Get Rid Of Meng Po

    Viktor suddenly sat up on the couch. He devised a two part plan to get the jade statue Sydney wants and dispose of Meng Po. I won’t need to lift a finger if my plan works. He knew the German that Luc Zaranski wanted to partner with on a resort project sounded familiar and had an idea. 

The Baralov Group outbid the German group on a parcel of land located in South Korea outside Seoul. The German wanted  the prime piece of real estate to build a luxury resort and Alexi planned on building a Medical Complex. He wanted to profit from the high demand for plastic surgery then changed his mind.

 Alexi gave the property to Viktor as payment for eliminating the threat from a rival Underworld Boss. Yes! If I can get him to sign the contract Zaranski might give up the jade statue. As far as Meng Po goes, I just need to light Zaranski’s fuse. Use him to eliminate that Chinese fucker

  He put his plan into action by first calling Rolf Meyer. The greedy German had no idea why Viktor would part with the land at such a low price but excitedly agreed to his terms. He was waffling about partnering with Luc Zaranski because his background was murky. But, such an opportunity to grab the land he thought had slipped through his fingers caused him to cast aside his concerns.

  After Viktor hung up the phone he sneered, now, to light a fire under Zaranski. Meng Po’s ugly sister owns that fucking Chnese Restaurant that delivers the drugs to his brother. Zaranski will be furious when he finds out Meng Po is the fucker who got the kid hooked on drugs. That rotten scumbag must want to sabotage Zaranski’s deal with the German and is using his brother’s addiction.

  He called a friend of his in Kazan. This should be fun. 

  In an exclusive gym in downtown Kazan, Luc Zaranski was wearing a black designer tracksuit and wiping his face with a towel. He had just finished working out and was in a good mood sitting in his office. After he tossed the towel at a muscular man dressed in a black suit standing next to the desk he flexed his muscles. He was smiling while looking at his biceps.

 His good mood disappeared when he received a disturbing phone call.  Luc Zaranski threw the phone against the wall and his eyes were blazing.

 He leaped out of the seat and swung his leg at the unsuspecting man kicking him in the chest. He grabbed the man by the throat and growled, “Why did a stranger have information you couldn’t obtain!”

 His assistant’s face was turning red to purple and he was gasping for air. Luc loosened his grip and through clenched teeth spit out, “I want Meng Po dead.”

The man rubbed his throat and coughed, “ isn’t the time. The deal with Meyer International isn’t  finalized.”

 Luc Zaranski scoffed, “Do you think that will happen when he finds out my brother is a heroin addict?”

 “Huh? How could he know?”

  “I was just informed the person who got  hooked is his motherf**king bodyguard. The person behind him is fucking Meng Po. Go bring Lev to me now. You are lucky I need you alive or I would fucking kill you right now. Who do you think gave him the drugs last night and initiated the raid on the fucking art gallery? I would have been busted for buying stolen goods, he would have been caught with a bag of shit! Meng Po wants the fucking contract with Meyer International!”

  Lev Zaranski was sitting in the game room playing video games when his bodyguard entered the room, “Your brother wants you to go to the gym.”

 “Tell him I’m in the middle of a game. I don’t want to go. When is your fucking brother going to bring me my fix! I am going crazy here trying to keep my mind off it.”

  “I will have him meet us outside the gym. Don’t delay, he will be angry.”

  “Call him right now! He better be waiting there for me!”

  “I will. Get your shoes on, let’s go.”

  The bodyguard turned around and rolled his eyes and as he left the room muttered,“Stupid little shit. What a pain in my fucking ass.”

    At the cottage Viktor was dozing on the couch when he got the call he wanted, “ Vik, it went down just like you said it would. That lunatic Zaranski went on a fuckin killing spree! He killed the kid’s bodyguard then his men dumped him at Mandarin House.

    They fuckin overdosed Meng Po’s ugly fuckin sister, her husband and the bodyguard’s brother who delivered the drugs to the kid! They trashed the fuckin restaurant and cut open the bags of shit then dumped the white powder on the dead bodies. Zaranski had his men force his brother to watch and the kid pissed his pants. Chaos..utter chaos! Meng Po must be going crazy!”

   Viktor laughed, “Better than I expected.”

   “Yeah, Zaranski’s assistant took the kid to a private rehab clinic.”

    Viktor’s phone beeped and he said, “I will call you later. “

  A man speaking Russian with a German accent said, “The contract is signed.”

 “I will forward the land deed we discussed after I receive what I want from Zaranski.”

 After Viktor hung up he sneered, that fat German prick had such moral integrity until his greed got the better of him. It is worth giving up that valuable piece of land if I can have the little angel.

He stood up and walked to the bedroom to check on Merri and stopped when his phone rang again.

 Luc Zaranski was pleased when the Director of Meyer International called to inform him the contract was signed. He wondered who the man was who orchestrated the events of today but didn’t really care. He got what he wanted, the lucrative contract signed and revenge on the man who fucked with him using his little brother. “Well played. The statue is yours in exchange for the jade dragon as discussed.”’

 Satisfied he could successfully persuade Sydney to intercede with Alexi, he entered the bedroom. He sat on the bed and brushed Merri’s hair back, soon you will be mine, little angel. I will marry you and leave this hellish world of murder and deceit.

  When Viktor touched her forehead he was relieved that thefever was gone. Merri felt his cold fingers on her forehead and slowly opened her eyes. She gazed bleary eyed at Viktor, “Mr..Mr. Rushkin.”

   He smiled, “How do you feel?”

  Merri touched her seemed earlier I was on fire…I must have had a fever. “I am sorry to have troubled you.”

  “No trouble.”

  She glanced around the comfortable room, it had a homey feel. “ changed hotels?”

  Viktor chuckled, “No. The doctor said you should rest to recover so I brought you here. I didn’t think I should leave you in the hotel when I had business meetings to attend. This is..ah..this is a cottage on my parents’ farm in a village outside Kazan.”

  Merri’s amber eyes widened and she tried to sit up. He gently held her shoulders, “Don’t try to get up. You were burning up all night and the fever just broke.”

  “I..I am so sorry.”

 “There is nothing to be sorry about. Are you hungry? My mother made porridge. I will heat it up. It is time for you to take the medicine too.”

   He reached over and took two pills from a bottle on the nightstand. He handed her the two pills and a bottle of water. Merri’s hand was trembling and she quickly took the pills then drank a gulp of water.

   Noticing the red flannel pajamas she was wearing Merri blushed. Viktor noticed her embarrassment and said, “Do you remember I told you I have a little sister? She changed your clothes last night. Anya, will come and stay with you when I go back to the city in a bit.”

“I really am sorry to be such a burden.”

“Please don’t feel that way. It is not your fault you got sick. I am going to get the food. Rest.”

 Viktor stood up and Merri nodded her head. After he left the room she put her hands on her head, Merri..Merri…what the heck! I can’t remember anything after going to the art gallery and playing the piano.

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