Bitter Medicine

Rui walks over to the couch and lifts Baobai off LiMei’s lap with one arm, “Go find Yang Chenxi.”

“He said he was going back to his house. Jack needs to have his bandage changed.”

Wong Hu affectionately rubs Baobei’s head, “ Feng LiMei needs to take medicine now. Go tell Mildred I said to make the fried chicken and french fries you like.”

 Baobei hugged his grandfather’s leg then looked up at the tall white haired man with sparkling eyes, “Really Grandpa? You only let me eat that on my birthday!”

  “Well, I’m making an exception today.”

   Baobei runs towards the kitchen as fast as his short legs can take him. 

   LiMei watches his face light up and the cute way the little foodie lick his lips, “He’s so cute!

   Rui sits down next to LiMei and kisses her, “Since you want the kid to come to Pushong City with us, I discussed it with Wong Hu. He agreed.”

   LiMei hugs Rui and playfully plants kisses all over his face, “Husband, you are the best! It will be so fun to have the little dumpling stay with us!”

  “…” Wong Hu stares at his shameless disciple. Hmmph!  Too bad your little wife didn’t see your reaction when you heard Little Baobei was the ‘precious treasure’ you came to get for my son. You looked like you swallowed a fly. Well, at least the boy will be able to experience being with other children and have a normal life. But, Rui better keep his promise to protect him and return him to me if Chao hasn’t changed. 

  Wong Hu has a serious expression, “Feng LiMei, the medicine should be ready and I will need you to come to the treatment room. For the medicine to be effective it needs to be combined with acupuncture.”

  She and Rui stand up and she holds his hand. She is a little intimidated by Wong Hu, because of his noble and elegant aura. He reminds LiMei of an old Immortal from a cultivation novel.

LiMei let’s go of Rui’s hand and deeply bows then shyly flutters her long black eyelashes, “I want to thank you. Rui said the herbal medicine will help me… us start a family.”

Wong Hu thinks LiMei looks like a fragile little fairy in the delicate white and pink Cheongsam she is wearing. Her petite figure barely reaches Rui’s chest, it looks like she could be blown away in a strong gust of wind. 

The girl in front of him has sparkling green eyes full of innocence and reflect her adoration for her husband. She gazes at Rui as though he is her whole world. Playing with Baobei she looked cheerful and lively. Wong Hu wonders if he made the right decision but, there is no denying the girl appears blissfully happy. I find it hard to believe the wisp of a girl is a trained assassin.

LiMei and Rui follow Wong Hu to the treatment room. LiMei inhales the aroma of the Pycarius berries and her body stiffens. She warily glances at Wong Hu and pulls Rui to the side. She tugs on his sweater for him to lower his head, “Rui, did I do something to offend Master Wong?”

 Rui has a perplexed expression, “No. Why would you ask?”

 LiMei’s face loses color and her lips are bloodless as she stammers, “He..he wants to poison me.”


Her eyes have a layer of mist thinking the kind old man wants to kill her. He must think I am not good enough for his favorite disciple. Maybe he wants Rui to be with his adopted daughter Su Wanqing. “I smell a poisonous berry in the medicine. It will make my blood boil and I..I will die.”

Rui has a complicated expression, “How do you know it has a poisonous berry in it?”

LiMei blinks her eyelashes and shakes her head, “Hmm…I don’t know…. but the smell is familiar and I know it is called Pycarius Berry.”

  He pulls her into his embrace, “Baby, Master Wong would never hurt you. He knows how much I love you.” did she recognize the smell! I know she isn’t Qin Daiyu right now..just a random memory?

   She looks up at him with a worried expression, “Ask him what is in the medicine.”

   Wong Hu comes into the room holding a small bag. He sprinkles a purple herb into the simmering medicine. He notices LiMei’s terrified expression, “Did Baobei warn you the medicine is bitter? I have candied fruit for you to eat afterwards.”

  LiMei clutches Rui’s arm and whispers, “Ask him.”

 Wong Hu looks at them, “Ask me what?”

Rui sits on the couch and pulls LiMei onto his lap. He brushes a few loose strands of hair behind her ear, “Baby, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to worry you. When Master checked your pulse, he  discovered you had a cold poison in your body. That is why you haven’t been able to get pregnant. The medicine works with the theory that one poison destroys the other. Do you understand?”

 LiMei has a shocked look on her face and her voice trembles, “Why..when did I get poisoned? Who would do that to me?”

  Rui  kisses her forehead then effortlessly lies, “I don’t know, but I think it was Rebecca Wang.”

 LiMei wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together and nods her head, “Rebecca Wang…hmm…that would make sense, she hates me.”

  Listening to Rui lie with a straight face Wong Hu stirs the medicine. That poor girl has no idea what a scheming selfish bastard she married. 

Rui holds her clammy hand and his voice is gentle,“So don’t be afraid. I am here.”

She feels guilty for doubting Wong Hu and sheepishly peeks in his direction. He notices her cheeks are a fiery red and her hands are clasping Rui’s tightly. “Feng LiMei, it was your husband’s fault for not explaining the situation to you. I am not offended.”

Rui glares at Wong Hu and the old man has a slight smile while giving his disciple a chastising look, “The medicine is ready. After you drink it, change into this smock. I will be back.”

After Wong Hu leaves LiMei angrily pushes Rui’s chest with her small hands, “Let me go.”

 He tightens his grip around her thin body and presses his face on her cheek. His voice is low and deep, “Baby…I’m sorry I deceived you.”

   She gazes at Rui with an aggrieved expression, “Why Rui? Why didn’t you tell me…I..I was poisoned? I wouldn’t have suspected Master Wong, thinking he wanted to harm me.”

Rui’s heart aches as he gently wipes the teardrop hanging at the corner of her beautiful green eyes with his slender finger. LiMei looks so fragile and her eyes are tinged with a hint of betrayal. If she knew the truth, how I manipulated her memories, what kind of look would she have gazing at me.Would she forgive me? Understand why I did it?“ He calms his turbulent thoughts and carresses her cheek, “Baby, I didn’t want you to worry… or be afraid.”

LiMei swats his hand away, biting her lower lip she thinks about what he said, “So the cold poison is the reason I haven’t been able to get pregnant?”


 Rui  picks up the bowl of purplish medicine and holds it to her lips.“You should drink the medicine while it is hot.” 

She tilts her head to the side,“I don’t want to. I don’t care if I get pregnant.”

His eyes darken and his pupils constrict, his grip around the bowl tightens. He restrains the urge to force her to drink the medicine and calms his emotions. “You are angry and you should be. I promise I will make it up to you. Baby, drink the medicine. I know in your heart you want children. The ingredients are very rare and difficult to get again. Don’t waste Master’s painstaking efforts, he delayed his cultivation to brew this for you.” He places her hand on his heart, ” Or our future because you are angry at me. I love you so much LiMei. I want nothing more than for you to have my children and live happily with you. Please, drink it.”

Rui’s heartfelt words move LiMei but she can’t let him go easily. What about next time something happens will he keep it from me? LiMei purses her lips into a straight line and puffs out her cheeks. “I am drinking the medicine because of Master Wong! Not you, Qiao Rui!”

Rui breathes a sigh of relief as she drinks the bitter medicine. When she finishes her face screws up into a sour expression and she shivers, “EWWW! EWWW!” LiMei coughs and waves her hand, Hurry! Hand me the candy!”

He has a faint smile as places the candied fruit in her mouth, my little wife is too adorable…I can never let LiMei find out about my dark and selfish side.

“ sweet..”

Watching her beautiful green eyes curve into crescent shapes gazing at him as she savors the sweet candy Rui has dark thoughts. Her love for me change…not want my children… not want me..leave me…I will never let fucking that happen! Restore her memories..forget it! Never!

He licks and sucks her lips covered in specks of sugar. Rui’s eyes are filled with dark desire and possessiveness, “Very sweet.”


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