Meng Po Has LingLing

 At an exclusive club in Kazan in a VIP private room empty liquor bottles littered a table. An  ambiguous smell mixed with tobacco smoke lingered in the air. A naked blonde bearing a seven point resemblance to Merri was kneeling between Alexi’s muscular thighs. 

In the hallway, Sydney impatiently knocked on the door of the room. After the incident at the villa he took WeiWei to a luxurious hotel suite.

He finally coaxed her to kreep the kidnapping a secret and not reveal her ordeal to her father. Once she promised, he went to the hospital to deal with LingLing. She wasn’t there, and was furious.  

When there was no immediate response the usually unflappable man was visibly agitated and ordered,“Open the goddamn door.”

Alexi motioned to Dimitri and he walked over to the door. He opened it and said, “The Boss doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

 The heavy wooden door swung open and Sydney pushed past Dimitri. He glared at the young woman on her knees sending a shiver down her spine. His intimidating voice was dripping with contempt, “Get out!”

   Desperately wanting to flee from this suffocating atmosphere, the woman was frightened and on the verge of tears. As she tried to stand up Alexi pushed her back down, gripping her messy black hair he growled, “Did I say you could go?”

 Sydney snarled, “LingLing disappeared.”

Alexi hadn’t anticipated this turn of events and pushed the woman’s trembling shoulder, “Go.”

Her eyes darted between the two men then greedily landed on the cash on the table. She didn’t have the nerve to walk past Sydney to get the money.  

 She nervously gathered the clothes scattered on the floor then clutched the white lace dress to her chest. Standing motionless staring at the money she hesitated then turned and ran out of the room.  The atmosphere was filled with sparks and she didn’t want to be collateral damage.

Alexi arched his swordlike eyebrow, “I thought she was in custody.”

“Meng Po, the bastard, got her out.”

“Does she know about the upcoming shipment?”

“She isn’t aware, but she is still a threat. We need to find her.”

“Fuck! Instead of worrying about your little mistress you should have kept your wife under control.”

 Sydney did regret not immediately getting LingLing out of jail. But, besides the fact WeiWei was his mistress, he still hasn’t locked down the negotiations with her father. “WeiWei was used by Meng Po because he wanted to disrupt my negotiations with Chairman Gao. I had no idea the Russian police couldn’t detain one woman or that Meng Po would take her away.”

While Sydney and Alexi were discussing LingLing she was tied to a chair in the back room of Meng Po’s Casino.

 LingLing didn’t want to leave the hospital she was waiting for Sydney.  Her keen sense of self preservation told her that she wouldn’t have a good ending with either man. But, after careful thought she believed Sydney was the better choice. She was relying on the hope that after so many years together he wouldn’t kill her. Meng Po was a different story, he was unpredictable and they had a shallow relationship.

When the woman disguised as a nurse revealed Meng Po sent her, LingLing unilaterally refused to leave. Unfortunately, the woman injected her with a sedative and with the help of an accomplice took her out of the hospital.

Meg Po knelt down in front of the chair, face to face with LingLing. He waved the knife in his hand, ”Where is that son of a bitch, Viktor Rushkin?”

 Still groggy from the sedative LingLing struggled to regain her wits. “How…how would I know?” Why is he asking about Viktor?

 “You better think hard about where he might be.” He had a ruthless glint in his eyes as he pressed the tip of the knife on her throat.

 Blood trickled down her slender neck and she hissed from the stinging pain. “Honey, I really don’t know. What happened?”

“The cunning bastard fucked me good. I’m sure it was his doing that Zaranski found out about my dealings with the German and retaliated.Then he set a trap for me when I went to retrieve the merchandise.”

LingLing was stunned, that means Sydney knows not only about the stolen artifacts but also Meng Po. Viktor isn’t someone who acts on his own. “Meng Po, you have to believe me! I really don’t know! At the gallery that night, Irina was supposed to drug him. How could he know about the stolen artifacts? They were hidden in the vault.”

“You clearly underestimated him. Now thanks to your stupidity, I am in deep shit You either help me find the motherf**ker so I can cut him into a thousand pieces or I will use you as a substitute to vent my anger.”

Cold sweat dripped down her forehead and her body quivered, Meng Po stared at her like she was a dead person. “I can find him. But, Viktor would never make a decision on his own. Sydney or Alexi gave the order, they must know about us. She pleaded,“You need to protect me, I betrayed Sydney for you.”

 Meng Po scoffed and a cruel laugh revealed his attitude, “For me? You can deal with the consequences by yourself. I want Viktor Rushkin and you are going to lure him into my net.”

Merri’s body was nestled in his embrace as Viktor carried her back to the cabin. He had a satisfied smile as he kissed the top of her head. 

Once inside the cabin he gently laid her on the couch, “I am going to run a bath.”

She was exhausted and faintly murmured, “Hmm…”

Gazing at the fragile beauty on the couch, his eyes were full of affection. Viktor bent down and gently kissed Merri then brushed a strand of hair away from her face and leaned in to kiss her again, this time more passionately.

Merri responded to his kiss, her weariness momentarily forgotten. The room filled with an air of tenderness and desire as they lost themselves in each other’s embrace.

After a few moments, Viktor pulled away gently, his gaze still locked with Merri’s. He pressed his lips on her forehead one more time before rising from the couch.

After he walked to the bathroom Merri lay on the couch with a contented smile on her beautiful face.

While waiting she gazed at the fire burning in the fireplace savoring the warm feeling of being with the man she adored .

Moments later, the sound of running water filled the cabin as Viktor returned, a soft towel in hand. He approached the couch, his gaze filled with tenderness as he gently lifted Merri into his arms once again. Supporting her against his chest, he carried her into the bathroom, where a fragrant, warm bath awaited.

Lowering Merri into the soothing water, Viktor couldn’t take his eyes off of her tempting body. He knelt by the side of the tub and caressed her soft cheek flushed red from the warm water.

His obsidian eyes were swirling with desire and his voice was low and full of evil charm. “Should I join you?”


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