Why? Why Did You Kill Him?

 Aboard a luxury boat on the river, ZGL Industries was hosting a party to celebrate the aquisition of Moonless Night Entertainment Company. Tired of the superficial atmosphere, beautiful women fawning on him while enthusiastic investors congratulated him, Zachary Lawson quietly went to his cabin to escape. After taking off his tie he removed his suit coat and shirt then laid down. He had been up for two nights working on a new project and was exhausted.

The handsome man was resting with his eyes closed on the spacious and comfortable bed covered in a gray velvet bedspread when he heard a slight movement in the room. He had quite a few drinks and it took a moment for him to react to the intruder.

Suddenly, a petite girl he was very familiar with approached the bed. Her tiny silhouette was barely visible in the pitch black room, she was wearing a black skin tight bodysuit and a mask on her face. Katrina Kincaid’s long blond hair was neatly was tucked under a black knit cap. All that was visible were her beautiful green eyes filled with rolling flames and the shiny jewel encrusted dagger in her small hand. He waited to see what the little girl was up to when she suddenly held the razor sharp dagger on his throat.

 The point of the dagger impatiently poked the beautiful man’s skin as though it was anxious to spill every drop of blood in his body. Crimson red blood trickled down his bronzed neck onto his bare chest and he didn’t utter a sound.

He stared unblinkingly at the young girl straddling his thin waist while leaning over his broad chest. With an undetectable amused expression he waited to see if the little girl truly could slit his throat because of that scum.

 Katrina Kincaid’s hand didn’t tremble as crystal tears rolled down her cheek onto his bare chest. Her hate filled voice rather than sounding fierce sounded soft and full of grievances,  “Bastard! Before you die I want to know. Why? Why would you kill my cousin?”

  The man’s eyes had a playful gleam as though his life couldn’t  be snuffed out by a flick of her tiny wrist. His voice was low and magnetic, “Little beauty, because of you of course.”

   Her head was buzzing as the blood in her body rushed to her head, “Uncle, what…what did you say?”

   “I think you heard me quite clearly.”

  “Zach Lawson! Tell me!” Katrina’s hand twitched from his shocking words. Before the dagger could sink into his neck he grabbed her thin wrist in an iron grip and the dagger was squeezed into his hand. He flipped the quivering girl over and pressed her hands above her head.

   Trapped under his tall and imposing body she was infuriated, “Bastard!”

She tried to raise her knee to kick him but was restrained by his muscular legs. Her eyes widened when she felt something hard press on her lower abdomen, “What…what are you going to do?!”

   He had a devilish grin, “Send you home.” 

    He whistled and two burly bodyguards entered the cabin. Zach Lawson effortlessly picked Katrina up by the collar and flung her towards them. “Take Miss Kincaid to the mansion.”

   Katrina screamed as the two men had her by the arms dragging her out of the cabin, “Let me go! I am not going back there!”

   After they left  Zach had a slight smile as he twirled the dagger in his hand. Kill me with the dagger I gave you…funny. The little fool has no clue that I am the only person in the entire  family that loves her. 

   He put on a black silk shirt and as he was buttoning it his phone rang, “Speak.”

  “It’s done.”

 “Make sure the piece of shit never returns to Riverside City.”

  “Boss…why don’t you tell the little Miss what happened.”

  “Do you think she would even believe her beloved cousin wanted to sell her to an old man for a fucking piece of land?”

   “True. He really had the girl wrapped around his fucking finger.” Zachary’s assistant shook his head, “Damn, I can’t imagine if the punk’s scheme worked.”

   “Katrina is too naive and innocent. She can’t discern what’s good or what’s bad.” He lights a cigarette, “Now that I am back, I will clean up all the trash trying to take advantage of my little girl.” He chuckled, I wonder which bastard I should fuck up next…

  At the mansion Katrina ran up the stairs and into a lavishly decorated bedroom. She slammed the door then fell onto the bed and buried her head in the pillow. “Murderer! You should die Zachary Lawson! I hate you!”

  She sobbed thinking about her gentle and affectionate cousin. Why are you gone…what will I do without you? Henry, I will prove that psychopath killed you and bring him to justice!

  Katrina cried herself to sleep and didn’t wake up when Zachary entered the room after midnight. The party on his yacht was still going strong but he left to check on Katrina. He was drunk and leaned over to smell the sweet fragrance on the young girl’s body.

  It is true that when he found out Henry Lawson’s sick plans he did want to tear him limb from limb and kill him with a thousand cuts. The thought of a greasy old man touching his girl made Zachary Lawson want to destroy the world.

  But, he knew if he did, she would never forgive him. Who planted the idea in her head he killed the scumbag? He doesn’t know right now but suspects her best friend who was fucking Henry.

   He ran his finger down Katrina’s tearstained cheek and then lingered on her half parted pink lips. You are so beautiful and pure. It was my fault for leaving and not properly protecting you. He lightly kissed her lips then left the room.

   Once downstairs he banged on the maid’s door. When the maid saw him she was startled and stuttered, “Si..Sir..is there a problem?”

  His eyes narrowed and he snarled, “You let your mistress fall asleep in her clothes and ask me if there is a problem?” 

 The young woman’s eyes were round and full of fear while staring at his dark expression. It is never good when he gets angry.  “I..I knocked on her door when the Miss got home but she told me to leave her alone.”

“Useless.” He staggered away from the door and went back up to Katrina’s room. He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and ran a bath then walked back to the bed. He bent over the girl’s small body then lifted her into his arms and unzipped the bodysuit. He peeled the black bodysuit down her slender legs then tossed it onto the white carpet. Stupid girl..with your little kung fu you thought you could kill me.. 

He carried her to the bathroom and put her in the bathtub then gently washed Katrina. He smiled as he squeezed the shower gel into his large palm. I haven’t bathed you since you were six years old.

  After he dried her body he grabbed a pale yellow nightgown from the dresser and slipped it over her head.  While he was blow drying her hair, her eyes were closed and she muttered, “Uncle, don’t…don’t go to England to study…I will miss you so much.” 

  Her soft voice was like a kitten scratching his heart and he was in a daze recalling her pulling on the sleeve of his sweater begging him to stay six years ago. At the time he had no choice but to unfurl her small hands tightly gripping his arm and walk towards the waiting car. He wanted to get stronger to protect her from the poisonous people in the mansion.

   Because he was drunk his self control wavered and he embraced the tender girl’s body. Burying his head in her neck he was breathing heavily as he inhaled the intoxicating sweet fragrance that was uniquely his little love’s scent. Baby girl, one day I will be powerful enough to marry you but I need to hide my ambitions for the time being. I don’t want to startle the snake and put you in danger. They cannot know you are my weakness.

   He played with a few strands of her long blond hair then kissed her forehead and laid her down on the bed. After he gently placed her hands under the quilt then tucked the covers around her petite body he left.


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