Viktor Takes Merri To A Cottage

   The old doctor gazed at the terrifying man and replied, “Calm down Boy! The little girl isn’t going to die. I told you she needs to sleep for her body to recover. Look at the fragile girl, she is too thin and weak. The drug ravished her nervous system and sucked up her internal energy. If you want to kill someone, you should damn well kill the insidious bastard who gave her the drug!”

 Viktor clenched his hands into fists and the doctor could hear the sound of his knuckles cracking. Don’t worry, that bitch will die a horrible death for harming the little angel.

 The doctor’s wife came down the stairs and sounded annoyed, “Aren’t you finished yet?”

 He glared at his nosy wife, Greedy old hag!I don’t need you pissing off this hothead! If you didn’t answer the door I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit.  “Go back to bed. I will be up shortly.”

   Opening his black medicine bag he took out a pad of paper,  “I will give you a prescription to clear the remaining heat in her body. She might be feverish and disoriented later. I will also give you one for a sedative and you should buy nutritional supplements at the pharmacy. You don’t need a prescription for them.. From what I could tell from my examination the girl is severely anemic. She should rest and nourish her body.”

 Viktor took the prescriptions and nodded. “Give me your phone number, I will call tomorrow with an address. You need to monitor her condition daily. I have business I need to attend to and won’t be able to stay.” He handed him more money, “I will pay you more when I return.”

 The old doctor reluctantly accepted the money, he was aware he had no choice but to agree. Well, at least if this crazy bastard isn’t there it won’t be so stressful to treat the girl.

After Viktor put the number in his phone he picked up Merri to carry her to the car.

 When he reached the car Viktor’s younger cousin nudged his brother who was slumped over the steering wheel snoring. “Wake up, Vik is back with the girl.”

 He jumped out and opened the back door, “Why is she still unconscious?”

 Viktor ignored him and got into the backseat holding Merri in his arms. “Go to my parent’s house.”


 They drove to a small village and his cousin stopped in front of a small farm. When Viktor first started making money with Alexi, he bought this small farm for his family. He always remembered when he was young and his family was extremely poor, his mother longingly looked at it. She would sigh and say she wished they could own such a beautiful farm. 

There was a small pasture for horses and an area for chickens and behind the barn the owner kept goats. The driveway leading to a two story brick house was lined with tall Birch trees. The house itself was old and in need of repair.

Viktor convinced the owner to sell by giving him much more money than it was worth. He hired an architect in Kazan and paid to have the home completely renovated.

Viktor’s cousin stopped the car at the driveway and turned around, “Uncle and Auntie are probably sleeping, don’t you want to come to my place?”

  “No. The last time I talked to my sister she said after the tenant moved out last month, they were going to rent the cottage by the barn on Airbnb next month. I will stay there.”

  “Huh…that is a good idea, a lot of tourists like to stay in the countryside and go visit  Kazan. It’s cheaper than staying in the city.” He pulled to the left and took a side road past the pasture to a quaint cottage located past the barn.

 When they arrived Viktor handed him the prescriptions and money. “Before you go to work in the morning, go to the Pharmacy. Fill these prescriptions and buy nutritional supplements. Stop at Lou’s and get me two burner phones.”

 “I don’t want anyone except my family to know I am back…got it?”


  “Wait while I open the door.” Viktor carefully laid Merri on the backseat and walked to the front door. He opened his wallet and took out a thin piece of metal. He put it in the door lock and twisted it. The door opened and he turned on the lights. 

   Viktor walked to the bedroom and looked at the bed. Good. It looks like they bought a new bed and covers. He turned down the blue and white bedspread then went to get Merri.

  He came back to the car and picked up Merri then tapped on the window, “See you in the morning.“

  Viktor carried Merri into the bedroom and gently laid her down on the bed. He covered her with the blanket and bedspread then walked over to the thermostat to turn on the heater. I should go to the house and get a warm nightgown from Anya.


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