Sydney Is Coming To Kazan

After Viktor and Max secured the stolen artifacts from LingLing’s gallery in a warehouse, he called Ivan’s cell phone.

 Ivan’s wife was putting dinner on the table when his phone rang. She frowned, “Don’t answer. Eat while the food is hot.”

 He grabbed a biscuit and stood up from the table, “It’s important. I won’t be long.” Ivan walked to the bedroom then answered.

“Did LingLing Sun regain consciousness?”

“Not before I left the station.” He bit into the warm biscuit and sighed, I am fucking starving. “She was beat up pretty bad.”

“I need the jade statue. I will bring the necessary papers showing she purchased the artifact legally, then arrange for her to be transported to a hospital.”

 Ivan ate the biscuit while he listened to Viktor’s plan.

 Viktor continued, “Meng Po is occupied right now because of what happened this afternoon but he will definitely go to retrieve the stolen goods tonight. If you have your men watch the art gallery you will definitely catch him.”

 “Vik, Meng Po is wanted in connection to the murders and drugs found at The Mandarin House. I don’t think he will take a chance to surface right now until he finds a scapegoat. Although his sister ran the place, it is in his name.”

“The stolen artifacts are worth millions. Do you think he will take the chance of losing them? He doesn’t know LingLing is unconscious. He won’t take any chances because he doesn’t fully trust the woman.”

“Well, I will listen to you.”

After Viktor hung up he looked at Max. “Take the delivery van back to Miki. I am going to the police station then to the hospital. I will get a car to drive back to the countryside.”

Max runs his fingers through his short brown hair, “Do you really think Meng Po is that stupid?”

“He hooked up with the wife of his worst enemy. Stupid and greedy. You don’t know LingLing’s husband, but the man is powerful, proud and vindictive. He isn’t to be trifled with, when he finds out of his wife’s betrayal the shit will hit, believe me.”

“Are you going to tell him?”

“Yes.” I want him to help me persuade Alexi to let me have the little angel, so I need to give him something big. The stolen artifacts and he might order me to kill Meng Po…possibly LingLing. I will do whatever it takes to convince him to help me. I can’t let my precious girl fall into Alexi’s hands again.

  Max took out a cigarette out of a half empty pack, “Do you want a smoke?”

 “Give me one.”

   Max lit the cigarette for Viktor, “Do you want me to go check on the girl?”

  “No, she should be fine with Anya at the cottage. I told my sister to call me if there were any problems.”

Max left and Viktor sat down on a crate. Deep in thought, he blew out a thin stream of smoke. Hmm.. Irina knows I wasn’t unconscious when the art gallery was raided, but she wouldn’t dare tell anyone. 

He finished the cigarette then tossed it on the concrete floor watching the ember die out.he had a pensive expression. 

 In a luxurious hotel in Shanghai, Sydney was in bed with WeiWei. He was panting heavily while holding her slim hips as she slid up and down on his throbbing c*ck. His eyes were blazing with lust, glued to her snow white breasts covered in his love bites bouncing with her movement.

She arched her back and was screaming his name. Intoxicated by her fresh fragrance and beautiful body, he flipped her over and began thrusting faster and faster. Her delicate face was flushed red and her body was quivering as her honey poured down his thick shaft. The last thing on his mind was his wife.

He and WeiWei were laying on the bed after he climaxed and she touched her stomach, “Syd, do you ever think about having children.”

He kissed her then teased, “Why? Do you want to have my baby?”

 She wrapped her thin arms around his neck and smiled. She fluttered her eyelashes coquettishly and her voice was soft, “I wouldn’t mind.”

 He had a doting look in his beautiful Peach Blossom eyes as he brushed the damp hair from her cheek “You are too young.”

 She pouted as she hugged his strong waist, “I am not.”

“What about your career, weren’t you just telling me you want to be in Director Han’s’s new movie.”

 She kissed him, “I do. But, I really love you.”

 Sydney’s phone on the nightstand rang and he pried her arms off him. He reached over and answered, “Did you get it?”

 “I will. I called because there is a problem.”

Sydney glanced at the beautiful girl on the bed staring at him with an aggrieved expression. He sighed, the little thing is so naive and innocent. She has no idea...have my baby? Impossible. He put on a robe then walked into the living room of the suite. “Speak.”

 “Last night someone drugged me and I was unconscious. Apparently the art gallery was raided and LingLing was arrested. I don’t know all the details but I think Meng Po was behind it.”

  Sydney’s eyes narrowed, “Meng Po? Did you get LingLing out of jail?” He recalls ignoring her phone call last night.

  “I wanted to call you first before I went to the jail. I don’t have proof but I believe they were working together.”

 Sydney tightened his grip on the phone, “Why do you say that?”

 “I saw them together yesterday morning. I hesitated to call you because I didn’t know the situation. But, I discovered a hidden store room at her Art Gallery filled with stolen art.”

 “Leave the bitch in jail until I get there.”

  Viktor decided to change his plan, “If that is what you want.”

 “I will arrive in Kazan in the morning.”

 Sydney walked back over to the messy bed.The beautiful young girl sat up with the quilt covering her bare body. “What’s wrong?”

 He sat on the bed and kissed her forehead, “I need to leave.”

 WeiWei pouted, “But..I thought you would be in Shanghai  for three more days.”

 ‘It can’t be helped, but I will make sure you get the part you want in Director Han’s movie.”

The quilt slipped down as she clung on to him and tears formed in her eyes, “I don’t want you to go!”

 Looking at the tender young girl’s tempting exposed breasts, Sydney felt thirsty again. His Adam’s apple rolled as he bent down and ran his finger over her cherry red lips, swollen from his kisses. WeiWei slipped her small soft hand into his robe and touched his hardness. He discarded the robe and she licked his huge c*ck, flicking her tongue on the tip,then opened her mouth. She could only put half his long thick c*ck and sucked.

He put his hands on the back of her head and furiously thrusted into her warm moist mouth. Groaning in pleasure he exploded and she swallowed. He rolled her over and kissed her lips coated with his essence. Licking and sucking her luscious lips he didn’t want to leave and cursed LingLing.  After he kissed WeiWei until they were both breathless, he lifted her chin, “Be good.”

 WeiWei knew if she pestered him he would only get angry so she submissively laid in the bed while he went to take a shower.

 While Sydney was in the shower he was wondering what he should do about LingLing and her betrayal. Viktor wouldn’t mention it if he wasn’t sure. I knew she was hiding something when she left. Meng Po? How dare she!


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