Happy Birthday Nina!

   Halfway back to the mansion Cassandra changed her mind, “Drive to NRB Design.” If I can’t be happy…I won’t let Nina be happy. I saw the glow on her face when she came to the mansion. It must have been from being fucked silly by her new boyfriend.

  Freddie turned onto the freeway and drove to a building owned by a subsidiary of Kostros Technologies. He cautioned, “Aren’t you worried Rafael will find out you aren’t home resting.”

  “Fuck Rafael..I am sick of acting like a damn hothouse flower. The mansion’s walls close in on me and I am bored stiff. If I took all the medicine that old quack gave me I would be a mindless idiot. Of course, I won’t let the stupid fool know I am not the sickly frail woman he thinks I am.”

  She took out a tube of red lipstick and a small ornate mirror encircled with pink diamonds.“I warned the old housekeeper not to tell Rafael I left, to say I am sleeping. I’m sure he will be busy trying to locate Nico and won’t be back until tonight. If he should discover I am gone I will say Nina called crying because her boyfriend dumped her.”


  He pulled into the silver Mercedes into the Underground parking lot and didn’t comment. Last week when he saw Nina Bradley with her boyfriend they seemed very much in love.

 Cassandra applied the lipstick then said,”I want you to go by the old man’s mansion. See if he mentions anything about Nico’s whereabouts.” I don’t believe that tyrant doesn’t know where his precious son is!

Freddie’s eyes twitched behind his sunglasses, Goddammit! I don’t want to go to see that sadistic bastard. He will remind me how he bailed out my pathetic father and paid his gambling debts. He loves to rub it in every time I see him. Then say, “Take good care of Cassandra, she is a weak and fragile girl.” Weak and fragile my ass! She is a domineering psychopath!

  He sounded concerned like a loyal dog,  “Don’t you need me to wait for you? How will you get home?”His eyes longingly rested on the center console and he licked his lips eager to open a bottle of vodka. I knew today would be hell! I was hoping I could sit here and  play a few video games on my phone while I desensitized myself.

  Cassandra took off the floppy hat and tossed it into the backseat. She put her sunglasses in her Limited Edition tan crocodile Hermes bag. “I will have Nina drive me home.” 

  Freddie got out and opened the door for Cassandra. As she exited the car she grinded her spiked heel into his black leather shoe. “Don’t think I forgot about your insolent behavior at the bitch’s apartment.”

  She cackled as his face contorted in pain. “It was a cat..who gives a shit..it has at least a few lives left. As for you..you only have one so I suggest you find out where my Nico is.”

  As she walked to the elevator he shook his fists and punched wildly in the air while muttering under his breath, “I hate you..really hate you.”

  After Freddie hobbled to the driver’s side and got into the car, he opened the console. Fuck that hurt! He grabbed a bottle and opened it with trembling hands. He drank the soothing liquid one gulp and wiped his mouth with his coat sleeve. That poisonous bitch should just die!

  Cassandra took the elevator to the twenty fifth floor and when she exited she tossed her coat to Nina’s secretary, Beatrice. “No need to inform Nina I’m here. I want to surprise her.”

   Clutching the black cashmere the young woman bowed,“Yes, Miss Diamond “ Pfft! I can’t believe this woman expects me to bow when she comes. So pretentious. I don’t know why Miss Bradley is friends with her. The CEO is so nice and respectful of everyone. Miss Diamond is the worst! Get me coffee…too hot..too cold..not enough milk..too much milk..are you stupid? Ugh!

   Nina was walking down the hallway to go to speak to her design team when she saw Cassandra. She stopped, “Sweetie, aren’t you supposed to be resting at home? Why are you here?”

  Cassandra grabbed a swatch of khaki colored cloth from the stack of material in Nina’s hand. She raised her eyebrow and sneered, “You are using this cheap material?”

  Nina told Beatrice, “Call the design team and tell them the meeting will be rescheduled for four o’clock.”

  Nina took the swatch from Cassandra, “Come to my office.”

  Cassandra followed her to an elegantly decorated office. She had a twinge of jealousy as she touched the nameplate on the door, CEO Bradley. Hmmph…if it weren’t for my Rafael you would still be selling your crap on the internet.

 “So why did you come to visit me?”

 Cassandra sat on the vintage mustard colored couch and crossed her legs. “First, with all the money Rafael dumps into this company, why are you using such cheap material?”

 Nina set the material on her white antique desk and said, “The material isn’t cheap but very practical, both fire resistant and waterproof. The fabric was developed by Kostros Textiles, and with Nico’s help I won a large contract to design uniforms for an oil company.”

  Cassandra dug her fingernails into her palm but her expression didn’t reveal her inner rage. Diamond Design was supposed to have that contract, how did it end up in Nina’s hands?

She remembered the Director told her to convince Nico to use them. She didn’t want Nico to know she was involved in running Diamond Industries and never mentioned it. She assumed he would support Diamond Design.The contract is worth millions.

 Cassandra clapped her hands, “Congratulations! We should go out tonight and celebrate.” I was going to just tell you your boyfriend was cheating but now I want to destroy you! I need to think about the proper punishment for betraying me…Diamond Design is my baby…how dare you rob me of millions! And with my Nico’s help! Why would he fuck over Diamond Industries? He gets a sizable fortune from being my husband and owning 22% of the company. Besides me Nico is the biggest shareholder. 

 Nina had a bright smile as she fiddled with the swatch of material. “I would love to celebrate with you, but tonight I have plans with my honey.”

 Cassandra fluttered her eyelashes and gazed at Nina with an aggrieved expression, “I just thought since my Nico made it happen and he isn’t here, I could share your joy with you.”

  Nina took off her black rimmed glasses and set them on the desk then walked over to the couch. She sat next to her and held her hand, “Cassie, we can go out another night. Tonight is special, did you forget? It is my birthday. Alex made reservations at Altitude, you know how hard it is to get a reservation there.”

  “Your birthday? I’m sorry, I have been muddle headed since I got sick.” That’s right… that will make the betrayal even more brutal. 

  “It’s okay, but you can see why I can’t go out with you tonight.” 

  Cassandra stood up, “I should go so you can finish your work. Since I didn’t buy you a present, I will send my stylist and jewelry for tonight. I know you like to wear your own clothes so tell me what color and design, she can match the jewelry.”

  Nina’s eyes lit up, it is almost impossible to hire the popular stylist “You don’t have to do that!”

   Cassandra hugged Nina,  “I want to! Happy Birthday, my dearest friend!


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