Viktor Has A Plan

Viktor knew his sister might still be awake so he walked to the house. Looking up at at the second floor, her bedroom was brightly lit so he picked up a small rock and threw it at the window.

Anya was texting her friend when she heard the rock hit the window. What the… She thought it might be one of her friends who was drunk causing trouble.

She walked to the window and when she saw the person was Viktor she excitedly grabbed her bathrobe. Anya put on the thick robe and her slippers as she ran down the hallway to the stairs

When she opened the back door she immediately wrapped her arms around him, “Brother!”

She let go of him then held his hand, “Let’s hurry inside it is freezing out here!”

They walked into the kitchen and Viktor whispered, “I don’t want them to wake up. Sit.”

Anya sat down, “Why didn’t you tell us you were coming home?”

“It was last minute. I am going to stay in the cottage, I…I brought a friend.”

“A  friend? You have never brought anyone home with you..who is it?”

“Well, we can talk in the morning. I need you to give me one of your warmest pajamas, a bathrobe and a pair of slippers.”

His sister couldn’t hide her surprise. She reached across the table and grabbed his hand. “ brought a..a..woman!” 

“ I will explain in the morning. Can you go get those for me?”

She obediently hopped out of her seat, “Sure..sure. I will be right back.”

 He looked in the refrigerator and put a few bottles of water, juice and some containers of leftovers in a bag. He picked up two apples from a bowl on the counter. She might be hungry if she wakes up. 

Anya didn’t take long and returned to the kitchen. She handed him the clothes, “Are you going to bring your friend to the house tomorrow?” She desperately wants to meet the woman. If he wasn’t interested in her there is no way he would bring her home.

“Don’t mention anything to Mom . I will come back in the morning.”


Viktor left with the clothes and food, Anya sat in a daze at the kitchen table. My cold and aloof brother bought a woman home…it must be serious…Vera will be crying! The woman must be incredibly beautiful…a goddess… to catch that stone hearted man! Oh My God! I can’t wait to see her!

When he walked into the cottage he was happy the heater worked. The temperature outside was freezing and the cottage can be drafty. After he put the food in the empty refrigerator he walked back to the bedroom.

 Merri was still asleep and he sat on the edge of the bed. He pressed his lips on her forehead and was relieved she wasn’t feverish. His ink black eyes were full of love as he carressed her cheek, I will take care of that poisonous woman who hurt my little angel. 

He sat her up in bed and unzipped the thin chiffon dress she was wearing then slipped it over her head. He decided not to take off her bra and underwear afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist his desire if she was totally naked.

Viktor carefully put on the warm red plaid flannel pajamas keeping his mind occupied so his mind wouldn’t wander to her beautiful body.

After he finished changing her clothes he tucked her under the warm covers and walked to the living room. He lit a cigarette then called his friend at the Kazan police station, “Did the Mayor come?”

“Not yet. I think he is sweating the woman out so he can get a bigger bribe.”

“Did you put her in a cell yet?”

“No. I have her in the interrogation room.”

“Put her in a cell with the worst criminals you have in the jail.”

His friend laughed, “The bitch must have really pissed you off.”

“She touched someone she shouldn’t have. I will make sure the Mayor doesn’t show up at all.”

“Hey man. I don’t mind doing this favor for you. Particularly, since she was actually in possession of a rare stolen artifact.”

Ivan leaned forward in his chair. “But the Mayor, I can’t afford to offend.”

“I wouldn’t put you in a comprimising position. I am only going to make a call to dissuade the fat fuck from interferring. In a few days the scheming bitch’s only recourse will be to call her husband and that won’t end well.”

“As long at it ends there. I am up for promotion.”

Viktor inhaled then blew out a thin stream of smoke, “Well, wouldn’t arresting a smuggler caught with a millions of dollars worth of stolen shit speed that along?”

  The policeman’s eyes lit up, “We didn’t find anything at the art gallery besides  the jade dragon statue..are you saying there is more?” 

  “Do as I ask, and you can rest assured you will get that promotion. LingLing Sun is a criminal and should pay for her crimes.” Pay with her life for fucking with me and my woman.

  “Should we search the art gallery again?”

Viktor doesn’t want him to know about the secret room at the art gallery, he has his own plans. He is sure Sydney has no idea about LingLing’s relationship with his enemy, Mo Peng. Viktor only by chance saw them meeting. He was going to ignore her indiscretion because it had nothing to do with him but now.. “No.The art gallery is clean, I can’t tell you more right now but you can trust me.” 

“I believe you, you have never lied to me.”

“I will contact you tommorrow.”


After he hung up he finished the cigarette and crushed it in the ashtray. He walked to the kitchen and got a bottle of water then called the Mayor.

The Mayor was still laying in bed thinking it had been a few hours already since LingLing was taken to the police station. He had a greedy gleam in his eyes. The arrogant woman should be frazzled by now…but if I wait until the morning she will be at her wit’s end and willing to pay anything. I really don’t like that bitch either…she always had a disgusted look on her face when talking to me like she was smelling shit.

The phone on the nightstand rang and he grinned, the fucking haughty bitch is probably going crazy..haha


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