Viktor Takes Merri To Hotspring Part 1

The tense atmosphere relaxed after Vera left and Anya whined, “Brother, I want to go.Your friend owns the Club, ask him to let me in just this once.”

“No. You’re too young.”

“I am only a year younger than Sister-In-Law. I promise I won’t get into trouble. I will only drink a Coke.”


Anya pleadingly gazed at Merri, “Tell him to let me go, pleeease.”

Merri was flustered, she opened her mouth then closed it not knowing what to say. She helplessly looked at Viktor.

He tenderly touched Merri’s face, “Do you want Anya to go?” 

 Feeling on the spot, she blushed, why did you ask me? “Well…I’m not familiar so I can’t say. I would like her to go, but I think you know best.”

 She breathed a sigh of relief, I think that was well said.

Viktor chuckled lightly at her tactful answer, my little angel is so cute.

He agreed but warned, “You can go but you need to stay with us. No wandering off.”

Anya excitedly bobbed her head up and down, “I will!”

The server brought several dishes and Merri’s eyes lit up, “Looks delicious.” 

Anya pointed to the soup, “You will really like this. It is called Solyanka.” She put a kabob on her plate, “This is Lamb Shashlik, so yummy.”

The two girls were engaged in a lively discussion. He watched his sister describe all the dishes and Merri’s expression as she tasted each one. He was unable to look away from her dazzling smile. She is so good…I can’t believe she is really mine.

He was caught off guard when Merri suddenly put a spoonful of the soup to his lips. Her eyes were sparkling, “Try the soup. Soo tasty.”

Viktor swallowed the soup then said, “Very good.”

Merri exclaimed, “I really like these dishes. I never had Russian food before I came on this trip. The food in the hotel was delicious and this is even better.”

She had a sip of wine, “It must have been great growing up in such a beautiful place.”

Viktor thought about all the struggles he went through growing up in this small town. He never thought of it as a beautiful place. This town…Kazan… I wanted to get far away as quickly as possible.

Anya snorted, “Beautiful but boring.”  She put down her fork, “I envy you growing up in a big city. As soon as I graduate I am going to live with Vik in America.”

 Merri had a big grin,“That would be great!”

 A flash of displeasure crossed Viktor’s face, I agreed for Anya to live with me but that was before I met the little angel. Now I need to make different arrangements.

 Merri and Anya didn’t notice his change in expression and happily continued their chatter. 

Viktor finally lost his patience with Anya monopolizing Merri’s attention. He wanted to go back to the cottage and be alone with Merri. He motioned to the server and gave her his credit card. 

 After he signed the receipt he stood up. Anya wasn’t finished eating the dessert she ordered and protested, “I’m not done!”

“Merri needs to rest.”

Anya wanted to go to the Club and thought if Merri was too tired they might decide to stay home. She took one more bite of the rich chocolate cake then put down the fork in her hand. Grabbing her coat on the booth and the shopping bags, she quickly got up.

Once they arrived at the main house Anya got out of the car, “Don’t forget to pick me up when you go.”

Merri called out the window, “Wait. You forgot your bags.”

Anya smiled and ran back to the car., “Thanks Sister-In -Law.”

As they drove to the cottage Merri patted her stomach. “ I’m really not tired. Do you want to go for a walk? I couldn’t resist tasting all the dishes and I am really stuffed.”

 Viktor chuckled thinking about her cute appearance as she swept her plate clean. “We can go for a walk.” He had an idea, I can take her to the hot spring by the edge of the mountain, walk around then soak.

They went into the cottage and Viktor set the shopping bags on the couch. “I’m going to take a quick shower and change then we can go.”


 She went to the kitchen and took a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She sat at the kitchen table and opened the water, Viktor’s sister is so lively. I’m glad she is going tonight. I’m nervous thinking about meeting his friends.

 Merri took a sip of water and gazed at the delicate silver ring on her finger. So beautiful…the flowers look lifelike… intertwined like two hearts…two hearts…Viktor and mine…

Viktor came into the kitchen and saw her dreamy expression while staring at the ring. “You like?”

She impulsively stood up and hugged his waist, “I like…I like very much.”

He lifted her chin and kissed her pink lips, he had been thinking about during dinner.

She welcomed his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. Inhaling his unique scent and being kissed passionately Merri was melting in his arms.

When they were both breathless he stopped kissing her lips and sucked on her neck. His voice was raspy and full of evil charm as he pressed his mouth on her ear, “Instead of a walk we could exercise here.”

 Merri’s face was flushed red from his kisses and her heart was racing. Her eyelashes trembled and she looked like a startled little rabbit.

  Although a fire was raging in his body, e ddidn’t want to frighten her. He caressed her cheek and took her hand, “Let’s go for a walk.”

  They left the cottage and walked to the stable. Merri saw the horses and pulled on Viktor’s arm, “Can I touch one?”

  He laughed, “Of course.” He picked up an apple from a basket. “Feed him this.”

 Merri took the bright red apple and nervously held it in front of the majestic looking black horse. The horse bit into the apple, Merri jumped back and started laughing, “Ahh…”

  Viktor wrapped his arms around her from behind and leaned his chin on her shoulder, “Czar likes you.”

   “Haha..he likes the apple.”

  His warm breath tickled her ear asViktor teased, “He likes what I like…and I like you.”

  He loosened his hold and walked over to get a saddle.

   Merri had wide eyes looking as the saddle then at the tall and majestic horse, “What…what are you doing?”

“I am going to take you somewhere.”


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