Searching For Answers

After Rafael left Cassandra sat up on the bed. She hadn’t taken the sedative; she spit it out into a handkerchief when she coughed. She hated being sedated and was very agitated because she suspected that Nico was with his lover.

 She thought Rafael would find Nico and make him come back to the mansion. Anytime she complained he would immediately find his brother and send him home. Useless! Rafael is completely useless! I need to find him myself. He isn’t in Berlin, I had Freddie check for me…he is with the slut somewhere! Nico must have discovered the GPS on his phone. I need to fire that incompetent security company that planted it!

  Cassandra picked up her phone and her voice was shrill, “Freddie, get over to the mansion now!”

  Fredrick!..not Freddie! He clenched his jaw then politely answered,  “Didn’t you want me to check the apartment and the woman’s studio? I am on my way there now.” He was dressed in a delivery man’s uniform and there was a dozen white roses on the passenger seat.

   “I decided to come with you.”


   When he didn’t respond immediately she snapped, “Did you hear me?!”

  “Well…yes I did..but do you think that is a good idea?” Fuck me! If she sees the flowers and knows that is my cover she will fucking flip out. But it was the easiest disguise I could think of at the time.

  “Pfft! If I don’t find out the truth..who will? You and Rafael are incompetent fools!”


  He stabilized his breathing in order not to explode, “I will be there shortly.”

  Freddie’s eyes behind the aviator sunglasses he was wearing were filled with rolling flames. I will go insane if I have to bring that lunatic! Why Old Man Kostros likes that little nut I have no idea. Well, I do…Diamond Industries.  He forced his favorite son to marry her and the poor guy’s life must be a living hell!  No wonder he disappears occasionally! He tightened his hands on the steering wheel. Not to mention she has that cold bastard Rafael wrapped around her little finger! It’s fucking crazy! Me..well.. I graduated with Honors from Harvard and am reduced to being Cassandra Diamond’s goddamn lackey because my father is an idiot! I really hate my job!

   He turned up the music and took a small bottle of vodka from the console. After he drank it he sighed, life really fucking sucks! The frustrated man gulped down another bottle then turned the car around to go to the mansion.

  Rafael was sitting behind a sleek desk in his office at Kostros Technologies. He just got off the phone with his father and asked if he had sent Nico to Berlin. His father said he had the situation taken care of internally and Nico wasn’t needed there. Nico had told him he wanted to take Cassandra to the Maldives and would be out of the country for a week. Of course his father said he agreed hoping they would conceive an heir soon. 

  Rafael hung up the phone in a state of confusion. Why was Nico on the yacht with Maya Hart and not with Cassandra in the Maldives as planned. Was he having an affair? Impossible! He and Cassandra are deeply in love. 

  He stood up and lazily strode to the floor to ceiling window overlooking the Bay. He had one hand in his pocket as he gazed out the window. Why did the yacht explode and where is Nico? Is he really dead? If he were alive he wouldn’t let his beloved wife worry about him. He knows how fragile her psyche is because she has abandonment issues. But, I don’t want to believe he was unfaithful or that he is dead.

 He was deep in thought when a thin man in a pinstriped suit entered the office carrying a folder.

  “Boss, I have all of your brother’s credit card activity for the last year. If you want me to go back further I can.”

  “Let me see.”

  His assistant handed him the folder and Rafael walked over to a black leather couch. “ Ask Nancy to bring me a cup of coffee. You emailed me the information on Maya Hart?”

  “I did.”


   He momentarily felt a twinge of guilt for invading his brother’s privacy but he felt he had no choice. Maybe he could find a clue in his financial records. He opened the folder and looked over the credit card transactions of both his brother’s company card and his personal black card. 

Rafael pushed up the gold rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, hmm… nothing suspicious. On his business card, Business dinners…trips to Berlin and the locations of the other subsidiaries of Kostros Inc. Golf… Annual membership to the Bayview Club. On his personal black card, I recognize the jewelry purchases …Cassie would happily show off whatever Nico bought for her. Plane tickets to cities in China and South Korea…Vietnam… hotels where he stayed. Art purchases… fucking diamond engagement ring!

Could he have paid cash? I will need to check his bank statement.

His secretary came into the office with the cup of coffee and set it on the glass topped coffee table. She smiled, “CEO Kostros, the bakery downstairs sent up some of their new pastries. Would you like some?”

  “No. ” He closed the folder, “You are friends with my brother’s secretary. Have you spoken to her lately? Is there anything unusual going on over there?” Instead of going over there and stirring up trouble he thought he would see if Nancy knew anything. She sometimes would inadvertently tell him some gossip.

  “I actually spoke to her a couple days ago because she wanted to get together. She was excited because your brother gave her this week off with pay. He said he would be out of the office on holiday.”

  He picked up the steaming cup of coffee, why did Nico tell father and not me? I spoke to him on Wednesday and he didn’t mention it. 

After he finished the coffee he walked back over to his desk and looked at the email containing Maya’s information on the computer.


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