Leo Is Back

Sara is in the kitchen making a chocolate cake when the butler enters, “Miss Song, you have a visitor, Mr. Cadieux.”

 She takes off the apron she is wearing and hurries into the living room. When she sees Leo she smiles brightly, “Brother Leo! When did you get back?”

His thin lips curl up into a faint smile, “This morning.”

Sara helps him take off  his coat then takes his hand, “I was just about to put a cake in the oven. Come in the kitchen.”

They walk hand in hand through the dining room to the kitchen. Leo enjoys the warm feeling of being with Sara. He can hardly contain the urge to tell her that he is her twin brother. But, he holds back knowing the truth will be revealed soon.

He sits at the kitchen table and she asks, “Do you want something to eat?”

“No. I had lunch before I came.”

 She pours cake batter into two pans then puts them in the oven.“How long will you be in Bashu City?”

“A couple weeks. How are you feeling?”

“Really good. I have a check up tomorrow.” She chuckles as the babies kick, “The babies are quite active.”

She walks over to him, “Do you want to feel them kicking?”

He gazes at her round belly and doesn’t move his hand.

Sara laughs and takes his hand, “Don’t be shy.” She puts his hand on her stomach anxious to see his reaction.

He has a complicated expression and his voice is tinged with concern, “Does it hurt when they kick like that?”

“No, not really, just a little uncomfortable sometimes. I can feel pressure on my ribs or abdomen. But, it makes me happy so I don’t mind. It reassures me they are fine.”

“After you finish baking the cake do you want to go with me somewhere?”


“It is a surprise.”

“Well, I’m not doing anything this afternoon so okay. I need to be back to make dinner for Tang Wu.”

 Leo’s strange eyes are filled with disdain and his aura visibly darkens. She knows he doesn’t like her working for him, so quickly says, “I enjoy cooking for Tang Wu. You don’t know but he really saved me when I first came to Bashu City. If it weren’t for him…well..I don’t want to think about it.”

 He understands her personality so he doesn’t voice his dissatisfaction. He wonders how she will feel when she finds out he is Li Tian’s cousin.

 Starfire could smell the aroma of chocolate wafting into the living room. She is grinning and sounds excited as she rushes into the kitchen. “Song Sara, what are you baking? Smells so good.”

 She notices Leo and her heart tightens, she is terrified of him and she called Sara in a familiar tone. She deeply bows, “Lor..Mr. Cadieux.”  She breaks out into a cold sweat, Oh my God! Wong Duan told me not to call him Lord in front of Song Sara.It hard to tell his mood…is he angry?

 He clenches his jaw as he taps his slender fingers on the table. Dammit! Fear is written all over that stupid girl’s face… I don’t want Sara to think I am scary. 

  Leo knows Starfire has a strong attachment to Wong Duan so he casually says, “Wong Duan will be returning from Shanghai next week.”

  Starfire maintains her composure but her eyes are sparkling. “Thank you Mr. Cadieux.”

 Sara whips the fluffy chocolate icing with a mixer and shakes her head, Brother Leo is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He must know Starfire has feelings for Wong Duan and misses him.

  He stands up, “This afternoon you don’t need to accompany Sara.” In a barely audible voice only she can hear, he instructs, “Go and get your punishment.” 

   She nods knowing she was in the wrong. Well, at least he told me Wong Duan will be back.

He walks over to Sara, “I will be back in an hour to pick you up.”

   Leo leaves the villa and his driver opens the back door of the black Maybach.

   He enters the car and takes out his phone. “Is everything ready?”

   “Yeah Boss.” 

    Leo has a rare smile as he leans back on the leather seat. He gazes at his hand that rested on Sara’s stomach feeling the residual warmth. He is looking forward to Sara knowing he really is her brother. I have been patient long enough.

   Sara sees the faraway look in Starfire’s eyes and hugs her arm, “Are you excited he will be back soon?”

 Starfire doesn’t want to hide her feelings from Sara. She thinks of Sara not only as someone she is ordered to protect but as her friend.

  “I am. I like him so much and miss him.” She wrinkles up her nose, “He avoids his feelings for me though. I know…I know he likes me too but won’t admit it.”

   Starfire ate a spoonful of chocolate icing,  “He has so many excuses. I confessed when he brought me to Bashu City but he rejected me.

    “Well…maybe he just needs time.” 

 Sara makes tea and the two girls sit at the table and talk until the oven beeps. Sara puts on an oven mitt then takes the chocolate cake out of the oven. She sets the two round pans on a cooling rack then says, “I’m going to change.”


  Sara bumps into Li Shaoting as she walks up the stairs. “Tang Wu, I am going out this afternoon but I will be back to make dinner.”

   “ I won’t be eating at home tonight. I am going to Han Chao’s house for dinner.”


   “Did you bake a chocolate cake?”

   “Yeah. It is cooling now.”

   “You make the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted.”

   Sara’s eyes bend into a crescent shape, “Thanks! I really enjoy baking. My grandmother taught me…I cherish the memories of being in the kitchen with her.”

    “Have you thought any more about opening a bakery? I could invest if you are worried about money.”

   She patted her stomach, “I’m putting that on hold for now.”

  He laughed, “Yeah. You will have your hands full.”

  Sara told him he should take the cake to share with his friends, then they said goodbye.

She continued up the stairs wondering what Leo’s surprise could be.


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