I Want To Have Your Children

After Rui bathes LiMei he takes her to the bed and gently lays her naked body down. LiMei has her arms around his neck and gazes at him lovingly. She flutters her long black eyelashes and in a soft voice says , “Husband…how was I so lucky to meet you?”

His taut body is only wrapped in a towel around his waist as he presses LiMei underneath him.. His dark eyes are shining, “Baby, I am the lucky one.”

He kisses her passionately, entangling their tongues and savoring her unique flavor. As his lips move down her neck she puts her small hand under the towel and touches him. Rui’s heart is beating erratically and he pants as he rips off the towel exposing his erect and throbbing c*ck wrapped in her small hand.

 Rui’s hot kisses trail down her swan like neck to her plump soft breast when there is a knock…then several louder knocks on the  front door. He wants to ignore the person interrupting them but LiMei’s hand pauses. Her voice is breathless and low, “Rui…it must be important.”

 “Don’t care.” He puts her erect bud in his mouth and twirls his tongue then nibbles making LiMei moan in pleasure. Eager to fuck his beautiful wife he spreads her legs with his hand then guides his c*ck towards her flower cave already dripping honey. As his engorged c*ck slowly enters and he thrusts into the tight slippery tunnel, someone bangs on the bedroom window.

 Rui’s eyes have rolling flames in them as he forces himself to stop. He doesn’t want to frighten LiMei so he suppresses his killing intent. After he covers LiMei with the cover, he wraps the towel around his waist and angrily strides to the window.

Pursing his thin lips into a straight line he motions for Yang Chenxi to go around to the front door. LiMei can see how angry Rui is and sits up, “Rui, don’t be angry at him. It must be important.”

Rui walks over to the bed and lowers his head, “I will get rid of him.” He kisses her forehead then storms out of the bedroom.

After opening the front door he grabs Yang Chenxi by the collar, “What the hell is so important it can’t wait?”

“I was at the main house and the old man was blowing his beard. He was fuming you didn’t immediately come to pay respects and you are delaying his cultivation. I rushed down here to tell you, Master Wong is going into seclusion tomorrow. If you don’t go now to get him to cure your wife, you will need to wait until the end of the month.”

  Rui can’t wait that long, he told Wong Chao he would return with the treasure and he only has five more days. “Go tell him we will be right there. My wife thought it would be disrespectful to see him with her disheveled appearance.”

“…” I distinctly heard what was going on in that bedroom…you didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go see the old man.

Yang  Chenxi wanted to keep his little life so he didn’t respond and turned on his heels to relay the message.

Rui walked back to the bedroom, “We need to go see Master Wong.”

LiMei hurriedly got out of bed and looked in the closet. She picked a white silk Cheongsam embroidered with delicate pink blossoms.

After Rui put on a pair of khaki pants and a black sweater he said, “Sit. I will comb your hair for you.”

She obediently sits in front of the mirror and watches as Rui brushes her long black hair. She smiles at his serious expression reflected in the mirror. “Hubby, I wish we didn’t have to go back to the city. It is so beautiful here.”

He hesitates then replies, “We can come again.” I can’t tell her that I have to deliver the ‘treasure’ to Wong Chao. Also, if I stay away too long my father and step brother will stir up trouble at Qiao Corporation.

Rui puts in her favorite white mutton jade hairpin then plays with a strand of loose hair. I love this LiMei…she depends on me and loves me without reservation. I need to tell Master not to restore her memories. I’m afraid this precious love will turn into a beautiful illusion that will disappear as soon as she becomes Qin Daiyu again . I don’t want to lose my wife…she fought our relationship before she lost her memories. Now… I know how much she loves me.

He inwardly smiles thinking of her adorable expression when she was so jealous of Su Wanqing. And my cute little wife has been taking the initiative to please me in bed and being more adventurous

Deep in thought he doesn’t realize he has been twirling the long silky strand around his slender finger until he was gripping it tightly. LiMei giggled, “Oww..you are going to pull my hair out if you don’t let go.”

 He unwinds the hair and lifts her off the stool and hugs her into his embrace. Burying his head in her neck she can feel his warm breath as he whispers, “Wife, don’t ever leave me.”

LiMei gives him a strange look and wraps her arms around his neck.”I told you I will never leave you. Rui…you are my first and only love. I want to have lots of children and live happily with you until our hair turns white.”

He tightens his large hands around her tiny waist then lowers his head and kisses LiMei. He caresses her cheek and his ink black eyes are full of pampering, “I want a beautiful little girl who looks just like you.” 

They hold hands as they leave the Plum Blossom Courtyard. Rui decides not to tell her about the cold poison in her body that has been preventing her from getting pregnant. He doesn’t want LiMei to worry or overthink the situation. He has confidence in Wong Hu’s ability to cure her using the Pycarius berries…but he is worried the stubborn old man will insist on restoring LiMei’s memories. 

He looks down at LiMei’s alluring appearance in the form fitting silk dress. She looks like a winsome fairy untainted by the mortal world. Besides my selfish reasons, I don’t want her to remember her painful past under Kuang Fu.

LiMei notices Su Wanqing watching them with scorching hot gaze. She is not normally a petty person but has lingering resentment towards the woman for trying to sow discord between Rui and her. So she teases Rui to annoy her. “Husband, does your wife look beautiful?”

Her dazzling smile takes his breath away and as Rui gazes lovingly into her pure and innocent eyes he truthfully answers. “Very beautiful.”

LiMei has a satisfied smile and stops. She stands on her tiptoes facing him then wraps her thin arms around his neck. She presses her soft pink lips on his then coquettishly runs her finger down his cheek, “So you can only love me.”

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