Viktor takes Merri To The Hotspring Part 2

Viktor fixed her scarf then put his hands on Merri’s thin waist then lifted her onto the horse. He stepped into the stirrup, swung his long leg over the horse and sat behind her. Merri’s heart skipped a beat, she tilted her head, “I’m a little scared.”

 He gently kissed her then smiled, “I’m here, don’t worry.”

Viktor wrapped his arms around her willow thin waist and pulled her backward into his warm embrace. He could feel her slender body quivering and whispered in her ear, “Trust me.”

 Once they left the stables the horse began galloping through the snowy pasture towards the forest. Merri gasped, “Ahh! Slow down!”

  He laughed, “Czar hasn’t been ridden in a while he is excited.”

  “Won’t he slip in the snow?”

 “No. ”

  Merri was scared to death as the horse charged forward, her hands clutched Viktor’s jeans and her knuckles were white. In a barely audible voice she, “Please slow down. I’m going to fall.” Her face was pale and her eyes were shut tight.

He reined in the galloping horse and leaned into her ear, “Better?”

  “Much. I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.”

   Merri enjoyed the ride after she calmed down, “Where are we going?”


  The sun was setting when they arrived at the base of a snow covered mountain. Merri saw the steam from the hot spring and turned her head, “Wow! A hot spring!”

  He rode past the hot spring to a small cabin and stopped. He jumped off the horse, then stretched his arms to catch Merri. 

  After her feet were on the ground, she gazed at the majestic mountain and the quaint cabin. “It is so beautiful here.”

  He tied the reins to a post and held her hand. “I thought you would like it.”

   Grinning, she looked up at him, “I have never been to a hot spring before. This is so awesome.”

They walked to the cabin and he opened the door. He used the flashlight on his phone to find the switch to turn on the generator then the lights in the room.

She glanced around the wooden cabin. There was a stone fireplace and the furnishings were simple. Viktor pointed to a door, “There are towels and bathrobes in there.”

 “Umm…okay.” Just bathrobes? No swimsuits? She walked into the changing room and saw the white bathrobes and looked on the shelves. There were only towels folded. She nervously took off her clothes, well…he has seen me without clothes but…  Merri wrapped the bathrobe around her slender body and tied it tightly.

   When she came out before she could say anything Viktor said, “I will walk you to the hot spring then join you. I am going to feed Czar and start the fire so it will be warm when we come back.”

   “I can wait for you.”

   “No, it is too cold in here.”

   He unexpectedly picked her up into his arms  and her mouth was agape.

  Viktor’s thin lips curled up, “Too cold.”

  “I can put my boots on!”

  He kissed her forehead and his eyes were full of pampering, “I like holding you.”

   When they got to the hot spring he set her down on the warm flat rocks by the water, Merri shyly fluttered her eyelashes, “Turn around.”

  Viktor chuckled and turned his back, she slipped off the bathrobe and entered the hot spring.

  “Okay, you can turn around now.”

   He bent down and rubbed her head then teased, “What haven’t I seen?”

   The tips of Merri’s ears turned bright red, “Don’t say anymore!”

   After he left Merri leaned back and thought about Viktor. If this is a dream…a beautiful dream… I don’t want to wake up. My love wants to marry me! Such a gentle and perfect man is mine… I never thought after Dad died I would be so happy again.

  Merri had her eyes closed and a bewitching smile on her face when Viktor returned. He stared at the beautiful girl with a scorching gaze. In the waning sunlight she was glowing like a fairy that didn’t belong in the mortal world. 

Her long blonde hair was scattered and wet revealing her slender neck where traces of his love marks remained.  The faint bruising on her neck and collarbone reminded him of their fiery passion last night. A few strands of hair  stuck to her delicate skin that was flushed red from the heated water. The beautiful scenery was so tempting his Adam’s apple rolled and his throat was dry. 

He felt a rush of desire and all the blood in his body rushed to his lower abdomen. Viktor took off the bathrobe and slipped into the water keeping a slight distance from Merri. Silently watching her, his heart was beating erratically. It took all his internal energy to suppress the urge to sweep her into his embrace and kiss her tempting red lips.

Viktor poured vodka he brought into a plastic cup. After drinking it, she still hadn’t opened her eyes.

 He had a devilish grin as he playfully used his palm to send a wave of energy towards the sleeping beauty. When the water lightly sprayed in her face, Merri slowly opened her eyes.

Her voice was soft, tinged with a bit of sleepiness, “When did you get here?”

 Although he had been gazing at her for a while he lied, “Just now.”

“I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. I heard that hot springs had that effect.” She smiled, “Now I can see it’s true.”

“I brought some homemade cinnamon vodka…do you want to try?” He doesn’t like flavored vodka but thought Merri might like it. 

“Sounds good. You say it is homemade?”

 “Yes. My mother likes cinnamon flavored vodka so my father makes it for her every year.”

He poured a small amount in a cup and naturally moved closer to Merri. 

 She took a sip and smacked her lips, “I like it.”

After a few sips she was intoxicated from the strong alcohol and sneaking peeks at Viktor.He was leaning back looking at the snow capped mountain with an unfathomable expression. What is he thinking about? I thought he would…since we are both naked…but he isn’t looking at me at all. Even when he gave me the cup he quickly retracted his hand. 

Merri suddenly said, “Don’t you like it ?”

He was trying to maintain his composure, “I like.” But I might not be able to control myself if I drink any more.

“Then..”  Merri took a sip and impulsively pressed her lips on his. ===== he opened his mouth and the fiery liquid entered along with her small tongue. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist and his deep voice was full of desire, “You are making trouble.”

 She giggled then her warm minty breath sent a bolt of electricity down his back as she whispered in his ear , “Isn’t this what you want?”

He held the back of her neck and pulled her closer. His kiss was deep and domineering as his hands wandered down her body.


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