LiMei Is Delirious

I was sick so I wasn’t able to update, but I will try to keep a regular schedule now. Enjoy the chapter!

LiMei weakly pushes Rui’s chest and pouts, “I’m still mad at you.” 

 His slender finger tucks her loose hair behind her ear and he lifts her chin, “Baby, I will be honest with you from now on, I promise.”

 Rui has a faint smile as she leans on his shoulder and mumbles, “You better.”

The medicine makes LiMei sleepy and she closes her eyes. He needs to talk to Wong Hu so he lays her down on the couch then goes to the study.

Crouched down by the window peeping at the situation for a while, Su Wanging has an ugly expression. Livid that she had supplied the necessary ingredient to cure her enemy she could barely control her anger. I went to so much trouble to get the Pycarius Berries and it was for his wife! So she could get pregnant!

When she witnessed Rui feeding LiMei the medicine with his eyes full of love and pampering she was infuriated. That little bitch! I will kill her! I am the only woman who can have Brother Rui’s child!

 Composing herself she takes a deep breath then picks up the basket of herbs for Wong Hu. She enters through the side entrance to the medicine room and stares at LiMei asleep on the couch. After she sets down the basket with various herbs on a table,  she sits on the edge of the couch.

A small red snake that is wound around her arm hisses. The snake lifts it’s diamond shaped head and Su Wanqing affectionately strokes it. Her lips curl up into a malicious smile as she whispers, “My darling, do you think this wench is worthy of such an outstanding and virile man?”

  The snake spits out its tongue and hisses as Su Wanqing runs her finger down LiMei’s cheek.

Listening to the snake she has a sinister smile. “ Little Red, you are right, we need to ruin this pretty little face so he will never look at the slut again.”

   Rui enters the room and quickly strides over to the couch. He yanks Su Wanqing up and through clenched teeth growls, “What are you doing?”

  The small red snake swiftly retreats under Su Wanqing’s sleeve and she calmly replies,  “Feng LiMei was flushed and muttering something incoherently so I was checking her pulse.”

 Rui narrows his ink black eyes and scoffs, “Don’t pretend to be concerned about my wife.”

 Su Wanqing puffs out her cheeks and impulsively grabs his shirt. “Qiao Rui! What do you see in that little bitch! How can she satisfy your insatiable appetite!”

  Disgusted by her touch, he forcefully grips her wrists and throws her off of him. She stumbles backwards, then undaunted by his cold refusal, approaches again. She wraps her arms around him, “I won’t let you go. I have waited for you to come back for so long.” She tries to kiss him and he turns his head. His face darkens and he emits strong killing intent.“Get out of here before I kill you.”

    LiMei hears Rui’s angry roar and opens her eyes then closes them. He isn’t sure what she saw or heard so he rushes over, “Baby, how do you feel?” When she doesn’t answer and he breathes a sigh of relief and kisses her forehead.

   Su Wanqing holds onto the table to support herself while watching him gently kiss LiMei. Rui picks up LiMei into his arms then turns to her, in a low threatening voice warns,  “We are leaving in the morning. Don’t let me see your face again.”

   After he leaves with LiMei she throws the empty medicine bowl at the wall. It shatters as Wong Hu enters the room and looks around, “QingQing, what is going on?”

   She wipes her teary eyes, “It isn’t fair. All I did for him so he could ascend and he… How could Brother Rui marry that waste of a girl? She doesn’t deserve him!”

  Wong Hu walks over and pats her on the back trying to comfort her. “QingQing, I told you a long time ago that he had no feelings for you. You are only hurting yourself by holding onto the dream that you two could be together.”

  Her fingernails dig into her palms and she purses her lips, then with a determined expression she swears, “I am not going to give up!”

   Wong Hu furrows his bushy eyebrows, “Girl, I am warning you. If you try to play any tricks, I can’t protect you. She is his wife, he won’t put me in his eyes if you come between them. You saw it for yourself, he adores Feng LiMei. He went to great lengths to keep her by his side, even erasing…nevermind.”

  “What do you mean?”

  “Nothing. I am just telling you to stay away from them. They are leaving in the morning.”

  “I want to go to China.”

  “You know that is impossible.”

  She holds onto his sleeve and pleads,“Tell Yang Chenxi to take me with them.”

   “QingQing, do you want to die? Qiao Rui doesn’t want you and if you harm Feng LiMei he won’t hesitate to kill you!”

“Master, I am not resigned..not at all.He should be mine!”

“Don’t be stubborn. It is hopeless. He loves his wife very much.”

   She puts her hands over her ears and runs out the door. “The slut  bewitched him…he loves me! Me!” She runs towards the Plum Courtyard. I am going to kill the vixen now! No…they will know it was me. I will let my new hybrid snake have a taste of the slut.The venom from the Black Demon Snake is undetectable. She won’t die right away…. The poison will slowly penetrate into her heart and she will have a heart attack. I will go to Pushong City to witness her health deteroriate…watch Qiao Rui be unable to save her and be there to comfort him when she dies!

  Rui carries LiMei into the house and into the bedroom. He lays her on the bed then takes off her shoes. Afterwards, he runs a bath, as he tests the temperature he thinks about what Wong Hu told him. In order for the medicine to work they can’t have sex for a month. Dammit! Well, it will be worth suffering for a month if LiMei can get pregnant.

   LiMei is in a deep sleep and in her dream she is banging on a glass partition. A little boy is lying on an operating table surrounded by several men in white coats. She pounds her fists while screaming, “NO! NO! Stop! Don’t hurt him! Use me! Not my son!”

   Rui hears LiMei and hurries into the bedroom. LiMei is hitting the bed with her fists and tears are streaming down her face. He holds her in his embrace, “You are dreaming LiMei. Baby, wake up.”

   She is delirious and clutches onto him, her green eyes widen filled with fear. “Save our son. Don’t let them hurt him. He is innocent…it’s all because of me. You shouldn’t have married me. I’m bad.” She sobs, “Bad…Rui… please save him.”

   Rui hugs LiMei and wipes her tears with his fingers. “Baby, don’t say that… you are good. You are having a nightmare. It’s not real.”

  LiMei shakes her head, “I’m not real…I’m fake. That’s why they took him…because of me.” She tries to break free from his arms wrapped around her, “Hurry! Before they drain his blood!”

   Beads of sweat form on Rui’s forehead and he tightens his embrace. He kisses her lips to silence her then says. His voice is tinged with desperation thinking her memories are resurfacing. “You are Feng LiMei… my wife. Don’t talk nonsense.”

   LiMei hits his chest with her small fist, “You don’t understand! I am Subject 456! I was injected with the Phoenix Serum! They want to experiment on Xiao Jun!” She raises her voice, “I fooled you. I am a terrible person, I was greedy for your warmth and love.” Her voice trembles as she confesses, “I…I am Qin Daiyu… not Feng LiMei!”

    Fear grips him and doesn’t want to hear anymore so he presses on her acupoint and she instantly falls asleep. Rui gulps down his saliva and his heart tightens into a knot as he stares at the beautiful girl in his arms. No..this can’t be happening…what should I do? It might be dangerous to clear her memory again. But I can’t lose her! I won’t!

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