Maya opened the door to her apartment and sighed. Fluffy, why in the world would you run out of the apartment! How did you get hurt so badly?

 She was hunched over from exhaustion as she dragged her fragile body into the bedroom. Maya was taking off the sweater when her eyes landed on the broken porcelain statue on the floor. She felt like her heart was going to shatter in an equal amount of pieces as she bent over to pick up the pieces. NO! Nico found the pair of horses in Shanghai.He said they reminded him of us. Oh my God! 

  Maya couldn’t keep it together any longer and totally broke down. Her body was shaking uncontrollably and tears flowed down her cheeks. She picked up the broken head of the horse and clutched it tightly in her hand. The sharp edge cut into her pam and blood gushed out of the deep cut forming a pool on the hardwood floor. She didn’t care as she squeezed harder. Why is everything destroyed…it was all so perfect days ago. I don’t think I can bear the pain. She wailed, “Broken..Everything Is Broken! I can’t live without him…I can’t.”

  Dr. Riley called and Jake thought he should tell Maya right away the cat was out of danger. He was standing at her door when he heard her sobbing and wailing. The girl was fine at my apartment when she left.

 He tried the door, locked..what the fuck is going on in there! He didn’t hesitate and used brute force to kick the door with his boot then rammed his shoulder into the wooden door. Maya didn’t secure the deadbolt so he was able to bust into the apartment 

 Jake rushed into the bedroom and saw Maya wearing only a bra and the baggy jeans on the floor. Her head was lowered and her body was shrunk into a ball. The frail girl’s trembling fingers were holding a sharp piece of ceramic by her wrist. There was a great deal of blood on the floor and he thought he might be too late. But, when he grabbed her hand and took the white porcelain shard he saw her palm was bleeding, she hadn’t cut her wrist. 

  Gazing up at him, her amber eyes were filled with unspeakable sadness. “Why…why…I was so I have nothing…nothing.”

 She wiped her face with her hand and crimson blood covered her snow white cheek. Jake  gently lifted her up and didn’t know what to say. Maya was like a fragile doll, he noticed bruises on her thin body that looked a few days old. The bandage on her right arm had dried blood and she had a needle mark on her left arm. Drugs? 

  He gritted his teeth. It was one thing to take her cat to the vet, but I don’t want to get mixed up in whatever is going on with this woman. Yeah… I felt sorry for her… she looked like shit…pitiful.I thought I would  feed her and help her get a phone…I didn’t know she was suicidal.

   Jake held  Maya’s limp body in his embrace, she looks fuckin catatonic.

 He shook his head then put her on the bed. FUCK! GODDAMMIT! 

 Jake hurried into the bathroom and put soap on a washcloth then wet another one. Grabbing a towel he returned to the bedroom. After he cleaned Maya’s face and hand, he ripped part of the towel with his teeth.  Maya looked like a lifeless doll as wrapped the large cut on her palm. With the torn towel. 

 He took quick strides to the closet.and grabbed the first blouse he saw and a pair of beige pants. He roughly lifted her motionless body and put on the pink  blouse, then undid the button on the jeans. Maya’s face was deathly pale and she stared at him with a blank expression. What the hell! If her eyes weren’t wide open I would think she was unconscious. He slipped the denim pants down her slender legs and the veins on his neck bulged, more goddamn bruises. 

 He carried Maya to a white Land Rover and laid her down on the back seat. Jake was flustered as he drove like a bat out of hell to the nearest hospital. No more good deeds..never again. I should have let the damn cat die.

 When they arrived at the hospital he carried Maya into the Emergency room. He walked up to the front desk. “My neighbor told me she was in an accident a few days ago.” I can assume she was injured a few days ago from the discoloration and dried blood.” I don’t know why she passed out but I found her in the hallway outside her apartment.” I am not going to say I busted in her apartment, I will sound like the perp.

 “I need her identification.”

 “I think she lost it. She asked to use my phone earlier. Her name is Maya Hart and she lives at the Elm Street Apartments, Apartment 201.”

 “You are her neighbor?”

 “Yes. I live in 210 down the hallway.”

  A male nurse pushed a stretcher over and Jake laid her down. The man rolled her down to a bed.

   Jake saw them go behind the curtain and he debated if he should wait. Getting involved wasn’t a good idea, he didn’t need any complications. I am in this cesspool of a city for one reason…one reason only.

  He paused as he was about to leave. I should at least get her a phone so when she snaps out of it she can call a friend. Hopefully, not the bastard that fucked her up. 

   He walked back to the desk. “I will be back. I am going to get her a phone in case she wants to call her family or a friend.”

   “You can buy one in the shop down the hallway to the left.”

   “Good.” I can leave the phone for the girl then get the hell out of here and wash my hands of this mess.I will put Riley’s number in the phone and she can check on her cat. This is the end of my involvement with Maya Hart.

   Jake quickened his pace  down the hallway to the shop. He walked to the counter and saw a few different phones. Hmm…no iPhones well..she can use a cheap one until she gets another. He motioned to the salesgirl who was chewing gum and looking in a mirror.

  She gave him a dirty look for interrupting her and slowly sauntered over to him. “Which phone do you want to see?”

   He pointed to one in the middle on the top shelf, “That one.”

  She sneered, “That one is a piece of shit. I bought it cause I got a discount and it had no memory and the camera sucked.”


 The girl got a commission for her sales, noticing his expensive watch she pointed to the first one on the top shelf, “For the money this one is the best deal.”

 “Okay. Give that one to me.” He handed her a black card and the girl’s eyes lit up, “Don’t you think you should get a case too.” 


  She handed him the card and placed the phone in a bag.

   After he put the vet’s phone number in the phone he handed the bag to the nurse at the front desk. She gave him a strange look then resumed  typing on a keyboard.

  He was satisfied he did what was necessary to fulfill his duty as a human being. Maya Hart, don’t knock on my door again.


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