Maya Leaves The Island

Maya heard heavy footsteps and opened her eyes. She recognized the intimidating man as the bodyguard next to Rafael. He took long strides over to her and she opened her eyes wide in fear. Without saying a word he ripped the IV out of her arm and untied the ropes on her hands and ankles. His face was expressionless as he threw a pair of jeans and a sweater in her lap.

 When she didn’t move he yanked her out of the chair, his voice was cold, “Get dressed.”

 After not eating she was incredibly weak and her legs were trembling, “Where are you taking me?”

 “I said get dressed. He sneered, “Or do you need me to do it for you?”

  “I..I will…”

  Worried he would not leave and watch her change, she moved her numb legs as quickly as she could towards the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom she leaned on the sink. Where is he going to take me? To a torture chamber? I told that evil man all I know.

  She stared at the blood trickling down her arm from where the needle had been inserted. These men are despicable! How could such a gentle and kind person like Nico have such a beast for a brother!

  She gazed in the mirror and her eyes were brimming with determination. At least I am free from the ropes, I can find a way to escape. I must find a way!

 Maya was afraid to take a shower so she washed her face being careful not to get the bandage on her forehead wet. Afterwards, she washed her arm. The white gauze covering where she was cut during the explosion was stained with dried blood. Her delicate thin wrists were red and swollen.

  It hurt to lift her arm and she was worried, the wound was infected. How will I restore artwork if my right arm is disabled? Well, first I should worry about getting off this island. 

  Running her fingers through her messy hair she did her best to smooth out the tangles then looked at the clothes.

 She didn’t like the idea of wearing someone else’s clothes but they smelled clean. Maya laughed at her prickly attitude as she changed into the oversized blue sweater and baggy jeans. Bending down to roll up the pant legs she winced in pain. She slowly walked out of the bathroom and a maid was standing in the room holding a pair of tennis shoes.

 Maya assumed the clothes that the surly man brought were hers, the woman was tall and slightly overweight. She didn’t see the bodyguard and in a hoarse voice asked, “Where did the man go?”

The maid glared at Maya and snorted, “Put on the shoes.”

The ‘thank you’ Maya was about to say stuck in her throat and she sat on the bed. She obediently put on the shoes that were also too big. Once she tied the laces the woman said, “Let’s go.”

Thinking she might be able to escape from this woman Maya was overjoyed until they left the bedroom.  Her stomach was in a knot when she saw the fearsome bodyguard talking on the phone by the stairs.

 The maid silently passed him and walked down the hallway. He put the phone in his pocket and stared at Maya, “I can see by your eyes you are calculating how to escape. Don’t do anything stupid you might get hurt. The Boss said to take you back to the city and to relay a  warning.If you want to live, don’t tell anyone about Nico’s disappearance or this island. Stay the hell away from his wife and give up your fucking delusions.”

 He took a step and turned around, his eyes full of rolling flames. “You better not have had anything to do with the explosion on the boat, or I will kill you. The Captain was my cousin.”

 Because the shoes were too big she tripped when he stopped suddenly. She held onto the railing and looked him in the eyes, “I swear I had nothing to do with it. I..I am so sorry for you..the Captain was a very nice man.” 

  He noticed her eyes were watery and full of sadness so he relaxed his attitude. “Let’s go.”

   Maya sat on the small plane looking out the window in a daze. I don’t care about that horrible man’s warning. I will find out what happened to Nico.


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