Take Me Away Part 1

 Gazing at the fragile girl wrapped in his arms, Rui tenderly rubs the crease between her wrinkled eyebrows. I can’t be rash…LiMei has experienced nightmares before and forgotten them when she woke up. 

He kisses her forehead,I can only hope that is the case this time. I will wait until she wakes up to make a decision.I will do whatever is necessary to hold on to LiMei. 

 In a courtyard not far away, Su Wanqing is in a rage. Why won’t Master help me? That little slut is not good enough for Brother Rui! She is nothing… useless trash! What qualifications does she have to be his wife? Only I am worthy of him!

Liu Mo quickens his pace towards the courtyard when he sees Su Wanqing’s distraught appearance. His heart is beating rapidly, the closer he gets to her his blood surges and his body is on fire. The Gu worm she fed him gnaws on his heart and he can barely control his desire.

His mind is in disarray and his emotions are out of control.

Earlier, after he left Su Wanqing all he could think about was her., Tormented by the thought of being separated, he even thought of kidnapping her if she refused to go with him.

He sat on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair staring at a pile of clothes and an empty suitcase. Father won’t let me stay on the island any longer but I absolutely can not leave without QingQing!

 Leaping over the fence he lands by a broken wooden rack on the ground. Su Wanqing is smashing pots while sobbing hysterically. Precious medicinal herbs are scattered everywhere admidst broken pieces of clay.

Witnessing the chaotic scene, the lovesick boy clenches his fists. It must be Qiao Rui that upset her again! I need to fucking kill that bastard for hurting my sweet QinqQing!

Standing behind Su Wanqing, he encircles her waist with his arms and leans his head on her shoulder. His voice is soft as he presses his mouth on her ear, “Don’t cry. I’m here.” 

She turns around and hugs him. Perfect timing…I couldn’t have planned this any better…now to convince the fool to take me with him.  

She bites her lower lip and pouts, “Brother Mo, I don’t want to stay on the Island. I want to go with you when you leave. You are the only person that cares about me.”

 He hides his excitement and wipes the tears off her face with his finger, “What happened?”

 “Feng LiMei…she turned Master against me! I thought I could endure after having my feelings trampled by Qiao Rui. I have you now and am very happy. But Master…. He told me to stay in my courtyard and not appear in front of him again!”

 “Because of Feng LiMei?”

 “Hmmm…she told him it was because of me she was trapped on the mountain.”

Su Wanqing lifts her head and his heart throbs. Her eyes are red and tears are hanging on her quivering eyelashes. 

He wants to kill Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei!

He hesitates because he wants her to leave with him, but his sense of righteousness prevails. QingQing is a sweet girl… she would never harm anyone…she shouldn’t be wronged like this. “I will go and tell Master Wong that you had nothing to do with it! It was that kid and her stupidity!”

 She anxiously holds onto his shirt afraid her lies will be exposed. “No. I don’t want you to get involved. Master won’t believe you. I just want to leave. I treated him not only as my Master, but as my father for so many years… and…and he took an outsider’s word over mine. Please take me away.”

 Liu Mo caresses her cheek, “Of course you can come with me. The airplane my father is sending will be here in the morning.” I couldn’t be any happier!

 Standing on her tiptoes she kisses his lips then looks at him adoringly, “Brother Mo…Sorry to trouble you.”

 A brilliant smile lights up his boyishly handsome face, “No trouble. I love you QingQing…I love you so much.”

 He kisses her deeply and his hand rubs her waist. When they are breathless he lifts her into his arms, “QingQing…”

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