Wong Duan Goes To Guest House

Wong Duan finishes reading a report about the latest developments in a recently started project. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. The poison in his body has been weakening his eyesight and his eyes are stinging after reading the dense report.

He walks into the bathroom and opens the medicine cabinet. Damn it!The eye drops are almost gone. The medicine is unique, created by a genius doctor in Shanghai to specifically treat his eyes.

 I will need to contact him immediately and also tell him the situation is getting worse. My body seems to be deteriorating in the last week. I am unusually fatigued and my level of concentration has diminished. If he can’t find a cure soon, I’m afraid I might not  live much longer.

 Part of the reason he ignores Starfire’s affectionate advances is not because he doesn’t care. It is because he isn’t sure how long he has to live. He doesn’t want the young girl to be hurt when he dies. He remembers the devastating  heartache when his only sister lost her life to the insidious poison. Wong Duan doesn’t want to inflict that excruciating pain on such an innocent and sweet girl. His heartfelt wish for Starfire is  that she finds a gentle ordinary man who can share her life until their hair turns white.

 He has already made plans for Starfire to be able to leave Leo in two years whether he lives or dies.  Should the poison finally destroy his internal organs and kill him he plans on leaving the millions he has made working with Leo over the years  to the girl. He has no relatives or anyone he feels any affection for besides Starfire.

 After he uses the eye drops he lays on the bed with his eyes closed. The soothing liquid takes away the searing pain behind his eyes and he sighs, I will need to go to Shanghai after I take Starfire to Bashu City.

 In 15 minutes he opens his eyes and blinks a few times. His eyes aren’t sore and his vision isn’t blurry,much better. He sits up in bed and looks at the clock. I wonder if the little girl packed as I told her to do and went to bed?

Wong Duan walks through the living room and down the hallway to Starfire’s room. He knocks a few times and when she doesn’t answer he opens the door and enters.  He raises an eyebrow, as expected the disobedient little girl is not here… I don’t even see a sign of her suitcase being packed. She must have run to the guest house to cry on Fu Chian’s shoulder. 

 He puts on a black trench coat and leaves through the French doors facing the garden.As he walks down the blue stone pathway, he thinks about how many times he has had to retrieve the little girl so she could practice her martial arts. He would find her in the guest house happily playing with the little Fu twins or sitting at the kitchen island complaining about how hard he pushes her to learn. 

Recalling the time he overheard her call him a domineering tyrant he chuckles. One of the little girls,Xiaobao, opened the door for him. Starfire and Fu Chian were unaware of his presence as they shared their woes.

He silently walked over to them and tapped her on the shoulder and she jumped up off the stool. Her eyes were wide open and she looked like a startled deer.  She was rendered speechless and all she could do was look up at him while blinking her eyes.When she came to her senses she stuttered, ” How… how long were you standing there? ” then shoved a bag of  half eaten potato chips in front of Fu Chian as though she wasn’t eating the restricted food. 

 Starfire’s adorable expression made him laugh and he teased, “When you called me a domineering tyrant.”

 The little girl’s petite figure only came to his chest and he had the overwhelming urge to take her into his embrace and show her how domineering he could be. Luckily he restrained himself and tapped her on the tip of the nose ” Time for your practice. “

 The cute little girl obediently said goodbye and grabbed her coat. On the way back to the house she clung to his sleeve, “I will practice an extra hour.”

  He looked down at the hand on his sleeve and hid his turbulent emotions, “That is all you have to say?”

 She gulped down her saliva and her soft voice scratched his heart, “I..I’m sorry for sneaking down to the guest house.”


 “Umm..you…you aren’t a domineering tyrant…you are my amazing and awesome Master…I don’t really deserve.”

 He rubbed the fluffy ball of hair on her head, “Two hours then we will spar.”


Wong Duan’s lips are curled up into an arc as he knocks on the door of the guest house. Fu Chian answers and points to the couch.

Starfire is curled up under a blue plaid throw blanket. Only her small head is exposed and she is drooling. Wong Duan shakes his head and wipes her chin.  Fu Chian hesitates then motions for Wong Duan to follow him to the kitchen.

Once they are in the kitchen Fu Chian bravely says, “Do you want a beer?”

Wong Duan surprises him by saying yes and Fu Chian opens the refrigerator. He takes out the last two beers and opens them. He hands one to Wong Duan then says, “I know it is none of my business but, are you aware of how Starfire feels about you.”


 “How do you feel about the girl?”

 “No feelings.”

 “…” He really is a cold hearted bastard. 

Wong Duan takes a gulp of beer then says, “Do you think you are doing her a favor by caring about her? You aren’t. It makes her weak. She is merely a tool… to be used by Leo Cadieux. If she wavers because of an emotional tie she could lose her life.”

Fu Chian narrows his eyes, “Starfire isn’t cut out for this line of work.”

“She can only blame her bad fate being adopted by that greedy old bastard.”

“Can’t you talk to Mr. Cadieux.”

It would be of no use at this time. Leo thinks Starfire is the best suited to guard his precious sister.“Why would I?”

I can’t let Fu Chian know I care about the little girl, he would let it slip  and that would only give her false hope.



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