Starfire’s Confession

 The next morning when Wong Duan and Starfire arrive in Bashu City they immediately go to Sara’s hospital room. When they enter, Sara is dressed and ready to leave the hospital with Li Shaoting and ‘Lu Zhen’.

  Starfire’s eyes pop out of her head when she sees Sara’s protruding belly. “Song Sara…wow…”

  Sara laughs as she touches her stomach, “Starfire, are you surprised?”

  Starfire smiles brightly, “Well, Mr. Wong told me but seeing you it feels unreal. The last time I saw you we were at the ice skating rink. Now you are really showing.”

  Wong Duan has been staring at ‘Lu Zhen’. He noticed his dangerous aura when they entered the room. He also noticed the strange way he was looking at Song Sara, he detected a strong possessiveness from the man.

  Leo told him to get rid of Song Sara’s bodyguard and now he knows why. 

 Li Shaoting looks at Starfire with a puzzled expression, she looks like a high school student not a bodyguad, but she must have skills if that bastard Cadieux sent her. “Song Sara said you would be coming to Bashu City. I arranged a room for you at my villa. But, Lu Zhen will remain as her main bodyguard.”

 Wong Duan raises an eyebrow, “Miss Song, I was sent to bring you to Mr. Cadieux’s mansion. He thinks you will be more comfortable there.”

‘Lu Zhen’ clenches his fist as his side and gives Li Shaoting a threatening look. Their strange interaction doesn’t go unnoticed by Wong Duan, also the bodyguard’s cold pitch black eyes seem familiar. He researched the bodyguard and no red flags came up but now he wants to dig deeper. 

Before Li Shaoting says anything Sara tells Wong Duan, “I told Brother Leo, I was happy at Tang Wu’s villa. I like my job and I don’t want to be idle. I also owe him a debt of gratitude for taking me in when I first arrived in the city.”

‘Lu Zhen’ smirks and Wong Duan’s lips curl up into a sly smile. In a detached and indifferent monotone voice he says, “Well, Mr. Cadieux feels having a female bodyguard would be more suitable for you. He noticed when he was here that Mr. Zhen crossed the boundary between bodyguard and client several times. He is worried the situation could escalate.

Male bodyguards have been known to become abnormally attached to their female clients. Especially, such a beautiful woman like you should be very cautious.”

“…” ‘Lu Zhen’ is about to explode and his ink black eyes are filled with rolling flames. How dare that motherf**ker try to replace me!

Sara turns to look at ‘Lu Zhen’ and is aware he has been a little too close for a bodyguard but doesn’t mind. She knows that he comforted her many times when she was in the coma, but never crossed her bottom line.

Before she opened her eyes  her consciousness was awakened and she could hear his voice encouraging her to wake up. Sara knows he held her hand several times but that was to comfort her.

 “Lu Zhen will remain as my bodyguard until Tang Wu needs him. I am afraid when the traffickers find out I am out of the coma they might try to silence me. Although I have no recollection, they don’t know that.”

Li Shaoting is glad he listened to Li Tian and emphasized she could still be in danger. Otherwise, that demonic man would torture me if I failed to convince Song Sara she needed him.

Wong Duan knows when to retreat so he replies, “ I will inform Mr. Cadieux of your decision. He will be returning to Bashu City next week.”

The pretty nurse that has a crush on ‘Lu Zhen’ enters the room with Sara’s discharge papers, “You are scheduled for a follow up check up with Dr. Sloane and Dr. Ling next Thursday afternoon and you should make an appointment with your Obstetrician.”

She clutches a pink piece of paper with her phone number in her other hand. She planned to give it to the handsome bodyguard but didn’t think there would be so many people in the room. 

 Disappointed, she sighs and put the piece of paper into her uniform pocket. He will probably accompany her to the appointment next week. I will give it to him then.

Sara has a dazzling smile, “Looks like we can leave. I have to say I am very excited to get out of here. Starfire, do you want to come in the car with me?”

Although her suitcase is in the trunk of Wong Duan’s car she wants to spend a little more time with him. “I need to go to get my suitcases from Mr. Cadieux’s house. Would it be okay if I came a bit later.”

 Wong Duan knits his eyebrows together and gives Starfire a stern look but doesn’t expose her lie. Silly girl…

 Sara smiles, “Of course,”then looks at Li Shaoting, “I am going to use the bathroom before we leave.”

 As Wong Duan leaves he pauses in front of ‘Lu Zhen’ and stares at him with a piercing gaze. He notices Li Shaoting’s nervous expression then leaves followed by Starfire. Why does it seem as though the bodyguard is the one in control,not Li Shaoting.

 After they leave Li Shaoting has an ominous premonition. “Cousin, that man…do you know him?”

“I do.”

“Do you think he recognized you?”

 “No.” But he has questions, I could see it in his eyes. Wong Duan is not to be underestimated. He isn’t that bastard’s right hand man for nothing.

Sara walks out of the bathroom and pats her stomach then chuckles, “It feels like one of these little rascals is pressing on my bladder.”

 Lu Zhen’s intense gaze is riveted on Sara’s jadelike hand on her small round belly, my woman is finally awake. I need to find a way to get close to Song Sara before my identity as ‘Lu Zhen’ is comprimised. Knowing that shrewd bastard it won’t be long.

Starfire hangs on Wong Duan’s arm as they leave the hospital. She looks up at the tall man taking large strides through the parking lot. “You aren’t angry at me are you?” Her voice is coquettish and full of charm, ” I just want to spend a little more time with you. I will miss you so much.”

“You need to stop being childish. The only reason I went along with your lie was because I didn’t want you to leave a bad impression in front of Li Shaoting.”

 “The bodyguard? I thought his name was Lu Zhen.”

 He remembers he didn’t tell her about Li Shaoting being Tang Wu. It isn’t like him to forget an important detail but he has had a lot on his mind. “Tang Wu’s real name is Li Shaoting. He is Li Tian’s cousin.”

  Starfire’s eyes widen in disbelief, “Emperor Tang is that crazy man, Li Tian’s cousin?!”

 “Yes, but don’t let on you know. Song Sara isn’t aware and Leo hasn’t exposed the situation for some reason. For the time being just go along with the charade.”

 “What about Li Tian? Is he is in contact with Miss Song.”

 “He rescued her in Chengi town after she was abducted but she has been in a coma until a few days ago.”

  “Do you think he decided to leave her alone? That would be for the best.”

   He opens the car door for Starfire then walks around and gets into the driver’s seat, “I can’t speculate. You are to observe the situation and report to Mo Yi. I will be in Shanghai for the next couple weeks.”

    Starfire buckles the seatbelt then asks,“You are going to Shanghai? Why?”

  “Is that something you should ask?”

“Well, I am worried for you. I heard Fu Chian talking to his brother living in Shanghai and the situation there isn’t good. The Scorpian Syndicate wants to expand their territory and have been warring with the other gangs. They are fighting over the control of the gambling dens.”

 Since the little girl is worried I should calm her nerves, I don’t want her calling me nonstop. “That has nothing to do with me…our two Casinos are untouchable. I am going to cultivate with my Master. So don’t try to get a hold of me. I will have my turned phone off.”

 Starfire pouts her cherry red lips and her voice is full of complaints. “I..I can’t call you? What if I need to talk to you?” What if I just want to hear your voice?

Wong Duan tightens his grip on the steering wheel noticing her infatuated expression. Her soft voice is like a kitten scratching his heart. He feels like he is losing his mind letting this little girl affect his emotions, “Dammit! You need to stop being so fucking childish!”

 Starfire clutches the corner of the jacket she is wearing and all the tears she has been holding back flow down her cheeks. She wipes the tears with the sleeve then faces him with red and swollen eyes. “I am childish! I love you! That’s right! I love you! I know you don’t give a shit about me but I can’t help it. I love you so much!”

Since he is wearing sunglasses she can’t see his eyes darken filled with desire and turbulent emotions.  “Shut up!”

  “NO! I am going to say what I have been holding in my heart. I want you to kiss me..hold me..make love to me.Wong Duan, I want to stay by your side forever!”

  Wong Duan turns the wheel sharply and changes lanes almost hitting a delivery truck. The truck driver curses and honks as the luxurious car swerves over to the side of the road. Wong Duan slams on the brakes and Starfire lurches forward.

He gets out of the driver’s seat, his heart feels like it is about to explode and his flawless face is flushed. I need to destroy any hope she has and make her hate me. There is no future for us.

 He opens the trunk and tosses her suitcase out then pulls the handle of the car door. Starfire is shrinking in the seat and the door is locked. He growls in a menacing tone, “Open it!”

 Starfire’s fingers tremble as she unlocks the door; she has never seen Wong Duan so furious. Staring at his incredibly beautiful face contorted in anger she knows she never should have impulsively exposed her feelings.

 He grabs her thin arm and yanks Starfire out of the car. Losing her balance she stumbles, landing on the ground. He towers over her quivering body as he spits out, “Stupid Girl, I told you before but you just don’t fucking listen. You are Leo Cadieux’s property. Your only reason for living is to protect Song Sara. You have the address, go do your job.”

Staring with watery eyes at his tall figure as he turns his back to her, Starfire whimpers, “Wong Duan, you can run away but I won’t give up. I love you.” She starts sobbing, “Do you hear me..I love you…”

He quickens his pace to the driver’s side of the silver Mercedes and doesn’t look back.


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