Maya Wakes Up At Hospital

Maya woke up and with unfocused eyes looked around the hospital room. She was in a ward with three other beds. Two were occupied and the other one had the curtain surrounding it closed. How did I get to the hospital? What happened? The last thing she could remember was the neighbor telling her about Fluffy.

A plump woman in her forties came into the room carrying a notebook and a folder. Her voice was soothing and very pleasant.“You are awake? Do you feel like talking?”

Maya’s throat was dry, “Could you give me a glass of water?”

“Sure.” She  poured the water and reached out. Maya lifted her hand and gasped, why is my hand bandaged? I only had the injury on my upper arm.

 The psychologist noticed the puzzled look in Maya’s eyes as she held the glass with the straw , “I will hold it for you, drink.”

  “I..I can hold it in my left hand.”

  The seasoned professional was good at her job and didn’t want to rush or agitate Maya “Okay.”

 The chart the psychologist read before she came said the patient had possibly tried to commit suicide. The woman was in herearly twenties, with several older bruises and injuries on her body, possibly domestic abuse. Admitted to the hospital with a deep wound on her right palm requiring fifteen stitches and a small jagged cut on her wrist. The patient was incoherent when she woke up earlier and was visibly agitated. The doctor prescribed an antidepressant and sedative. She received the injection at the time and has been asleep for ten hours.

After she watched Maya drink the water she said, “My name is Dr. Morgan, I wanted to check on how you are feeling this morning and get some information. The gentleman who brought you into the hospital was your neighbor?”

Maya wrinkled her forehead, “I…I don’t remember.”

“He told the nurse at the front desk he found you unconscious in the hallway. Do you remember what happened?”

“No. Not after we discussed my cat Fluffy. My neighbor found her badly injured and took her to the vet yesterday.”

“You don’t know how you hurt your hand and wrist?”

Maya shook her head. “I..I don’t.”

“You have several bruises and injuries that appear to be a few days old. How did you sustain them? I am here to help you so feel free to talk to me about anything, your answers will be confidential.”

It suddenly dawned on Maya that the woman must be the hospital’s psychologist. She widened her eyes and stammered, “ you think I harmed myself?”

 She stared at the plump woman with an intense gaze, “ I absolutely did not…I..I don’t know how I was injured but it was an accident.”

Dr. Morgan carefully observed Maya, “When you woke up briefly last night most of what you said was intelligible and you were incoherent, But, according to the nurse on duty you were muttering, “I don’t want to die…” Then you started sobbing, “Broken…broken..I have nothing.

 The nurse called the doctor who then sedated you because of your highly agitated state.”

Maya’s face paled, afraid she revealed details of the explosion and being held against her will. Rafael told her if she told anyone  about the explosion, Nico or him, he wouldn’t let her go.

 She rubbed her temples, “I was in an accident a few days ago. I think I had a mild concussion, maybe my mutterings were because my head was muddled. That could be why I passed out by my apartment.”

“An accident? Where were you treated?”

“I really couldn’t afford to go to a hospital so I bandaged my head and arm myself.”

 The attending physician did mention in his report the injury on her arm was infected, possibly she is telling the truth. “Well, you didn’t have any identification or insurance card so you are in the ward designated for welfare recipients. You don’t need to worry about the hospital bill. This ward is supported by the Kostros Foundation.”

  Maya’s heart sinks at the mention of Kostros Foundation. Nico was very proud of the contributions the Foundation was able to make to help low income families with healthcare needs and housing. She fought back her tears because she knew the psychologist was paying attention to her mood. If Dr. Morgan concluded I intentionally harmed herself or am mentally unstable, the woman could recommend a psychiatric hold. I want to be discharged and go to the vet’s to see about Fluffy. 

 “That’s great but I don’t want to take up a bed that could be used by someone else. I am feeling well enough to go home.”

  “Miss Hart, I recommend you stay in the hospital for another day for observation. I think you should have a CAT scan to check your brain activity. Additionally, your arm was severely infected, the doctor had to debride the infected area and the IV contains a strong antibiotic. He gave you a tetanus shot also, you could have a reaction.” 

  The doctor pushed up her stylish rimless glasses. “To be honest, I find it worrisome you didn’t seek treatment. You are certainly old enough to have common sense. Even if you believed the hospital  would be too expensive there are several free clinics in the area also set up through the Kostros Foundation. Do you realize leaving an infection of that degree of severity could result in losing your arm? I would like to speak to you again later to ensure you are able to take care of yourself when you return home. Your neighbor said you live alone.”

  Listening to the woman Maya’s scalp was numb, lose my God! On the Island, the doctor bandaged my arm but never came back to change the bandage.

  Maya didn’t want to engage with the woman any longer, it was obvious she was being judgmental and had already assumed I tried to harm myself.

 Worried about Fluffy, she planned on checking out after the psychologist left, aware they don’t have enough evidence of a suicide attempt to hold her for observation. What she said was somewhat true but I did plan on having my personal doctor look at my arm. I was held captive after being in an explosion and barely got home last night…pity I can’t tell the truth! I am curious what the hell happened at my apartment…how did I cut my hand and wrist? I really have no recollection.

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