Gu Worm

   Rui’s heart is filled with warmth and tenderness gazing at her lovable appearance as he picks up the delicate girl up into his strong arms. LiMei wraps her legs around his waist hanging on him like an adorable koala bear.  He loves when she acts like a baby and kisses her deeply. My little wife is so cute…

   The pink Cheongsam has a slit on the side and as she hugs him the dress rides up exposing her slender snow white thighs. His hand touches her soft skin and moves under the silk dress.

 At the moment he can barely contain his desire, he wants to press her up against a nearby tree and continue where they left off. Unfortunately, they need to go directly to the main house to deal with LiMei’s cold poison. He alos needs to discuss the ‘precious treasure’ Wong Chao wants.

 They are oblivious to the fact that Su Wanqing and Liu Mo are watching. Liu Mo saw Su Wanqing’s expression and turned her around to face him, “Qingqing, I know your heart belongs to that bastard but you need to let go…he..he isn’t worthy of you.”

  She snaps out of her daze, I need this fool to help me get rid of Feng LiMei. Immediately adjusting her expression she looks up at him with watery eyes glistening with tears. She bites her lower lip then in a trembling voice says his name. “Brother Mo..” She hugs his strong waist,”You are so good. If I didn’t have you to lean on…I might..I might die from the pain.”

 A crystal teardrop falls from the corner of her eye and Liu Mo’s eyes fill with hatred looking over her shoulder at Rui and LiMei. I want to kill both of them for making my QingQing cry.

Su Wanqing can feel the killing intent emanating from his body and presses her body onto him. She quietly sobs wetting his thin shirt as she puts her hand over his wildly beating heart. She lifts her face and sniffles, “As long as I know you have me in your heart…I feel comforted.” Knowing what she did earlier she is sure that she is in his heart.

Looking down at the pitiful beauty gazing at him with a heartbroken expression he holds her tighter. Su Wanqing’s body quivers and Liu Mo tenderly rubs her back. 

 Lowering his head he stares into her beautiful eyes covered in mist, “Don’t cry QingQing…you have me…I will help you forget Qiao Rui.”

  When they returned to her courtyard from the mountain she put a Gu Worm in the meal they ate together. With her stimulation the Violent Love Gu Worm in his body is responding. She gazes at the rolling flames of desire and possessiveness in his eyes that he isn’t even aware of and inwardly smiles. I own him now, he will do whatever I a lovesick puppet.

 He impulsively pulls her to the side of Chen Yanxi’s courtyard and kisses her moist eyelashes then licks the teardrops from her cheek. He hugs her soft voluptuous body and whispers in her ear, “I love you QingQing… I will help you forget Qiao Rui. He doesn’t deserve you.”

  I want to…I must… wipe the thought of Qiao Rui from her mind and fuck her …I want to fuck her right have to fuck my QingQing then she will forget! His mind is in chaos filled with dark desire and the urge to kill. Echoing loudly, making his blood boil..kill..kill..kill..make her forget…only have me…

Overcome with lust he can’t control himself. He sucks and licks her neck like a madman while rubbing her large full breasts through the thin pale yellow dress she is wearing. His voice sounds raspy as he runs his fingers through her hair, ”Qingqing, let me show you how much I love you.”

 He can’t see the evil gleam in her cold eyes as she softly moans, “Umm..Brother Mo…ahh..”

 While Su Wanqing and Liu Mo are in the throes of passion Yang Chenxi’s courtyard, Rui and LiMei are waiting in Wong Hu’s living room. Sitting together on the couch their fingers are intertwined as LiMei leans on his shoulder. “Rui, have you thought about bringing Baobei home with us for a few weeks? I think it would be good for him, especially if Master Wong is going into seclusion.I..I really feel sorry for him. He seems lonely.”

  Rui’s eyebrows twitch, he forgot LiMei wanted to bring the brat to Pushong with them. “Baby, I thought you wanted to go back to work.” Although I don’t want her to go to Chen Group, I really don’t want the annoying eyesore to live with us.

 “Well, I do, but he could go to kindergarten during the day and play with kids his own age.”

  “I will think about it.”

  “But ,you said he will be going to the cave tomorrow to cultivate. It needs to be discussed with Master Wong tonight.”

  Wong Hu walks into the room wearing a Tang suit with his hands behind his back. He raises an eyebrow looking at the little girl next to Rui, “What needs to be discussed with me?”

 Rui answers, “LiMei, wait here. I will go talk to Master.”

 A maid walks into the living room with two cups of tea and some pastries. Rui adds, “Have some tea and snacks we will be back shortly.”

  LiMei’s eyes sparkle gazing at the delicious looking cakes and smiles, “Okay.”

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    1. Well next chapter will give some answers.😁
      I missed Rui and LiMei haha so I will be updating their story! I am curious have you checked out You Are My Sweet Revenge? I always ❤ your comments!

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