The Babies Are Kicking

Wong Duan looks in the rear view mirror as he drives away. Starfire is sitting on the suitcase, her head in her hands and she looks pitiful. His ink black eyes flicker for a moment and he almost turns the car around. Instead, he lights a cigarette and calls Leo.

 When his phone rings Leo is in an art collector’s mansion holding a pair of exquisitely carved white jade amulets. He calmly says, “Two million,” then walks away to answer the phone, “Speak.”

  “When Starfire and I were in Miss Song’s room I saw her bodyguard Lu Zhen. I think there is something odd about the man.”

  Leo snorts, “You noticed it too? The bastard is obviously obsessed with my sister. Now that Starfire is there to protect Sara, get rid of him.”

  “I don’t think it would be that easy. His aura came close to suppressing me then I could tell he restrained himself. He definitely isn’t simple. Li Shaoting was noticeably afraid of him, it was very strange. Also, Miss Song insisted on keeping him as her bodyguard even after I warned her that he crossed the boundary a bodyguard should have.”

 “Well, investigatethe bodyguard thoroughly, dig deeper than previously.”

  “Will do. I am heading for Shanghai now, I left Mo Yi in charge.”

  “How are your eyes?”

  “Not good. If the doctor can’t come up with an antidote soon…well… you will need to replace me.”

 Leo’s eyes behind the tinted glasses he is wearing change color. Glowing red, filled with anger that his closest friend was poisoned and his sister Lan’er died. “Dr. Liu will solve it, if he doesn’t want to die. He is a genius and has kept the poison under control all these years.”

 Wong Duan doesn’t hold out much hope. His eyes are worsening and he suffers from debilitating pain when the poison flares up. “Yeah. Anything else?”

“No, Take care of yourself and let me know how the treatment goes.”


After he hangs up Leo isn’t in the mood to look at the collection of jade artifacts. He returns to the living room and says, “Send those four pieces. Fifteen million.” He held onto the two matching amulets he wanted to give Sara for the babies. The rare ancient amulets are believed to ward off evil.

The disappointed art collector hands him a velvet bag. “Mr. Cadieux, you haven’t seen the Jade Dragon yet.” 

Leo ignores him and leaves. When he is in the backseat of the black Rolls Royce Phantom he strokes the Buddha beads on his wrist, then opens the velvet bag and smiles. The protective amulets are believed to ward off evil. Li Tian, I will never let you get your hand’s on my sister..or her children. “Go to the airport.”

In Bashu City, Sara is sitting on the couch in Li Shaoting’s living room. “Tang Wu, are you hungry? I can make lunch.”

“You just got out of the hospital, give yourself some time to recover completely.”

 “I actually feel really good. It is hard to believe I was in a coma for so long. When I was in Chengi town my babies were barely little peas, now I can feel them moving around. It is so strange.”

 She smiles at Li Shaoting and touches her stomach, “Do you want to feel ? The babies are moving around.”

 Li Shaoting excitedly agrees and sits next to Sara on the couch. He puts his trembling hand on her round belly. His heart is pounding, These are my little cousins. I really want to tell Sara my name is Li Shaoting, I am Tian’s cousin. But if I do she might run away. That cold bastard better make up with her before the babies are born!

 Li Shaoting laughs, “One of the babies is really kicking. They must be fighting in there..haha..”

 Neither one notices “Lu Zhen’ clenching his fists at his side. He wants to throw Li Shaoting thru the wall right now. That should be me…I should be the one she smiles at and asks…they are my fucking children.

Sara looks up and sees “Lu Zhen’ has a strange expression, maybe he feels left out. “Lu Zhen, do you want to feel the babies? I know you watched over me while I was in a coma so I think of you as a friend.

His mood is complicated, not knowing whether to be happy or angry. I want to be able to share her joy and the babies as Li Tian not fucking ‘Lu Zhen.’ My identity might be exposed by that bastard Wong anytime. Fuck hiding…Later I am coming as myself and try to convince the stubborn little woman to give me a chance.

When he doesn’t immediately walk to the couch,Sara thinks she might have been too forward. She does have scattered memories of him touching her belly when she was unconscious but somewhat aware of her surroundings. “If you don’t want to..”

Before Sara finishes the sentence he steps over and gives Li Shaoting a sidelong glance. He quickly gets off the couch. “I need to check on lunch, you must be hungry.”

“Lu Zhen’ sits next to Sara and she inhales a light woodsy scent that seems very familiar. She looks at him and thinks it is because he would sit by her bedside. She takes his large hand and places it on her swollen belly, “Can you feel the two little rascals kicking. I think they are hungry.”

 His face doesn’t show the turbulent emotions he is experiencing at the moment. He smiles and doesn’t say anything, he has an indescribable warmth flowing through his body. He noticed when he first slept with Sara when he was with her he wasn’t agitated or angry. He felt an unusual sense of calm.

Right now touching her stomach, feeling his children kick he has the same sensation. I want to be a family…I want to acknowledge these children and Song Sara. There is nothing I have wanted that I haven’t got in the end…I will make her fall in love with me.

Sara chuckles, “What are you thinking?”

At that moment the doorbell rings and he stands up. “I will get the door.”

Sara watches his broad back as he walks away, his normally red aura changed when he was touching my stomach and was glowing pink?! He was obviously filled with love. Could he be in love with me like Wong Duan inferred? 

Starfire follows ‘Lu Zhen’ into the living room and he decides to put his plan in action, “Miss Song, now she is here I need to take a couple days off. I discussed it with Mr.Tang.”


He leaves and Sara notices Starfire has a gloomy expression, “Starfire, is there something the matter?”

Starfire wants to burst out crying and tell Sara about Wong Duan’s heartless rejection and hesitates to answer.

She thinks about his hurtful words that her only purpose is to guard Song Sara. “No. Mr. Wong had to leave for Shanghai so I came early. How are you feeling?”


  Li Shaoting comes out of the kitchen, “Lunch is ready.” He looks around, “Where is Lu Zhen?”

 “…” Didn’t he ask you for a couple days off?

 “He left.”

  Sara looks at Starfire, “Did you eat?”

   Although she is hungry she just wants to be alone for awhile. “I did. Is it okay if I go to my room and put away my clothes?”

  “Of course.”

  Li Shaoting sees one of the maids, “Take the new bodyguard to the room you got ready for her.”

  The maid lifts an eyebrow when she sees the Starfire standing by a suitcase. What happened to the handsome bodyguard with the cold expression?  “Follow me.”


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