Nico’s Father

 Maya propped herself up on the hospital bed thinking about how her life was turned upside down in the last few days. Meanwhile, in a private hospital in Shanghai the man who caused the upheaval was listening to his assistant’s report. He shook his head, “She survived the explosion and Rafael, then tried to commit suicide? What a stupid woman.”

   The assistant stared at the cold and ruthless man, Nicolas Kostros is the definition of a soulless bastard.,,a true sociopath. He mercilessly played with the simple minded woman and used her for a year then let her fall into his brutal brother’s hands. Not to mention his obsessed wife will surely torture the woman now she knows of Maya Hart’s existence. Why did he stimulate Cassandra Diamond when he was finally going to disappear? I will never understand Nicolas Kostros.

  Nico impatiently threw the gold pen in his hand at the distracted man’s wide chest, “Mason, I was talking to you. What were you thinking about?”

  The man picked up the pen that bounced off his chest and expressionlessly handed it back to Nico. In a flat tone he reported “The flash drive may have been picked up by a maid cleaning at the time of the murders. There are no cameras on the floor for the wealthy occupant’s privacy. When I went to investigate there was a housekeeping cart left in the hallway by the door to the Presidential suite. Old Man Wong sent his men to clean the scene and look for the flash drive but couldn’t find it. 

  I checked the cart and I found strands of long black hair caught in a screw in the open compartment at the bottom of the cart. My theory is the woman finished cleaning and walked out into the hallway. The back wheel was crooked and I believe as she bent down to fix the wheel she witnessed the murders. Terrified of being discovered, she climbed into the cart to hide until the men left.

 After I called Housekeeping I was further convinced my supposition was correct. I complained about the cart in the hallway to find out the identity of the maid. The Housekeeper proceeded to curse the woman and say she left without checking out with her or punching the time clock. She only mentioned the maid’s first name but I had Mo check the employees’ records and found her, Ning Qiao.”

  Nico chortled, “Mason,you were wasted in the Prosecutor’s office, you should have been a fucking private investigator. So where is the maid? Does she have it? I could blackmail the Old Man if the flash drive was in my possession.”

 “She must be hiding. The maid didn’t go back to her apartment and didn’t attend class today.”

 “A student?”

 “Ning Qiao is a promising Fashion Design student at H University.That is how I think we should approach the young woman. Have Rui offer her an internship at Blue Lotus Design…it won’t arouse suspicion.”

  “Kidnap the girl and get the bitch to give it up if she has it.”

“I know you are impatient now that you are finally free from your father but be sensible.Do you think Old Man Wong is stupid? He doesn’t trust you. His men will be watching to make sure you aren’t fucking him.”

 Nico holds his throbbing head, “You are right. There is no rush. The doctor will take the bandages off next week and I will be a new man. I can begin my new life as the CEO of  Acheron Group .”

 “What about the silk manuscript?”

  Nico didn’t answer and reached for a bottle of water on the side table.The bottle fell out onto the bed. His hand was still weak from the burns and nerve damage that he sustained in the explosion. He grimaced, “I can’t believe that goddamn bastard tried to kill me over a measly piece of jade. Spiteful motherf**ker! Well, at least the explosion simplified my disappearance.”

  “There is no word on your father’s reaction to your death. Do you think Rafael is hiding it from him?’

   Using his left hand he tossed the empty water bottle into the wastebasket and sneered “I take back what I said about you being smart. Of course he is aware of the explosion and the aftermath. Right now I can assure you he has his people hidden in the dark trying to find me. He won’t let go until he sees my corpse. That despicable man got great pleasure out of manipulating me and using me as a puppet.

I endured until he forced me to marry that insufferable little bitch so he could profit from Diamond Industries. Why not have Rafael marry her? The idiot has loved the boring woman since we were kids. My scheming father knew I couldn’t stand the little princess, but when she insisted on only marrying me he didn’t hesistate

   As long as I can remember I was the ‘Golden Boy’ he created. Behind closed doors he would torture me if I made the slightest error. That sadistic prick enjoyed beating down my psyche and my body since I was four fucking years old. Fortunately, when my mother was alive she would smile and comfort me. Hold me and wipe my tears, telling me the day would come when we could leave the evil man. But… my mother was fragile and weak, dying and leaving me alone in the nightmare of being Hector Kostro’s heir apparent.”

 He drank a sip water then continued, “ I think that was why I was drawn to that simpleminded fool. Maya’s sweet smile reminded me of that pitiful and weak woman. She was docile and adored me without any hidden agenda. She shared my love for Chinese art and being with her was very comfortable.Not to mention the fact she was incredibly useful in restoring the artworks I bought for a fraction of their value.

His lips curled up into a strange smile that made the hair on Mason’s neck stand up. “I think that is why I wanted the last thing she saw before I killed her was her ‘Prince’ proposing. I must say Maya looked radiant when I slipped the ring onto her finger and I did momentarily waver…” He chuckled, Then of course the boat exploded so her fate was taken out of my hands.

  Everyone thinks Rafael was the neglected son which is why he grew up cold and ruthless but my mind he had a damn good life. He could indulge in whatever he wanted… countless women…freedom and no one gave a fuck.” He scoffed, “Shit… My dream was to be ignored by that monster I had to call father. I was jealous and envious…I hated my brother growing up, although I never showed it. I didn’t realized after I married Cassandra he was wronged also. The poor fool was and is head over heels in love with that insipid woman.”

A beautiful Korean woman wearing a lowcut bright blue dress that accentuated her large fake breasts entered the hospital room and Nico told Mason, “I think your idea is good. Take care of that.”

 “Will do.” He glanced at the woman with a bland expression which didn’t reveal his disgust. then left. As Mason digested what Nico said he was somewhat shocked by the revelations about the Kostros family. He only thought Nico wanted to forge a new life because of his suffocating marriage.

Nico licked his lips and smiled, “Here to give me a bath?”

She swayed her full hips as she glided across the floor to the bed. Her voice was sductive as she teased, “I’m here to give you whatever you need.”

She leaned down then ran her finger slowly over the teardrop mole by Nico’s right eye. “You didn’t have the mole removed.”

Using his left hand he pulled the voluptuous woman onto the bed then whispered in her ear, “How could I? Women love it.” 


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