LingLing Sent To The Cell

   Viktor restricted his phone and disguised his voice to call the Mayor. After he spoke a mere two sentences the Mayor was stupefied. His watery eyes bulged out of his head and he was gasping for air. “YOU…YOU!”

   The terrified man fumbled with a bottle of pills for his heart condition and the small white pills spilled onto the floor. He scrambled to pick two up but the carpet was thick and white. FUCK!

His hands were shaking and his heart was pounding squinting to find them in the dimly lit room.

  Viktor heard the Mayor wheezing and breathless, frightened like a cornered rat..

Satisfied with the man’s reaction he grinned. Seems it was worth the money I paid for this intel.

  After frantically running his fingers through the dense carpet, the Mayor finally found two. He quickly swallowed the life saving pills then screamed into the phone. The obese man’s face was bright red and his nostrils flared. “Who the fuck are you?

 “Who I am… is the person who can send you to prison for the rest of your sorry life. No one will find out about your hand in the murder of the former Mayor and his young family.” He paused, “ If you do as I say.”

  After ingesting the pills the fat man calmed down and stood up, “It’s not hard to trace your phone. I could have you arrested for making false allegations.”

  Viktor sneered knowing the phone was high tech and untraceable. He curled up his thin lips in a wicked smile as he sent the Mayor two gruesome pictures and an audio recording.

  The Mayor grasped the side of the nightstand and felt lightheaded. HIs hands were clammy and he was sweating like a pig. “Wha..what do you want? How do I know you will destroy the evidence.”

  “You don’t know. But… if you don’t do as I say I won’t send it to the police…I will send the damning evidence directly to several independent news sources. I’m sure the local police are under your control.”

  “What do you want from me?”

 “Simple, stay home for three days. Don’t make any phone calls or have contact with anyone, not even your wife visiting her sister in Moscow. “

  The Mayor sat on the bed and breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s it? Nothing else?”

  “Nothing else. But, if you disobey my order you certainly will rot in prison. Don’t even answer the door…you got it?”


   Viktor hung up, LingLing your fat savior won’t be coming.

   Satisfied he will be able to control the situation with LingLing Viktor believes this is the opportunity he needs. He stretched out on the comfortable couch with his hands behind his head, Sydney will kill LingLing for betraying him or leave the venomous bitch wishing she was dead.  I won’t need to get involved.

 I can steal the statue Sydney desperately wants to possess from Luc Zaranski. Then I will deliver the majority of the stolen artifacts to him… the rest the police can have so Ivanwill be promoted.  I will gain Sydney’s help in making Alexi give up on Merri. Until that happens, I can justify the fact I brought the little angel to my home because of LingLing’s arrest.

   Viktor fell asleep feeling more relaxed than he had in a month. 

   Meanwhile, sitting on the floor in a crowded cell LingLing was disheveled cursing the Mayor. A moment ago she was sitting on the wooden bench until three large women came in and pushed her down.

It was obvious she was no match for them and she was glad the policemen took her jewelry otherwise they definitely would rob her.

  Sitting with her head between her knees she was shivering. I don’t know why the fucking Mayor is taking so long to get here! And why did the policeman suddenly throw me in this disgusting cell. Something is definitely amiss…Maybe Viktor can get me out of here! Dammit! He is probably still unconscious! Nothing is going right…but at least the police didn’t discover the secret room.

  She suddenly had a thought and squinted her eyes, did Mo Peng set me up? No…he wouldn’t… I need to get out of here! But… if Mo Peng gets me out Sydney surely will find out. AHHHH! 

  The door opens and a policeman pushes in a gaunt looking woman wearing a blue sequined dress that was torn and bloodstained.

The woman fell  by LingLing and shook her fist while screaming, “Asshole! I didn’t do anything, my old man was drunk! I just wanted him to shut up while I got my fix.”

  Recalling the bloody scene the policeman snickered, “So you stabbed him seventy times?” 

The naked man was lying in a pool of blood with his face slashed to pieces and there were stab wounds all over his naked body.

    LingLing eyes widened in horror, staring at the emaciated woman’s sunken eyes and her bloody clothes.

  The pencil thin woman sat up and was clawing at her face. LingLing tried to slide away and the woman grabbed her arm, “Honey, do you see the bugs crawling on my face? That damn cop put them on me!” 

   LingLing shook off her hand and noticed her arm was riddled with infected track marks oozing pus. LingLing felt like she was going to vomit and scrambled to her feet. With a rush of adrenaline she pushed a fat woman out of her way who was talking to a woman on the wooden bench.“I have to get out of here! I’m going to be sick!”

   The masculine looking woman’s eyes had a murderous gleam as she grabbed LingLing by her hair, “Fuckin bitch!” She punched LingLing in the face and dragged her to the back of the cell while LingLing screamed, “HELP! HELP!”

   The guard could see what was going on in the cell on the monitor and put down the cup of coffee he was drinking, “Dammit!”

He wouldn’t have moved but he recognized LingLing and heard she had connections. If he didn’t respond he could eat shit later.

  By the time he arrived at the cell the angered woman was kicking LingLing in the stomach and chest as she writhed in pain on the floor. 

  He rattled the cell door with a nightstick. “Knock it off or you are going to the basement cell where you will fuckin freeze to death!”

   The big woman tossed LingLing like a ragdoll into the wall. “Send this bitch. She started it.”

   He entered the cell and kicked the woman scratching her face and arms out of his way. When he saw LingLing’s swollen face he slapped the muscular woman, “I told you last time you fucked someone up. Control your goddamn temper! I get it you are so fuckin ugly when you see a beautiful woman you explode. I will be back for you.”

   The guard shook his head and lifted LingLing off the floor.”Can you fucking walk?” She was in excruciating pain and leaned on him. Blood was flowing into her eyes from the gash on her forehead. LingLing was barely conscious, she weakly gripped his sleeve and muttered “ the Mayor.” 

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