Katrina Gets A Shock

   In the morning Katrina woke up and was looking at the thin pale yellow nightgown she was wearing. She held a strand of her hair between her fingers and sniffed a light jasmine fragrance. She distinctly remembers being so angry she laid on the bed then fell asleep. I don’t recall getting up and bathing or changing into this nightgown.

 She called downstairs to summon her maid. The young woman rushed upstairs and knocked on the door, “Come in.”

  “Maisie, did you bathe me and put on my nightgown?”

  The maid was nervously twisting her hands together remembering Zachary Lawson’s warning. She nodded, “Yes, Miss. “

Katrina yawned, “Okay. Has my family finished eating?”

“ Yes. Your father and brother left for work and Mrs. Kincaid went shopping with your sister.” Katrina didn’t like the maid calling the woman her mother because she was her father’s third wife.

 “What about my uncle?”

 “ Mr. Lawson? I haven’t seen him this morning.”

 “Go see if he left.” I don’t want to see that smiling monster. I will get the evidence I need to prove he killed poor Henry. Tina was hysterical when she said she saw Henry dragged off by Uncle’s assistant and thrown in a black SUV. Henry was crying and begging for mercy saying don’t kill me. Afterwards, when I tried to call him his phone was turned off and no one had seen him.

  The maid was cursing Katrina as she walked down the marble staircase. She wanted to avoid the scary man. When she saw the butler she pulled him over, “Did Miss Katrina’s uncle leave?”


   She breathed a sigh of relief,“Thanks.”

  Zachary was driving to check the construction’s progress on the multipurpose complex his company was building. He crushed out a cigarette in the ashtray then called his assistant, Lou Farris. “I changed my mind. Have Henry contact Katrina to say he went abroad to work in the Berlin office. Make sure he knows what to say and what not to say.” I will enjoy it when she comes to apologize to me. 

  Katrina was dressed and sitting in front of a mirror when the maid knocked on her door then entered, “Your uncle also left. Do you want the cook to prepare breakfast?”

  “No need. I’m not hungry.” Frowning when she saw her red swollen eyes she wished she didn’t promise her best friend to meet this morning. She had no good news to tell her about Henry and she knew Tina was in shock from witnessing such a terrifying sight. The three of them were very close since childhood.

 Hmmm…I will just wear sunglasses. She applied a pretty shade of pink lipstick then blotted her heart shaped lips and stood up.

   She smoothed the white linen dress she was wearing. It was one of her own designs and she touched the flowy skirt of the dress. I think I will add a couple more red poppies before I submit the final design. Studying the sleeveless dress she hummed as she turned sideways staring at her reflection. I do like the cutout and the the neckline … has a Summery feel.

She slipped on a pair of white tennis shoes and put a pair of red high heels in an oversized bag. If i have the mental energy I will go by the studio after I meet Tina. 

Satisfied with her outfit she picked up a short red jacket and left her bedroom. Instead of going to the studio I should go to the police station and file a missing person’s report. I can’t point fingers at that ruthless bastard until I find evidence ,but I should start an investigation.  

Her driver was waiting and opened the back door of a silver Mercedes. Once inside the car Katrina put on a pair of large Fendi sunglasses, “Drive to Morning Glory Cafe. Afterwards, I won’t need you I will go with my friend. You can have the day off.”

 Normally, the driver would be happy but his boss told him to tell him where she went today. To avoid suspicion that he spied on her activities and reported to Zachary Lawson all he could do was nod, “Thank you, Miss.”

  Katrina was pensive as she gazed out the window, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining brightly. All the trees along the road were lush and green, a few were flowering with blossoms.

People on the sidewalk were varied, some dressed in business attire obviously hurrying to work, others leisurely strolling along while laughing, couples walking hand in hand. It was a gorgeous Summer day but Katrina couldn’t appreciate it. Behind the stylish sunglasses, her curled eyelashes were trembling and her beautiful green eyes were filled with tears…Henry…

  She took out a tissue from her purse and lifted the sunglasses to dab her eyes. The phone in her purse was ringing and she ignored it. I will avenge you

   Zachary Lawson’s assistant stood by a bloodied man sitting in a chair in a warehouse. The terrified man was whimpering, “She..she isn’t answering.”

   Lou Farris pursed his thin lips, “Call again. You better hope she answers.”

   Henry stared at the imposing man towering over him and a chill ran down his spine. He thought he was going to die when he was snatched in front of Tina’s apartment building. When he left her apartment he was in a good mood, the sex was great as usual and he made arrangements to drug his stupid cousin later and send her to the old fart.

Once the land deal was completed he would get the promotion and be made Director of Development for Lawson Hotels International. His father said if he could get the land he deserved the title. They could begin construction of the luxury spa and resort.  

  He wanted to cry, now even if I get out of here alive I am royally fucked. Sent to Berlin to a dead end job and unable to return to Riverside City. All because of that little bitch Katrina Kinkaid. Fuck me! How did I know my crazy uncle cared about the little fool.

 Lou Farris was geting impatient, “Dial it again.” 

 Sweat mixed with blood was running down his forehead into his eyes, the stinging sensation was unbearable. Only the hand with the phone was untied, he rubbed the back of his hand across his eyes and tried to focus. After binking a few times he pressed redial with his index finger.

 Annoyed by the ringing Katrina wanted to turn off the phone, when she saw the caller she gasped. She fumbled with the phone and answered, “He..Henry is it really you?”

  Henry remembered what he was told and his voice was light, “Yeah.”

  Katrina tightened her grip on the iPhone in her shaky hand“Where are you? I..I thought you.. Where are you?”

  “I am at the airport. I need to go to Berlin for awhile for work.”

  “I will come there. I need to see you.”

  Henry panicked, “No..no my flight boards soon. I will be in the air before you arrive.”

  She knitted her thin delicate eyebrows together, “Tell me the truth Henry are you really okay?”

  He laughed, “Why would you say that? It came up unexpectedly so I didn’t have a chance until now to call you.”

  “But..but Tina said you were grabbed and thrown into one of Uncle’s cars.”

  “You know how Tina exaggerates. Mr. Farris did pick me up, but I went willingly. It was urgent I leave for Berlin immediately.”

  Katrina breathed a sigh of relief. “I am going to scold that girl! I was worried sick ..and..and jumped to conclusions.” I made a fool out of myself in front of that man.

  Lou Farris motioned for him to cut it short and Henry said, “My flight is boarding. I will call you when I get to my hotel in Berlin.”

“You better call me right away! Before you even unpack!”

 “I will. Bye..oh tell Tina..well nevermind.” He hung up and Lou Farris took the phone from his shaking hand.

 Disgusted by the situation as he put the phone in his jacket pocket, he sneered, “You are so stupid. kid. Did you really think your father would  have made you Director? He prodded you to use despicable means to keep his hands clean. You were willing to sacrifice  a little girl you grew up with for your greed and would have ended up emptyhanded.

I hope you learn a lesson from this. Oh..and that slut Tina Davis? You weren’t the only guy the whore was fucking…” He doesn’t say she was sleeping with his father. After he finished speaking he hit Henry with a chop to the neck and the young man filled with questions and anger fell unconcscious.

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