Merri was sitting up in bed when Victor returned to the bedroom carrying a bowl of steaming hot porridge on a wooden tray. While he was in the kitchen she had freshened up in the bathroom and felt much better.

 He noticed her complexion was pale but her eyes were clear and focused. “Feeling better?”

 She shyly smiled, “Much better.”

  Viktor placed the tray on the nightstand then sat on the chair next to the bed. He dipped the spoon into the porridge and scooped out a spoonful of the creamy white porridge. He blew on the porridge then put the spoon to her lips. Merri was flustered watching him and placed her hand on his, “I..I can feed myself.”

  He held onto the spoon. “The bowl is too hot for you to hold. Eat.”

  Merri blushed and opened her mouth. After she swallowed her eyes lit up, “Umm…Delicious.”

  Viktor scooped up another spoonful. “There are clean clothes on the chair. After you eat you can take a bath and change. I need to leave soon but I will be back in a few hours. I will bring your clothes from the hotel.”

  She gazed at the incredibly handsome man feeding her the porridge and her heart felt warm. “Thank you.”

  “You are my friend, it is what I should do.”

  They were both quiet as Viktor finished feeding Merri the porridge.  The atmosphere was awkward between them, both with their own thoughts. Viktor was afraid he might reveal his feelings so he did his best to remain expressionless. Merri’s mind was buzzing, filled with jumbled memories and she didn’t know what to say. As she gazed at him blowing on the spoon she had fragmented images of her trying to kiss those tempting lips. Did I try to seduce him when I was feverish? But he is acting normal…maybe it was a wierd dream

  Viktor poured tea from the thermos and handed it to Merri then looked at his watch. He stood up, “You have my number if you need me. Anya will be here soon.”

  “You don’t need to bother your sister.”

  “I won’t feel at ease leaving you here by yourself. My sister speaks English and if you need anything she can get it for you. If you get hungry there is a fruit plate in the refrigerator and light snacks.”

  Merri clutched the covers as she gazed at Viktor, how can there be such a gentle and perfect man? 

 Viktor noticed the undisguised affection in her eyes and his heart skipped a beat. “I will be going now.”

 “Okay, drive safely.” Merri watched his broad back as he left and touched her hot cheeks, so handsome and sweet! Ahhh..I don’t want to be your friend! I want to be more than that!

 Viktor walked up to the main house and his sister was in the kitchen with his mother. When they saw him enter his sister rushed over to him, “How is the beauty?”

 His mother took off her apron, “I think I should go and check on the woman. Anya said she was feverish.” After listening to her daughter she was curious who could melt her son’s heart. Anya said he was tenderly stroking the girl’s hair and speaking in a pampering tone. Assistant? No way! She is his girlfriend!

 “Mom, no. She doesn’t speak Russian. Anya can take care of Miss Winslow. When she is recovered I will bring her to meet you.” If I can work everything out…I will introduce her to you as my girlfriend.

 “Anya, go to the cottage. I will be home in a few hours.”

  Viktor’s mother opened the refrigerator, “ Anya, wait. Take this food, you can heat it up for lunch.”

  There was a knock on the front door and Viktor said, “That’s probably Max, he is driving me to the city.”

   He walked through the living room and answered the door then left.

   In the cottage, Merri was nervous waiting for Viktor’s sister when a cute girl came bursting into the bedroom.

    When Anya saw Merri sitting up she ran over to the bed. She excitedly grabbed her hand “You are awake!”

   Merri smiled, “Hi. Anya thanks for coming over but if you have anything to do I will be fine.”

   “I’m happy! I wanted to talk to you.”

  Merri gazed at the exuberant girl and thought about her taciturn brother.”Well, do you mind if I bathe and change. I feel a little sticky from the fever.”

   “Sure. Are you hungry? Mom sent some dishes for lunch.”

  “Wow..that was so nice. But I ate some porridge and I’m not hungry.”

  “Okay.  I will wait in the living room.”

   Anya twisted her braided hair as she skipped into the living room. Sister-in-law…I’m going to have a Sister-in-law! She couldn’t resist and texted her friend. [Sonia, you aren’t going to believe this! Vik brought a beautiful girl to the farm! Your sister will freak out!]

 Sonia was eating breakfast sitting across from her sister and gulped down the orange juice in her mouth then choked. She started coughing and nervously looked over at her sister eating a pancake.

  Vera screwed up her face, “Gross! Cover your mouth, I’m eating here!”

   “S..Sorry.” If I tell Vella I will suffer the loss.I will have to listen to her bitch and cry. She might throw the plate of syrupy pancakes at me. Better to not mention it. [Don’t tell Vera]

[It will be fun to see your bitchy sister have her face slapped!She is so arrogant, sure she would capture Vik]

[I don’t want to be the one to tell her she will vent on me]

[Just tell her I said Vik is home for a visit]

Sonia had her head lowered and peeked up at her sister. Vera felt her eyes on her and slammed down her fork, “Why are you looking at me like that? What are you hiding?”

“Nothing. I was just wondering if you were working today.”

“Don’t be stupid! You know I work every Saturday at the store.”

 “Oh.Well, I will clean up the dishes, you should get ready.”

 Vera looks at her younger sister suspiciously, something is going on. The lazy brat never offers to do the dishes when Mom is away.

 Vera finishes drinking the cup of coffee in her hand and warns, “Don’t get into trouble while I am at work or I will beat the shit out of you. You got it?”

  “Yeah…yeah…I might just go over to Anya’s to play video games.”

 “Make sure you do the dishes and vacuum first. That stupid dog of yours sheds everywhere and Mom will be home tomorrow.”


  After Vera walked out of the kitchen Sonia texted [Vera is working today with Viktor’s cousin. Max can’t keep his mouth shut he will for sure spill the beans]

[Come over to the cottage. Sister-In-Law was sick so Vik asked me to keep an eye on her.]

[Wow..that is a high level of concern for the iceberg]

{Laughing emoji…really!]

[Wait until you see his girlfriend…she is a goddess no wonder he fell for her. She is beautiful and speaks softly like for real…haha not like your fake sister]

[Yeah. Vera really hides her true personality around your brother. Okay don’t talk anymore shit about her she is my sister after all]

[ I wouldn’t if she treated you good but she always picks on you.It makes me mad]

[I have to clean the house and walk Snowflake then I will ride my bike over to your house]

[Bring your dog.]

[Does Viktor’s girlfriend like dogs?]

[She looks like she would]

“…” Vera walks down the stairs and Sonia types [Maybe you should tell your cousin not to say anything]

 [Don’t be so scared. It is time she let go. Wouldn’t it be good if she once and for all realized she had no chance with him?]

Sonia sighed, [Maybe…okay I’m going to hurry so I can see this so called goddess Sister-In-Law]

After they finished texting Anya clutched the phone to her chest and laid back on the couch. She had a big grin on her cute face, I can’t believe I am going to have such a sweet and beautiful sister-in-law soon!


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