Viktor’s Family

The guard took LingLing to the infirmary then went to report to Ivan, during the night shift he was in charge. When he entered the small office, Ivan was eating a cold sausage sandwich.

Ivan finished chewing and was unhappy about being disturbed. He had been working for twelve hours and it was supposed to be his day off. He hadn’t eaten and with the problems he encountered during the past few hours he was in a bad mood. He snapped, “What?”

The guard scratched his scraggly beard, “You know the woman you sent to the cell…”

Ivan paused,“Which fucking woman? Five were booked in the last two hours.”

 “The snobbish bitch who said she knew the Mayor.”

  Ivan took another bite of the dry sandwich then drank some water,“What about her?”

  “Well..Baldy’s sister fucked her up.”

  “How bad?”

   The guard was surprised Ivan wasn’t more concerned. From the tone of his voice he didn’t give a shit. “She is unconscious and looks like she has a couple broken ribs, a gash on her forehead.”

  “Send Baldy’s sister to isolation…make sure to turn off the heater. I’m sick of that ugly bitch causing trouble.”

   “Are you sure you want me to turn it off? It’s freezing down there, she could die.’

“ If she freezes to death, that is her fate. If the slimy fuck was that concerned about his psycho sister he would have bailed her out yesterday.”

  The guard thought about covering his ass,  “As soon as I saw what was happening I rushed to the cell. I don’t want the chief to come down on me tomorrow because of the Mayor.”

  “Don’t worry about it. As long as the woman doesn’t die it’s not a problem.”

He tossed the half eaten sandwich into the wastebasket by his desk then reached into a drawer for stomach medicine.“Your shift is almost over, after you toss Baldy’s sister into isolation you can go home. That way you don’t need to worry about seeing the Chief when he arrives.”

 “Hey, thanks Ivan. I want to get the hell out of here before he comes. He has been on my back about the shit going on in the cells. But…seriously… how the fuck is that my fault? Those crazy bitches are always fighting.”

 Ivan rubbed his bloodshot eyes, “Those lazy bastards in Vice! They should have sent some of the prostitues they rounded up to District five instead of bringing them all here. The cells are overcrowded  and full of problems. Anyway, go the Chief should be here in forty five minutes.”

Ivan called Viktor to inform him of the situation but his phone was turned off. He lit a cigarette and looked at his watch, I’m off soon also, I will call when I get home.

 The sun was coming up and Viktor’s parents were in the kitchen. His mother was making breakfast and his father was sitting at the kitchen table.

  The pleasantly plump woman looked in the refrigerator and frowned, “Honey, did you get up again in the middle of the night and eat the leftovers?”

  He put down the map in his hand and took off his reading glasses. He scratched his head covered in thin gray hair, with a  puzzled expression, he replied,“I don’t think so.”


 Anya heard them talking as she came down the stairs and quickened her pace to the kitchen. Both of her parents gazed at her in surprise. Her mother flipped over a potato pancake,  “Why are up  so early on a Saturday?”

 She couldn’t contain her excitement. Anya tossed and turned all night thinking about her stone hearted brother bringing home a woman. “If I tell you something you can’t let Vik know I told you. You have to promise.”

  Viktor walked in the back door and gave Anya a displeased look. “I will tell them myself.”

  His parents both stared at him with shocked expressions and his mother wrinkled her forehead. “Son, why didn’t you tell us you were coming? Your room is a mess. I have been using it as a sewing room.”

  “I am going to stay in the cottage.”

  “Sit. Sit. Do you want a cup of coffee?”

  “Yes.” Merri was still sound asleep so he thought he would bring her breakfast.

   His father folded the map spread on the table and his mother set a cup of steaming hot black coffee in front of Viktor. “Are you hungry? Breakfast will be ready soon .”

   “Could you make porridge?”

   “If that is what you want.”

   His father squinted his eyes studying Viktor, it has been over a year since he returned and he wonders why he didn’t call first. “What brings you home?”

   “I have business in Kazan. I would have called but I didn’t think I would have time to visit. My assistant suddenly got sick and I thought Anya could keep an eye on her for me. I have to return to Kazan later today for a business meeting. I didn’t want to leave her alone in the hotel. She doesn’t speak Russian. I contacted a doctor from town who will monitor her condition.”

   Viktor’s mother dropped the spatula in her hand and stared at her son in disbelief. “You…you brought a woman…she is in the cottage?”


   “ That’s why you want me to make porridge?” She thought it was a strange request, Viktor doesn’t like the texture so he would never eat it.


    Viktor’s phone rang and he walked into the living room.

    After he left his mother grabbed Anya’s arm, “That was what you were going to tell us? He brought a woman.”

    ‘Hmm…I think he likes her! He came in the middle of the night and asked me for pajamas and a robe. He even emphasized ‘the warmest pair you have’. Mom! I can’t wait to see her..she must be a goddess!”

   The father interrupted the gossipy women, “Vik only said she was his assistant.”

   Anya rolled her eyes, “Dad, do you think that iceberg son of yours would care about an assistant? Pfft! He would leave the woman at the hotel and go to the business meeting. At the most, have the hotel doctor examine her. He brought her to his home!”

   His mother agreed, “Honey, I think Anya has a point. This isn’t like Vik…to show concern for an employee.”

   Viktor was talking to his cousin unaware his family in the kitchen was analyzing his relationship with Merri. “Go to the store and bring groceries also. Juices, tea, honey, chicken, rice, vegetables, staples. We will be staying at the cottage for at least three days.”

  When Viktor finished speaking to him he walked back into the kitchen. “I need to go back to the cottage, Max is bringing medicine for my assistant. Anya, When the porridge is ready, could you bring it with some light side dishes? And some clothes until I can bring her suitcase from the hotel.”

 “Of course!” Yes! I am going to be able to see the goddess who was able to bring down my big brother!

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