporation was built by your mother and I. Do you want to see it go bankrupt?”

   Since LiMei was kidnapped in Cambodia all his attention has been on her. He ignored several calls from the Director and his father. “I am coming.”

   When Bai Chiyu returns to the office Rui is gone. She frowns as she sets the tea down, did Dr. Qiao go back to Feng LiMei’s room? I thought when he broke his engagement with Wang Rebecca I would have a chance.

   Wearing designer sunglasses, Wang Rebecca is  sitting on a deck chair under an umbrella on a luxurious yacht in the Mediterranian.  She takes offthe large pair of sunglasses then leans back adjusting her red string bikini as a muscular man kneels rubbing lotion on her slender thighs. He tenderly strokes her soft skin, his hand reaches up to the red bikini bottom untying the string holding up the tiny piece of fabric. He spreads her legs, exposing her smooth sensitive area, and begins licking and sucking on her pink flower petals. Not far away a handsome man is drinking a medicinal tonic watching them.

    When the muscular man begins to thrust his finger in and out of Rebecca the handsome man watching the obscene play puts hand into his swim trunks. Since he was injured by Nikolai Naralov at Diego Bellini’s party Ivan Rushnikov has been unable to touch a woman. He has developed some perverted fetishes, watching sex play is one of his favorites. He sets down the bitter drink and slides off the swim trunks. Laying naked on the recliner he begins to rub himself.

Ivan Rushnikov was in Pushong City he went with a business associate to Sun Woo’s brothel the man suggested he become a voyeur to get some satisfaction. While he was there he saw Wang Rebecca being sexially abused by three men. It was the first time his body had a reaction so he bought her on a whim. Since then he has had different men play with her body in front of him,  when she climaxes she must call out his name. The man today is the Captain of the yacht. He was reluctant but Ivan Rushnikov forced him by saying either he has sex with Wang Rebecca or he becomes a eunuch.

   Wang Rebecca has taken an aphrodisiac and lays back enjoying the feeling of the cool ocean breeze and the man’s hot hands stimulating her body. After Rui sent her to Sun Woo she endured a tortuous month being manhandled and bullied. Most of the men were wealthy married businessmen who wanted to vent on a beautiful woman. But this taught her a valuable lesson, she learned to smile and be flirtatious under the most despicable circumstances so she could survive.

The only goal she has in life is to seek revenge on Qiao Rui for tossing her away and her adopted brother Wang Kai whose betrayal wounded her more deeply. She kept thinking he would come and save her from that hell but he never made an attempt. She discovered after Ivan Rushnikov bought her that Wang Kai married Zhou Dandan.

   The Captain becomes excited as Wang Rebecca’s body reacts, her soft moans arousing him. He forgets he was forced to have sex with her and he tears off her bikini top exposing her large breasts. Unable to resist temptation he buries his head between her soft breasts then begins sucking and licking her erect buds. She runs her fingers through his hair and whispers, “Help me run away.”

   The Captain gazes up at Rebecca’s beautiful flushed face, her almond shaped brown eyes are watery and she is fluttering her eyelashes. She looks like a fragile doll but if I do I am dead. He has no intention of helping but he kisses her lips then presses his mouth on her ear, “I will try.”  Right now all he can think about is putting his throbbing member into her dripping wet pussy.

   The handsome man watching them hears her plea, she asks every man lately to ‘help her’. He laughs, In a weak moment I did what the slut begged me to do and fucked with Qiao Corporation so she would give me the best visuals…now… ungrateful bitch…do you think any of these men will risk their life for a piece of ass that has been had by a so many men. You really are an arrogant bitch.

Wang Rebecca is clinging to The Captain as he penetrates deeper and deeper, she cries out as she spasms in pleasure…”MMMM..Ivan..Ahhh..Ivan..You are so big..Ahh..”

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