Maya’s Neighbor

Luckily the bodyguard drove her to her apartment or Maya didn’t know what she would do. She lost her purse containing her wallet and phone.

 She rushed to the Manager’s apartment and knocked on the door. When he didn’t answer she knocked louder, please be home!  Maya’s head was throbbing and her body was aching. All she wanted to do was take a warm bath and hold her cat Fluffy.

She heard his gruff voice, “Coming…hold your horses!”

When he opened the door his mouth was agape, “Miss Hart, wha..what happened to you?”

“Mr. Polinski, it is a long story. I was in an accident and lost my purse. Can I have a spare key?”

“Sure. Come in. I need to make you one from my master.”

 She impatiently sat on the couch, poor Fluff must be so hungry!

 It didn’t take long before he returned with the key, “Your apartment had a busted pipe that was leaking into the downstairs apartment so the plumber had to enter your apartment. I tried to call you for permission but your phone was off. It was an emergency so as stated in your lease it was within the landlord’s rights to enter.”

 “That’s fine. I will be going then I am very tired.”

  Maya hurried to her apartment and there was a note on the door. She took it down and read it. Your cat was severely injured and I took it to the Vet hospital on Oak St. Your neighbor in 210.

Maya’s eyes teared up WHAT! How could Fluff get injured? Did he get out when the plumber was fixing the leak. She hurried over to apartment 210 and frantically knocked on the door.

A man in his mid thirties answered and raised an eyebrow when he saw Maya’s disheveled appearance. A small black dog lazily walked up behind the man hiding behind his legs.   

 “I live in 201. You took my cat to the vet? What happened?”

 “I don’t know. I came home from work and the cat was lying in the grass. I knew it was your cat because I had seen it lounging on your balcony. So I checked and it was still breathing, so I rushed it to a friend of mine who is a vet.” 

  Maya’s heart was pounding and her eyes were covered with a thin layer of mist, “Thank you..Thank you. I..I lost my phone. Can I borrow yours to call the vet?”

   “Sure. Come in.”

  Maya walked into his apartment and he pointed to the couch, “Have a seat, I was making dinner and my phone is in the kitchen.” 

Jake Mason moved into this apartment three months ago and when he saw Maya occasionally, she was always neatly dressed. He was curious as to why she looked like a homeless person and seemed not to have bathed.

He turned off the chicken on the stove and wondered if he should warn her that the cat might not survive. It looked like it had a broken leg and possibly internal injuries. He hesitated to take the dying cat to the vet, but, he was sympathetic. He felt if something happened to his sister’s dog dog he would hope someone would help. Unfortunately, his friend wasn’t very optimistic when he examined the Persian cat.

 Jake dialed the veterinary hospital and handed her the phone. Maya’s voice was trembling, “My cat was brought in by..” 

She blinked a few times as she gazed up at the tall man standing next to the couch. He said, “Jake Mason.”

“Jake Mason.”

 The pretty woman who answered had a slight smile thinking about the doctor’s incredibly gorgeous friend. “I will see if the doctor is available to speak to you.” He said it was a neighbor’s cat, she must be the owner of the pitiful thing.

  Maya anxiously bit her lip, Fluffy has to be okay!

  The young woman spoke to the doctor then returned. “Doctor Riley is busy. He said to tell you that your cat survived the surgery. It will need to stay in the hospital . We are closing soon and you can come see the cat in the morning. Leave your number and he will call later with the details.”

 Maya muttered, “I lost my phone..what to do..”

  Jake motioned for her to give him the phone. Maya handed it to him. “Have Dr. Riley call me with the details. He has my number.”

  Maya put her hands on her face and couldn’t hold back her tears. She sobbed uncontrollably and Jake was at a loss as to what to do. He grabbed some tissues from the bathroom and handed them to Maya then went to the kitchen.

  When he returned with a bottle of water she had wiped her eyes and was sniffling. Her eyes were red and swollen and face was tearstained , “I..I’m sorry…you saved my cat and I…”

  Jake Mason had a complicated expression, when she handed him the phone the sleeve of the large sweater slid back revealing her bruised wrists. What the hell happened to the girl? It looks like she was tied up for fuck’s sake. Maybe her boyfriend is into that kinky stuff. How did she injure her head and seriously, why is she dressed in clothes that obviously don’t belong to her.

  He sat next to Maya on the couch and was going to pat her back then retracted his hand. 

 The little black dog jumped up onto her lap startling her. Jake pushed him off and the dog sprawled on the floor. “Don’t be a pest.”

   The dog ignored Jake and jumped up again. Maya chuckled, “It’s okay. I like dogs. What is his name?”

   His lips curled up thinking about his little sister, “Well… he was my sister’s dog, she named him Blackie… not too much thought went into naming him you can see. I inherited him when she went abroad to study.”

  Jake teased, “ You know my name and Blackie’s. What is yours?”

  “Oh, that was impolite of me…Maya Hart. My cat’s name is Fluffy.”

  Thinking about the soft white furball he rescued, he knitted his eyebrows together, “You and my sister must be on the same wavelength.”

  Maya smiled exposing her cute dimples, “True. But when I first touched him I thought he was so fluffy. Haha..hence the name.”

  “Dr. Riley is an excellent vet and since Fluffy made it through the surgery, don’t worry too much.”

  She petted Blackie, “I can’t thank you enough for rescuing my cat.” She gently moved Blackie off her lap. “I am going to  change then go buy a phone. Can you give me your number and I will call you to see what the vet said.”

  Maya’s stomach growled and Jake smiled. “Why don’t you go change and come back and eat. I can take you to get a phone.” He noticed her at the bus stop a few times.

 “I can’t impose on you any more than I have already.” She appreciated his kindness and the fact he didn’t ask why she was a mess.

 “I don’t mind, eating alone can be boring. I am new to the city and don’t know many people. I need a new case for my phone so I can get one while you buy a phone.”

  “Well, okay then. But don’t wait to eat dinner. I am not very hungry.”

  Jake had a devilish grin, “Your stomach says otherwise.”

Maya face was burning from the embarrassing noises as she walked to the door. “I will be back soon.”


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