Rui Gets Angry…Very Angry

Once Rui and Wong Hu are in the study Rui wants to dissuade Wong Hu. “I know you think it is morally reprehensible that I  tampered with my wife’s memories, but you need to hear me out. She is happy now…very happy. I am not saying that I think her memories should be blocked indefinitely but now is not the time. She needs to be in a controlled environment, her past isn’t simple. It wouldn’t be good for my wife’s memories to be restored yet on this Island. You will be in seclusion and she could become unstable.”

Wong Hu touches the red sandalwood Buddha beads on his wrist. “I would like to believe you have the little girl’s best interest at heart but I know you. You are a selfish bastard and are not willing to take a chance she loves you enough to stay with you.”

Rui’s face darkens and killing intent flashes in his deep eyes. If Wong Hu wasn’t a couple levels above Rui in his cultivation he would spit up blood from the oppressive aura surrounding his enraged disciple. 

The old man glares at him and scoffs, “Look at you! Brat, your reaction proves I am right!”

Rui clenches his fists at his side until his knuckles turn white and make a crackling sound. His eyes are blazing as he growls, “So what! Don’t I fucking deserve to have a beautiful and loving wife! I lived in fucking hell until LiMei entered my life…I was schemed on by my own father, his vicious wife and  her son. Any warmth in my heart was extinguished when my pitiful mother died at those bastards’ hands.”

His bone chilling stare momentarily unnerves Wong Hu. Rui looks like a demon who could destroy the world without blinking an eye. “Old Man, do you remember what happened before I became your disciple? HUH? DO YOU?  Accused of atrocious deeds, framed and condemned by society, unable to prove my innocence because I was young and too weak. Forced into the darkness of the Underworld just to survive. All I had in my life was hatred and revenge!”

Wong Hu stares at the crazed man in front of him, his eyes are blood red and his face is contorted recalling the painful memories. He hasn’t seen this expression on Rui’s face since Woo Xixin sent him to train. But at what cost would his happiness come? Feng LiMei may not show signs now,  but anyone’s mind that has been manipulated is inherently unstable.

“Rui, you are like a son to me. If it were under different circumstances I would be very happy your cold and emotionless heart was moved by a woman. But, you only recently secured your position at Qiao Corporation and your enemies are still there…your mother hasn’t been avenged and you aren’t in the position to protect your wife.”

Slamming his fist into the wall to vent his rage he vows, “I will protect my wife! I kill anyone who wants to harm LiMei!!”

Wong Hu shakes his head knowing Rui is resolute and won’t change his mind, “Fine. I will cure the little girl’s cold poison and not use the acupuncture technique to restore her memories. Boy, you need to promise me if your little wife shows signs of instability you will return to the Island, and you must return if she becomes pregnant. With the hormonal changes in her body it is possible…well… I will need to treat your wife.”

Rui’s heart is in a knot and his voice is full of concern, “What? What are you saying? It would be dangerous for LiMei to get pregnant?”

“No, but she should be closely monitored and be in a peaceful atmosphere. After you left for the mountain I contacted Woo Xixin to have a better idea of the little girl’s situation. As a doctor you should realize that since she is the only female who was injected with the Phoenix Serum there is not data on pregnancy in a test subject. Not necessarily dangerous, but there could be unusual ramifications that need to be taken into consideration. Her blood is special and would be nourishing the fetus…”  

Rui furrows his brow thinking about what Wong Hu said. It is true her blood is special. I never considered the fact she was Subject 456 could affect her pregnancy. But it shouldn’t be dangerous. Her body heals rapidly..she recovers quickly from should be a good thing.

Wong Hu continues “For instance, what if her blood accelerates the growth of the baby and she gave birth to a baby at 6 months that is comparable to a baby carried full term? That is just a possibility. How would that be explained?”

Rui calms down and agrees,“I will do as you say. Now, we need to discuss the exchange for the precious treasure Wong Chao wants.”

In the living room, LiMei finished the four pieces of pastry and wondered what was taking Rui and Wong Hu so long. Rui told her that Wong Hu made herbal medicine to help her get pregnant since she hasn’t been able to conceive. He must have noticed when he took my pulse the night we ate dinner with him.

She closes her eyes to rest then Baobei suddenly hops onto the couch, “Sister..Sister! Wake up!”

LiMei opens her eyes and smiles as she pulls his chubby body onto her lap, “I wasn’t sleeping. I got bored waiting for Rui and your grandfather.”

 He pulls a piece of candy out of his pocket, “Uncle Yang gave me some chocolates, do you want one.”

  LiMei takes the crushed piece of candy from his hand, “Thanks. She dabs his mouth with a napkin, “Looks like you already had a piece.”

  He has a mischievous gleam in his beautiful round eyes and holds up three short pudgy fingers covered with chocolate. He motions for her to lean down then whispers, “Three. I can’t let my grandfather know, he will get angry that I ate so many.”

  She moved her slender finger across her lips, “My lips are sealed.” 

  While she wipes off his fingers Baobei giggles then tugs on her arm,“Come out to the courtyard, I want to show you the new moves Uncle taught me.”

  LiMei unwrapped the chocolate candy he gave to her, “Maybe later. Your grandfather made some medicine for me. I need to wait here.”

 The little boy scrunches up his nose and in a worried tone asks, “Are you sick?”

  “No. It’s a nutritional medicine.”

Baobei reluctantly takes out his last piece of chocolate. He makes a face and shakes his head. “Then you will need this candy. My grandfather’s medicine is gross.”

LiMei rubs his fluffy head, “I will save half of the one you just gave me.” She takes a bite then wraps the rest and sets it on the plate on the coffee table.

Quickly shoving the foil wrapped square back in his pocket, the chubby little boy is very happy he can save his last piece of hard to come by candy. He smiles brightly showing his two shallow dimples, “Okay!”

Rui walks into the living room sees the harmonious scene of Baobei laughing while sitting on LiMei’s lap. He has an ugly expression as he inwardly curses Wong Chao… the precious treasure is the fat little man…what the fuck!


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